Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


26928 ENCowboy Up!Brimner, Larry Dane0.60.5
46619 ENDance, AnnieFriedman, Dawn0.80.5
9576 ENSplat!O'Connor, Jane1.10.5
26911 ENAggie and WillBrimner, Larry Dane1.20.5
44918 ENPolar BabiesRing, Susan1.20.5
26941 ENSam the Garbage HoundSimon, Charnan1.20.5
11391 ENSheep Take a HikeShaw, Nancy1.50.5
9698 ENWhere's Lulu?Hooks, William1.50.5
69332 ENPizza for SamLabatt, Mary1.70.5
66581 ENToo Many ValentinesMcNamara, Margaret1.80.5
72096 ENNow and Long Ago (Compass Point Phonics Readers)Blevins, Wiley1.90.5
69333 ENSam Finds a MonsterLabatt, Mary1.90.5
919 ENBig Old BonesCarrick, Carol2.00.5
7362 ENDaniel's DuckBulla, Clyde Robert2.00.5
923 ENGreen Sea TurtleMeramec, Chris2.00.5
920 ENLetter, TheLobel, Arnold2.00.5
26740 ENThree Stories You Can Read to Your DogMiller, Sara Swan2.00.5
57998 ENX Marks the Spot!Penner, Lucille Recht2.00.5
25263 ENBears Are CuriousMilton, Joyce2.10.5
47358 ENClinging Sea Horses (Animals)Jango-Cohen, Judith2.10.5
73265 ENDisappearing DonutsHerman, Gail2.10.5
42602 ENIf You Take a Mouse to the MoviesNumeroff, Laura2.10.5
35316 ENMummy's Gold, TheMcMullan, Kate2.10.5
31138 ENThree Stories You Can Read to Your CatMiller, Sara Swan2.10.5
72092 ENAmerican Heroes (Compass Point Phonics Readers)Albee, Jo2.20.5
7309 ENClara and the BookwagonLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.20.5
73266 ENFootball FrightHerman, Gail2.20.5
73275 ENHaunted Ski Lodge, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
73268 ENHowling on the PlaygroundHerman, Gail2.20.5
10935 ENJellybean Principal, TheMcMorrow, Catherine2.20.5
73269 ENMap in the Mystery MachineHerman, Gail2.20.5
65311 ENOne Hundred Days (Plus One)McNamara, Margaret2.20.5
73277 ENRace Car Monster, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
14645 ENSnowshoe ThompsonLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.20.5
73278 ENValentine's Day DognappingHerman, Gail2.20.5
15797 ENBilly the Ghost and MeGreer/Ruddick2.30.5
77030 ENBusy Ants (Animals)Nelson, Kristin L.2.30.5
10509 ENCase of the Hungry Stranger, TheBonsall, Crosby2.30.5
44364 ENClever RaccoonsNelson, Kristin L.2.30.5
47362 ENDesert Iguanas (Animals)Jango-Cohen, Judith2.30.5
73267 ENGhost in the GardenHerman, Gail2.30.5
10522 ENHenry and Mudge Under the Yellow MoonRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
73271 ENSea Monster ScareHerman, Gail2.30.5
73272 ENShiny Spooky KnightsHerman, Gail2.30.5
58787 ENThree More Stories You Can Read to Your CatMiller, Sara Swan2.30.5
15000 ENHenry and Mudge in the Green TimeRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
7333 ENMouse SoupLobel, Arnold2.40.5
7633 ENNate the Great Goes UndercoverSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
10202 ENSmoky NightBunting, Eve2.40.5
73273 ENSnack SnatcherHerman, Gail2.40.5
8795 ENTake Away ThreeReiff, Tana2.40.5
40625 ENThree More Stories You Can Read to Your DogMiller, Sara Swan2.40.5
64111 ENAdventures of Super Diaper Baby, ThePilkey, Dav2.50.5
25265 ENAnimal Rescue Club, TheHimmelman, John2.50.5
3999 ENBonesKrensky, Stephen2.50.5
6255 ENBravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto, TheStandiford, Natalie2.50.5
66250 ENBuzzing Bumblebees (Animals)Riley, Joelle2.50.5
6061 ENDays with Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold2.50.5
7320 ENHenry and Mudge in Puddle TroubleRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
8769 ENJuan and LucyReiff, Tana2.50.5
8770 ENJust for TodayReiss, Tana2.50.5
55332 ENMagnificent Mummies, TheBradman, Tony2.50.5
73270 ENMummies at the MallHerman, Gail2.50.5
13880 ENNate the Great and the Tardy TortoiseSharmat, Marjorie/Craig2.50.5
922 ENPets in ClassMeramec, Chris2.50.5
921 ENPrince Walter's WishesEdwards, Laura2.50.5
14651 ENAfternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
7365 ENDinosaur DaysMilton, Joyce2.60.5
6311 ENDinosaurs Before DarkOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
8779 ENMollie's YearReiff, Tana2.60.5
27476 ENWagon WheelsBrenner, Barbara2.60.5
11399 ENWhen the Fly Flew In...Peters, Lisa Westberg2.60.5
34592 ENYou Are My SunshineHobbie, Holly2.60.5
14935 ENBeast From the East, TheStine, R.L.2.72.0
14606 ENBuffalo Bill and the Pony ExpressCoerr, Eleanor2.70.5
36461 ENClass Trip to the Cave of DoomMcMullan, K.H.2.71.0
14942 ENDon't Go to Sleep!Stine, R.L.2.72.0
8426 ENLong Way to a New Land, TheSandin, Joan2.70.5
6130 ENMiss Nelson Is BackAllard, Harry2.70.5
5234 ENMiss Nelson Is Missing!Allard, Harry2.70.5
10644 ENMummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
10680 ENNight of the NinjasOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
24973 ENSeven Treasure Hunts, TheByars, Betsy2.71.0
14644 ENSitting BullPenner, Lucille Recht2.70.5
66259 ENSwimming Salmon (Animals)Martin-James, Kathleen2.70.5
29408 ENWitch Who Was Afraid of Witches, TheLow, Alice2.70.5
53075 ENCase of the Class Clown, ThePreller, James2.81.0
53078 ENCase of the Marshmallow Monster, ThePreller, James2.81.0
62263 ENCase of the Sneaker Sneak, ThePreller, James2.81.0
34923 ENCase of the Spooky Sleepover, ThePreller, James2.81.0
24963 ENChang's Paper PonyCoerr, Eleanor2.80.5
6909 ENCoverupBennett, Jay2.83.0
7366 ENDolphins!Bokoske, Sharon2.80.5
9127 ENHeadless Horseman, TheStandiford, Natalie2.80.5
6275 ENHungry, Hungry SharksCole, Joanna2.80.5
17578 ENMidnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
14954 ENMy Best Friend is InvisibleStine, R.L.2.82.0
9291 ENPirates Past NoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
8788 ENPlace for Everyone, AReiff, Tana2.80.5
84853 ENStory of Ferrari, TheMezzanotte, Jim2.80.5
6383 ENWhales: The Gentle GiantsMilton, Joyce2.80.5
14933 ENBad Hare DayStine, R.L.2.93.0
14934 ENBarking Ghost, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
72207 ENBright, Shiny SkylarTripp, Valerie2.90.5
13857 ENBumps in the NightAllard, Harry2.90.5
53784 ENCaleb's StoryMacLachlan, Patricia2.92.0
34924 ENCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, ThePreller, James2.91.0
53074 ENCase of the Bicycle Bandit, ThePreller, James2.91.0
100623 ENCase of the Food Fight, ThePreller, James2.91.0
53077 ENCase of the Ghostwriter, ThePreller, James2.91.0
34920 ENCase of the Great Sled Race, ThePreller, James2.91.0
34922 ENCase of the Secret Valentine, ThePreller, James2.91.0
35389 ENCase of the Stinky Science Project, ThePreller, James2.91.0
14940 ENCurse of Camp Cold Lake, TheStine, R.L.2.92.0
14941 ENDeep Trouble IIStine, R.L.2.92.0
32497 ENDr. Jekyll, OrthodontistGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
14950 ENHow I Learned to FlyStine, R.L.2.93.0
14951 ENHow to Kill a MonsterStine, R.L.2.92.0
6327 ENKnight at Dawn, TheOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
8773 ENLonely One, TheLaymon, Richard2.90.5
8430 ENPompeii...Buried Alive!Kunhardt, Edith2.90.5
14957 ENRevenge of the Lawn GnomesStine, R.L.2.93.0
59518 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) RobotPilkey, Dav2.90.5
8790 ENShoplifting Game, TheReiff, Tana2.90.5
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
14931 ENAbominable Snowman of Pasadena, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
942 ENBad Luck Play, TheLorimer, Janet3.02.0
952 ENBarge Ghost, TheThomas, Teri3.01.0
951 ENBeastsLorimer, Janet3.01.0
14937 ENBlob That Ate Everyone, TheStine, R.L.3.02.0
953 ENBlood and BasketballGreene, Janice3.01.0
943 ENBreaking PointGreene, Janice3.01.0
954 ENBus 99Thomas, Teri3.01.0
5406 ENCase for Jenny Archer, AConford, Ellen3.01.0
62260 ENCase of the Bear Scare, ThePreller, James3.01.0
34921 ENCase of the Christmas Snowman, ThePreller, James3.01.0
54817 ENCase of the Haunted Scarecrow, ThePreller, James3.01.0
78216 ENCase of the Missing Falcon, ThePreller, James3.01.0
76490 ENCase of the Rainy Day Mystery, ThePreller, James3.01.0
8754 ENChicken by CheReiff, Tana3.00.5
955 ENDark Lady, TheGreene, Janice3.01.0
944 ENDeath GripLorimer, Janet3.01.0
956 ENDimes to DollarsThomas, Teri3.01.0
106544 ENDog WalkerSpafford-Fitz, Karen3.02.0
259 ENDrinking Gourd, TheMonjo, F.N.3.00.5
14943 ENEgg Monsters From MarsStine, R.L.3.02.0
945 ENFat BoyGreene, Janice3.01.0
17566 ENGhost Town at SundownOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
14946 ENHaunted School, TheStine, R.L.3.03.0
44166 ENLiar LiarStine, R.L.3.03.0
18727 ENLions at LunchtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
21393 ENMiss Nelson Has a Field DayAllard, Harry3.00.5
946 ENNo Place Like HomeLorimer, Janet3.01.0
928 ENNo Way OutSchraff, Anne3.03.0
947 ENPlot, TheGreene, Janice3.01.0
957 ENRead My LipsGreene, Janice3.01.0
938 ENRing of FearLorimer, Janet3.01.0
958 ENRuby's Terrible SecretLorimer, Janet3.01.0
948 ENSomething Dreadful Down BelowSchraff, Anne3.01.0
949 ENSounds of TerrorSchraff, Anne3.01.0
959 ENStudent BodiesLorimer, Janet3.00.5
14885 ENSunset of the SabertoothOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
72215 ENThank You, Logan!Tripp, Valerie3.00.5
939 ENTiger Lily CodeLorimer, Janet3.01.0
31073 ENTigers at TwilightOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
960 ENTough GirlGreene, Janice3.01.0
940 ENTug-0f-WarLorimer, Jnet3.01.0
931 ENWhite MonsterSchraff, Anne3.03.0
941 ENWhite Room, TheGreene, Janice3.01.0
950 ENWoman Who Loved A Ghost, Thelorimer, Janet3.01.0
83433 ENBoy Next Door, TheStine, R.L.3.13.0
7607 ENCan Do, Jenny ArcherConford, Ellen3.11.0
89013 ENCase of the Frog-jumping Contest, ThePreller, James3.11.0
84400 ENCase of the Glow-in-the-Dark Ghost, ThePreller, James3.11.0
34926 ENCase of the Mummy Mystery, ThePreller, James3.11.0
34925 ENCase of the Runaway Dog, ThePreller, James3.11.0
73755 ENCase of the Screaming Scarecrow, TheKatschke, Judy3.11.0
5908 ENCase of the Stolen Baseball Cards, ThePreller, James3.11.0
78733 ENDigging for Dinosaurs (Flying Foxes)Waite, Judy3.10.5
17563 ENDolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
44157 ENDon't Forget Me!Stine, R.L.3.13.0
262 ENFreckle JuiceBlume, Judy3.10.5
14944 ENGhost CampStine, R.L.3.13.0
8766 ENGutsLaymon, Richard3.10.5
72211 ENHallie's Horrible HandwritingTripp, Valerie3.10.5
46323 ENHowler, TheStine, R.L.3.13.0
14953 ENLegend of the Lost LegendStine, R.L.3.13.0
14955 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIStine, R.L.3.13.0
65850 ENPicky Mrs. PickleSchneider, Christine M.3.10.5
83455 ENTime Machine, TheWells/Martin3.11.0
31065 ENTonight on the TitanicOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
81587 ENWho Let the Ghosts Out?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
27964 ENWild Kid, TheMazer, Harry3.12.0
32508 ENYikes! Grandma's a TeenagerGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
402 ENAliens for BreakfastEtra, Jonathan3.21.0
17657 ENBald Bandit, TheRoy, Ron3.21.0
14936 ENBeware, the SnowmanStine, R.L.3.22.0
54491 ENBoy Who Cried Bigfoot, TheGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
76489 ENCase of the Best Pet Ever, ThePreller, James3.21.0
62261 ENCase of the Buried Treasure, ThePreller, James3.21.0
53076 ENCase of the Detective in Disguise, ThePreller, James3.21.0
62262 ENCase of the Disappearing Dinosaur, ThePreller, James3.21.0
86636 ENCase of the Double Trouble Detectives, ThePreller, James3.21.0
64112 ENCase of the Golden Key, ThePreller, James3.21.0
78987 ENCase of the Perfect Prank, ThePreller, James3.21.0
104780 ENCase of the Snowboarding Superstar, ThePreller, James3.21.0
14939 ENChicken ChickenStine, R.L.3.22.0
80448 ENDare to ScareKatschke, Judy3.22.0
35832 ENDingoes at DinnertimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
53563 ENFull Moon HalloweenStine, R.L.3.23.0
81577 ENHave You Met My Ghoulfriend?Stine, R.L.3.23.0
14947 ENHeadless Ghost, TheStine, R.L.3.22.0
14948 ENHorror at Camp Jellyjam, TheStine, R.L.3.23.0
14949 ENHow I Got My Shrunken HeadStine, R.L.3.23.0
80451 ENLove-Set-MatchDubowski, Cathy3.22.0
44169 ENMy Name Is EvilStine, R.L.3.24.0
14956 ENNight of the Living Dummy IIIStine, R.L.3.23.0
80461 ENPerfect Gift, TheStine, Megan3.22.0
102112 ENQueen BeeClugston, Chynna3.21.0
14958 ENSay Cheese and Die - Again!Stine, R.L.3.23.0
54617 ENScare SchoolStine, R.L.3.23.0
49125 ENShadow GirlStine, R.L.3.23.0
14959 ENShocker on Shock Street, AStine, R.L.3.23.0
78497 ENSome Things Never ChangeMazer, Anne3.22.0
47830 ENTwister on TuesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
14960 ENVampire BreathStine, R.L.3.22.0
54857 ENVisitorsStine, R.L.3.23.0
14952 ENWerewolf SkinStine, R.L.3.23.0
6488 ENWhat's Cooking, Jenny Archer?Conford, Ellen3.21.0
5051 ENAlan and NaomiLevoy, Myron3.35.0
49523 ENArthur and the Seventh-Inning StretcherBrown/Krensky3.31.0
14932 ENAttack of the Jack-O'-LanternsStine, R.L.3.32.0
31058 ENBuffalo Before BreakfastOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
8753 ENCaller, TheLaymon, Richard3.30.5
14938 ENCalling All Creeps!Stine, R.L.3.33.0
20015 ENDay of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
6261 ENDog Who Had Kittens, TheRobertus, Polly3.30.5
80459 ENDream Date Debate, TheStine, Megan3.32.0
51896 ENEarthquake in the Early MorningOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
80460 ENFacts About Flirting, TheKatschke, Judy3.32.0
25211 ENFalcon's Feathers, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
5220 ENFudge-a-ManiaBlume, Judy3.33.0
61516 ENGood Morning, GorillasOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
28321 ENGoose's Gold, TheRoy, Ron3.31.0
14945 ENHaunted Mask II, TheStine, R.L.3.33.0
80449 ENHeart to HeartKatschke, Judy3.32.0
25835 ENHour of the OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
44168 ENLocker 13Stine, R.L.3.33.0
80452 ENMaking a Splash!Stine, Megan3.32.0
8782 ENNight RideLaymon, Richard3.30.5
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
7636 ENParents in the Pigpen, Pigs in the TubEhrlich, Amy3.30.5
18742 ENPolar Bears Past BedtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
11488 ENReally No Big DealBechard, Margaret3.34.0
5243 ENSideways Stories from Wayside SchoolSachar, Louis3.33.0
58030 ENStage Fright on a Summer NightOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
294 ENTales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy3.33.0
929 ENTales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy3.33.0
80484 ENTell Me About ItStine, Megan3.33.0
64034 ENThanksgiving on ThursdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
46300 ENThey Call Me CreatureStine, R.L.3.33.0
5393 ENTrading Game, TheSlote, Alfred3.35.0
57582 ENTrapped in the Museum of Unnatural HistoryGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
6016 ENTwenty Ways to Lose Your Best FriendSinger, Marilyn3.32.0
20050 ENVacation Under the VolcanoOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
24935 ENViking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
80463 ENWar of the WardrobesStine, Megan3.32.0
11497 ENWayside School Gets a Little StrangerSachar, Louis3.33.0
17651 ENAbsent Author, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
49774 ENCamp NowhereStine, R.L.3.44.0
20014 ENCanary Caper, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
44894 ENCivil War on SundayOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
45119 ENDear Diary, I'm DeadStine, R.L.3.43.0
54478 ENDon't Count on DraculaGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
6716 ENDunc and the Flaming GhostPaulsen, Gary3.41.0
112955 ENGreat Stories of CourageReit, Seymour3.41.0
31059 ENHaunted Hotel, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
53437 ENHaunting Hour, TheStine, R.L.3.45.0
28296 ENHelp! I'm Trapped in My Sister's BodyStrasser, Todd3.43.0
68287 ENHigh Tide in HawaiiOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
5274 ENIt's Not the End of the WorldBlume, Judy3.44.0
80480 ENJust Between UsCarrol, Jacqueline3.43.0
44931 ENKidnapped King, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
36463 ENKnight for a DayMcMullan, K.H.3.42.0
8774 ENMad DogFarrell, Ben3.40.5
17783 ENMusic of Dolphins, TheHesse, Karen3.43.0
65003 ENMy Teacher Ate My HomeworkGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
80454 ENP.S. Wish You Were HereStine, Megan3.42.0
137 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
80482 ENSecret CrushCarrol, Jacqueline3.43.0
443 ENSuperfudgeBlume, Judy3.44.0
80457 ENSurf, Sand, and SecretsButcher, Nancy3.42.0
83431 ENSwitchedStine, R.L.3.43.0
84530 ENTechnically, It's Not My Fault: Concrete PoemsGrandits, John3.41.0
349 ENThere's a Boy in the Girls' BathroomSachar, Louis3.45.0
80462 ENTwist and ShoutKatschke, Judy3.42.0
5247 ENWayside School Is Falling DownSachar, Louis3.44.0
52934 ENYou Gotta Have Goop!Mercati, Cynthia3.42.0
74909 ENAl Capone Does My ShirtsCholdenko, Gennifer3.57.0
80446 ENApril Fools' Rules!Katschke, Judy3.52.0
305 ENBest-Laid Plans of Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.53.0
924 ENBloodred SkySchraff, Anne3.53.0
80447 ENCamp Rock 'n' RollKatschke, Judy3.52.0
78215 ENCase of the Million-Dollar Mystery, ThePreller, James3.51.0
114450 ENCassie Was HereHickey, Caroline3.56.0
9605 ENDeep TroubleStine, R.L.3.53.0
925 ENDisaster on the RiverSchraff, Anne3.53.0
24939 ENEmpty Envelope, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
5361 ENFinding Buck McHenrySlote, Alfred3.56.0
8765 ENGirl in the Painting, TheBunting, Eve3.51.0
75293 ENGood Things Come in Small PackagesMazer, Anne3.52.0
926 ENHow To Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
80478 ENHow to Train a BoyCarrol, Jacqueline3.53.0
44930 ENJaguar's Jewel, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
8771 ENJust Like Everyone ElseBunting, Eve3.51.0
80481 ENLove Is in the AirWillard, Eliza3.53.0
116372 ENMack McGinn's Big WinParatore, Coleen Murtagh3.54.0
58775 ENMe and My MummyGreenburg, Dan3.51.0
9616 ENMy Hairiest AdventureStine, R.L.3.53.0
8781 ENNight GamesLaymon, Richard3.50.5
8785 ENNobody Knows But MeBunting, Eve3.51.0
80453 ENNow You See Him, Now You Don'tStine, Megan3.52.0
488 ENOtherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy3.54.0
62266 ENPanda Puzzle, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
9621 ENPiano Lessons Can Be MurderStine, R.L.3.53.0
25217 ENRevenge of the Snob SquadPeters, Julie Anne3.53.0
43682 ENRevolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.51.0
187 ENRich MitchSharmat, Marjorie3.52.0
59519 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant Robot vs...Mosquitoes from MercuryPilkey, Dav3.50.5
106553 ENSewer RatsBrouwer, Sigmund3.52.0
102523 ENSpoiled RottenGaetz, Dayle Campbell3.52.0
54446 ENStand Tall, Molly Lou MelonLovell, Patty3.50.5
7193 ENStellalunaCannon, Janell3.50.5
80458 ENSurprise, Surprise!Stine, Megan3.52.0
6945 ENThere's a Girl in My HammerlockSpinelli, Jerry3.55.0
54501 ENThis Body's Not Big Enough for Both of UsGreenburg, Dan3.51.0
8797 ENTwo Different GirlsBunting, Eve3.51.0
77275 ENUnwilling Umpire, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
80082 ENVampire's Vacation, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
9628 ENWerewolf of Fever Swamp, TheStine, R.L.3.53.0
27928 ENWhen the Soldiers Were GonePropp, Vera W.3.52.0
5298 ENWho Put That Hair in My Toothbrush?Spinelli, Jerry3.57.0
9629 ENWhy I'm Afraid of BeesStine, R.L.3.53.0
39907 ENWish, TheLevine, Gail Carson3.55.0
21626 ENAcquaintance with Darkness, AnRinaldi, Ann3.610.0
5055 ENAre You There God? It's Me MargaretBlume, Judy3.64.0
8207 ENBest Friend, TheStine, R.L.3.64.0
656 ENBlackberries in the DarkJukes, Mavis3.61.0
32494 ENBlackwaterBunting, Eve3.63.0
80474 ENBoy CrazyStine, Megan3.63.0
14993 ENCrashSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
6910 ENDay That Elvis Came to Town, TheMarino, Jan3.66.0
63613 ENDear Mrs. LaRue: Letters from Obedience SchoolTeague, Mark3.60.5
41465 ENDefine "Normal"Peters, Julie Anne3.66.0
5263 ENDon't Rent My RoomAngell, Judie3.65.0
61267 ENDouble FudgeBlume, Judy3.65.0
114833 ENEggsSpinelli, Jerry3.64.0
40627 ENFight for LifeAnderson, Laurie Halse3.63.0
43705 ENFiguring out FrancesWillner-Pardo, Gina3.64.0
80472 ENGirl's Guide to Guys, AButcher, Nancy3.63.0
80477 ENGirl TalkStine, Megan3.63.0
74667 ENHaunted Castle on Hallows EveOsborne, Mary Pope3.61.0
31060 ENInvisible Island, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
80450 ENIsland GirlsButcher, Nancy3.62.0
18774 ENKidnap KidsStrasser, Todd3.64.0
80485 ENLove Factor, TheNoonan, Rosalind3.63.0
71828 ENMilkweedSpinelli, Jerry3.67.0
7014 ENNothing but the TruthAvi3.64.0
62265 ENOrange Outlaw, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
9786 ENPaper Crane, TheBang, Molly3.60.5
80455 ENProm PrincessGallagher, Diana G.3.62.0
36483 ENRomance of the Snob SquadPeters, Julie Anne3.64.0
65673 ENRunaway Racehorse, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
51836 ENSnitch in the Snob Squad, APeters, Julie Anne3.65.0
40645 ENTricksterAnderson, Laurie Halse3.63.0
2456 ENTwisters!Penner, Lucille Recht3.60.5
83391 ENWhite Wolf, TheRoy, Ron3.61.0
697 ENWinning StreakHughes, Dean3.61.0
352 ENAfter the RainMazer, Norma Fox3.78.0
28573 ENAir Mail to the MoonBirdseye, Tom3.70.5
5451 ENAlexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad DayViorst, Judith3.70.5
7002 ENBabyfaceMazer, Norma Fox3.75.0
84317 ENBest Is Yet to Come, TheMazer, Anne3.72.0
460 ENBig Base HitHughes, Dean3.71.0
7132 ENCan You Sue Your Parents for Malpractice?Danziger, Paula3.75.0
30911 ENChihuahua, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.70.5
58025 ENChristmas in CamelotOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
43747 ENChristmas Rat, TheAvi3.73.0
7665 ENCoffin on a CaseBunting, Eve3.72.0
7751 ENCreeping Shadows, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.76.0
8756 ENDead OnKropp, Paul3.71.0
163 ENDifferent DragonsLittle, Jean3.73.0
8758 ENDisappearing Man, TheGarrison, Phil3.70.5
28 ENEddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
20108 ENEmily in LoveRubin, Susan Goldman3.74.0
8761 ENFifteenBunting, Eve3.71.0
20112 ENFor the Love of VeniceNapoli, Donna Jo3.77.0
9609 ENGo Eat Worms!Stine, R.L.3.73.0
52623 ENGood Dog, TheAvi3.75.0
103450 ENGreek MythsShone, Rob3.71.0
321 ENI'm Going to Be FamousBirdseye, Tom3.74.0
80479 ENInstant BoyfriendStine, Megan3.73.0
771 ENJust as Long as We're TogetherBlume, Judy3.77.0
102456 ENJust Disgusting!Griffiths, Andy3.73.0
103124 ENKnowledge Is PowerMazer, Ann3.72.0
8772 ENLive BaitLaymon, Richard3.70.5
8775 ENMaggie The FreakBunting, Eve3.71.0
372 ENMe, My Goat, and My Sister's WeddingPevsner, Stella3.76.0
8777 ENMessage for MurderGreene, Janice3.70.5
5076 ENMiddle School BluesKassem, Lou3.75.0
78040 ENMidsummer Night's Dream (Saddleback Shakespeare), AShakespeare/Hutchinson3.72.0
59384 ENMillicent's GiftRinaldi, Ann3.78.0
9618 ENNight of the Living DummyStine, R.L.3.73.0
53082 ENNinth Nugget, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
8784 ENNo Power on EarthPiggin, Julia3.70.5
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
8786 ENOh, Rick!Bunting, Eve3.71.0
113360 ENPandora's BoxSaunders, Nick3.70.5
61526 ENQuicksand Question, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
75021 ENRevealers, TheWilhelm, Doug3.77.0
5081 ENRoots in the OutfieldZirpoli, Jane3.74.0
69219 ENSchool Skeleton, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
386 ENScorpionsMyers, Walter Dean3.76.0
24062 ENSiberian Husky, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.70.5
5086 ENSixth Grade SecretsSachar, Louis3.75.0
57932 ENStetsonRottman, S.L.3.77.0
11540 ENTotally Disgusting!Wallace, Bill3.72.0
9627 ENWelcome to Dead HouseStine, R.L.3.73.0
36390 ENWhateverPascal/Suzanne3.74.0
102528 ENWiredBrouwer, Sigmund3.72.0
351 ENAfter the Dancing DaysRostkowski, Margaret I.3.88.0
251 ENAll New Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.83.0
6903 ENAmazing GracieCannon, A.E.3.86.0
18753 ENBackward Bird Dog, TheWallace, Bill3.83.0
57126 ENBlue Eyes BetterWallace-Brodeur, Ruth3.83.0
8752 ENBurn OutKropp, Paul3.81.0
42802 ENCarolina AutumnWilliams, Carol Lynch3.84.0
6508 ENClaudia and the Phantom Phone CallsMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
7888 ENCoast to CoastByars, Betsy3.84.0
753 ENCold as IceLevy, Elizabeth3.85.0
29552 ENCool Crowd, ThePascal/Suzanne3.84.0
24036 ENCottonmouths (Snakes)George, Linda3.80.5
112061 ENCupid Chronicles, TheParatore, Coleen Murtagh3.85.0
18761 ENDogs Don't Tell JokesSachar, Louis3.85.0
26 ENEddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
25661 ENEvil ElizabethPascal/Suzanne3.85.0
50383 ENFear GamesStine, R.L.3.83.0
6516 ENGhost at Dawn's House, TheMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance C.3.83.0
29363 ENGirl Death Left Behind, TheMcDaniel, Lurlene3.84.0
11468 ENHaunted House, TheYolen/Greenberg3.81.0
9610 ENHaunted Mask, TheStine, R.L.3.83.0
31899 ENHead Above WaterRottman, S.L.3.89.0
7760 ENHidden Message, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.85.0
55522 ENJ. K. Rowling (Children's Authors)Meister, Cari3.80.5
6672 ENJourneyMacLachlan, Patricia3.82.0
115987 ENLove, StargirlSpinelli, Jerry3.88.0
44932 ENLucky Lottery, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
113070 ENPerseus and MedusaSaunders, Nick3.80.5
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
5282 ENPistachio PrescriptionDanziger, Paula3.85.0
8239 ENProm Queen, TheStine, R.L.3.84.0
9622 ENReturn of the MummyStine, R.L.3.83.0
56438 ENRising WaterPetersen, P.J.3.84.0
579 ENSay Goodnight, GracieDeaver, Julie Reece3.86.0
17993 ENSeason of Comebacks, AMackel, Kathy3.83.0
30915 ENShetland Sheepdog, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.80.5
46193 ENShowdown, TheJenkins/LaHaye3.83.0
7156 ENSome Fine DogSherlock, Patti3.84.0
191 ENSong of the TreesTaylor, Mildred D.3.81.0
52923 ENSosa's HomersWalsh, Caroline E.3.82.0
76983 ENSummer of the Sea SerpentOsborne, Mary Pope3.81.0
5391 ENSuperstar TeamHughes, Dean3.82.0
8794 ENSurvival CampBunting, Eve3.81.0
73214 ENSwear to HowdyVan Draanen, Wendelin3.84.0
141 ENSweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia3.88.0
74702 ENTalking T. Rex, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
103301 ENThat's the Way the Cookie CrumblesMazer, Anne3.82.0
5090 ENThere's a Bat in Bunk FiveDanziger, Paula3.84.0
113073 ENTheseus and the MinotaurCooper, Gilly Cameron3.80.5
69262 ENThird Wish, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
27947 ENToenails, Tonsils, and TornadoesPryor, Bonnie3.84.0
80486 ENToo Good to Be TrueButcher, Nancy3.83.0
78926 ENUnicorn, TheRodda, Emily3.82.0
7799 ENVanishing Footprints, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.86.0
696 ENWhat a Catch!Hughes, Dean3.82.0
44438 ENWhat Do You Do with a Kangaroo?Mayer, Mercer3.80.5
51869 ENWhat Scares You the Most?Stine, R.L.3.83.0
82243 ENWinter of the Ice WizardOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
18751 EN101 Ways to Bug Your ParentsWardlaw, Lee3.95.0
16332 ENBeagle, TheWilcox, Charlotte3.90.5
39557 ENBecause of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate3.93.0
80473 ENBest Friends ForeverButcher, Nancy3.93.0
16575 ENBeyond GlorySchraff, Anne3.91.0
109522 ENBlizzard of the Blue MoonOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
213 ENCat Ate My Gymsuit, TheDanziger, Paula3.94.0
5357 ENCatch That Pass!Christopher, Matt3.92.0
21 ENCourage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice3.91.0
17767 ENDanger on Panther PeakWallace, Bill3.94.0
19357 ENDawn and the Disappearing DogsMartin, Ann M.3.94.0
66177 ENDiana (World Mythology)Richardson, Adele D.3.90.5
7754 ENDisappearing Stranger, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
8762 ENFor AlwaysBunting, Eve3.91.0
8764 ENGang WarKropp, Paul3.91.0
7759 ENGrandpa's Stolen TreasureJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
78561 ENHalfback AttackChristopher, Matt3.92.0
56434 ENHey Kid, Want to Buy a Bridge?Scieszka, Jon3.91.0
102435 ENIn the Land of the Lawn Weenies and Other MisadventuresLubar, David3.97.0
102436 ENInvasion of the Road Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy TalesLubar, David3.95.0
769 ENIs Anybody There?Bunting, Eve3.94.0
24686 ENJohn Adams (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne3.90.5
178 ENKid in the Red Jacket, ThePark, Barbara3.93.0
6927 ENLife Without FriendsWhite, Ellen3.98.0
6928 ENLittle Bit Dead, AReaver, Chap3.98.0
73555 ENLucinda's SecretDiTerlizzi/Black3.91.0
28511 ENMy AngelicaWilliams, Carol Lynch3.95.0
9517 ENMy PlaceWheatley, Nadia3.91.0
113069 ENOdysseus and the CyclopsCooper, Gilly Cameron3.90.5
67826 ENPunctuation Takes a VacationPulver, Robin3.90.5
7791 ENRunaway Clown, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.95.0
17996 ENSaving SweetnessStanley, Diane3.90.5
9623 ENSay Cheese and Die!Stine, R.L.3.93.0
18789 ENShannon: The Schoolmarm MysteriesKudlinski, Kathleen V.3.92.0
82284 ENSpy X: The CodeLerangis, Peter3.93.0
87260 ENSpy X: Tunnel VisionLerangis, Peter3.93.0
61275 ENStand TallBauer, Joan3.95.0
9625 ENStay Out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
1995 ENTexas TwistersHigman, Anita3.91.0
8796 ENTomb of HorrorLorimer, Janet3.90.5
7798 ENTrouble at Wild RiverJohnson, Lois Walfrid3.96.0
9626 ENWelcome to Camp NightmareStine, R.L.3.93.0
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
17752 ENAlphabet City BalletTamar, Erika4.05.0
8506 ENBabyMacLachlan, Patricia4.02.0
11453 ENBaby Grand, the Moon in July, & Me, TheBarnes, Joyce Annette4.04.0
30338 ENBallad of the Civil War, AStolz, Mary4.01.0
552 ENBeautyWallace, Bill4.05.0
7 ENBetsy-TacyLovelace, Maud Hart4.03.0
8209 ENBlind DateStine, R.L.4.06.0
7143 ENBorgelPinkwater, Daniel4.05.0
24054 ENBulldog, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.00.5
660 ENCelery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James4.02.0
5214 ENChampionship GameHughes, Dean4.02.0
24034 ENCopperheads (Snakes)George, Linda4.00.5
108232 ENDanica PatrickSavage, Jeff4.00.5
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
62175 ENDo the Funky PickleSpinelli, Jerry4.03.0
100050 ENFashion Disaster That Changed My Life!, TheMyracle, Lauren4.05.0
24682 ENGeorge Washington (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.00.5
28295 ENGhost in Room 11, TheWright, Betty Ren4.02.0
17775 ENGreat Interactive Dream Machine, ThePeck, Richard4.05.0
53153 ENHeads UpChristopher/Peters4.01.0
88487 ENHeroes Don't Run: A Novel of the Pacific WarMazer, Harry4.03.0
40630 ENHomelessAnderson, Laurie Halse4.03.0
5021 ENHowliday InnHowe, James4.04.0
927 ENIsland of FortuneSchraff, Anne4.03.0
101424 ENJames Stewart: Motocross GreatSievert, Terri4.00.5
71961 ENLance Armstrong (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patricia4.00.5
14596 ENLater, GatorYep, Laurence4.03.0
11475 ENLive From the Fifth GradeMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.03.0
8778 ENMicro ManKropp, Paul4.01.0
46482 ENMissing Mummy, TheRoy, Ron4.01.0
7785 ENMysterious Hideaway, TheJohnson, Lois Walfrid4.06.0
70 ENPrairie SchoolLenski, Lois4.07.0
55544 ENR.L. Stine (Children's Authors)Meister, Cari4.00.5
11487 ENReal HeroesKaye, Marilyn4.04.0
103451 ENRoman MythsWest, David4.00.5
77709 ENSchool at Crooked Creek, TheLawlor, Laurie4.02.0
70129 ENSeeing Stone, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.01.0
80483 ENSpring BreakupHarrison, Emma4.03.0
86695 ENSpy X: Proof PositiveLerangis, Peter4.03.0
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John4.01.0
70100 ENSuperhero...or Super Thief?Greenburg, Dan4.02.0
6633 ENThree Dog WinterVanSteenwyk, Elizabeth4.05.0
58920 ENTree Castle IslandGeorge, Jean Craighead4.07.0
113071 ENTrojan Horse, TheCooper, Gilly Cameron4.01.0
36367 ENTwin SwitchPascal/Suzanne4.04.0
20647 ENUntil Angels Close My EyesMcDaniel, Lurlene4.05.0
42595 ENWeakness, TheApplegate, K.A.4.03.0
8996 ENWerewolves and Stories about ThemKudalis, Eric4.00.5
5099 ENWindcatcherAvi4.03.0
66185 ENZeus (World Mythology)Hoena, B.A.4.00.5
5351 ENAll Together NowHughes, Dean4.12.0
24680 ENAndrew Jackson (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.10.5
19449 ENBeast Must Die, ThePascal/Suzanne4.14.0
461 ENBlossom Promise, AByars, Betsy4.14.0
211 ENBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, TheByars, Betsy4.14.0
16 ENCarry On, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean4.18.0
34810 ENCast Two ShadowsRinaldi, Ann4.19.0
29167 ENChester Arthur (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.10.5
257 ENChristina's GhostWright, Betty Ren4.13.0
29329 ENCrushConford, Ellen4.13.0
47845 ENDiscover the DestroyerApplegate, K.A.4.15.0
6035 ENDixie StormsHall, Barbara4.16.0
16336 ENDoberman Pinscher, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.10.5
45043 ENEarthquake!Jenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
109084 ENFairestLevine, Gail Carson4.18.0
87157 ENFire Within, Thed'Lacey, Chris4.17.0
8962 ENFrankenstein...Man-made MonstersKudalis, Eric4.10.5
17772 ENFriends, TheYumoto, Kazumi4.16.0
315 ENFriendship, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
170 ENGold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
66179 ENHercules (World Mythology)Richardson, Adele D.4.10.5
6671 ENHideout, TheBunting, Eve4.14.0
116246 ENHit and RunMcDaniel, Lurlene4.14.0
20117 ENIn the Stone CircleKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.16.0
11472 ENJoshua T. Bates Takes ChargeShreve, Susan4.12.0
17780 ENLast Payback, TheVanOosting, James4.14.0
27932 ENLost in the WarAntle, Nancy4.14.0
19353 ENMallory and the Ghost CatMartin, Ann M.4.15.0
7771 ENMandie and the Hidden TreasureLeppard, Lois Gladys4.15.0
20122 ENMine Eyes Have SeenRinaldi, Ann4.110.0
27955 ENMissing GirlsMetzger, Lois4.15.0
6932 ENMonkey See. Monkey Do.DeClements, Barthe4.15.0
5919 ENMore Than Meets the EyeBetancourt, Jeanne4.16.0
27973 ENMy Life Among the AliensGauthier, Gail4.13.0
746 ENOrdinary PeopleGuest, Judith4.19.0
18782 ENOut of the BlueEllis, Sarah4.14.0
79469 ENPaintballSievert, Terri4.10.5
8787 ENPart Of The Dream, ABunting, Eve4.11.0
17728 ENPassage to Freedom: The Sugihara StoryMochizuki, Ken4.10.5
115095 ENPerfect GirlHogan, Mary4.15.0
7020 ENRain Catcher, TheThesman, Jean4.16.0
11489 ENRichest Kids in Town, TheKehret, Peg4.12.0
18788 ENScary Stories to Tell in the DarkSchwartz, Alvin4.11.0
52625 ENSecret School, TheAvi4.13.0
60577 ENSecrets of New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
76592 ENStealing HomeChristopher, Matt4.13.0
5088 ENSticks and Stones and Skeleton BonesGilson, Jamie4.14.0
61866 ENStory of Porsches, TheWright, David K.4.10.5
17793 ENStupid CupidCooper, Ilene4.14.0
62570 ENTaking Liberty: The Story of Oney Judge...Runaway SlaveRinaldi, Ann4.17.0
20699 ENTeam That Couldn't Lose, TheChristopher, Matt4.12.0
82254 ENTechnical FoulWallace, Rich4.12.0
8591 ENTell Me if the Lovers Are LosersVoigt, Cynthia4.19.0
17796 ENTrick or Trouble?Cooper, Ilene4.14.0
113072 ENTwelve Labors of Hercules, TheSaunders, Nick4.11.0
42247 ENUnderground, TheJenkins/LaHaye4.13.0
73119 ENVampire KissesSchreiber, Ellen4.16.0
66184 ENVenus (World Mythology)Hoena, B.A.4.10.5
41795 ENWalking to the Bus-Rider BluesRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.14.0
5252 ENAce Hits the Big TimeMurphy, Barbara4.26.0
4784 ENAnimals of the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.20.5
42582 ENArrival, TheApplegate, K.A.4.23.0
204 ENArthur, For the Very First TimeMacLachlan, Patricia4.23.0
66176 ENAthena (World Mythology)Hoena, B.A.4.20.5
54955 ENBattling the CommanderJenkins/LaHaye4.23.0
19352 ENBeware, Dawn!Martin, Ann M.4.24.0
11455 ENBeware of Kissing Lizard LipsShalant, Phyllis4.25.0
6706 ENBilly the KidGreen, Carl R.4.21.0
6907 ENBrave, TheLipsyte, Robert4.25.0
27925 ENBreaking BoxesJenkins, A.M.4.26.0
357 ENBuilding BlocksVoigt, Cynthia4.25.0
254 ENBunniculaHowe, Deborah/James4.22.0
29164 ENCalvin Coolidge (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.20.5
11044 ENCase of the Black-Hooded Hangmans, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
87461 ENChain Letter, TheSchumacher, Julie4.26.0
68144 ENCheat, TheKoss, Amy Goldman4.24.0
215 ENCracker JacksonByars, Betsy4.24.0
411 ENCybil War, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
18760 ENDaring to Be AbigailVail, Rachel4.23.0
113492 ENDexter the ToughHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.23.0
8757 ENDirt BikeKropp, Paul4.21.0
607 ENDog Called Kitty, AWallace, Bill4.24.0
85726 ENDraculaKelly, Jack4.23.0
6722 ENDunc's HalloweenPaulsen, Gary4.22.0
27 ENEddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.23.0
362 ENEternal Spring of Mr. Ito, TheGarrigue, Shelia4.25.0
5267 ENFace at the Edge of the WorldBunting, Eve4.26.0
565 ENFairy Rebel, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.23.0
70127 ENField Guide, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.21.0
566 ENFighting Ground, TheAvi,4.24.0
50391 ENFling, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
27818 ENGeorge Eastman (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.20.5
66178 ENHades (World Mythology)Richardson, Adele D.4.20.5
267 ENHot and Cold Summer, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.23.0
175 ENIf You Didn't Have MeNilsson, Ulf4.23.0
41626 ENIs Everyone Moonburned but Me?Pevsner, Stella4.25.0
24684 ENJames Monroe (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.20.5
50 ENKatie JohnCalhoun, Mary4.24.0
28443 ENKiller's Cousin, TheWerlin, Nancy4.27.0
100601 ENKingdom Keepers, ThePearson, Ridley4.29.0
19354 ENKristy and the Missing ChildMartin, Ann M.4.24.0
9595 ENLittle House on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea4.28.0
5230 ENLittle House, TheBurton, Virginia Lee4.20.5
6329 ENMagic Hat of Mortimer Wintergreen, TheLevoy, Myron4.25.0
67165 ENMatt Christopher: Goalkeeper in ChargeHirschfeld, Robert4.23.0
11479 ENMcMummyByars, Betsy4.24.0
5431 ENMississippi BridgeTaylor, Mildred D.4.21.0
282 ENNighty-NightmareHowe, James4.22.0
59767 ENNumbering All the BonesRinaldi, Ann4.25.0
82156 ENOld Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.27.0
36386 ENOne 2 ManyPascal/Suzanne4.23.0
382 ENPark's QuestPaterson, Katherine4.25.0
7018 ENParty's Over, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.26.0
575 ENPick of the LitterAuch, Mary Jane4.25.0
50633 ENPieces: A Year in Poems & QuiltsHines, Anna Grossnickle4.20.5
6394 ENRed-Dirt JessieMyers, Anna4.23.0
101800 ENReplayCreech, Sharon4.24.0
80499 ENRoar of the Crowd, TheWallace, Rich4.22.0
31566 ENRough WatersRottman, S.L.4.210.0
6040 ENShadow BrothersCannon, A.E.4.26.0
58914 ENShaperHaas, Jessie4.26.0
581 ENSixth-Grade SleepoverBunting, Eve4.24.0
102722 ENSmall StepsSachar, Louis4.27.0
34974 ENSnowboard ShowdownChristopher, Matt4.23.0
87181 ENSpy X: Hide and SeekLerangis, Peter4.23.0
41562 ENStargirlSpinelli, Jerry4.26.0
42977 ENStarry, Starry NightMcDaniel, Lurlene4.26.0
108236 ENSteve NashSavage, Jeff4.20.5
54961 ENStolen by the SeaMyers, Anna4.24.0
61862 ENStory of Chevy Corvettes, TheWright, David K.4.20.5
11492 ENStrandedMikaelsen, Ben4.28.0
5389 ENStroke of LuckHughes, Dean4.22.0
24689 ENTheodore Roosevelt (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.20.5
114711 ENTitan's Curse, TheRiordan, Rick4.210.0
116713 ENToby Wheeler, Eighth-Grade BenchwarmerHeldring, Thatcher4.26.0
76946 ENTony HawkBraun, Eric4.20.5
79491 ENTony Hawk: Skateboarding LegendSavage, Jeff4.20.5
5091 ENTrapped in Death CaveWallace, Bill4.25.0
5964 ENTravel Far, Pay No FareLindbergh, Anne4.26.0
101430 ENTravis Pastrana: Motocross LegendSievert, Terri4.20.5
5095 ENWanted: Mud BlossomByars, Betsy4.24.0
8799 ENWild OneKropp, Paul4.22.0
20150 ENWreckers, TheLawrence, Iain4.26.0
31170 EN6th Grade Nickname Game, TheKorman, Gordon4.33.0
20251 ENAdventures of Captain Underpants, ThePilkey, Dav4.31.0
16744 ENAngels Watching over MeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
87379 ENAngus and SadieVoigt, Cynthia4.35.0
101426 ENAppaloosa Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.30.5
17755 ENAwake and DreamingPearson, Kit4.37.0
5 EN"B" is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
17756 ENBad GirlsVoigt, Cynthia4.38.0
555 ENBlack Star, Bright DawnO'Dell, Scott4.34.0
307 ENBlossoms Meet the Vulture Lady, TheByars, Betsy4.34.0
6032 ENBoy in the MoonKoertge, Ron4.35.0
111255 ENBriana's GiftMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
74076 ENCase of the Burrowing Robot, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
43144 ENCase of the Raging Rottweiler, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
69074 ENCharm Bracelet, TheRodda, Emily4.32.0
5463 ENCloudy with a Chance of MeatballsBarrett, Judi4.30.5
80475 ENDating GameAdams, Kylie4.33.0
7710 ENDivorce Express, TheDanziger, Paula4.34.0
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
8759 ENDope DealKropp, Paul4.31.0
102017 ENElsewhereZevin, Gabrielle4.39.0
27939 ENErnestine & Amanda Members of the C.L.U.B.Belton, Sandra4.35.0
60563 ENEscape from New BabylonJenkins/LaHaye4.34.0
6610 ENEveryone Else's Parents Said YesDanziger, Paula4.33.0
70563 ENFame and Glory in Freedom, GeorgiaO'Connor, Barbara4.33.0
6919 ENFathom FiveWestall, Robert4.39.0
54958 ENFire from HeavenJenkins/LaHaye4.33.0
29165 ENGeorge Bush (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.30.5
18767 ENGhost CaveSteiner, Barbara4.36.0
15095 ENGraveyard GirlMyers, Anna4.34.0
225 ENGroundhog's HorseRockwood, Joyce4.33.0
29168 ENHarry S. Truman (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.30.5
26643 ENHork-Bajir Chronicles, TheApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
13537 ENI'll Be Seeing YouMcDaniel, Lurlene4.34.0
77859 ENIronwood Tree, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.31.0
18771 ENIsabella: A Wish for MiguelNewman, Shirlee P.4.32.0
46173 ENJudgment DayJenkins/LaHaye4.33.0
19359 ENKristy and the Haunted MansionMartin, Ann M.4.34.0
42577 ENLand of LossApplegate, K.A.4.35.0
115808 ENLawn BoyPaulsen, Gary4.32.0
276 ENLemming Condition, TheArkin, Alan4.31.0
108039 ENLetting Go of LisaMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
24962 ENLibrary Card, TheSpinelli, Jerry4.34.0
17822 ENLifted Up by AngelsMcDaniel, Lurlene4.36.0
71854 ENLily's GhostsRuby, Laura4.38.0
7766 ENMandie and the Cherokee LegendLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
7770 ENMandie and the Ghost BanditsLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
7774 ENMandie and the Medicine ManLeppard, Lois Gladys4.34.0
5277 ENMissing Since MondayMartin, Ann M.4.35.0
40138 ENMy Brother's Keeper: Virginia's DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.32.0
5280 ENNight KitesKerr, M.E.4.36.0
378 ENNight Swimmers, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
8237 ENParty SummerStine, R.L.4.36.0
86674 ENPicklemaniaSpinelli, Jerry4.33.0
116249 ENPilgrims of Rayne, TheMacHale, D.J.4.322.0
25219 ENRoller Hockey RadicalsChristopher, Matt4.33.0
58208 ENRuby HollerCreech, Sharon4.36.0
8789 ENRunawayKropp, Paul4.31.0
31198 ENSafe at SecondJohnson, Scott4.38.0
16349 ENSaint Bernard, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.30.5
18787 ENScary Stories 3: More Tales to Chill Your BonesSchwartz, Alvin4.32.0
45070 ENSearch, TheJenkins/LaHaye4.34.0
67499 ENSecond Summer of the Sisterhood, TheBrashares, Ann4.311.0
106727 ENShadows of Caesar's CreekDraper, Sharon M.4.32.0
245 ENSixth Grade Can Really Kill YouDeClements, Barthe4.34.0
15096 ENSticksBauer, Joan4.35.0
8986 ENStories of Mummies and the Living DeadKudalis, Eric4.30.5
51857 ENStorm RescueAnderson, Laurie Halse4.32.0
6442 ENTake a Chance Gramps!Okimoto, Jean4.35.0
18795 ENTarantula ShoesBirdseye, Tom4.34.0
12489 ENTears of a TigerDraper, Sharon M.4.34.0
61391 ENTelling Christina GoodbyeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
10641 ENThere's an Owl In the ShowerGeorge, Jean Craighead4.33.0
588 ENThis Place Has No AtmosphereDanziger, Paula4.34.0
77253 ENTime Capsule, TheMcDaniel, Lurlene4.35.0
20142 ENTransall Saga, ThePaulsen, Gary4.38.0
27935 ENTrapped Between the Lash and the GunWhitmore, Arvella4.35.0
11495 ENTruth About Sixth Grade, TheMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.35.0
11496 ENVery Personal Computer, ARendal, Justine4.36.0
29162 ENWarren G. Harding (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.30.5
29161 ENWilliam H. Harrison (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.30.5
8800 ENWimp, TheIbbitson, John4.31.0
59933 ENWingwalkerWells, Rosemary4.31.0
400 ENYear Without Michael, ThePfeffer, Susan Beth4.37.0
14796 EN13th Floor: A Ghost Story, TheFleischman, Sid4.44.0
6902 ENAlong the TracksBergman, Tamar4.411.0
8751 ENAmy's WishKropp, Paul4.41.0
7001 ENArlyPeck, Robert Newton4.46.0
57188 ENAttack of ApollyonJenkins/LaHaye4.44.0
18754 ENBehind the Bedroom WallWilliams, Laura E.4.44.0
155 ENBella ArabellaFosburgh, Liza4.44.0
209 ENBerries GoodmanNeville, Emily Cheney4.45.0
56388 ENBlack Widow (The Library of Spiders), TheMcGinty, Alice B.4.40.5
88384 ENBook Without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic, TheAvi4.45.0
7004 ENBreaking OutDeClements, Barthe4.45.0
42215 ENBusted!Jenkins/LaHaye4.43.0
34629 ENCaptain Underpants...Invasion...Cafeteria Ladies...Outer SpacePilkey, Dav4.41.0
54477 ENCaptain Underpants...Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanPilkey, Dav4.41.0
27943 ENCaribbean Cruise Caper, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.45.0
27942 ENCase of the Captured Queen, TheKeene, Carolyn4.44.0
18759 ENCase of the Kidnapped Collie, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
28733 ENCase of the Measled Cowboy, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
12767 ENCase of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
43145 ENCase of the Saddle House Robbery, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
5063 ENCharlie and the Great Glass ElevatorDahl, Roald4.45.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
5261 ENChoosing SidesCooper, Ilene4.46.0
407 ENCold and Hot Winter, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
36047 ENCookie Company, TheVenokur, Ross4.44.0
48321 ENCool as IceChristopher/Mantell4.44.0
359 ENDay No Pigs Would Die, APeck, Robert Newton4.44.0
563 ENEdith HerselfHoward, Ellen4.43.0
43404 ENEvery Cloud Has a Silver LiningMazer, Anne4.42.0
8760 ENFair PlayKropp, Paul4.41.0
17771 ENFive Sisters, TheMahy, Margaret4.42.0
50150 ENFive Smooth Stones: Hope's DiaryGregory, Kristiana4.42.0
112353 ENForever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann4.411.0
11465 ENFourth Grade is a JinxMcKenna, Colleen O'Shaughnessy4.44.0
5067 ENFreaky FridayRodgers, Mary4.44.0
7724 ENFurther Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
169 ENGoing HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.46.0
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
105737 ENGossamerLowry, Lois4.44.0
109096 ENHattie Big SkyLarson, Kirby4.410.0
569 ENHere at the Scenic-Vu MotelWyss, Thelma Hatch4.44.0
20114 ENHeroRottman, S.L.4.47.0
368 ENHomecomingVoigt, Cynthia4.416.0
58060 ENHow Do I Love TheeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.46.0
20115 ENI Want to LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.43.0
88382 ENIcefired'Lacey, Chris4.410.0
476 ENInvisible LissaHoneycutt, Natalie4.45.0
29166 ENJohn Quincy Adams (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.40.5
236 ENKneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.42.0
15365 ENLabrador Retriever, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.40.5
6929 ENLoving Someone ElseConford, Ellen4.45.0
125 ENM. C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
7763 ENMandie and the Abandoned MineLeppard, Lois Gladys4.45.0
29163 ENMillard Fillmore (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.40.5
17784 ENMustang FlatsWisler, G. Clifton4.44.0
70165 ENNever War, TheMacHale, D.J.4.414.0
18780 ENOnce on This RiverWyeth, Sharon Dennis4.45.0
11485 ENOzzie on His OwnHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
18785 ENPick-Up SticksEllis, Sarah4.44.0
61467 ENPictures of Hollis WoodsGiff, Patricia Reilly4.45.0
576 ENPike River Phantom, TheWright, Betty Ren4.45.0
27952 ENPlace in the Sun, ARubalcaba, Jill4.42.0
51142 ENPro Stock CarsDubois, Muriel L.4.40.5
11486 ENPunch With JudyAvi4.44.0
58065 ENReach for TomorrowMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
42578 ENRealm of the ReaperApplegate, K.A.4.45.0
27950 ENRescue PartyGarland, Mark A.4.43.0
6939 ENRevolving Door Stops Here, TheWood, Phyllis4.46.0
75410 ENRicky Carmichael: Motocross ChampionMartin, Michael4.40.5
18591 ENRowan and the TravelersRodda, Emily4.44.0
34513 ENSammy Keyes and the Runaway ElfDraanen, Wendelin Van4.47.0
60476 ENScorpions (Predators in the Wild)Richardson, Adele4.40.5
11580 ENSeason for Goodbye, AMcDaniel, Lurlene4.45.0
339 ENSecret Life of Dilly McBean, TheHaas, Dorothy4.46.0
914 ENSecret Prize in Every Box, ACannon, David4.41.0
5440 ENShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.44.0
80137 ENSlam DunkChristopher/Hirschfeld4.43.0
82206 ENSnowboard ChampChristopher/Mantell4.44.0
8587 ENSomewhere in the DarknessMyers, Walter Dean4.46.0
192 ENSoupPeck, Robert Newton4.42.0
36529 ENStar in the StormHarlow, Joan Hiatt4.44.0
27934 ENTae's SonataBalgassi, Haemi4.43.0
6943 ENTaking SidesSoto, Gary4.44.0
585 ENTen Kids, No PetsMartin, Ann M.4.45.0
53576 ENTerror in the StadiumJenkins/LaHaye4.44.0
11493 ENThirteen Going on SevenSachs, Marilyn4.43.0
29169 ENThomas Jefferson (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.40.5
13446 ENTsunami! Death WaveSorenson, Margo4.41.0
27936 ENVoyage to a Free LandLawlor, Laurie4.44.0
7030 ENWhat You Don't Know Can Kill YouArrick, Fran4.46.0
34860 ENWinningAdler, C.S.4.44.0
81843 ENWrath of Mulgarath, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.42.0
19385 ENAbby and the Notorious NeighborMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
5251 ENAcceptable Time, AnL'Engle, Madeleine4.511.0
20708 ENAlanna: The First AdventurePierce, Tamora4.57.0
27821 ENAlexander Graham Bell (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.50.5
8504 ENAlice in AprilNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.55.0
89802 ENAlicia KeysHorn, Geoffrey M.4.50.5
5053 ENAnastasia Again!Lowry, Lois4.55.0
202 ENAnastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois4.53.0
354 ENAnastasia's Chosen CareerLowry, Lois4.54.0
104626 ENAnne FrankHudson-Goff, Elizabeth4.50.5
115906 ENAurora County All-Stars, TheWiles, Deborah4.56.0
18755 ENBelonging Place, TheLittle, Jean4.55.0
89803 ENBeyoncéHorn, Geoffrey M.4.50.5
5059 ENBingo Brown, Gypsy LoverByars, Betsy4.53.0
27974 ENBoxes, TheSleator, William4.56.0
5914 ENCagesKehret, Peg4.55.0
115222 ENCharlie Bone and the BeastNimmo, Jenny4.59.0
6908 ENChecking on the MoonDavis, Jenny4.57.0
5262 ENContender, TheLipsyte, Robert4.55.0
63410 ENCorner of the Universe, AMartin, Ann M.4.56.0
19367 ENDawn and the Halloween MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.54.0
11462 ENDead on ArrivalKeene, Carolyn4.56.0
8959 ENDeadly Diamonds, TheSwinburne, Laurence4.51.0
17193 ENDeadly SummerPascal/William4.55.0
42220 ENDeath StrikeJenkins/LaHaye4.53.0
9804 ENDirt Bikes (Motorcycles)Young, Jesse4.50.5
8961 ENDracula and Other Vampire StoriesKudalis, Eric4.50.5
18762 ENDreams in the Golden Country: The Diary of Zipporah Feldman... eLasky, Kathryn4.54.0
116960 ENEclipseMeyer, Stephenie4.522.0
42576 ENEnter the EnchantedApplegate, K.A.4.54.0
7721 ENFaded LoveErickson, John R.4.53.0
17770 ENFinding WalterTurner, Ann4.55.0
4809 ENFloods (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari4.50.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
27460 ENGet RealPascal/Suzanne4.54.0
84371 ENGirls in Pants: The Third Summer of the SisterhoodBrashares, Ann4.510.0
29997 ENGoblins in the CastleCoville, Bruce4.55.0
42819 ENGraduation of Jake Moon, ThePark, Barbara4.54.0
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
63438 ENHorsemen of TerrorJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
20914 ENHouse on Mango Street, TheCisneros, Sandra4.53.0
45050 ENInto the StormJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
109552 ENJeremy Fink and the Meaning of LifeMass, Wendy4.511.0
18773 ENKai: The Lost StatueWelch, Leona Nicholas4.52.0
65770 ENKelly Clarkson (Young Profiles)Wheeler, Jill C.4.50.5
86826 ENLast Universe, TheSleator, William4.57.0
41297 ENLeap of FaithBossley, Michele Martin4.54.0
89128 ENLiberation of Gabriel King, TheGoing, K.L.4.55.0
10916 ENLittle Farm in the OzarksMacBride, Roger Lea4.57.0
52616 ENLove That DogCreech, Sharon4.51.0
5275 ENMama's Going to Buy You a MockingbirdLittle, Jean4.58.0
11480 ENMick Harte Was HerePark, Barbara4.52.0
27956 ENMonsters in CyberspaceRegan, Dian Curtis4.54.0
7012 ENMozart Season, TheWolff, Virginia Euwer4.510.0
7013 ENMy Name is Sus5an Smith. The 5 is Silent.Plummer, Louise4.59.0
18779 ENNightwalkersMorris, Judy K.4.54.0
8783 ENNo WayKropp, Paul4.52.0
67223 ENNorthern Light, ADonnelly, Jennifer4.513.0
379 ENNumber the StarsLowry, Lois4.54.0
630 ENOn the Far Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.56.0
45056 ENOn the RunJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
68 ENOnion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.58.0
5222 ENOriginal Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
20090 ENP.S. Longer Letter LaterDanziger, Paula4.55.0
14795 ENPoppyAvi4.54.0
20132 ENProphecy RockMacGregor, Rob4.56.0
51143 ENRat Snakes (Snakes)George, Linda4.50.5
72386 ENReality Bug, TheMacHale, D.J.4.515.0
578 ENRemembering the Good TimesPeck, Richard4.56.0
89886 ENRivers of Zadaa, TheMacHale, D.J.4.518.0
5953 ENRoad to Memphis, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.512.0
22372 ENRowan and the Keeper of the CrystalRodda, Emily4.55.0
58687 ENSaffy's AngelMcKay, Hilary4.56.0
13991 ENSaving JessicaMcDaniel, Lurlene4.54.0
63439 ENSchool Daze: Report to the Principal's OfficeSpinelli, Jerry4.54.0
6041 ENSilver KissKlause, Annette Curtis4.57.0
53483 ENSisterhood of the Traveling Pants, TheBrashares, Ann4.59.0
36495 ENSlim's Good-byeErickson, John R.4.53.0
8791 ENSnow GhostKropp, Paul4.52.0
40665 ENSoccer DuelChristopher, Matt4.54.0
5922 ENSomething's Rotten in the State of MarylandSonnenmark, Laura4.56.0
34972 ENSpike It!Christopher, Matt4.54.0
17792 ENStepsister from the Planet WeirdLantz, Francess4.55.0
7025 ENTall Enough to Own the WorldRabe, Berniece4.55.0
58220 ENThings Not SeenClements, Andrew4.59.0
71966 ENTiger Woods (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patricia4.50.5
84643 ENTwilightCabot, Meg4.58.0
18798 ENTwins, the Pirates, and the Battle of New Orleans, TheRobinet, Harriette Gillem4.54.0
63449 ENUplink from the UndergroundJenkins/LaHaye4.54.0
936 ENVampire Plagues : Paris, 1850Rook, Sebastian4.57.0
937 ENVampire Plaques : Mexico, 1850Rook, Sebastian4.56.0
6637 ENWhen Christmas ComesHill, Elizabeth4.56.0
599 ENWho Knew There'd Be Ghosts?Brittain, Bill4.54.0
71833 ENWildfire!Jenkins/LaHaye4.53.0
59075 ENWindmill WindupChristopher/Mantell4.54.0
6948 ENWoman of Her Tribe, ARobinson, Margaret4.55.0
79584 ENWorthLaFaye, A.4.54.0
17800 ENWringerSpinelli, Jerry4.55.0
44671 ENYear Down Yonder, APeck, Richard4.54.0
43754 ENYear of Miss Agnes, TheHill, Kirkpatrick4.53.0
77134 ENYoung Man and the Sea, ThePhilbrick, Rodman4.55.0
29160 ENZachary Taylor (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.50.5
6901 ENAcross the GrainFerris, Jean4.68.0
36046 ENAdaline Falling StarOsborne, Mary Pope4.64.0
451 ENAdventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
17753 ENAmber Cat, TheMcKay, Hilary4.64.0
61380 ENAmong FriendsCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
6031 ENAnything To WinMiklowitz, Gloria4.65.0
25226 ENAs Ever, GordyHahn, Mary Downing4.66.0
6655 ENAttaboy, Sam!Lowry, Lois4.63.0
729 ENAutobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, TheGaines, Ernest4.613.0
10245 ENBack to BeforeSlepian, Jan4.66.0
36537 ENBad DreamsFine, Anne4.63.0
86534 ENBeautyButcher, Nancy4.65.0
101427 ENBelgian Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
80120 ENBlack WaterMacHale, D.J.4.617.0
306 ENBlossoms and the Green Phantom, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
557 ENBlue-Eyed Daisy, ARylant, Cynthia4.62.0
11205 ENBMX RacingGutman, Bill4.60.5
11 ENBridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
89804 ENCameron DiazHorn, Geoffrey M.4.60.5
7705 ENCase of the Halloween Ghost, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
10915 ENCase of the Swirling Killer Tornado, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
13933 ENCellar in the Woods, TheStem, Jacqueline4.64.0
107039 ENCharlie Bone and the Hidden KingNimmo, Jenny4.610.0
79373 ENCharlie's RavenGeorge, Jean Craighead4.66.0
310 ENClass ClownHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
19361 ENClaudia and the Mystery at the MuseumMartin, Ann M.4.64.0
28512 ENClose to a KillerQualey, Marsha4.66.0
17764 ENCourtyard CatAdler, C.S.4.65.0
53561 ENDarkening SkiesJenkins/LaHaye4.64.0
54966 ENDeadly Hunter, TheWatson, Jude4.63.0
75117 ENDeadly OfferCooney, Caroline B.4.65.0
14898 ENDean DuffyPowell, Randy4.66.0
6911 ENDeath WalkMorey, Walt4.69.0
7197 ENDinah for PresidentMills, Claudia4.63.0
562 ENDr. Dredd's Wagon of WondersBrittain, Bill4.64.0
10893 ENDriver's EdCooney, Caroline B.4.67.0
18763 ENEarthquake: San Francisco, 1906Duey/Bale4.64.0
13756 ENEarthquake TerrorKehret, Peg4.64.0
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
65766 ENEnrique Iglesias (Young Profiles)Wheeler, Jill C.4.60.5
75118 ENEvil ReturnsCooney, Caroline B.4.65.0
5362 ENFlip CityHermann, Spring4.68.0
51132 ENFreshwater Fishing (The Great Outdoors)Hopkins, Ellen4.60.5
87845 ENFries Alive!Baldacci, David4.64.0
10778 ENGhost in the Big Brass Bed, TheCoville, Bruce4.66.0
17774 ENGreat Eye, TheShalant, Phyllis4.64.0
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
7972 ENHaunted Tunnel, TheStem, Jacqueline4.63.0
11469 ENHeads or Tails: Stories from the Sixth GradeGantos, Jack4.66.0
28081 ENHolesSachar, Louis4.67.0
13993 ENHorseback RidingStewart, Gail B.4.60.5
5760 ENHostages of HateDixon, Franklin W.4.64.0
29379 ENI'm Not Who You Think I AmKehret, Peg4.64.0
229 ENIn the Year...Boar and Jackie RobinsonLord, Bette Bao4.64.0
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.66.0
36369 ENInvisible MePascal/Suzanne4.64.0
58026 ENIsland Book One: ShipwreckKorman, Gordon4.63.0
5071 ENIsland on Bird Street, TheOrlev, Uri4.67.0
6926 ENJourney of the SparrowsBuss, Fran Leeper4.67.0
369 ENJourney to Jo'burgNaidoo, Beverley4.62.0
17777 ENJourney to NowhereAuch, Mary Jane4.67.0
84286 ENKathleen's StoryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.67.0
17781 ENLily's CrossingGiff, Patricia Reilly4.65.0
743 ENLisa Bright and DarkNeufeld, John4.65.0
11476 ENLlama in the Family, AHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
15089 ENLook for Me by MoonlightHahn, Mary Downing4.67.0
17782 ENLosers, Inc.Mills, Claudia4.65.0
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John R.4.63.0
7778 ENMandie and the Secret TunnelLeppard, Lois Gladys4.64.0
7779 ENMandie and the Shipboard MysteryLeppard, Lois Gladys4.66.0
7782 ENMandie and the Trunk's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys4.64.0
19370 ENMary Anne and the Zoo MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.65.0
57 ENMiddle Moffat, TheEstes, Eleanor4.66.0
8974 ENMonster at Loch NessBerke, Sally4.61.0
84954 ENMorgan Horse, TheMaass, Sarah4.60.5
34970 ENMountain Bike ManiaChristopher, Matt4.64.0
62979 ENMy Perfect LifeSheldon, Dyan4.67.0
8988 ENMystery of Dreams, TheGreen, Carl4.61.0
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
118496 ENNovember BluesDraper, Sharon M.4.611.0
67 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
18781 ENOne Hundredth Thing about Caroline, TheLowry, Lois4.64.0
5079 ENOut From This PlaceHansen, Joyce4.65.0
25218 ENPrime-Time PitcherChristopher, Matt4.63.0
100508 ENRebel AngelsBray, Libba4.619.0
383 ENReturn of the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.65.0
24687 ENRichard Nixon (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul4.60.5
101765 ENSacrifice, TheDuble, Kathleen Benner4.65.0
28507 ENSammy Keyes and the Hotel ThiefDraanen, Wendelin Van4.66.0
105933 ENSea of Monsters, TheRiordan, Rick4.69.0
5758 ENSee No EvilDixon, Franklin W.4.65.0
27954 ENShoebag ReturnsJames, Mary4.64.0
18834 ENSix Months to LiveMcDaniel, Lurlene4.64.0
62195 ENSoup's DrumPeck, Robert Newton4.63.0
17790 ENSpotting the LeopardMyers, Anna4.65.0
88510 ENStar Cloak, TheRodda, Emily4.62.0
63096 ENStarting with AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.65.0
642 ENSwitcharoundLowry, Lois4.63.0
20139 ENTalking to DragonsWrede, Patricia C.4.610.0
583 ENTallahassee HigginsHahn, Mary Downing4.66.0
8937 ENTerror at the ZooKehret, Peg4.65.0
587 ENThis Island Isn't Big Enough...of Us!Greer, Gery4.64.0
46298 ENTruth About Rats, Rules, & Seventh Grade, TheZinnen, Linda4.63.0
27960 ENTwilight in Grace FallsHoneycutt, Natalie4.66.0
7026 ENVandemark Mummy, TheVoigt, Cynthia4.68.0
71967 ENVenus and Serena Williams (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patricia4.60.5
41488 ENVisiting Miss CaplesKimmel, Elizabeth Cody4.65.0
13740 ENVoice on the Radio, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.66.0
596 ENWait Till Helen ComesHahn, Mary Downing4.65.0
6017 ENWaterman's Boy (Trouble at Marsh Harbor)Sharpe, Susan4.64.0
7029 ENWeirdo, TheTaylor, Theodore4.68.0
597 ENWest Against the WindMurrow, Liza Ketchum4.68.0
598 ENWhisper GoodbyeMorrison, Dorothy4.66.0
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
6949 ENWonderVail, Rachel4.64.0
399 ENWords by HeartSebestyen, Ouida4.66.0
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
661 EN18th Emergency, TheByars, Betsy4.74.0
89801 ENAdam SandlerHorn, Geoffrey M.4.70.5
11452 ENAway to Me, MossLevin, Betty4.77.0
60644 ENBad Girls in LoveVoigt, Cynthia4.77.0
69273 ENBattle of Jericho, TheDraper, Sharon M.4.710.0
154 ENBear Called Paddington, ABond, Michael4.74.0
8508 ENBest GirlSmith, Doris Buchanan4.74.0
17757 ENBeyond the Western Sea: Lord Kirkle's MoneyAvi4.716.0
17758 ENBeyond the Western Sea: The Escape from HomeAvi4.713.0
17760 ENBlue LightningRussell, Barbara Timberlake4.74.0
558 ENBoy Who Reversed Himself, TheSleator, William4.77.0
58215 ENBoys Return, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
27823 ENBrett Favre (Awesome Athletes)Wheeler, Jill C.4.70.5
34624 ENCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
35816 ENCaptain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor PoopypantsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
108880 ENCaptain Underpants and the Preposterous...Potty PeoplePilkey, Dav4.71.0
932 ENCharlie Bone and the Time TwisterNimmo, Jenny4.79.0
8958 ENCreatures of MysteryFortman, Jan4.71.0
8755 ENCruiseEichhorn, Dennis4.71.0
28730 ENCure, TheLevitin, Sonia4.79.0
44353 ENDachshund, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.71.0
57187 ENDangerous Plan, AJenkins/LaHaye4.74.0
10111 ENDavid and JonathanVoigt, Cynthia4.78.0
19362 ENDawn and the Surfer GhostMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
5751 ENDead on TargetDixon, Franklin W.4.74.0
68571 ENDeath at the GalaJenkins/LaHaye4.74.0
11713 ENEar, the Eye, and the Arm, TheFarmer, Nancy4.712.0
5755 ENEdge of DestructionDixon, Franklin W.4.74.0
70853 ENEscaping the Giant WaveKehret, Peg4.74.0
53562 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard4.74.0
6916 ENFamilyCooper, J.4.76.0
54512 ENFootball NightmareChristopher/Hirschfeld4.73.0
14814 ENForged by FireDraper, Sharon M.4.75.0
364 ENFriedrichRichter, Hans Peter4.75.0
2114 ENFrightful's MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.78.0
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E....Konigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckWalsh, Jill Paton4.74.0
5759 ENGenius Thieves, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.75.0
20074 ENGhost Wore Gray, TheCoville, Bruce4.75.0
5069 ENGirl Who Owned a City, TheNelson, O.T.4.77.0
8969 ENGreat GhostsCohen, Daniel4.71.0
56490 ENHalloween Tree, TheBradbury, Ray4.74.0
27949 ENHeavenJohnson, Angela4.73.0
34 ENHenry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.73.0
72301 ENHilary Duff (Young Profiles)Wheeler, Jill C.4.70.5
767 ENI Know What You Did Last SummerDuncan, Lois4.77.0
48332 ENInline SkaterChristopher/Hirschfeld4.73.0
6924 ENInvitation to the GameHughes, Monica4.76.0
46 ENIt's Like This, CatNeville, Emily4.75.0
6038 ENJackHomes, A.M.4.79.0
55201 ENKickoff to DangerDixon, Franklin W.4.74.0
17779 ENKid Who Ran for President, TheGutman, Dan4.73.0
19375 ENKristy and the Middle School VandalMartin, Ann M.4.74.0
7735 ENLet Sleeping Dogs LieErickson, John R.4.73.0
30611 ENLetter to Mrs. Roosevelt, ADeYoung, C. Coco4.73.0
89885 ENLightning Thief, TheRiordan, Rick4.713.0
34971 ENLong-Arm QuarterbackChristopher, Matt4.73.0
78143 ENLost and FoundSchraff, Anne4.74.0
7769 ENMandie and the Foreign SpiesLeppard, Lois Gladys4.75.0
7772 ENMandie and the Holiday SurpriseLeppard, Lois Gladys4.76.0
5075 ENManiac MageeSpinelli, Jerry4.75.0
5945 ENMany WatersL'Engle, Madeleine4.710.0
18775 ENMarie: Summer in the CountryGreene, Jacqueline D.4.72.0
60681 ENMercedes and the Chocolate Pilot...Dropped from the SkyRaven, Margot Theis4.70.5
36031 ENMoonlight Man, TheWright, Betty Ren4.75.0
18776 ENMore Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkSchwartz, Alvin4.71.0
574 ENMy DanielConrad, Pam4.75.0
8972 ENMysterious Mind PowersGreen, Carl4.71.0
108713 ENNew Moon: A NovelMeyer, Stephenie4.720.0
18825 ENNo Time to CryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.74.0
331 ENNutty Can't MissHughes, Dean4.74.0
71432 ENOlive's OceanHenkes, Kevin4.74.0
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
381 ENOutsiders, TheHinton, S.E.4.77.0
68681 ENPatiently AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.77.0
88005 ENPenderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters...Interesting Boy, TheBirdsall, Jeanne4.78.0
112308 ENPrincess on the BrinkCabot, Meg4.77.0
17788 ENPromise Me the MoonBarnes, Joyce Annette4.76.0
106822 ENQuillan Games, TheMacHale, D.J.4.722.0
87381 ENRaina's StoryMcDaniel, Lurlene4.76.0
28475 ENReturn of Santa Paws, TheEdwards, Nicholas4.75.0
11437 ENReturn of the Home Run KidChristopher, Matt4.74.0
15382 ENRottweiler, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.70.5
22373 ENRowan of RinRodda, Emily4.75.0
5082 ENRoyal Pain, AConford, Ellen4.75.0
81202 ENSea of Trolls, TheFarmer, Nancy4.716.0
42579 ENSearch for SennaApplegate, K.A.4.76.0
79 ENSecret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.75.0
82164 ENShadowgateRodda, Emily4.76.0
15383 ENShetland Pony, TheStewart, Gail B.4.70.5
5085 ENShoebagJames, Mary4.74.0
10928 ENSlot MachineLynch, Chris4.78.0
387 ENSo Far from the Bamboo GroveWatkins, Y. Kawashima4.76.0
27933 ENSoaring EagleFinley, Mary Peace4.75.0
18792 ENStormy, Misty's FoalHenry, Marguerite4.76.0
58530 ENStranger Next Door, TheKehret, Peg4.75.0
9838 ENSurfingGutman, Bill4.70.5
70401 ENTale of Despereaux, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.75.0
584 ENTaming the Star RunnerHinton, S.E.4.76.0
83176 ENTeacher's Funeral: A Comedy in Three Parts, ThePeck, Richard4.76.0
393 ENTexHinton, S.E.4.77.0
10597 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.70.5
17794 ENTime CatAlexander, Lloyd4.75.0
31156 ENTraitor Among the Boys, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
102400 ENVampire Kisses 2: Kissing CoffinsSchreiber, Ellen4.75.0
595 ENVillage by the Sea, TheFox, Paula4.74.0
51156 ENVipers (Snakes)George, Linda4.70.5
395 ENWater SkyGeorge, Jean Craighead4.77.0
102515 ENWater Sprites, TheRodda, Emily4.72.0
9996 ENWhatever Happened to Janie?Cooney, Caroline B.4.77.0
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDeJong, Meindert4.710.0
65774 ENWindsurfing (X-Treme Sports)Hedlund, Stephanie F.4.70.5
6448 ENWitches, TheDahl, Roald4.75.0
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
11500 ENYear the Wolves Came, TheRice, Bebe Faas4.73.0
27927 ENYear with Butch and Spike, AGauthier, Gail4.77.0
17751 ENAlice in LaceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
24951 ENAll the Days of Her LifeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
69053 ENAmong the BaronsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.86.0
29501 ENAmong the HiddenHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.85.0
4 ENAnd Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.88.0
5056 ENBasement Baseball Club, TheKelly, Jeffrey4.86.0
27816 ENBenjamin Franklin (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.80.5
5058 ENBFG, TheDahl, Roald4.86.0
106281 ENBlack DuckLisle, Janet Taylor4.88.0
78141 ENBlood Is ThickerLangan, Paul4.84.0
65764 ENBMX Biking (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
44351 ENBoxer, TheWilcox, Charlotte4.81.0
44065 ENBoy of a Thousand Faces, TheSelznick, Brian4.80.5
19863 ENBoyfriend Game, ThePascal/Suzanne4.85.0
70101 ENCapture, TheLasky, Kathryn4.87.0
7704 ENCase of the Car-Barkaholic Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
10656 ENCase of the Double Bumblebee Sting, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
69073 ENCase of the Shipwrecked Tree, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
10761 ENChange the LocksFrench, Simon4.84.0
20 ENCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.85.0
101314 ENCheer Basics: Rules to Cheer ByJones, Jen4.80.5
19371 ENClaudia and the Recipe for DangerMartin, Ann M.4.84.0
5756 ENCrowning Terror, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.84.0
7752 ENDanger on Thunder MountainRoddy, Lee4.88.0
54964 ENDangerous Rescue, TheWatson, Jude4.84.0
48136 ENDarkness Before DawnDraper, Sharon M.4.88.0
7753 ENDesperate Search, TheRoddy, Lee4.87.0
5008 ENDoll in the Garden, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.84.0
58253 ENDon't Tell AnyoneKehret, Peg4.84.0
87560 ENDread LocksShusterman, Neal4.86.0
4810 ENEarthquakes (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari4.80.5
18764 ENEvie Peach: St. Louis, 1857Duey, Kathleen4.84.0
5268 ENFace on the Milk Carton, TheCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
111259 ENFire Stard'Lacey, Chris4.812.0
53684 ENFlippedVan Draanen, Wendelin4.88.0
115892 ENFootball Genius: A NovelGreen, Tim4.87.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
11965 ENGown of Spanish Lace, AOke, Janette4.810.0
264 ENGreat Ideas of Lila Fenwick, TheMcMullan, Kate4.84.0
71754 ENGregor the OverlanderCollins, Suzanne4.88.0
6421 ENHank the Cowdog and Monkey BusinessErickson, John R.4.83.0
611 ENHarry's MadKing-Smith, Dick4.83.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
8767 ENHot CarsKropp, Paul4.81.0
18769 ENHouse at Pooh Corner, TheMilne, A.A.4.84.0
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
4807 ENHurricanes (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari4.80.5
666 ENIda Early Comes Over the MountainBurch, Robert4.84.0
18770 ENIn the Language of LoonsKinsey-Warnock, Natalie4.83.0
47853 ENInside the IllusionApplegate, K.A.4.85.0
17776 ENIron Ring, TheAlexander, Lloyd4.810.0
58028 ENIsland Book Two: SurvivalKorman, Gordon4.84.0
6222 ENIt's a Dog's LifeErickson, John R.4.83.0
27948 ENJack's Black BookGantos, Jack4.86.0
102231 ENJack's RunSmith, Roland4.87.0
232 ENJames and the Giant PeachDahl, Roald4.84.0
24683 ENJames Madison (U.S. Presidents)Welsbacher, Anne4.80.5
89805 ENJamie FoxxHorn, Geoffrey M.4.81.0
5072 ENJosie Gambit, TheShura, Mary Francis4.84.0
772 ENKilling Mr. GriffinDuncan, Lois4.88.0
915 ENLegend of Motley Mansion, TheCannon, David4.83.0
40969 ENLike Gold RefinedOke, Janette4.810.0
6930 ENMachine Gunners, TheWestall, Robert4.87.0
8973 ENMagic and MagiciansBurgess, Michael4.81.0
7775 ENMandie and the Midnight JourneyLeppard, Lois Gladys4.85.0
71831 ENMark of the Beast, TheJenkins/LaHaye4.84.0
19363 ENMary Anne and the Library MysteryMartin, Ann M.4.84.0
30708 ENMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Young Profiles)Britton, Tamara L.4.80.5
5974 ENMe TwoRyan, Mary4.86.0
71965 ENMia Hamm (Discover the Life of a Sports Star)Armentrout, David/Patricia4.80.5
930 ENMidnight For Charlie BoneNimmo, Jenny4.810.0
5077 ENMy Name Is Not AngelicaO'Dell, Scott4.84.0
11483 ENMy Teacher Fried My BrainsCoville, Bruce4.84.0
8980 ENMystery in Peru The Lines of NazcaMcMullen, David4.81.0
42231 ENNicolae HighJenkins/LaHaye4.83.0
5279 ENNightWiesel, Elie4.84.0
14967 ENNight the Heads Came, TheSleator, William4.85.0
28505 ENNine Man TreePeck, Robert Newton4.84.0
35651 ENNissa's PlaceLaFaye, A.4.89.0
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
7789 ENOverland Escape, TheRoddy, Lee4.87.0
15377 ENPalomino Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.4.80.5
5635 ENPassword to Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
6624 ENPennywhistle Tree, TheSmith, Doris Buchanan4.84.0
44963 ENPilgrims at Plymouth, ThePenner, Lucille Recht4.81.0
577 ENPrincess AshleyPeck, Richard4.87.0
107041 ENQueen of Babble: A NovelCabot, Meg4.812.0
4786 ENRemarkable Rain Forest, TheWoods, Mae4.80.5
384 ENReturn to Bitter CreekSmith, Doris4.86.0
68142 ENRodzinaCushman, Karen4.86.0
62973 ENRose for Melinda, AMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
14531 ENRunning Out of TimeHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.87.0
62567 ENRuntBauer, Marion Dane4.83.0
6627 ENSea Star Orphan of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite4.84.0
5084 ENSecret City, U.S.A.Holman, Felice4.88.0
77495 ENSecret Hour, TheWesterfeld, Scott4.810.0
1996 ENSecret of Little Creek Farm, TheStem, Jacqueline4.83.0
5921 ENSecret, Silent ScreamsNixon, Joan Lowery4.86.0
8995 ENSeeing the UnseenGreen, Carl4.81.0
86105 ENShackleton's StowawayMcKernan, Victoria4.812.0
13758 ENShiloh SeasonNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
57764 ENShoeless Joe & Black BetsyBildner, Phil4.80.5
65772 ENSkateboarding (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
52617 ENSkeleton ManBruchac, Joseph4.83.0
11490 ENSpace Station Seventh GradeSpinelli, Jerry4.88.0
17791 ENStar-Spangled SummerCooper, Ilene4.84.0
86 ENStrawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.86.0
390 ENStreams to the River, River to the SeaO'Dell, Scott4.87.0
392 ENSummer of the MonkeysRawls, Wilson4.813.0
78565 ENSupernaturalist, TheColfer, Eoin4.89.0
63446 ENThief Lord, TheFunke/Latsch4.813.0
18840 ENTime to Let GoMcDaniel, Lurlene4.85.0
18797 ENTitanic: April 14, 1912Duey/Bale4.84.0
88793 ENTofu and T. rexSmith, Greg Leitich4.84.0
6444 ENToughboy & SisterHill, Kirkpatrick4.83.0
24595 ENTrouble's Daughter: Story of Susanna Hutchinson, Indian CaptiveKirkpatrick, Katherine4.88.0
14146 ENTucket's RidePaulsen, Gary4.83.0
7166 ENTwinkie Squad, TheKorman, Gordon4.87.0
73016 ENTwisters and Other Terrible Storms...Twister on TuesdayOsborne, Will/Mary4.81.0
89806 ENUsherHorn, Geoffrey M.4.81.0
109483 ENVampire Kisses 3: VampirevilleSchreiber, Ellen4.85.0
4811 ENVolcanoes (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari4.81.0
42986 ENWhat Janie FoundCooney, Caroline B.4.86.0
44728 ENWhite Fox Chronicles: Escape, Return, Breakout, ThePaulsen, Gary4.86.0
77887 ENWitch WeedNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.86.0
27926 ENWolf ShadowsCasanova, Mary4.83.0
18800 ENZoe RisingConrad, Pam4.83.0
24909 ENAchingly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
29468 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn (Great Illustrated Classics), TheTwain/Laiken4.93.0
5052 ENAlice in Rapture, Sort ofNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
31183 ENAlice on the OutsideNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
59349 ENAmong the BetrayedHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
50379 ENAmong the ImpostorsHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.95.0
44545 ENAngel of HopeMcDaniel, Lurlene4.96.0
32674 ENAngel of MercyMcDaniel, Lurlene4.96.0
10552 ENArabian Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.90.5
5257 ENAre You in the House Alone?Peck, Richard4.96.0
6 ENBambiSalten, Felix4.96.0
554 ENBehind the Attic WallCassedy, Sylvia4.99.0
8954 ENBigfoot: Man, Monster, or Myth?Carmichael, Carrie4.91.0
115815 ENBlack Sheep, TheCollins, Yvonne4.912.0
17759 ENBlack Stallion's Steeplechaser, TheFarley, Steven4.95.0
47843 ENBrave the BetrayalApplegate, K.A.4.96.0
51122 ENCamping (The Great Outdoors)Keller, Kristin Thoennes4.91.0
72761 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 2...Robo-BoogersPilkey, Dav4.91.0
934 ENCharlie Bone and the Castle of MirrorsNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
933 ENCharlie Bone and the Invisible BoyNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
86639 ENChasing the FalconersKorman, Gordon4.94.0
101319 ENCheer Tryouts: Tips for Making the CutJones, Jen4.90.5
115985 ENCover-Up: Mystery at the Super BowlFeinstein, John4.910.0
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
734 ENCrucible, TheMiller, Arthur4.95.0
84012 ENCryptid HuntersSmith, Roland4.911.0
7709 ENCurse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob, TheErickson, John R.4.93.0
5410 ENDead Man in Indian Creek, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.94.0
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
51125 ENDeer Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.90.5
8960 ENDisappearancesFuchs, Carol4.91.0
466 ENDon't Call Me Toad!Shura, Mary Francis4.93.0
59351 ENDouble DutchDraper, Sharon M.4.97.0
7006 ENDownriverHobbs, Will4.98.0
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
51128 ENDuck Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Frahm, Randy4.91.0
102415 ENExtraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp, TheYancey, Richard4.910.0
6917 ENFast Talk on a Slow TrackWilliams-Garcia, Rita4.98.0
6815 ENFour-Headed Dragon, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
20073 ENGhost in the Third Row, TheCoville, Bruce4.94.0
64035 ENGirls Take Over, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
44708 ENGoodbye, Amanda the GoodShreve, Susan4.94.0
5983 ENGrapes of Wrath, TheSteinbeck, John4.925.0
42820 ENGrooming of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.97.0
27819 ENHenry Ford (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.90.5
57590 ENHouse of SportsRusso, Marisabina4.910.0
80960 ENHouse on the Gulf, TheHaddix, Margaret Peterson4.98.0
58027 ENIsland Book Three: EscapeKorman, Gordon4.94.0
11471 ENJerichoHickman, Janet4.94.0
45124 ENJoey Pigza Loses ControlGantos, Jack4.97.0
29525 ENJoey Pigza Swallowed the KeyGantos, Jack4.95.0
8768 ENJordanEichhorn, Dennis4.91.0
105494 ENJust ListenDessen, Sarah4.915.0
18553 ENKeeping Room, TheMyers, Anna4.95.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
66731 ENLost City of Faar, TheMacHale, D.J.4.917.0
11478 ENMagnificent Mummy Maker, TheWoodruff, Elvira4.94.0
7767 ENMandie and the Fiery RescueLeppard, Lois Gladys4.96.0
113425 ENMeet David Ortiz: Baseball's Top SluggerSmithwick, John4.90.5
17974 ENMeet Me at MidnightPascal/William4.97.0
77348 ENMessengerLowry, Lois4.95.0
483 ENMidnight Fox, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
6933 ENMonument, ThePaulsen, Gary4.93.0
28593 ENMultiple ChoiceTashjian, Janet4.95.0
46468 ENMummies and Pyramids...Companion to Mummies in the MorningOsborne, Will/Mary4.91.0
8780 ENMurphyEichhorn, Dennis4.91.0
15376 ENMustangs and Wild HorsesStewart, Gail B.4.90.5
127 ENMy Brother Sam is DeadCollier, James4.97.0
11484 ENMy Teacher Glows in the DarkCoville, Bruce4.94.0
8925 ENMystery of the Moaning Cave, TheArden, William4.95.0
5634 ENNancy's Mysterious LetterKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
27941 ENNight JourneysAvi4.94.0
73837 ENNothin' but NetChristopher/Mantell4.94.0
100020 ENNow You See Them, Now You Don'tKorman, Gordon4.94.0
7017 ENOn the Devil's CourtDeuker, Carl4.99.0
80066 ENPeople of Sparks, TheDuPrau, Jeanne4.911.0
57674 ENPheasant Hunting (The Great Outdoors)Martin, Michael4.90.5
17787 ENPhoebe's FollyKarr, Kathleen4.95.0
6339 ENPrincess in the Pigpen, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.94.0
17200 ENR for RevengePascal/William4.97.0
43769 ENR U 4 Real?Brown/Peacock4.94.0
5283 ENRansomDuncan, Lois4.97.0
82252 ENRed KayakCummings, Priscilla4.98.0
59059 ENReturn to DelRodda, Emily4.94.0
73789 ENRiver Between Us, ThePeck, Richard4.95.0
48079 ENSammy Keyes and the Hollywood MummyDraanen, Wendelin Van4.99.0
385 ENSarah BishopO'Dell, Scott4.97.0
17789 ENSaving ShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
116008 ENSchooledKorman, Gordon4.96.0
14144 ENSearch for the ShadowmanNixon, Joan Lowery4.94.0
27606 ENSecond ChanceJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
5290 ENSeven Days to a Brand-New MeConford, Ellen4.94.0
67031 ENShadowlandCabot, Meg4.99.0
81 ENShadrachDeJong, Meindert4.95.0
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth George4.95.0
244 ENSing Down the MoonO'Dell, Scott4.94.0
580 ENSingularitySleator, William4.97.0
11226 ENSkateboarding StreetstyleShoemaker, Joel4.90.5
18790 ENSkull IslandSims, Lesley4.94.0
109120 ENSnakesHoff, Mary4.90.5
42796 ENSpy Among the Girls, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
87 ENSummer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
78553 ENSweet Miss Honeywell's Revenge: A Ghost StoryReiss, Kathryn4.916.0
28076 ENTales from the HomeplaceBurandt/Dale4.94.0
27817 ENThomas Edison (Inventors)Joseph, Paul4.90.5
27605 ENThrough the FlamesJenkins/LaHaye4.94.0
48151 ENTo Live AgainMcDaniel, Lurlene4.94.0
8143 ENToo Long a StrangerOke, Janette4.911.0
591 ENTrouble RiverByars, Betsy4.93.0
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
248 ENTucker's CountrysideSelden, George4.95.0
592 ENTurn Homeward, HannaleeBeatty, Patricia4.97.0
101659 ENTwilightMeyer, Stephenie4.918.0
6947 ENUnfinished Portrait Of JessicaPeck, Richard4.95.0
10299 ENWalk Two MoonsCreech, Sharon4.99.0
8997 ENWhatever Happened to Amelia Earhart?Blau, Melinda4.91.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
18847 ENWild MagicPierce, Tamora4.99.0
71314 ENWitch's Eye, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
65082 ENWitch's SisterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
27820 ENWright Brothers (Inventors), TheJoseph, Paul4.90.5
74604 EN13: Thirteen Stories...Agony and Ecstasy of Being ThirteenHowe, James5.09.0
353 ENAfternoon of the ElvesLisle, Janet Taylor5.04.0
11575 ENAlice In-BetweenNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
6601 ENAll but AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
54675 ENArtemis FowlColfer, Eoin5.09.0
59973 ENArtemis Fowl: The Arctic IncidentColfer, Eoin5.09.0
68990 ENArtemis Fowl: The Eternity CodeColfer, Eoin5.010.0
8952 ENAtlantis The Missing ContinentMcMullen, David5.01.0
30707 ENBackstreet Boys (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.00.5
14401 ENBallad of the Pirate Queens, TheYolen, Jane5.00.5
5057 ENBearstoneHobbs, Will5.06.0
27946 ENBeing YoungestHeynen, Jim5.010.0
18757 ENBlizzard: Estes Park, Colorado, 1886Duey/Bale5.04.0
4812 ENBlizzards (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari5.01.0
6906 ENBorning Room, TheFleischman, Paul5.03.0
12369 ENBoys Against GirlsNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
71826 ENBreakout! Believers in DangerJenkins/LaHaye5.04.0
8554 ENBriar RoseYolen, Jane5.08.0
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.010.0
29554 ENBud, Not BuddyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
17762 ENChasing RedbirdCreech, Sharon5.07.0
52521 ENChristina Aguilera (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.00.5
69274 ENCity of Ember, TheDuPrau, Jeanne5.09.0
19366 ENClaudia and the Clue in the PhotographMartin, Ann M.5.05.0
754 ENDancing CarlPaulsen, Gary5.03.0
5757 ENDeathgameDixon, Franklin W.5.04.0
11209 ENDemolition DerbySavage, Jeff5.00.5
561 ENDesdemona-Twelve Going on DesperateKeller, Beverly5.05.0
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
7005 ENDon't Look and It Won't HurtPeck, Richard5.06.0
101056 ENDouble IdentityHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.08.0
115597 ENFight GameWild, Kate5.09.0
18765 ENFire: Chicago, 1871Duey/Bale5.04.0
20800 ENFires of Merlin, TheBarron, T.A.5.09.0
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
101038 ENFlushHiaasen, Carl5.09.0
59064 ENForests of Silence, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
8964 ENFortune TellingGreen, Carl5.01.0
34238 ENFriends and EnemiesGaeddert, LouAnn5.06.0
44063 ENGathering BlueLowry, Lois5.07.0
50151 ENGirl in BlueRinaldi, Ann5.09.0
7138 ENGrand Escape, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.04.0
46172 ENHangman's CursePeretti, Frank E.5.08.0
27814 ENHanson (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.00.5
5906 ENHoudini Box, TheSelznick, Brian5.00.5
43 ENHurry Home, CandyDeJong, Meindert5.07.0
72302 ENIchiro Suzuki (Awesome Athletes)Dougherty, Terri5.00.5
65768 ENIn-Line Skating (X-Treme Sports)Van Cleaf, Kristin5.00.5
233 ENJar of Dreams, AUchida, Yoshiko5.04.0
48 ENJourney From Peppermint StreetDeJong, Meindert5.08.0
73767 ENJuliet Dove, Queen of LoveCoville, Bruce5.07.0
11473 ENKeeping SecretsNixon, Joan Lowery5.06.0
106865 ENKidnapped Book Two: The SearchKorman, Gordon5.04.0
19365 ENKristy and the VampiresMartin, Ann M.5.04.0
54637 ENLand, TheTaylor, Mildred D.5.018.0
123 ENLittle Prince, ThedeSaint-Exupery, Antoine5.02.0
27940 ENLong Way from Chicago, APeck, Richard5.05.0
744 ENLord of the FliesGolding, William5.09.0
8137 ENLove's Unfolding DreamOke, Janette5.010.0
8776 ENMagicMorgan, Michael5.01.0
72373 ENMary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (Young Profiles)Russell, Bailey J.5.00.5
5429 ENMatildaDahl, Roald5.06.0
59067 ENMaze of the Beast, TheRodda, Emily5.04.0
27951 ENMaze, TheDavid, Peter5.04.0
570 ENMegan's IslandRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
66636 ENMerchant of Death, TheMacHale, D.J.5.018.0
113633 ENMotocross TricksLevy, Janey5.00.5
11481 ENMr. TucketPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
376 ENMurder for Her Majesty, AHilgartner, Beth5.08.0
6934 ENMy Darling, My HamburgerZindel, Paul5.04.0
11482 ENMy Teacher Flunked the PlanetCoville, Bruce5.05.0
8983 ENNefertiti The Mystery QueenHolmes, Burnham5.01.0
67029 ENNinth KeyCabot, Meg5.08.0
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
8989 ENOut-of-Body ExperiencesGreen, Carl5.01.0
16933 ENOutrageously AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
909 ENParadise Called Texas, AShefelman, Janice Jordan5.04.0
114836 ENPeakSmith, Roland5.09.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
19860 ENPumpkin FeverPascal/Suzanne5.05.0
683 ENRacso and the Rats of NIMHConly, Jane Leslie5.08.0
8992 ENRecalling Past LivesGreen, Carl5.01.0
17835 ENRed Scarf GirlJiang, Ji-li5.08.0
6626 ENReluctantly AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.06.0
67030 ENReunionCabot, Meg5.08.0
5287 ENRunner, TheVoigt, Cynthia5.09.0
27931 ENSarah with an HIrwin, Hadley5.05.0
6680 ENScared StiffRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
188 ENSearch for Grissi, TheShura, Mary Francis5.04.0
7793 ENSecret of the Howling Cave, TheRoddy, Lee5.08.0
8985 ENSecrets of Tut's Tomb and the PyramidsReiff, Stephanie5.01.0
101561 ENSkybreakerOppel, Kenneth5.016.0
78419 ENSo B. ItWeeks, Sarah5.06.0
114610 ENSong of the SparrowSandell, Lisa Ann5.06.0
57921 ENSquare Root of Murder, TheZindel, Paul5.04.0
18793 ENSwarm, TheWhitman, John5.03.0
6944 ENTell Me How The Wind SoundsGuccione, Leslie5.07.0
7795 ENTerror in the SkyRoddy, Lee5.08.0
5338 ENTiltawhirl JohnPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
36366 ENToo PopularPascal/Suzanne5.04.0
6946 ENTrouble with Lemons, TheHayes, Daniel5.08.0
247 ENTuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5.04.0
17848 ENUnlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman, ThePlummer, Louise5.06.0
935 ENVampire Plagues ; London, 1850Rook, Sebastian5.08.0
27607 ENVanishings, TheJenkins/LaHaye5.04.0
5297 ENWeaselDeFelice, Cynthia5.04.0
20145 ENWeetzie BatBlock, Francesca Lia5.02.0
59074 ENWho Ran My Underwear up the Flagpole?Spinelli, Jerry5.04.0
5098 ENWind in the Door, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.07.0
398 ENWinter Room, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
77287 ENWithout a Trace (Nancy Drew Girl Detective)Keene, Carolyn5.05.0
725 ENYearling, TheRawlings, Marjorie5.019.0
72296 ENAlex Rodriguez (Awesome Athletes)Christensen, Joe5.10.5
49815 ENAlice AloneNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.17.0
11451 ENAlice the BraveNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.15.0
78248 ENAmong the BraveHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.17.0
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James Ramsey5.111.0
8953 ENBermuda Triangle, TheCollins, Jim5.11.0
12999 ENBicyclingGutman, Bill5.11.0
11456 ENBirthday SurprisesHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
76137 ENBounty HuntersJenkins/LaHaye5.15.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
27827 ENCal Ripken, Jr. (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.10.5
11047 ENCaptive, TheHansen, Joyce5.16.0
7722 ENCase of the Fiddle-Playing Fox, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
7708 ENCase of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
59376 ENCavern of the FearRodda, Emily5.15.0
101315 ENCheer Essentials: Uniforms and EquipmentJones, Jen5.10.5
101316 ENCheer Skills: Beginning Tumbling and StuntingJones, Jen5.10.5
6457 ENChristmas With Ida EarlyBurch, Robert5.15.0
59046 ENCity of the RatsRodda, Emily5.14.0
6034 ENCloverSanders, Dori5.17.0
11560 ENComeback Challenge, TheChristopher, Matt5.14.0
45118 ENDancing in Cadillac LightHolt, Kimberly Willis5.16.0
67025 ENDarkest HourCabot, Meg5.110.0
560 ENDecember StillnessHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
109374 ENDemons of the OceanSomper, Justin5.110.0
4568 ENDirt Track Racing (Motorcycles)Youngblood, Ed5.10.5
73009 ENDolphins and Sharks...Companion to Dolphins at DaybreakOsborne/Boyce5.11.0
59047 ENDread MountainRodda, Emily5.14.0
24681 ENDwight D. Eisenhower (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul5.10.5
73764 ENEscape to MasadaJenkins/LaHaye5.14.0
63434 ENEverest Book One: The ContestKorman, Gordon5.14.0
57909 ENEvvy's Civil WarBrenaman, Miriam5.18.0
84005 ENFarming FearDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
75119 ENFatal BargainCooney, Caroline B.5.16.0
6046 ENFlight #116 Is DownCooney, Caroline B.5.17.0
6315 ENFollowing the Mystery ManHahn, Mary Downing5.16.0
70421 ENFreeze TagCooney, Caroline B.5.15.0
88919 ENFugitive Factor, TheKorman, Gordon5.14.0
32742 ENGetting Near to BabyCouloumbis, Audrey5.16.0
15809 ENGirl Named Disaster, AFarmer, Nancy5.114.0
17773 ENGo West, Young Women!Karr, Kathleen5.16.0
7758 ENGold Train Bandits, TheRoddy, Lee5.17.0
568 ENGray BoyArnosky, Jim5.12.0
365 ENHalfback ToughDygard, Thomas J.5.17.0
104774 ENHard HitTurner, Ann5.11.0
114458 ENHarlem SummerMyers, Walter Dean5.15.0
67359 ENHaunted: A Tale of the MediatorCabot, Meg5.18.0
81273 ENHeat Wave: Surviving the Fourth Bowl JudgmentJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.15.0
418 ENHenry and the ClubhouseCleary, Beverly5.14.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
118 ENHomesick-My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
61393 ENHouse of the Scorpion, TheFarmer, Nancy5.115.0
70811 ENHow to Draw Mexico's Sights and SymbolsMis, Melody S.5.11.0
7731 ENHurray for Ali Baba BernsteinHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
44711 ENIt's Not Easy Being BadVoigt, Cynthia5.17.0
106864 ENKidnapped Book One: The AbductionKorman, Gordon5.14.0
111920 ENKilling Sea, TheLewis, Richard5.17.0
7010 ENKiss the DustLaird, Elizabeth5.110.0
57573 ENKnights and Castles: A Nonfiction Companion...The Knight at DawnOsborne, Will/Mary5.11.0
27813 ENLeonardo Dicaprio (Young Profiles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.10.5
27924 ENListening for LeroyHearne, Betsy5.18.0
8131 ENLove Finds a HomeOke, Janette5.19.0
7777 ENMandie and the Mysterious FishermanLeppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
7781 ENMandie and the Singing ChaletLeppard, Lois Gladys5.16.0
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter5.11.0
374 ENMoonlight Man, TheFox, Paula5.16.0
6688 ENMossflowerJacques, Brian5.117.0
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHO'Brien, Robert5.18.0
71829 ENMurder in the Holy PlaceJenkins/LaHaye5.14.0
21751 ENMystery of the Green Ghost, TheArthur, Robert5.16.0
47854 ENMystify the MagicianApplegate, K.A.5.16.0
17786 ENOregon, Sweet OregonKarr, Kathleen5.16.0
81281 ENPerils of Love: Breaking Through the Darkness, TheJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.15.0
15378 ENPinto Horse, TheStewart, Gail B.5.10.5
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
79470 ENPoison EvidenceDahl, Michael5.10.5
10584 ENQuarter Horse, TheStewart, Gail5.10.5
34705 ENRaptorZindel, Paul5.15.0
82207 ENRoad to War: Facing the Guillotine, TheJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.15.0
8274 ENRoller SkatingKulper, Eileen5.11.0
8140 ENRoses for MamaOke, Janette5.19.0
58913 ENRowan and the ZebakRodda, Emily5.16.0
105312 ENShadow Thieves, TheUrsu, Anne5.112.0
290 ENShadowmaker, TheHansen, Ron5.11.0
43475 ENSnail Mail No MoreDanziger/Martin5.17.0
44561 ENSo Much to Live ForMcDaniel, Lurlene5.14.0
8141 ENSpring's Gentle PromiseOke, Janette5.110.0
582 ENStinker From SpaceService, Pamela F.5.12.0
18796 ENTerrible, Wonderful Tellin' at Hog Hammock, TheSiegelson, Kim5.12.0
20140 ENThese Are the RulesMany, Paul5.15.0
6015 ENTime Tree, TheRichemont, Enid5.12.0
61528 ENTitanic: A Nonfiction Companion to "Tonight on the Titanic"Osborne, Will/Mary5.11.0
4808 ENTornadoes (Nature's Fury)Meister, Cari5.11.0
51151 ENU.S. Air Force at War, TheSievert, Terri5.10.5
111897 ENValentine Princess: A Princess Diaries BookCabot, Meg5.12.0
59071 ENValley of the Lost, TheRodda, Emily5.14.0
61279 ENWanigan: A Life on the River, TheWhelan, Gloria5.12.0
73776 ENWar of the DragonJenkins/LaHaye5.14.0
65080 ENWitch Herself, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.16.0
18850 ENWolf-SpeakerPierce, Tamora5.110.0
5300 ENZiaO'Dell, Scott5.15.0
8951 ENAbominable Snowman, TheAntonopulos, Barbara5.21.0
54090 ENAenirNix, Garth5.26.0
5255 ENAnd One For AllNelson, Theresa5.26.0
18752 ENArrow over the Door, TheBruchac, Joseph5.22.0
76136 ENAttack on PetraJenkins/LaHaye5.25.0
68573 ENBeast Arises, TheJenkins/LaHaye5.24.0
51838 ENBernie Magruder & the Case of the Big StinkNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.23.0
210 ENBlack Cauldron, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
8510 ENBlack GoldHenry, Marguerite5.25.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
105650 ENBlue NoonWesterfeld, Scott5.213.0
17761 ENBoy and His Bear, AGraham, Harriet5.27.0
11457 ENBoy of the Painted CaveDenzel, Justin5.25.0
27810 ENBrandy (Young Profiles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.20.5
71681 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 1...Nostril NuggetsPilkey, Dav5.21.0
75404 ENCause of DeathRollins/Dahl5.20.5
559 ENCharley SkedaddleBeatty, Patricia5.27.0
101317 ENCheer Spirit: Revving up the CrowdJones, Jen5.20.5
80700 ENChief Sunrise, John McGraw, and MeTocher, Timothy5.26.0
20103 ENCommon EnemySumner, M.C.5.27.0
11459 ENCopper Canyon ConspiracyKeene, Carolyn5.26.0
104029 ENCopper SunDraper, Sharon M.5.211.0
14298 ENDanger ZoneKlass, David5.29.0
20107 ENDead EndSumner, M.C.5.28.0
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
360 ENDogsongPaulsen, Gary5.25.0
14763 ENEyes of a StrangerHeisel, Sharon E.5.26.0
736 ENFahrenheit 451Bradbury, Ray5.27.0
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
7757 ENFlaming Trap, TheRoddy, Lee5.28.0
18766 ENFlood: Mississippi, 1927Duey/Bale5.24.0
8967 ENGhosts and PoltergeistsMeier, Gisela5.21.0
567 ENGood-Bye, My Wishing StarGrove, Vicki5.24.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.27.0
11467 ENGuestsDorris, Michael5.23.0
14139 ENGypsy Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.28.0
9808 ENHarley-Davidson Motorcycles (Motorcycles)Young, Jesse5.20.5
61464 ENHootHiaasen, Carl5.29.0
109456 ENHow to Be PopularCabot, Meg5.29.0
5270 ENI Am the CheeseCormier, Robert5.27.0
101384 ENIf I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where's My Prince?Kantor, Melissa5.210.0
10917 ENIn the Land of the Big Red AppleMacBride, Roger Lea5.28.0
84314 ENIsle of the DeadRodda, Emily5.26.0
24685 ENJimmy Carter (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul5.20.5
9818 ENKarateGutman, Bill5.20.5
109862 ENKidnapped Book Three: The RescueKorman, Gordon5.24.0
7761 ENKiller Bear, TheHutchens, Paul5.23.0
27815 ENLeAnn Rimes (Young Profiles)Britton, Tamara L.5.20.5
5276 ENMan in the Woods, TheWells, Rosemary5.28.0
7773 ENMandie and the Jumping JuniperLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
7783 ENMandie and the Washington NightmareLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
7784 ENMandie and the Windmill's MessageLeppard, Lois Gladys5.26.0
8138 ENMeasure of a Heart, TheOke, Janette5.29.0
745 ENMiracle Worker, TheGibson, William5.24.0
54853 ENMisfits, TheHowe, James5.27.0
5671 ENMissing Chums, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
61 ENMoffats, TheEstes, Eleanor5.26.0
375 ENMore Adventures of the Great BrainFitzgerald, John D.5.26.0
86781 ENMotocross MadnessDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
113443 ENMotocross SuperstarsLevy, Janey5.20.5
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
2097 ENNight Stalkers (U.S. Army Operations Command)Weiser, Andrea5.20.5
65 ENOld Mother West WindBurgess, Thornton5.23.0
58685 ENOld Town in the Green GrovesRylant, Cynthia5.24.0
81277 ENOminous Choices:The Race for LifeJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.25.0
14774 ENOut of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.27.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
10791 ENPollyannaPorter, Eleanor H.5.28.0
27811 ENPrince William (Young Profiles)Britton, Tamara L.5.20.5
104045 ENPublic EnemiesKorman, Gordon5.24.0
6938 ENRachel ChanceThesman, Jean5.27.0
72 ENRamona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.23.0
135 ENRing of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.211.0
12296 ENRinged Planet: Saturn, TheAsimov, Isaac5.20.5
5080 ENRoot Cellar, TheLunn, Janet5.210.0
109471 ENSalem Witch Tryouts, TheMcClymer, Kelly5.29.0
2099 ENSEAL Teams (U.S. Navy Special Forces)Burgan, Michael5.20.5
53464 ENSecret Knowledge of Grown-Ups: The Second File, TheWisniewski, David5.21.0
78525 ENSecret Language of Girls, TheDowell, Frances O'Roark5.25.0
5641 ENSecret of Mirror Bay, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
80 ENShadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.25.0
59070 ENShifting Sands, TheRodda, Emily5.24.0
5647 ENSign of the Twisted Candles, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
59216 ENSimply AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.27.0
7024 ENSniperTaylor, Theodore5.28.0
139 ENSnowbird, TheCalvert, Patricia5.27.0
34973 ENSoccer ScoopChristopher, Matt5.23.0
27660 ENSoul Harvest: The World Takes SidesLaHaye/Jenkins5.215.0
62194 ENSoup on FirePeck, Robert Newton5.23.0
17378 ENSports Great Brett FavreSavage, Jeff5.22.0
11234 ENSports Great Troy AikmanMacnow, Glen5.21.0
140 ENString in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.217.0
391 ENSummer of My German SoldierGreene, Bette5.29.0
32211 ENSummer SoldiersLindquist, Susan Hart5.26.0
7794 ENSwamp Robber, TheHutchens, Paul5.25.0
5089 ENTalking Earth, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
80686 ENTeen IdolCabot, Meg5.29.0
692 ENThirteen Ways to Sink a SubGilson, Jamie5.24.0
115152 ENTide of TerrorSomper, Justin5.214.0
44569 ENToo Young to DieMcDaniel, Lurlene5.25.0
589 ENToothpickEthridge, Kenneth E.5.24.0
9839 ENTop 10 Baseball PitchersSullivan, Michael J.5.21.0
590 ENTouch the MoonBauer, Marion Dane5.22.0
86285 ENTouching DarknessWesterfeld, Scott5.211.0
7039 ENTreasure Bird, TheGriffin, Peni5.25.0
78879 ENTruth About Forever, TheDessen, Sarah5.216.0
86097 ENUgliesWesterfeld, Scott5.213.0
64515 ENUndercurrentsRoberts, Willo Davis5.28.0
72310 ENVenus & Serena Williams (Awesome Athletes)Pyle, Lydia5.20.5
6745 ENVolcano: The Eruption and Healing of Mount St. HelensLauber, Patricia5.21.0
18799 ENWest to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino ViscardiMurphy, Jim5.26.0
36392 ENWhat You Don't KnowPascal/Suzanne5.24.0
750 ENWhen the Legends DieBorland, Hal5.213.0
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera5.26.0
6045 ENWhite Peak FarmDoherty, Berlie5.24.0
600 ENWilderness PerilDygard, Thomas J.5.26.0
54089 ENAbove the VeilNix, Garth5.37.0
201 ENAgony of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.35.0
4574 ENAir Rescue TeamsGreen, Michael5.30.5
36258 ENAll the AnswersLeMieux, Anne C.5.36.0
87624 ENAmong the EnemyHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.37.0
109333 ENArtemis Fowl: The Lost ColonyColfer, Eoin5.313.0
17754 ENAs Long as There Are MountainsKinsey-Warnock, Natalie5.36.0
206 ENBaby-sitting is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
553 ENBeggar Queen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.39.0
556 ENBlair's NightmareSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
10 ENBorrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.35.0
14752 ENBoth Sides of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.37.0
70461 ENBrown Recluse Spiders (The Library of Spiders)Miller, Jake5.30.5
46421 ENBull Riding (Rodeo)Sherman, Josepha5.30.5
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
17975 ENCamp KillerPascal/William5.36.0
7706 ENCase of the Hooking Bull, TheErickson, John R.5.33.0
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
17763 ENChild of the WolvesHall, Elizabeth5.35.0
5064 ENChildren of Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.36.0
7106 ENCold Sassy TreeBurns, Olive5.322.0
5615 ENCrooked Banister, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
72922 ENDale Earnhardt Jr.: Tragedy and TriumphGigliotti, Jim5.30.5
61977 ENDale Earnhardt: The Likable IntimidatorBarber, Phil5.30.5
11460 ENDanger Down UnderKeene, Carolyn5.37.0
80688 ENDark Pond, TheBruchac, Joseph5.34.0
84163 ENDave Mirra: BMX ChampionMahaney, Ian F.5.30.5
11463 ENDear LeviWoodruff, Elvira5.33.0
59119 ENDeath on the AmazonZindel, Paul5.34.0
27953 ENDinah ForeverMills, Claudia5.35.0
5360 ENDirt Bike RunawayChristopher, Matt5.35.0
71239 ENDive Book Three: The DangerKorman, Gordon5.34.0
70139 ENDivide, TheKay, Elizabeth5.311.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
70914 ENEarth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things, TheMackler, Carolyn5.38.0
27829 ENEmmitt Smith (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.30.5
17813 ENFar NorthHobbs, Will5.39.0
8763 ENFoxEichhorn, Dennis5.31.0
18768 ENGirl with the Silver Eyes, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.37.0
5982 ENGlass Menagerie, TheWilliams, Tennessee5.33.0
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
14468 ENHeart's BloodYolen, Jane5.39.0
106285 ENHeatLupica, Mike5.39.0
104775 ENHunting the HunterKorman, Gordon5.34.0
117629 ENI Am Not Joey PigzaGantos, Jack5.38.0
79913 ENIda B...and Her Plans to Maximize Fun...Save the WorldHannigan, Katherine5.35.0
75125 ENIsle of Illusion, TheRodda, Emily5.35.0
7974 ENJohnny TexasHoff, Carol5.34.0
5073 ENJourney Home, TheUchida, Yoshiko5.34.0
13389 ENJudoGutman, Bill5.30.5
53427 ENLady of Ch'iao Kuo: Warrior of the SouthYep, Laurence5.38.0
8268 ENLandsailingHays, Scott5.31.0
25227 ENLittle Clearing in the WoodsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
18729 ENLittle Town at the CrossroadsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
8136 ENLove's Unending LegacyOke, Janette5.311.0
113428 ENMeet Peyton Manning: Football's Top QuarterbackSmithwick, John5.30.5
10131 ENMeet the AustinsL'Engle, Madeleine5.38.0
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
5278 ENMouse Rap, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.35.0
572 ENMrs. MikeFreedman, Benedict5.316.0
6820 ENMummy Case, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
573 ENMummy, the Will, and the Crypt, TheBellairs, John5.36.0
5626 ENMystery at Lilac Inn, TheKeene, Carolyn5.36.0
7787 ENMystery of the Phantom GoldRoddy, Lee5.38.0
7788 ENMystery Thief, TheHutchens, Paul5.35.0
19945 ENNeptune (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.5.30.5
18734 ENNew Dawn on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea5.39.0
6675 ENNight the Whole Class Slept Over, ThePevsner, Stella5.35.0
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
116832 ENPaint the WindRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
106249 ENParty PrincessCabot, Meg5.39.0
18827 ENPrisoner of TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.36.0
7019 ENQuest for a MaidHendry, Frances5.313.0
5035 ENRabble StarkeyLowry, Lois5.37.0
81704 ENRise of False Messiahs: Carpathia's Evil Tricks, TheJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.35.0
9832 ENRoller HockeyGutman, Bill5.30.5
5041 ENRunaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.34.0
5643 ENSecret of Shadow Ranch, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6028 ENShades of GrayReeder, Carolyn5.36.0
75127 ENShadowlands, TheRodda, Emily5.35.0
5294 ENShark Beneath the ReefGeorge, Jean Craighead5.37.0
85 ENSnow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.35.0
388 ENSolitary Blue, AVoigt, Cynthia5.311.0
5087 ENSons From AfarVoigt, Cynthia5.313.0
84 ENSounderArmstrong, William5.33.0
102146 ENStowaway Solution, TheKorman, Gordon5.34.0
8987 ENStrange Stories of LifeLawless, Joann5.31.0
13994 ENSumo WrestlingGutman, Bill5.30.5
11238 ENTae Kwon DoGutman, Bill5.30.5
17795 ENTreasures in the DustPorter, Tracey5.34.0
29693 ENTribulation ForceLaHaye/Jenkins5.316.0
5093 ENTrue Confessions of Charlotte DoyleAvi5.38.0
27958 ENUnder a Different SkySavage, Deborah5.311.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
396 ENWestmarkAlexander, Lloyd5.36.0
20147 ENWhere Are the ChildrenClark, Mary Higgins5.38.0
5097 ENWild Children, TheHolman, Felice5.36.0
8149 ENWinter Is Not ForeverOke, Janette5.39.0
30512 ENApollyonLaHaye/Jenkins5.414.0
68568 ENArmageddonLaHaye/Jenkins5.414.0
51839 ENBernie Magruder & the Disappearing BodiesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
17956 ENBeware the WolfmanPascal/William5.47.0
104 ENBlack Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
10556 ENBlack Stallion and Satan, TheFarley, Walter5.47.0
54094 ENBlisterShreve, Susan5.44.0
47662 ENCastaways of the Flying DutchmanJacques, Brian5.412.0
78186 ENChasing VermeerBalliett, Blue5.46.0
5260 ENChocolate War, TheCormier, Robert5.48.0
17766 ENDanger Along the OhioWillis, Patricia5.46.0
82887 ENDetective LaRue: Letters from the InvestigationTeague, Mark5.40.5
24645 ENDirt Bikes (Ultimate Motorcycles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.40.5
109807 ENDo Not Pass GoHill, Kirkpatrick5.46.0
48325 ENDown the YukonHobbs, Will5.47.0
24641 ENDrag Racing (Fast Tracks)McKenna, A.T.5.40.5
83013 ENDragon's NestRodda, Emily5.45.0
108173 ENElements and the Periodic TableSlade, Suzanne5.40.5
5752 ENEvil, Inc.Dixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
27608 ENFacing the FutureJenkins/LaHaye5.44.0
610 ENFamily Apart, ANixon, Joan Lowery5.47.0
11464 ENFear Place, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.45.0
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
20680 ENHealing of Texas Jake, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.43.0
65274 ENHit and RunDelaney, Mark5.49.0
5667 ENHouse on the Cliff, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
41 ENHundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.47.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
40487 ENIndwelling: The Beast Takes Possession, TheLaHaye/Jenkins5.413.0
24640 ENIndy Car Racing (Fast Tracks)McKenna, A.T.5.41.0
20118 ENInhuman FurySumner, M.C.5.46.0
71683 ENInkheartFunke, Cornelia5.423.0
45 ENIsland of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
7975 ENJohnny Texas on the San Antonio RoadHoff, Carol5.45.0
18772 ENJuliet: Midsummer at GreenchapelKirwan/Marshall5.42.0
27962 ENKid from Tomkinsville, TheTunis, John R.5.48.0
27923 ENKing of Dragons, TheFenner, Carol5.47.0
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
17972 ENKiss Before Dying, APascal/William5.46.0
11217 ENKung FuGutman, Bill5.40.5
59066 ENLake of Tears, TheRodda, Emily5.44.0
121 ENLassie Come HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
47128 ENLegacy of LiesChandler, Elizabeth5.46.0
742 ENLilies of the FieldBarrett, William5.43.0
29331 ENLittle House by Boston BayWiley, Melissa5.45.0
18728 ENLittle House in BrookfieldWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
11723 ENLochZindel, Paul5.46.0
12245 ENLooking at...StegosaurusAmery, Heather5.40.5
622 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C.S.5.46.0
7780 ENMandie and the Silent CatacombsLeppard, Lois Gladys5.46.0
45068 ENMark, TheLaHaye/Jenkins5.413.0
55 ENMaster Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.47.0
20121 ENMatthew UnstrungSeago, Kate5.47.0
7786 ENMystery Cave, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
8982 ENMythical BeastsMarx, Doug5.41.0
377 ENNight CryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.46.0
57139 ENNight of the BatZindel, Paul5.43.0
40636 ENOn the Banks of the BayouMacBride, Roger Lea5.46.0
42443 ENOn Top of Concord HillWilkes, Maria D.5.47.0
8139 ENOnce Upon a SummerOke, Janette5.410.0
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
542 ENOx-Bow Incident, TheClark, Walter5.412.0
75433 ENPirates!Rees, Celia5.414.0
43473 ENRatsZindel, Paul5.46.0
7021 ENRed CapWisler, G. Clifton5.46.0
7022 ENRemarkable Journey of Prince Jen, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.49.0
60666 ENRemnant: On the Brink of Armageddon, TheLaHaye/Jenkins5.414.0
6940 ENRyan White: My Own StoryWhite/Cunningham5.411.0
7086 ENSackett Brand, TheL'Amour, Louis5.47.0
5645 ENSecret of the Old Clock, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5289 ENSend No BlessingsNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.49.0
27922 ENSentriesPaulsen, Gary5.45.0
44292 ENSilent to the BoneKonigsburg, E.L.5.47.0
5648 ENSpider Sapphire Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
6796 ENStrange Message in the Parchment, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
27929 ENSunburned Prayer, ATalbert, Marc5.44.0
27833 ENTara Lipinski (Awesome Athletes)Wheeler, Jill5.40.5
18794 ENTarantula in My Purse and 172 Other Wild Pets, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.43.0
9841 ENTop 10 Basketball LegendsRappoport, Ken5.41.0
5694 ENTower Treasure, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.46.0
82209 ENTriumphant Return: The New JerusalemJenkins/LaHaye/Fabry5.45.0
5296 ENWalk in Wolf Woods, AStewart, Mary5.46.0
27957 ENWalks in BeautyKrantz, Hazel5.46.0
39857 ENWestward Ho! The Story of the PioneersPenner, Lucille Recht5.41.0
67232 ENWhere I'd Like to BeDowell, Frances O'Roark5.46.0
8798 ENWhitneyEichhorn, Dennis5.41.0
27812 ENWill Smith (Young Profiles)Joseph, Paul5.40.5
8148 ENWinds of Autumn, TheOke, Janette5.410.0
7800 ENWinter Rescue, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
27831 ENAnfernee Hardaway (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
29695 ENAssassinsLaHaye/Jenkins5.515.0
114776 ENBefore Midnight: A Retelling of "Cinderella"Dokey, Cameron5.57.0
25297 ENBrian's ReturnPaulsen, Gary5.54.0
14136 ENCall Me Francis TucketPaulsen, Gary5.53.0
30529 ENCall of the Wild (Great Illustrated Classics), TheLondon/Yamamoto5.52.0
6033 ENCanyonsPaulsen, Gary5.55.0
10657 ENCase of the Midnight Rustler, TheErickson, John R.5.53.0
912 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.50.5
358 ENChild of the OwlYep, Laurence5.510.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
86349 ENConfessions of a Closet CatholicLittman, Sarah5.57.0
101361 ENCriss CrossPerkins, Lynne Rae5.57.0
69278 ENDive Book One: The DiscoveryKorman, Gordon5.54.0
24952 ENDragons in the WatersL'Engle, Madeleine5.513.0
7007 ENEducation of Little Tree, TheCarter, Forrest5.511.0
5266 ENEscape From WarsawSerraillier, Ian5.56.0
49872 ENFive Little PigsChristie, Agatha5.59.0
5331 ENFreak the Mighty/The MightyPhilbrick, Rodman5.55.0
5419 ENGhost in the Window, AWright, Betty Ren5.55.0
104998 ENGolden: A Retelling of "Rapunzel"Dokey, Cameron5.57.0
27822 ENGrant Hill (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
470 ENGreen Book, ThePaton-Walsh, Jill5.52.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
5620 ENHidden Staircase, TheKeene, Carolyn5.56.0
40 ENHouse of the Sixty Fathers, TheDeJong, Meindert5.56.0
54097 ENInto BattleNix, Garth5.56.0
27830 ENKen Griffey, Jr. (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
9821 ENKickboxingSipe, Daniel5.50.5
8971 ENKiller BeesBlau, Melinda5.51.0
5754 ENLazarus Plot, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
27656 ENLeft BehindLaHaye/Jenkins5.517.0
39852 ENLiberty Tree: The Beginning of the American Revolution, ThePenner, Lucille Recht5.51.0
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
12247 ENLooking at...Tyrannosaurus rexAmery, Heather5.50.5
43407 ENLord BrocktreeJacques, Brian5.516.0
8132 ENLove Takes WingOke, Janette5.510.0
480 ENMagic of the Glits, TheAdler, C.S.5.53.0
10784 ENMartin the WarriorJacques, Brian5.514.0
59706 ENMississippi Trial, 1955Crowe, Chris5.59.0
10133 ENMoon by Night, TheL'Engle, Madeleine5.511.0
44821 ENMy Secret War: The World War II Diary of Madeline BeckOsborne, Mary Pope5.54.0
8981 ENMystery of Stonehenge, TheLyon, Nancy5.51.0
540 ENNational VelvetBagnold, Enid5.511.0
109864 ENNotes from the Midnight DriverSonnenblick, Jordan5.57.0
29308 ENOdder than EverCoville, Bruce5.57.0
7790 ENPalm Tree Manhunt, TheHutchens, Paul5.54.0
86753 ENPrincess in TrainingCabot, Meg5.58.0
41248 ENPromises to the DeadHahn, Mary Downing5.58.0
7023 ENRiver, ThePaulsen, Gary5.54.0
45708 ENSandry's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
19946 ENSaturn (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.5.50.5
32180 ENSecret Knowledge of Grown-Ups, TheWisniewski, David5.50.5
5686 ENSecret of the Old Mill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
5293 ENShadow Club, TheShusterman, Neal5.57.0
546 ENShaneSchaefer, Jack5.57.0
27826 ENShaquille O'Neal (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
10251 ENSilent Storm, TheGarland, Sherry5.59.0
85878 ENSister of the South, TheRodda, Emily5.56.0
6941 ENSquashedBauer, Joan5.58.0
8793 ENStalloneEichhorn, Dennis5.51.0
11491 ENSteal Away HomeRuby, Lois5.57.0
60652 ENSurviving the ApplewhitesTolan, Stephanie S.5.57.0
109320 ENSweet Sixteen Princess: A Princess Diaries BookCabot, Meg5.52.0
106296 ENTenth City, TheCarman, Patrick5.57.0
8990 ENTerror in the Tropics The Army AntsLisker, Tom5.51.0
586 ENThird Eye, TheDuncan, Lois5.59.0
6844 ENTrack of the ZombieDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
11494 ENTrespassers, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.57.0
45717 ENTris's BookPierce, Tamora5.59.0
198 ENTrouble with Tuck, TheTaylor, Theodore5.54.0
27825 ENTroy Aikman (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.50.5
4576 ENU.S. Army Special OperationsGreen, Michael5.50.5
47863 ENUnderstand the UnknownApplegate, K.A.5.55.0
394 ENUpon the Head of the GoatSiegal, Aranka5.510.0
63085 ENWeek in the Woods, AClements, Andrew5.57.0
8144 ENWhen Breaks the DawnOke, Janette5.510.0
8147 ENWhen Hope Springs NewOke, Janette5.59.0
65081 ENWitch WaterNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.56.0
17799 ENWorst Noel, TheCooper, Ilene5.54.0
5253 ENAcorn People, TheJones, Ron5.62.0
6401 ENAfter Fifth Grade, the World!Mills, Claudia5.64.0
106210 ENAmong the FreeHaddix, Margaret Peterson5.67.0
58249 ENAquamarineHoffman, Alice5.61.0
36528 ENAsk the BonesOlson/Schwartz5.64.0
205 ENBabe, The Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
82276 ENBack to the DivideKay, Elizabeth5.613.0
49773 ENBernie Magruder & the Haunted HotelNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.64.0
6905 ENBewitching of Alison Allbright, TheDavidson, Alan5.67.0
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
5601 ENBungalow Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
11458 ENCat RunningSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.67.0
17960 ENDeath ThreatPascal/William5.67.0
69834 ENDive Book Two: The DeepKorman, Gordon5.64.0
110905 ENDragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, TheSteer, Dugald A.5.67.0
54162 ENEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber BillowsDenenberg, Barry5.63.0
74404 ENEragonPaolini, Christopher5.625.0
7756 ENEscape from the Island of AquariusPeretti, Frank5.66.0
6918 ENFastest Friend in the West, TheGrove, Vicki5.66.0
7065 ENGallowayL'Amour, Louis5.67.0
473 ENHenry Reed's Think TankRobertson, Keith5.67.0
8970 ENIf UFOs Are RealKoss, Larry5.61.0
77013 ENIgraine the BraveFunke, Cornelia5.67.0
6923 ENIn Lane Three, Alex ArcherDuder, Tessa5.69.0
100861 ENInkspellFunke, Cornelia5.629.0
7008 ENInterstellar PigSleator, William5.68.0
6925 ENJackarooVoigt, Cynthia5.614.0
16924 ENJean and JohnnyCleary, Beverly5.68.0
27945 ENJournal of William Thomas Emerson, TheDenenberg, Barry5.64.0
619 ENLast Battle, TheLewis, C.S.5.67.0
371 ENLottery Rose, TheHunt, Irene5.67.0
8133 ENLove's Abiding JoyOke, Janette5.610.0
44019 ENMaking Tough Decisions: Working Through Hard ChoicesWandberg Ph.D., Robert5.61.0
6931 ENMan from the Other Side, TheOrlev, Uri5.68.0
7764 ENMandie and the Angel's SecretLeppard, Lois Gladys5.67.0
27828 ENMichael Jordan (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.60.5
4575 ENMilitary PoliceGreen, Michael5.60.5
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard5.63.0
15332 ENMud RacingSavage, Jeff5.61.0
18778 ENMy Life in Dog YearsPaulsen, Gary5.63.0
5281 ENNo Promises in the WindHunt, Irene5.68.0
43740 ENNzingha: Warrior Queen of MatambaMcKissack, Patricia C.5.63.0
7016 ENOn Fortune's WheelVoigt, Cynthia5.615.0
46288 ENOn Tide Mill LaneWiley, Melissa5.66.0
380 ENOrdinary JackCresswell, Helen5.68.0
6936 ENPigman & Me, TheZindel, Paul5.65.0
903 ENPigman, TheZindel, Paul5.65.0
133 ENQueenie PeavyBurch, Robert5.65.0
134 ENRamona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.63.0
27937 ENReaching DustinGrove, Vicki5.67.0
8984 ENReal GhostsCohen, Daniel5.62.0
104967 ENRevenge of the Shadow King, TheBenz, Derek5.615.0
6039 ENRice Without RainHo, Minfong5.68.0
18786 ENRonia, The Robber's DaughterLindgren, Astrid5.67.0
77 ENSaucepan JourneyUnnerstad, Edith5.68.0
7792 ENSecret Hideout, TheHutchens, Paul5.64.0
45694 ENSee the Stars Your First Guide to the Night SkyCroswell, Ken5.61.0
5690 ENShore Road Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
8278 ENSkateboardingGould, Marilyn5.61.0
8792 ENSpringsteenEichhorn, Dennis5.61.0
30508 ENSummer of FearDuncan, Lois5.69.0
8142 ENThey Called Her Mrs. DocOke, Janette5.610.0
720 ENTo Kill a MockingbirdLee, Harper5.615.0
593 ENTwenty-Five Cent Miracle, TheNelson, Theresa5.67.0
51154 ENU.S. Navy at War, TheAbramovitz, Melissa5.60.5
11499 ENWolfling, TheNorth, Sterling5.67.0
6950 ENWoodsongPaulsen, Gary5.65.0
5299 ENZ for ZachariahO'Brien, Robert5.69.0
5254 ENAll Together NowBridgers, Sue Ellen5.710.0
151 ENAlong Came a DogDeJong, Meindert5.75.0
87709 ENArtemis Fowl: The Opal DeceptionColfer, Eoin5.712.0
356 ENBeetles, Lightly ToastedNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.75.0
8956 ENCase of the Ancient Astronauts, TheGallagher, I.J.5.71.0
54095 ENCastleNix, Garth5.76.0
27961 ENCold RiverJudson, William5.78.0
5808 ENCynthia Ann Parker, Indian CaptiveGonzalez, Catherine5.73.0
45702 ENDaja's BookPierce, Tamora5.78.0
5010 ENFacts and Fiction of Minna PrattMacLachlan, Patricia5.74.0
54117 ENFatalityCooney, Caroline B.5.77.0
14461 ENFifth of March, TheRinaldi, Ann5.710.0
27938 ENFinnBacon, Katharine Jay5.77.0
58056 ENFor All TimeCooney, Caroline B.5.78.0
59208 ENFrom the Two Rivers: Part One of The Eye of the WorldJordan, Robert5.723.0
57290 ENGeorge W. Bush (The War on Terrorism)Wheeler, Jill C.5.71.0
5068 ENGhosts I Have BeenPeck, Richard5.79.0
8568 ENGiver, TheLowry, Lois5.77.0
5332 ENHarris and MePaulsen, Gary5.75.0
367 ENHatchetPaulsen, Gary5.77.0
5273 ENIsland, ThePaulsen, Gary5.78.0
120 ENJacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.78.0
58031 ENJournal of C. J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant, TheDurbin, William5.75.0
55208 ENJournal of Douglas Allen Deeds: The Donner Party Expedition, ThePhilbrick, Rodman5.74.0
27944 ENJournal of James Edmond Pease, TheMurphy, Jim5.76.0
234 ENJourney OutsideSteele, Mary Q.5.75.0
17778 ENJulie's Wolf PackGeorge, Jean Craighead5.76.0
19948 ENJupiter (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.5.70.5
48770 ENLaura Welch Bush: First LadyStone, Tanya Lee5.71.0
30337 ENLegend of Luke, TheJacques, Brian5.716.0
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred D.5.715.0
57919 ENLethal Gorilla, TheZindel, Paul5.75.0
65915 ENLife of PiMartel, Yann5.716.0
52 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.76.0
12234 ENLooking at...MegalosaurusColeman, Graham5.70.5
7762 ENLost Campers, TheHutchens, Paul5.75.0
8134 ENLove's Enduring PromiseOke, Janette5.79.0
8135 ENLove's Long JourneyOke, Janette5.79.0
7076 ENMan from Skibbereen, TheL'Amour, Louis5.710.0
7765 ENMandie and the Charleston PhantomLeppard, Lois Gladys5.75.0
62563 ENMy Life of CrimeJennings, Richard W.5.75.0
6935 ENNightmareRoberts, Willo Davis5.79.0
12182 ENOur Vast Home: The Milky Way and Other GalaxiesAsimov, Isaac5.70.5
102674 ENPrettiesWesterfeld, Scott5.713.0
634 ENPrince CaspianLewis, C.S.5.77.0
44873 ENPrincess Diaries, TheCabot, Meg5.79.0
51782 ENPrincess in the SpotlightCabot, Meg5.78.0
243 ENRoad From Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred D.5.710.0
72930 ENRusty Wallace: Short Track to SuccessPeterson, Brian C.5.70.5
5083 ENSacred Moon Tree, TheShore, Laura5.711.0
6342 ENSavage SamGipson, Fred5.78.0
5642 ENSecret of Red Gate Farm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.75.0
639 ENSilver Chair, TheLewis, C.S.5.78.0
20135 ENSoldier's HeartPaulsen, Gary5.72.0
46856 ENSoldier XWulffson, Don L.5.77.0
17381 ENSports Great Emmitt SmithGrabowski, John5.71.0
12195 ENStargazer's Guide, AAsimov, Isaac5.70.5
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
27824 ENTiger Woods (Awesome Athletes)Joseph, Paul5.70.5
59220 ENTo the Blight: Part Two of The Eye of the WorldJordan, Robert5.726.0
9846 ENTop 10 Hockey ScorersKnapp, Ron5.71.0
7797 ENTrapped at the Bottom of the SeaPeretti, Frank5.76.0
93 ENVoyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.711.0
27965 ENWait for Me, Watch for Me, Eula BeeBeatty, Patricia5.79.0
20144 ENWar DogBooth, Martin5.75.0
7028 ENWe All Fall DownCormier, Robert5.710.0
11498 ENWeirdos of the Universe Unite!Service, Pamela F.5.76.0
5096 ENWest From HomeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.74.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.79.0
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
355 ENAnthony Burns...Fugitive SlaveHamilton, Virginia5.87.0
68134 ENBernie Magruder & the Bats in the BelfryNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.84.0
11706 ENCrossing, ThePaulsen, Gary5.83.0
23305 ENDial-a-GhostIbbotson, Eva5.86.0
18811 ENEmperor MagePierce, Tamora5.810.0
58225 ENEnemy at Green Knowe, AnBoston, L.M.5.86.0
36040 ENFar Side of the Loch, TheWiley, Melissa5.87.0
7063 ENFirst Fast Draw, TheL'Amour, Louis5.88.0
5012 ENFirst Four Years, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.84.0
738 ENFlowers For AlgernonKeyes, Daniel5.813.0
24643 ENFormula 1 Racing (Fast Tracks)McKenna, A.T.5.81.0
62760 ENGreat Ghost Rescue, TheIbbotson, Eva5.85.0
612 ENHorse and His Boy, TheLewis, C.S.5.88.0
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
11477 ENLucie Babbidge's HouseCassedy, Sylvia5.87.0
7768 ENMandie and the Forbidden AtticLeppard, Lois Gladys5.85.0
373 ENMoccasin TrailMcGraw, Eloise5.812.0
29694 ENNicolaeLaHaye/Jenkins5.816.0
58064 ENPrincess in LoveCabot, Meg5.88.0
73558 ENProject PrincessCabot, Meg5.82.0
917 ENPurloined EpistlesCannon, David5.82.0
51852 ENRacing the PastDeans, Sis5.86.0
6484 ENReturn to Howliday InnHowe, James5.83.0
51145 ENSelf-Acceptance: Building ConfidenceWandberg Ph.D., Robert5.81.0
24644 ENSport Bikes (Ultimate Motorcycles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.80.5
109866 ENStorm ThiefWooding, Chris5.813.0
11599 ENStotan!Crutcher, Chris5.89.0
24648 ENStreet Bikes (Ultimate Motorcycles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.80.5
7796 ENTombs of Anak, ThePeretti, Frank5.86.0
6634 ENTreasure of Green KnoweBoston, L.M.5.87.0
548 ENTree Grows in Brooklyn, ASmith, Betty5.823.0
55211 ENViolet Keystone, TheNix, Garth5.87.0
77861 ENVote for LarryTashjian, Janet5.87.0
59358 ENWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? Diary...McKenzie FlahertyWhite, Ellen Emerson5.86.0
17798 ENWish Me LuckHeneghan, James5.87.0
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
62974 ENAll-American GirlCabot, Meg5.911.0
6653 ENAnne of Windy PoplarsMontgomery, L.M.5.914.0
6904 ENBeing of Two MindsService, Pamela5.96.0
8955 ENBlind Guards of Easter Island, TheMeyer, Miriam5.91.0
63020 ENBlizzard's WakeNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.98.0
76894 ENBrian's HuntPaulsen, Gary5.93.0
11704 ENBrian's WinterPaulsen, Gary5.95.0
42800 ENBriar's BookPierce, Tamora5.99.0
17 ENCat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, E.5.92.0
24646 ENCustom Bikes (Ultimate Motorcycles)Pupeza, Lori Kinstad5.91.0
54957 ENDesecrationLaHaye/Jenkins5.914.0
7755 ENDoor in the Dragon's Throat, ThePeretti, Frank5.94.0
87321 ENDrowned WednesdayNix, Garth5.913.0
5265 ENEpisode of Sparrows, AnGodden, Rumer5.911.0
54104 ENFall, TheNix, Garth5.96.0
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
27963 ENHave Space Suit Will TravelHeinlein, Robert A.5.912.0
110101 ENHigher Power of Lucky, ThePatron, Susan5.95.0
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
68064 ENLand of the Buffalo Bones: The Diary of...Girl in MinnesotaBauer, Marion Dane5.97.0
20120 ENLost SoulSumner, M.C.5.97.0
16925 ENLuckiest Girl, TheCleary, Beverly5.910.0
7776 ENMandie and the Mysterious BellsLeppard, Lois Gladys5.96.0
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn5.94.0
70137 ENMister MondayNix, Garth5.912.0
60971 ENNavy Combat Aircraft and PilotsHolden, Henry M.5.91.0
103751 ENRattlesnakesLockwood, Sophie5.91.0
18829 ENRealms of the Gods, ThePierce, Tamora5.910.0
58241 ENRiver at Green Knowe, TheBoston, L.M.5.95.0
5292 ENSeventeenth SummerDaly, Maureen5.914.0
16926 ENSister of the BrideCleary, Beverly5.910.0
18791 ENSparrows in the SculleryWallace, Barbara Brooks5.97.0
36565 ENThrough My EyesBridges, Ruby5.92.0
6044 ENTiger in the WellPullman, Philip5.920.0
246 ENTombs of Atuan, TheLeGuin, Ursula K.5.97.0
9840 ENTop 10 Basketball CentersKnapp, Ron5.91.0
51153 ENU.S. Marine Corps at War, TheAbramovitz, Melissa5.90.5
92 ENUnderstood BetsyFisher, Dorothy5.98.0
8994 ENUnidentified Flying ObjectsCollins, Jim5.91.0
15098 ENView from Saturday, TheKonigsburg, E.L.5.97.0
649 ENVoyage of the Dawn Treader, TheLewis, C.S.5.99.0
17797 ENVulpes the Red FoxGeorge, Jean Craighead5.97.0
7027 ENWalkaboutMarshall, James5.94.0
8298 ENWaterskiing and KneeboardingWalker, Cheryl5.90.5
6030 ENAbductionNewth, Mette6.08.0
701 ENAll Quiet on the Western FrontRemarque, Erich6.010.0
6652 ENAnne of InglesideMontgomery, L.M.6.016.0
5929 ENAthletic ShortsCrutcher, Chris6.06.0
65577 ENBeauty Sleep: A Retelling of "Sleeping Beauty"Dokey, Cameron6.07.0
8652 ENBelovedMorrison, Toni6.015.0
5061 ENBrothers of the HeartBlos, Joan6.06.0
14 ENCaddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6.08.0
5062 ENCalico CaptiveSpeare, Elizabeth George6.09.0
8856 ENCards on the TableChristie, Agatha6.09.0
18 ENCenterburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6.05.0
214 ENCheaper By the DozenGilbreth, Ernestine Carey and Frank6.010.0
17765 ENCousins in the CastleWallace, Barbara Brooks6.07.0
44012 ENCreative Problem Solving: What's a Better Way?Wandberg Ph.D., Robert6.01.0
528 ENDandelion WineBradbury, Ray6.010.0
11461 ENDangerous Promise, ANixon, Joan Lowery6.07.0
44014 ENEthics: Doing the Right ThingWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.01.0
59760 ENFootprints at the WindowNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds6.07.0
5269 ENGift of Magic, ADuncan, Lois6.07.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
32024 ENGreen ThumbThomas, Rob6.07.0
76340 ENGrim TuesdayNix, Garth6.010.0
65168 ENHow Angel Peterson Got His NamePaulsen, Gary6.03.0
5271 ENI Heard the Owl Call My NameCraven, Margaret6.06.0
11470 ENInto the Land of the UnicornsCoville, Bruce6.05.0
17369 ENJeff GordonBrinster, Richard6.02.0
20119 ENKnots in My Yo-Yo String: The Autobiography of a KidSpinelli, Jerry6.05.0
124 ENLittle Princess, ABurnett, Frances6.011.0
8130 ENLove Comes SoftlyOke, Janette6.09.0
64750 ENMirror, Mirror on the Wall: The Diary of Bess BrennanDenenberg, Barry6.04.0
8975 ENMonsters, Strange Dreams and UFOsEmert, Phyllis6.03.0
516 ENMy Friend FlickaO'Hara, Mary6.015.0
8977 ENMysteries of the MindLawless, Joann6.01.0
89091 ENNew MoonSnyder, Midori6.018.0
13369 ENNez Perce (Native American people), TheHowes, Kathi6.01.0
8886 ENOne, Two, Buckle My ShoeChristie, Agatha6.08.0
18784 ENParzival: The Quest of the Grail KnightPaterson, Katherine6.03.0
18562 ENPluto (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.00.5
77562 ENPrincess in PinkCabot, Meg6.09.0
5288 ENSemester in the Life of a Garbage Bag, AKorman, Gordon6.010.0
82 ENSlave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6.06.0
9844 ENTop 10 Football ReceiversThornley, Stew6.01.0
19947 ENUranus (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.00.5
5094 ENVoyage of the Frog, ThePaulsen, Gary6.05.0
8999 ENWorld's Most Spine-Tingling "True" Ghost StoriesBarry, Sheila6.03.0
17355 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro HockeyItalia, Bob6.11.0
5054 ENAnd Condors DancedSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.19.0
13340 ENApaches (Native American people), TheMcCall, Barbara6.11.0
728 ENApril MorningFast, Howard6.19.0
111688 ENAtoms and Chemical ReactionsSlade, Suzanne6.10.5
7042 ENBoggart, TheCooper, Susan6.18.0
44009 ENChange: Making the Best of ItWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.11.0
26504 ENCrickets and Grasshoppers (Nature Close-Up)Pascoe, Elaine6.11.0
735 ENDaddy-Long-LegsWebster, Jean6.16.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
10835 ENDeath in the Family, AAgee, James6.116.0
5066 ENEverlasting Hills, TheHunt, Irene6.19.0
58908 ENFalcon and the Charles Street WitchGray, Luli6.15.0
737 ENFellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.129.0
84294 ENGodzillaWoog, Adam6.11.0
918 ENGoodbye, Mrs. ClapsaddleCannon, David6.12.0
37 ENHigh King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.111.0
12235 ENLooking at...MuttaburrasaurusGreen, Tamara6.10.5
54 ENMary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.16.0
571 ENMermaid Summer, TheHunter, Mollie6.15.0
6825 ENNight of the WerewolfDixon, Franklin W.6.16.0
24639 ENOff Road Racing (Fast Tracks)McKenna, A.T.6.11.0
6826 ENOutlaw's Silver, TheDixon, Franklin W.6.16.0
68066 ENPrincess in WaitingCabot, Meg6.18.0
5284 ENRed Pony, TheSteinbeck, John6.16.0
61985 ENRichard Petty: "The King"Teitelbaum, Michael6.10.5
75 ENRifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.114.0
13375 ENSeminole (Native American People), TheBrooks, Barbara6.11.0
27832 ENSheryl Swoopes (Awesome Athletes)Sehnert, Chris6.10.5
59131 ENSight, TheClement-Davies, David6.123.0
10594 ENSon of the Black StallionFarley, Walter6.111.0
106651 ENSpecialsWesterfeld, Scott6.112.0
35644 ENSpider SparrowKing-Smith, Dick6.15.0
6942 ENStranger With My FaceDuncan, Lois6.19.0
89 ENTom's Midnight GardenPearce, A. Philippa6.19.0
5092 ENTree of FreedomCaudill, Rebecca6.110.0
18564 ENVenus (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.10.5
24638 ENVintage Car Racing (Fast Tracks)McKenna, A.T.6.11.0
8145 ENWhen Calls the HeartOke, Janette6.111.0
30565 ENWhite Fang (Great Illustrated Classics)London/Vogel6.13.0
7003 ENBeautyMcKinley, Robin6.211.0
101196 ENBeyond the Valley of ThornsCarman, Patrick6.28.0
80607 ENBMW (Hot Cars)Stacy, Lee6.20.5
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
101282 ENCode OrangeCooney, Caroline B.6.28.0
21006 ENDallas Cowboys Football Team, TheLace, William W.6.21.0
109 ENDark is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
5980 ENDeath of a SalesmanMiller, Arthur6.25.0
17768 ENDipper of Copper CreekGeorge, Jean C./John6.27.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, ThedeAngeli, Marguerite6.24.0
532 ENDrums Along the MohawkEdmonds, Walter6.231.0
6036 ENFerris BeachMcCorkle, Jill6.219.0
85120 ENFighters (Planet's Most Extreme)Woodward, John6.21.0
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
107888 ENHaunted HousesBrucken, Kelli M.6.21.0
81602 ENHistory of the Arizona Cardinals, TheGilbert, Sara6.20.5
5070 ENHouse on the Hill, TheDunlop, Eileen6.28.0
21013 ENHurricane Andrew: Nature's RageSherrow, Victoria6.21.0
13363 ENIroquois (Native American People), TheMcCall, Barbara6.21.0
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
110602 ENMustangMaurer, Tracy6.20.5
8976 ENMysteries of Ships and PlanesEmert, Phyllis6.23.0
5286 ENReturn of the King, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.222.0
24688 ENRonald Reagan (U.S. Presidents)Joseph, Paul6.20.5
7087 ENSackett's LandL'Amour, Louis6.28.0
44023 ENSelf-Direction: Taking Positive Risks, Following Your DreamsWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.21.0
17198 ENStranger in the House, APascal/William6.27.0
17842 ENSubtle Knife, ThePullman, Philip6.216.0
5443 ENTough Winter, TheLawson, Robert6.24.0
594 ENTwisted Window, TheDuncan, Lois6.28.0
749 ENWatership DownAdams, Richard6.225.0
397 ENWhite Mountains, TheChristopher, John6.27.0
5256 ENAnne of the IslandMontgomery, L.M.6.312.0
5259 ENBless the Beasts and ChildrenSwarthout, Glendon6.36.0
60310 ENChocolate: Riches from the RainforestBurleigh, Robert6.31.0
17363 ENCrashes & CollisionsBenson, Michael6.32.0
17364 ENDale EarnhardtBenson, Michael6.32.0
5065 ENDecember Rose, TheGarfield, Leon6.39.0
361 ENEndless Steppe, TheHautzig, Esther6.310.0
6921 ENForbidden CityBell, William6.39.0
8965 ENGhosts, Hauntings...HappeningsEmert, Phyllis6.33.0
740 ENHeart is a Lonely Hunter, TheMcCullers, Carson6.319.0
61490 ENHistory of the Houston Astros (Revised Edition), TheGoodman, Michael E.6.30.5
110597 ENHummerMaurer, Tracy Nelson6.30.5
6922 ENHunt For Red October, TheClancy, Tom6.325.0
5668 ENHunting for Hidden GoldDixon, Franklin W.6.36.0
83121 ENI Walk in Dread: The Diary of Deliverance Trembley...TrialsFraustino, Lisa Rowe6.38.0
17962 ENJessica Quits the SquadPascal/William6.36.0
539 ENMember of the Wedding, TheMcCullers, Carson6.39.0
8666 ENOn the BeachShute, Nevil6.314.0
15097 ENOutcast of RedwallJacques, Brian6.315.0
51141 ENPeer Mediation: Agreeing on SolutionsWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.31.0
5285 ENReluctant God, TheService, Pamela6.39.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
74 ENRescuers, TheSharp, Margery6.34.0
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
78 ENSecret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances6.313.0
5291 ENSeventeen Against the DealerVoigt, Cynthia6.311.0
13377 ENSioux (Native American People), TheBrooks, Barbara6.31.0
62928 ENTessReekie, Jocelyn6.312.0
5295 ENTwo Towers, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.323.0
723 ENVirginian, TheWister, Owen6.321.0
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
104613 ENWreath for Emmett Till, ANelson, Marilyn6.30.5
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
18756 ENBlack Stallion and Flame, TheFarley, Walter6.46.0
18758 ENBorrowers Afield, TheNorton, Mary6.47.0
8693 ENCatherine, Called BirdyCushman, Karen6.48.0
107881 ENDragonsBrucken, Kelli M.6.41.0
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
17992 ENEye of the Storm: Chasing Storms with Warren FaidleyKramer, Stephen6.41.0
36697 ENGib and the Gray GhostSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.49.0
13514 ENGreen Berets, TheStreissguth, Tom6.40.5
741 ENHiding Place, TheTenBoom, Corrie6.413.0
71733 ENHistory of the Dallas Stars, TheNichols, John6.40.5
81608 ENHistory of the Indianapolis Colts, TheHawkes, Brian6.40.5
81614 ENHistory of the New England Patriots, TheBell, Lonnie6.40.5
5272 ENIceberg Hermit, TheRoth, Arthur6.48.0
26068 ENJ.R.R. Tolkien: Master of FantasyCollins, David R.6.42.0
11474 ENLantern in Her Hand, AAldrich, Bess Streeter6.414.0
8872 ENMan in the Brown Suit, TheChristie, Agatha6.412.0
18561 ENMercury (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.40.5
916 ENMotley Mansion, Part IICannon, David6.42.0
58236 ENOperating CodesManns, Nick6.47.0
5078 ENOrdinary Princess, TheKaye, M.M.6.44.0
87332 ENPendragon: The Guide to the Territories of HallaMacHale, D.J.6.40.5
71 ENRabbit HillLawson, Robert6.43.0
28460 ENShade's ChildrenNix, Garth6.411.0
389 ENStranger at Green Knowe, ABoston, L.M.6.47.0
64752 ENSurvival in the Storm: The Dust Bowl Diary of Grace EdwardsJanke, Katelan6.46.0
748 ENWalk Across America, AJenkins, Peter6.414.0
9000 ENWorld's Weirdest "True" Ghost StoriesBeckett, John6.43.0
100 ENYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth6.410.0
17352 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Pro BasketballItalia, Bob6.51.0
17357 EN100 Unforgettable Moments in Summer OlympicsItalia, Bob6.51.0
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
13503 ENAir Assault TeamsStapleton, Gerard6.50.5
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
11454 ENBaree, The Story of a Wolf-dogCurwood, James6.511.0
66720 ENBefore the Creeks Ran RedReeder, Carolyn6.514.0
87123 ENBiters (Planet's Most Extreme)Devaney, Sherri6.51.0
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
530 ENDiary of a Young Girl, TheFrank, Anne6.514.0
30 ENGay-Neck, The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal6.56.0
8966 ENGhosts of War, TheCohen, Daniel6.53.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
80606 ENHH-60 Pave HawkStone, Lynn M.6.50.5
44 ENI, Juan de ParejadeTrevino, Elizabeth6.57.0
5074 ENLocked in TimeDuncan, Lois6.510.0
18560 ENMars (Gateway Solar System)Vogt, Gregory L.6.50.5
8978 ENMysteries of People and PlacesEmert, Phyllis6.53.0
8979 ENMysterious Detectives PsychicsWilcox, Tamara6.51.0
13371 ENOttawa (Native American People), TheMcCall/Howes6.51.0
44022 ENResilience: Bouncing Off, Bouncing BackWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.51.0
104413 ENSir ThursdayNix, Garth6.512.0
83 ENSmoky, the Cow HorseJames, Will6.513.0
17384 ENSports Great Jason KiddTorres, John Albert6.51.0
109238 ENStory of the Dallas Mavericks, TheFrisch, Aaron6.50.5
51163 ENTolerance: Celebrating DifferencesWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.51.0
12200 ENUFOs: True Mysteries or Hoaxes?Asimov, Isaac6.50.5
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
65575 ENAbhorsenNix, Garth6.616.0
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
501 ENAdventures of Huckleberry Finn, TheTwain, Mark6.618.0
5258 ENBegonia for Miss Applebaum, AZindel, Paul6.67.0
100436 ENBilly the KidHealy, Nick6.61.0
11591 ENBlack Stallion's Ghost, TheFarley, Walter6.67.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
44010 ENCommunication: Creating UnderstandingWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.61.0
5264 ENDoveGraham, Robin6.610.0
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
6723 ENExploring the BismarckBallard, Robert6.62.0
564 ENExploring the TitanicBallard, Robert D.6.63.0
63029 ENGeorge W. BushThompson, Bill/Dorcas6.61.0
8963 ENGhost HuntersDeem, James6.63.0
366 ENHarriet Tubman...Underground RailroadPetry, Ann6.69.0
81592 ENHistory of the Dallas Cowboys, TheHawkes, Brian6.60.5
511 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.616.0
39 ENHomer PriceMcCloskey, Robert6.64.0
13362 ENInuit (Native American People), TheHahn, Elizabeth6.61.0
111750 ENNellyHooper, James6.61.0
57302 ENSeptember 11, 2001: The...Changed America (The War on Terrorism)Wheeler, Jill C.6.61.0
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
13339 ENAlgonquian (Native American People), TheD'Apice, Rita/Mary6.71.0
44562 ENAmber Spyglass, ThePullman, Philip6.726.0
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
21004 ENChicago Bulls Basketball Team, TheOwens, Thomas S.6.71.0
44702 ENChristmas Carol (Unabridged), ADickens, Charles6.75.0
44011 ENConflict Resolution: Communication, Cooperation, CompromiseWandberg Ph.D., Robert6.71.0
8957 ENCould UFOs Be Real?Koss, Larry6.71.0
6913 ENDragonsingerMcCaffrey, Anne6.713.0
363 ENFarewell to ManzanarHouston, Jeanne6.77.0
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan W.6.75.0
77820 ENGlorious Appearing: The End of DaysLaHaye/Jenkins6.716.0
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
80148 ENHow I Live NowRosoff, Meg6.78.0
8660 ENI Know Why the Caged Bird SingsAngelou, Maya6.713.0
109069 ENLooking Glass Wars, TheBeddor, Frank6.712.0
13370 ENOjibwe (Native American People), TheStan, Susan6.71.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
20131 ENPostcards from FranceLibby, Megan McNeill6.74.0
109295 ENStory of the San Antonio Spurs, TheLeBoutillier, Nate6.70.5
13648 ENTom Sawyer AbroadTwain, Mark6.75.0
100926 ENTsunamisParks, Peggy J.6.71.0
8993 ENUFO's and AliensAlschuler, William6.72.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
2688 ENWhy Me? A Teen Guide to Divorce and Your FeelingsAydt, Rachel6.71.0
5100 ENWizard of Earthsea, ALeGuin, Ursula6.79.0
10600 ENYoung Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter/Steven6.76.0
46916 ENAlcohol and Your Liver: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryBooley, Theresa Anne6.81.0
726 ENAll Creatures Great and SmallHerriot, James6.826.0
106 ENBlue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin6.817.0
6914 ENDragonsongMcCaffrey, Anne6.89.0
45683 ENGiant Shark: Megalodon, Prehistoric Super PredatorArnold, Caroline6.80.5
706 ENGood Earth, TheBuck, Pearl S.6.819.0
40670 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.832.0
57293 ENHeroes of the Day (The War on Terrorism)Louis, Nancy6.81.0
81606 ENHistory of the Green Bay Packers, TheNichols, John6.80.5
81618 ENHistory of the Philadelphia Eagles, TheSchmalzbauer, Adam6.80.5
61506 ENHistory of the Texas Rangers, TheFrisch, Aaron6.80.5
109841 ENLinkin ParkSaulmon, Greg6.81.0
77563 ENPrincess LessonsCabot, Meg6.82.0
78119 ENRagwitch, TheNix, Garth6.815.0
543 ENRebeccaduMaurier, Daphne6.826.0
4851 ENTop 10 Running BacksSehnert, Chris W.6.81.0
91 ENTwenty-One Balloons, TheDuBois, William6.86.0
901 ENWave, TheStrasser, Todd6.85.0
97 ENWillow Whistle, TheMeigs, Cornelia6.85.0
208 ENBen and MeLawson, Robert6.93.0
84868 ENChallenger and Columbia (Disasters)Fahey, Kathleen6.91.0
27930 ENChildren's Homer, TheColum, Padraic6.99.0
7064 ENFlintL'Amour, Louis6.99.0
57292 ENGround Zero (The War on Terrorism)Louis, Nancy6.91.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
114854 ENHorseradish: Bitter Truths You Can't AvoidSnicket, Lemony6.91.0
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
106771 ENMarley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst DogGrogan, John6.915.0
713 ENMy AntoniaCather, Willa6.914.0
8884 ENMystery of the Blue Train, TheChristie, Agatha6.912.0
21027 ENOklahoma City Bombing, TheSherrow, Victoria6.91.0
545 ENSeparate Peace, AKnowles, John6.910.0
13376 ENShawnee (Native American People), TheFulkerson, Chuck6.91.0
6043 ENSorrow's Kitchen: Zora Neale HurstonLyons, Mary6.94.0
100446 ENWyatt EarpGoodman, Michael E.6.91.0
730 ENBlack Like MeGriffin, John7.011.0
100437 ENBuffalo BillGoodman, Michael E.7.01.0
89884 ENEldestPaolini, Christopher7.036.0
21060 ENEpilepsyCarson, Mary Kay7.03.0
8968 ENGhosts of the DeepCohen, Daniel7.03.0
227 ENHero and the Crown, TheMcKinley, Robin7.015.0
81607 ENHistory of the Houston Texans, TheNichols, John7.00.5
81601 ENHistory of the Washington Redskins, TheGoodman, Michael E.7.00.5
109086 ENLarklightReeve, Philip7.013.0
7011 ENLetters From AtlantisSilverberg, Robert7.05.0
541 ENNight to Remember, ALord, Walter7.08.0
35576 ENOn the Field with...Mia HammChristopher, Matt7.04.0
48335 ENOn the Track with...Jeff GordonChristopher/Stout7.03.0
6937 ENPilot Down, Presumed DeadPhleger, Marjorie7.08.0
100922 ENPiranhasAaseng, Nathan7.01.0
908 EN"Snapshot of a Dog"Thurber, James7.01.0
109843 ENSwitchfootZimmerman, Robert7.01.0
4855 ENTop 10 QuarterbacksSehnert, Chris W.7.01.0
86873 ENVenom (Planet's Most Extreme)Woodward, John7.01.0
525 ENWizard of Oz, TheBaum, L. Frank7.07.0
8998 ENWorld's Most Bone-Chilling "True" Ghost StoriesMacklin, John7.03.0
50040 ENAir Force AircraftHolden, Henry M.7.11.0
526 ENBridge of San Luis Rey, TheWilder, Thornton7.15.0
15085 ENGolden Compass, ThePullman, Philip7.119.0
534 ENGone With the WindMitchell, Margaret7.171.0
38 ENHitty, Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel7.111.0
49645 ENLirael: Daughter of the ClayrNix, Garth7.123.0
46946 ENMarijuana and Your Lungs: The Incredibly Disgusting StoryStanley, Debbie7.11.0
17785 ENMy Dog SkipMorris, Willie7.15.0
13372 ENPawnee (Native American People), TheHahn, Elizabeth7.11.0
73 ENRascalNorth, Sterling7.17.0
5439 ENShh! We're Writing the ConstitutionFritz, Jean7.11.0
72848 ENSlippery Slope, TheSnicket, Lemony7.19.0
142 ENTrumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric P.7.110.0
100435 ENAnnie OakleyGilbert, Sara7.21.0
89154 ENHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.7.229.0
69785 ENHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.7.244.0
102038 ENHoliday PrincessCabot, Meg7.23.0
119 ENIncident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan W.7.29.0
53482 ENIsland of Dr. Moreau (Unabridged), TheWells, H.G.7.27.0
111719 ENKanye WestSimons, Rae7.21.0
109840 ENLifehouseJuzwiak, Rich7.21.0
517 ENPeter PanBarrie, James7.28.0
21032 ENSan Francisco Earthquake, 1989Sherrow, Victoria7.21.0
57303 ENUnited We Stand (The War on Terrorism)Louis, Nancy7.21.0
727 ENAnimal FarmOrwell, George7.35.0
203 ENAnne of Green GablesMontgomery, L.M.7.317.0
109835 ENBeyoncéDylan, Penelope7.31.0
5060 ENBirds' Christmas Carol, TheWiggin, Kate7.32.0
731 ENBorn FreeAdamson, Joy7.39.0
13351 ENCreek (Native American People), TheHahn, Elizabeth7.31.0
6915 ENDrowning of Stephan Jones, TheGreene, Bette7.310.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
21009 ENExxon Valdez: Tragic Oil Spill, TheSherrow, Victoria7.31.0
708 ENGreat Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott7.38.0
7009 ENJurassic ParkCrichton, Michael7.320.0
13368 ENNavajo (Native American People), TheStan, Susan7.31.0
77560 ENPerfect PrincessCabot, Meg7.33.0
21030 ENPlains Outbreak TornadoesSherrow, Victoria7.31.0
17837 ENSabrielNix, Garth7.39.0
4854 ENTop 10 SluggersSehnert, Chris W.7.32.0
16138 ENWorld War I: The War to End WarsKent, Zachary7.33.0
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