Accelerated Reader Quiz List - Reading Practice

Quiz No.



Book Level


35821 EN100th Day WorriesCuyler, Margery3.00.5
80179 EN101 Ways to Bug Your TeacherWardlaw, Lee4.48.0
53617 EN1621: A New Look at ThanksgivingGrace/Bruchac7.11.0
661 EN18th Emergency, TheByars, Betsy4.74.0
30561 EN20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (Great Illustrated Classics)Verne/Vogel5.23.0
166 EN4B Goes WildGilson, Jamie4.64.0
9001 EN500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, TheSeuss, Dr.4.01.0
413 EN89th Kitten, TheNilsson, Eleanor4.72.0
42833 ENA. Lincoln and MeBorden, Louise3.50.5
101 ENAbel's IslandSteig, William5.93.0
900278 ENAborigines of the Australian Outback (MH Edition)Doak, Robin3.80.5
66976 ENAbout Arachnids: A Guide for ChildrenSill, Cathryn2.30.5
12573 ENAbsolutely True Story...How I Visited Yellowstone..., TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.16.0
15175 ENAbyssinian Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
102 ENAcross Five AprilsHunt, Irene6.610.0
7201 ENAcross the StreamGinsburg, Mirra1.70.5
1 ENAdam of the RoadGray, Elizabeth Janet6.59.0
301 ENAddie Across the PrairieLawlor, Laurie4.94.0
9301 ENAddition AnnieGisler, David1.10.5
59601 ENAdelita: A Mexican Cinderella StoryPaola, Tomie De3.30.5
900164 ENAdventure in Arabia (MH Edition)Foss, Flora2.60.5
451 ENAdventures of Ali Baba Bernstein, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
20251 ENAdventures of Captain Underpants, ThePilkey, Dav4.31.0
17652 ENAdventures of Laura & Jack, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls3.51.0
401 ENAdventures of Ratman, TheWeiss, Ellen3.31.0
30506 ENAdventures of Robinson Crusoe (Great Illustrated Classics), TheDefoe/Vogel5.93.0
70491 ENAdventures of the Little Wooden HorseWilliams, Ursula Moray6.16.0
30525 ENAdventures of Tom Sawyer (Great Illustrated Classics), TheTwain/Laiken5.32.0
900134 ENAfrica: Animals at Night (MH Edition)Lechner, Judith2.50.5
14651 ENAfternoon on the AmazonOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
201 ENAgony of Alice, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.35.0
27701 ENAkiak: A Tale from the IditarodBlake, Robert J.3.30.5
1019 ENAkiko, Miss Alice, and the Dance ClassMinden, Cecilia1.60.5
45187 ENAlamo (We the People), TheBurgan, Michael5.50.5
20708 ENAlanna: The First AdventurePierce, Tamora4.57.0
27766 ENAlaskan Brown BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.00.5
18601 ENAlbert's ChristmasTryon, Leslie2.40.5
651 ENAldo ApplesauceHurwitz, Johanna4.72.0
5401 ENAldo Ice CreamHurwitz, Johanna4.82.0
452 ENAlex Fitzgerald's Cure for NightmaresKrull, Kathleen3.21.0
5451 ENAlexander and the...Very Bad DayViorst, Judith3.70.5
17503 ENAlexander and the Wind-Up MouseLionni, Leo3.00.5
7301 ENAlexander, Who Used...Last SundayViorst, Judith3.40.5
71680 ENAlice in BlunderlandNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.26.0
957 ENAlice in WonderlandCarroll, Lewis3.70.5
12373 ENAlice Nizzy Nazzy, the Witch of Santa FeJohnston, Tony2.90.5
10651 ENAliens Don't Wear BracesDadey/Jones3.71.0
402 ENAliens for BreakfastEtra, Jonathan3.21.0
17654 ENAlison's PuppyBauer, Marion Dane2.30.5
302 ENAll About SamLowry, Lois4.03.0
900241 ENAll-American Girls Pro Baseball League (MH Edition), TheScott, Daisy4.10.5
6601 ENAll But AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.05.0
7202 ENAll By MyselfMayer, Mercer1.30.5
251 ENAll New Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.83.0
2 ENAll-of-a-Kind FamilyTaylor, Sydney4.95.0
100086 ENAll Over It!Jones, Jasmine4.02.0
900277 ENAll That Jazz (MH Edition)Morgan, Daphne3.70.5
53782 ENAll the Way HomeGiff, Patricia Reilly4.55.0
9101 ENAll-Time Great World SeriesGutelle, Andrew3.40.5
19934 ENAlligator BabyMunsch, Robert N.3.30.5
74452 ENAlmost Late to School and More School PoemsShields, Carol Diggory3.80.5
453 ENAlmost Starring SkinnybonesPark, Barbara4.03.0
151 ENAlong Came a DogDeJong, Meindert5.75.0
1001 ENAlphabet RescueWood, Audrey and Bruce2.30.5
20252 ENAltogether, One at a TimeKonigsburg, E.L.4.52.0
6204 ENAmazing Bone, TheSteig, William3.90.5
5452 ENAmazing GraceHoffman, Mary3.50.5
900259 ENAmazing Monarch (MH Edition), TheGoldstone, Bruce3.90.5
9102 ENAmazing RescuesShea, George3.00.5
27775 ENAmazon ParrotsGerholdt, James E.3.50.5
16728 ENAmber Brown Goes FourthDanziger, Paula3.71.0
25848 ENAmber Brown Is Feeling BlueDanziger, Paula4.02.0
20253 ENAmber Brown Sees RedDanziger, Paula3.72.0
12472 ENAmber on the MountainJohnston, Tony3.00.5
5453 ENAmelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.50.5
67185 ENAmelia Earhart (History Maker Bios)Sutcliffe, Jane3.80.5
58871 ENAmerica Is...Borden, Louise3.70.5
67419 ENAmerica: My Country 'Tis of Thee (Patriotic Songs)Smith/Owen/Ouren3.20.5
67418 ENAmerica the Beautiful (Patriotic Songs)Bates/Owen/Ouren2.90.5
24668 ENAmerican Curl CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
89527 ENAmerican MastodonLindeen, Carol K.2.20.5
78683 ENAmerican Moments: Scenes from American HistoryBurleigh, Robert5.61.0
5454 ENAmigoBaylor, Byrd3.60.5
5501 ENAmos & BorisSteig, William4.70.5
3 ENAmos Fortune, Free ManYates, Elizabeth6.55.0
79421 ENAmphibiansRichardson, Adele3.20.5
5325 ENAmusement Park Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
9103 ENAmy ArmadilloSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
20254 ENAmy Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.02.0
1015 ENAmy's Big Race: The Sound of Long AMinden, Cecilia1.50.5
15199 ENAnacondas (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.3.80.5
5001 ENAnastasia, Ask Your AnalystLowry, Lois4.23.0
454 ENAnastasia at Your ServiceLowry, Lois4.35.0
202 ENAnastasia KrupnikLowry, Lois4.53.0
18256 ENAnastasia's AlbumBrewster, Hugh6.41.0
900231 ENAncient Art (MH Edition), AnBurgan, Michael2.50.5
7203 ENAnd I Mean It, StanleyBonsall, Crosby0.90.5
4 ENAnd Now MiguelKrumgold, Joseph4.88.0
43508 ENAnd the Dish Ran Away with the SpoonStevens/Crummel2.60.5
5402 ENAnd Then What Happened...Revere?Fritz, Jean5.31.0
9002 ENAnd to Think That I...Mulberry StreetSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
87413 ENAndy Shane and the Very Bossy Dolores StarbuckleJacobson, Jennifer Richard3.30.5
965 ENAndy Toots His HornZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
5455 ENAngel Child, Dragon ChildSurat, Michele2.80.5
7654 ENAngel for Solomon Singer, AnRylant, Cynthia4.70.5
403 ENAngel In ChargeDelton, Judy4.73.0
303 ENAngel's Mother's BoyfriendDelton, Judy4.83.0
455 ENAngel's Mother's WeddingDelton, Judy5.04.0
47316 ENAngelina at the FairHolabird, Katharine3.70.5
47317 ENAngelina's Baby SisterHolabird, Katharine3.80.5
52856 ENAngelina's BirthdayHolabird, Katharine3.50.5
47319 ENAngelina's HalloweenHolabird, Katharine3.60.5
17656 ENAnimal AdventuresWilder, Laura Ingalls3.61.0
9302 ENAnimal BabiesHamsa, Bobbie1.00.5
900305 ENAnimal Fact/Animal Fable (MH Edition)Simon, Seymour3.70.5
32032 ENAnimal HospitalWalker-Hodge, Judith2.70.5
5322 ENAnimal Shelter Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
5403 ENAnimal, the Vegetable...Jones, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
115416 ENAnimals in FallRustad, Martha E. H.1.20.5
4292 ENAnimals of the Polar Regions (First Book About)Various1.80.5
4784 ENAnimals of the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.20.5
55460 ENAnkylosaurus (Dinosaurs)Goecke, Michael P.2.50.5
900191 ENAnn's First Day (MH Edition)Keremes, Constance Andrea2.10.5
49770 ENAnna on the FarmHahn, Mary Downing4.03.0
203 ENAnne of Green GablesMontgomery, L.M.7.317.0
652 ENAnnie and the Old OneMiles, Miska4.40.5
9104 ENAnnie and the Wild AnimalsBrett, Jan2.70.5
15851 ENAnnie AntelopeSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
75229 ENAnnie Was WarnedKrosoczka, Jarrett J.1.60.5
89528 ENApatosaurusLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
10551 ENAppaloosa Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.90.5
108177 ENAppaloosa, TheCriscione, Rachel Damon5.30.5
53704 ENApple Farmer AnnieWellington, Monica1.80.5
26791 ENApple Festival: Orchards in Autumn, AnGabbert, Lisa4.40.5
57715 ENApple Pie 4th of JulyWong, Janet S.3.00.5
32069 ENApple Trees (Pebble Books)Saunders-Smith, Gail1.30.5
10552 ENArabian Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.90.5
15187 ENArabian Horses (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.4.00.5
5651 ENArctic Patrol Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
37038 ENArctic SonGeorge, Jean Craighead3.40.5
900200 ENAre You a Fossil Fan? (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.70.5
5456 ENAre You My Mother?Eastman, P.D.1.60.5
21342 ENArt DogHurd, Thacher3.10.5
20002 ENArthur Accused!Brown/Krensky3.11.0
51891 ENArthur and the Best Coach EverBrown/Krensky3.31.0
34560 ENArthur and the Cootie-CatcherBrown/Krensky3.11.0
20003 ENArthur and the Crunch Cereal ContestBrown/Krensky3.01.0
65677 ENArthur and the Double DareBrown/Krensky3.21.0
32080 ENArthur and the Lost DiaryBrown/Krensky3.21.0
32919 ENArthur and the Popularity TestBrown/Krensky3.51.0
50940 ENArthur and the Recess RookieBrown/Krensky3.11.0
20004 ENArthur and the Scare-Your-Pants-Off ClubBrown, Marc3.11.0
204 ENArthur, For the Very First TimeMacLachlan, Patricia4.23.0
66524 ENArthur, It's Only Rock 'n' RollBrown, Marc2.80.5
34903 ENArthur Lost and FoundBrown, Marc2.60.5
20005 ENArthur Makes the TeamBrown, Marc2.91.0
6051 ENArthur Meets The PresidentBrown, Marc3.20.5
10451 ENArthur's April FoolBrown, Marc2.70.5
16967 ENArthur's BabyBrown, Marc2.20.5
16968 ENArthur's BirthdayBrown, Marc2.30.5
9105 ENArthur's Camp-OutHoban, Lillian2.90.5
9106 ENArthur's Chicken PoxBrown, Marc2.90.5
10452 ENArthur's ChristmasBrown, Marc3.00.5
16973 ENArthur's Computer DisasterBrown, Marc2.40.5
9051 ENArthur's Family VacationBrown, Marc2.70.5
16969 ENArthur's HalloweenBrown, Marc2.80.5
7302 ENArthur's Halloween CostumeHoban, Lillian2.60.5
7303 ENArthur's Honey BearHoban, Lillian2.90.5
7304 ENArthur's Loose ToothHoban, Lillian2.90.5
20006 ENArthur's Mystery EnvelopeBrown/Krensky3.01.0
11157 ENArthur's New PuppyBrown, Marc2.70.5
44362 ENArthur's Perfect ChristmasBrown, Marc2.40.5
7305 ENArthur's Prize ReaderHoban, Lillian2.90.5
44363 ENArthur's Teacher Moves InBrown, Marc2.40.5
10453 ENArthur's ThanksgivingBrown, Marc3.10.5
5502 ENArthur's ToothBrown, Marc2.80.5
16972 ENArthur's TV TroubleBrown, Marc2.60.5
900108 ENArthur Writes a Story (MH Edition)Brown, Marc2.60.5
56342 ENAstronauts at Work (Explore Space!)Shearer, Deborah A.3.60.5
70329 ENAt Grandma'sGreene, Rhonda Gowler1.20.5
88308 ENAt the CarnivalValdes, Leslie1.90.5
5457 ENAt the CrossroadsIsadora, Rachel1.90.5
69920 ENAt the Edge of the WoodsCotten, Cynthia3.30.5
900186 ENAt the Museum (MH Edition)Berg, Larry3.20.5
71749 ENAt the Sign of the Sugared PlumHooper, Mary6.27.0
1054 ENAt the ZooKloes, Carol0.20.5
6655 ENAttaboy, Sam!Lowry, Lois4.63.0
45315 ENAttack of the 50-Foot TeacherPassen, Lisa2.90.5
44152 ENAttack of the Graveyard GhoulsStine, R.L.3.22.0
6052 ENAunt Flossie's Hats and Crab Cakes LaterHoward, Elizabeth2.40.5
42382 ENAuntie ClausPrimavera, Elise3.50.5
41280 ENAustere Academy, TheSnicket, Lemony6.76.0
10553 ENAutumn TrailBryant, Bonnie5.65.0
21841 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Ice Monster, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
20666 ENB. Bear Scouts and the Really Big Disaster, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
12766 ENB. Bear Scouts Ghost versus Ghost, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.72.0
20667 ENB. Bear Scouts Scream Their Heads Off, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
7458 ENB. Bears and the Drug Free Zone, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
9254 ENB. Bears and the Galloping Ghost, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
9255 ENB. Bears and the Giddy Grandma, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.91.0
7461 ENB. Bears and the In-Crowd, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.30.5
9009 ENB. Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.80.5
24966 ENB. Bears and the Perfect Crime (Almost), TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
9046 ENB. Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.10.5
7477 ENB. Bears and Too Much Pressure, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.90.5
7478 ENB. Bears and Too Much Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.80.5
32426 ENB. Bears by the Sea, TheBerenstain, Stan1.50.5
25834 ENB. Bears Go Platinum, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.71.0
7487 ENB. Bears Go to School, TheBerenstain, Stan3.20.5
9256 ENB. Bears' New Neighbors, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
31594 ENB. Bears Ride the Thunderbolt, TheBerenstain, Stan0.60.5
7496 ENB. Bears Trick or Treat, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.00.5
7497 ENB. Bears' Trouble at School, TheBerenstain, Stan4.00.5
7500 ENB. Bears Visit the Dentist, TheBerenstain, Stan3.60.5
5 EN"B" is for BetsyHaywood, Carolyn4.32.0
904 ENBa Ba Sheep Wouldn't Go to SleepPanek, Dennis1.00.5
7306 ENBabar Learns To CookdeBrunhoff, Laurent3.60.5
7204 ENBabar's Little Circus StarDeBrunhoff, Laurent1.50.5
7205 ENBabar's PicnicDeBrunhoff, Laurent1.20.5
205 ENBabe, The Gallant PigKing-Smith, Dick5.63.0
67705 ENBabies on the GoAshman, Linda1.40.5
27783 ENBaboonsWoods, Mae4.00.5
5343 ENBabushka Baba YagaPolacco, Patricia4.40.5
11158 ENBabushka's DollPolacco, Patricia2.40.5
43022 ENBaby Beebee Bird, TheMassie, Diane Redfield2.50.5
46101 ENBaby Dances, TheHenderson, Kathy2.50.5
20239 ENBaby Duck and the Bad EyeglassesHest, Amy1.90.5
19388 ENBaby-sitters BewareMartin, Ann M.4.36.0
206 ENBaby-sitting is a Dangerous JobRoberts, Willo Davis5.36.0
88987 ENBack to SchoolJones, Christianne C.1.10.5
152 ENBack Yard AngelDelton, Judy4.32.0
1008 ENBackhoesMcClellan, Ray1.40.5
9962 ENBackyard DragonSterman, Betsy/Samuel4.45.0
41281 ENBad Beginning, TheSnicket, Lemony6.44.0
115020 ENBad Dog, Marley!Grogan, John2.20.5
32416 ENBadger in the BasementBaglio, Ben M.4.64.0
970 ENBag of Diamonds, AMichaels, Stan3.70.5
69066 ENBag of Lucky Rice, AReichart, George6.17.0
17657 ENBald Bandit, TheRoy, Ron3.21.0
27774 ENBald EaglesGerholdt, James E.4.10.5
40673 ENBaldy EagleSargent, Dave/David5.60.5
24669 ENBalinese CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
14989 ENBallad of Lucy Whipple, TheCushman, Karen5.87.0
456 ENBallet ShoesStreatfeild, Noel5.79.0
25282 ENBallot Box Battle, TheMcCully, Emily Arnold3.70.5
951 ENBalto and the Great RaceKimmel, Elizabeth Cody2.82.0
6 ENBambiSalten, Felix4.96.0
457 ENBanana TwistHeide, Florence5.13.0
29532 ENBandit's MoonFleischman, Sid4.23.0
9107 ENBandit, TheSargent, Dave/Pat5.00.5
207 ENBanner in the SkyUllman, James5.111.0
900280 ENBarbara Becomes a Big Sister (MH Edition)Hudson, Ellie Mae3.70.5
36594 ENBark, GeorgeFeiffer, Jules1.30.5
35766 ENBarn Owls, TheJohnston, Tony2.90.5
900230 ENBarn Raising (MH Edition), ThedelBosque, Soledad2.90.5
900077 ENBarney Bird (MH Edition)Berical, Kate1.90.5
7251 ENBarney's HorseHoff, Syd2.20.5
115699 ENBarracudasNuzzolo, Deborah1.30.5
9003 ENBartholomew and the OobleckSeuss, Dr.3.20.5
10652 ENBaseball FlyhawkChristopher, Matt3.62.0
36290 ENBaseball in ActionCrossingham/Dann4.80.5
67106 ENBasketball for Fun!Eule, Brian4.60.5
36289 ENBasketball in ActionCrossingham/Dann5.20.5
19920 ENBat Bones and Spider StewPoploff, Michelle2.30.5
900214 ENBat Boy & His Violin (MH Edition), TheCurtis, Gavin4.10.5
900029 ENBat Helps Out (MH Edition)Dreyer, Ellen1.00.5
54905 ENBat Loves the NightDavies, Nicola3.40.5
900048 ENBath for Mick (MH Edition), AMara, Jeanette0.90.5
27484 ENBathtime for BiscuitCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.10.5
16354 ENBats (Animals)Holmes, Kevin J.3.10.5
105809 ENBats at the BeachLies, Brian3.40.5
153 ENBe a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!Manes, Stephen4.21.0
20255 ENBe a Wolf!Strickland, Brad4.94.0
2489 ENBe Quiet, Pooh!Gaines, Isabel2.30.5
10554 ENBeach RideBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
89947 ENBeachesMacken, JoAnn Early1.60.5
27760 ENBeaglesKallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
6053 ENBearSchoenherr, John3.70.5
154 ENBear Called Paddington, ABond, Michael4.74.0
9004 ENBear Detectives, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.20.5
40607 ENBear's Christmas, TheMoret, Brigitte Frey3.10.5
9005 ENBear Scouts, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.30.5
60893 ENBear Snores OnWilson, Karma2.20.5
10241 ENBear That Heard Crying, TheKinsey-Warnock, Natalie3.50.5
9303 ENBears, Bears, EverywhereMilios, Rita0.80.5
9006 ENBears' Christmas, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
252 ENBears' House, TheSachs, Marilyn4.12.0
61252 ENBears Make Rock Soup and Other StoriesErdrich, Lise4.30.5
9008 ENBears' Picnic, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.90.5
9007 ENBears' Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan2.00.5
13854 ENBeast and the Halloween HorrorGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
12469 ENBeast FeastFlorian, Douglas4.40.5
106527 ENBeasts of Clawstone Castle, TheIbbotson, Eva6.18.0
42381 ENBeasty Story, AMartin/Kellogg1.60.5
66794 ENBeautiful BlackbirdBryan, Ashley3.70.5
42615 ENBeautiful Christmas Tree, TheZolotow, Charlotte4.00.5
552 ENBeautyWallace, Bill4.05.0
955 ENBecause of Winn-DixieDiCamillo, Kate5.03.0
9052 ENBedtime Beast, TheHulbert, Jay2.50.5
5208 ENBedtime for FrancesHoban, Russell2.70.5
7252 ENBedtime MouseStoddard, Sandol2.70.5
19930 ENBee My Valentine!Cohen, Miriam2.90.5
7206 ENBeef StewBrenner, Barbara1.80.5
900253 ENBeethoven: The Man and His Music (MH Edition)Doak, Robin3.50.5
304 ENBeezus and RamonaCleary, Beverly4.83.0
155 ENBella ArabellaFosburgh, Liza4.44.0
106196 ENBella at MidnightStanley, Diane6.09.0
12546 ENBeluga Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.3.60.5
208 ENBen and MeLawson, Robert6.93.0
1020 ENBen, Billy, and the Birdhouse: The Sound of BMinden, Cecilia1.10.5
900239 ENBen Franklin Alive! Meet Bill Meikle (MH Edition)Bloomfield, Samantha3.30.5
59781 ENBen Franklin and His First KiteKrensky, Stephen2.50.5
900263 ENBen Franklin and His Notebooks (MH Edition)Horowitz, Ben4.90.5
13789 ENBeneath the Ghost MoonYolen, Jane4.00.5
900078 ENBenjamin Banneker (MH Edition)Smedley, O.G.2.60.5
65147 ENBenny Bensky and the Giant Pumpkin HeistBorsky, Mary5.03.0
5503 ENBerenstain Bears and...Junk FoodBerenstain, Stan4.00.5
10653 ENBerenstain Bears and the Dress Code, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.21.0
945 ENBerenstain Bears And The Truth, TheBerenstain, Stan and Jan3.21.0
653 ENBerenstain Bears and Too Much TV, TheBerenstain, Stan3.80.5
10654 ENBerenstain Bears' Media Madness, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan4.41.0
982 ENBerenstain Bears Meet Santa BearBerenstain, Stan and Jan4.10.5
6054 ENBerenstain Bears' New Baby, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan3.40.5
972 ENBerenstain Bears On The Moon, TheBerenstain, Stan and Jan2.50.5
1012 ENBerenstain Bears Play T-Ball, TheBerenstain, Stan and Jan1.90.5
962 ENBerenstain Bears Too Much Vacation, TheBerenstain, Stan and Jan3.80.5
964 ENBerenstain Bears Trick or Treat, TheBerenstain, Stan and Jan4.00.5
64499 ENBernie Magruder & the Pirate's TreasureNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
209 ENBerries GoodmanNeville, Emily4.45.0
57088 ENBessie Bush BabySargent, Dave4.00.5
7207 ENBest Castle Ever, TheZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
253 ENBest Christmas Pageant Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.12.0
84878 ENBest DressedJones, Jasmine4.32.0
65669 ENBest Fall of All, TheGodwin, Laura0.80.5
900117 ENBest Friends Club (MH Edition), TheWinthrop, Elizabeth2.30.5
5458 ENBest Friends for FrancesHoban, Russell3.40.5
6209 ENBest Friends (New Kids at the Polk Street School)Giff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
8508 ENBest GirlSmith, Doris Buchanan4.74.0
80687 ENBest Halloween Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.42.0
305 ENBest-Laid Plans of Jonah Twist, TheHoneycutt, Natalie3.53.0
19847 ENBest Nest, TheEastman, P.D.2.10.5
10212 ENBest School Year Ever, TheRobinson, Barbara5.43.0
85615 ENBest Soccer Player, TheBlackaby, Susan0.90.5
9053 ENBest Trick of All, TheDale, Nora2.10.5
900198 ENBest Vacation Ever (MH Edition), TheHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane3.80.5
17303 ENBest Vacation Ever, TheMurphy, Stuart J.1.80.5
19890 ENBest Way to Play, TheCosby, Bill2.50.5
900195 ENBest Wishes, Ed (MH Edition)Stevenson, James2.50.5
20256 ENBeth Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.02.0
458 ENBetsy and the BoysHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
5404 ENBetsy and the CircusHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
59782 ENBetsy Ross and the Silver ThimbleGreene, Stephanie2.30.5
459 ENBetsy's Busy SummerHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
654 ENBetsy's Little StarHaywood, Carolyn3.62.0
7 ENBetsy-TacyLovelace, Maud Hart4.03.0
73250 ENBeware of DogBalaban, Bob6.74.0
86169 ENBeware of the Blabbermouth!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
5504 ENBeware the Dragons!Wilson, Sarah3.40.5
6055 ENBeyond the RidgeGoble, Paul3.90.5
101196 ENBeyond the Valley of ThornsCarman, Patrick6.28.0
6254 ENBig AlClements, Andrew3.80.5
460 ENBig Base HitHughes, Dean3.71.0
900051 ENBig, Big Pig (MH Edition), AKatz, Andrea0.80.5
7208 ENBig Bird's Copycat DayLerner, Sharon1.70.5
900216 ENBig Blue Whale (MH Edition)Davies, Nicola4.20.5
900009 ENBig Brother Little Brother (MH Edition)Dale, Penny1.10.5
31584 ENBig Brown BearMcPhail, David0.40.5
10205 ENBig Bug BookFacklam, Margery5.81.0
6056 ENBig Dog...Little DogEastman, P.D.1.70.5
72915 ENBig Halloween Scare, TheBanks, Steven2.20.5
9010 ENBig Honey Hunt, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.70.5
9108 ENBig JakeSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
1004 ENBig Leaf Pile, ThePage, Josephine1.90.5
7307 ENBig MaxPlatt, Kin2.10.5
900026 ENBig? (MH Edition)Lear, Rachel0.70.5
7209 ENBig Mile Race, TheKessler, Leonard1.70.5
11353 ENBig PumpkinSilverman, Erica2.80.5
103 ENBig RedKjelgaard, Jim5.69.0
29469 ENBig Red BarnBrown, Margaret Wise2.40.5
86019 ENBig Red TubJarman, Julia1.50.5
900057 ENBig Secret (MH Edition), TheKane, Tim1.30.5
86222 ENBig Sister Dora!Inches, Alison2.10.5
900290 ENBig & Small (MH Edition)Erickson, Christopher4.40.5
900050 ENBig Sun (MH Edition), TheMaia, Michael0.70.5
900059 ENBigger House for June (MH Edition), ASmyth, Anna1.70.5
29774 ENBiggest Bear, TheWard, Lynd3.90.5
7253 ENBiggest Dinosaurs, TheBerenstain, Michael3.20.5
32379 ENBiggest Klutz in Fifth Grade, TheWallace, Bill4.14.0
6057 ENBigmama'sCrews, Donald2.80.5
9011 ENBike Lesson, TheBerenstain, Stan/Jan1.60.5
15853 ENBill BuffaloSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
988 ENBill Clinton - Childhood of the PresidentsSchlesinger, Arthur M.4.52.0
9109 ENBilly BeaverSargent, Dave/Pat5.01.0
900142 ENBilly Fish (MH Edition)Popper, Edward S.2.60.5
15854 ENBilly GoatSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
15797 ENBilly the Ghost and MeGreer/Ruddick2.30.5
5002 ENBingo Brown and the...of LoveByars, Betsy4.34.0
6605 ENBingo Brown's Guide to RomanceByars, Betsy4.23.0
15855 ENBingo the PantherSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
44890 ENBinky RulesBrown/Krensky3.41.0
5505 ENBionic Bunny Show, TheBrown, Marc2.80.5
15455 ENBird-Eating Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
1075 ENBird Feeder, TheCoulton, Mia1.80.5
900067 ENBirds' Nests (MH Edition)Obolensky, Julia2.20.5
27757 ENBirds (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.20.5
11456 ENBirthday SurprisesHurwitz, Johanna5.13.0
84976 ENBiscuit and the BabyCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.90.5
43663 ENBiscuit Finds a FriendCapucilli, Alyssa Satin0.80.5
2486 ENBiscuit's PicnicCapucilli, Alyssa Satin1.10.5
900038 ENBlack and White (MH Edition)Jo, Amy2.40.5
27767 ENBlack BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
8 ENBlack BeautySewell, Anna7.711.0
30528 ENBlack Beauty (Great Illustrated Classics)Sewell/Laiken5.02.0
29517 ENBlack CatMyers, Christopher3.60.5
210 ENBlack Cauldron, TheAlexander, Lloyd5.27.0
15856 ENBlack Kettle Ride, TheBrown, Cinita4.73.0
15857 ENBlack Panther, TheSargent, Pat4.52.0
104 ENBlack Pearl, TheO'Dell, Scott5.44.0
655 ENBlack Snowman, TheMendez, Phil3.70.5
10556 ENBlack Stallion and Satan, TheFarley, Walter5.47.0
10557 ENBlack Stallion and the Girl, TheFarley, Walter6.08.0
10555 ENBlack Stallion Legend, TheFarley, Walter6.37.0
10558 ENBlack Stallion's Blood Bay Colt, TheFarley, Walter6.012.0
105 ENBlack Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.27.0
15456 ENBlack Widow Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
656 ENBlackberries in the DarkJukes, Mavis3.61.0
40674 ENBlackie CrowSargent, Dave/David4.60.5
85112 ENBlackout!Peterson, Scott3.20.5
11150 ENBlackwater SwampWallace, Bill4.25.0
20257 ENBlizzard Disaster, TheKehret, Peg4.64.0
109522 ENBlizzard of the Blue MoonOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
68987 ENBlizzard, TheWright, Betty Ren3.40.5
36570 ENBlizzard Year, AEhrlich, Gretel5.43.0
32327 ENBlork's Evil Twin (Space Brat 2)Coville, Bruce4.01.0
461 ENBlossom Promise, AByars, Betsy4.14.0
306 ENBlossoms and the Green Phantom, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
307 ENBlossoms Meet the Vulture Lady, TheByars, Betsy4.34.0
5506 ENBlow Me a Kiss, Miss LillyCarlstrom, Nancy3.60.5
10274 ENBlowing Bubbles With the EnemyJackson, Alison4.34.0
156 ENBlue MoosePinkwater, Manus4.40.5
43225 ENBlue Rabbit and FriendsWormell, Christopher2.70.5
49898 ENBlue's Clues: Blue Is My Name!Santomero, Angela C.0.90.5
658 ENBlue Skies, French FriesDelton, Judy3.11.0
106 ENBlue Sword, TheMcKinley, Robin6.817.0
12548 ENBlue Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.10.5
9 ENBlue WillowGates, Doris6.56.0
5459 ENBlueberries For SalMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
5804 ENBluebonnet at the AlamoCasad, Mary Brooke3.90.5
7952 ENBluebonnet at the State FairCasad, Mary Brooke3.30.5
7953 ENBluebonnet of the Hill CountryCasad, Mary Brooke4.00.5
65764 ENBMX Biking (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
79399 ENBMX FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.20.5
15200 ENBoa Constrictors (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.3.90.5
40675 ENBob White the QuailSargent, Dave/David4.60.5
11569 ENBobbin Girl, TheMcCully, Emily Arnold4.20.5
9110 ENBobby BobcatSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
9304 ENBobby's ZooLunn, Carolyn1.10.5
78356 ENBobcat, TheSargent, Pat L.4.32.0
40676 ENBogart the Blue JaySargent, Dave/David4.10.5
17558 ENBogeymen Don't Play FootballDadey/Jones3.41.0
16731 ENBoggart and the Monster, TheCooper, Susan6.27.0
7042 ENBoggart, TheCooper, Susan6.18.0
5652 ENBombay Boomerang, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
63508 ENBones of Fred McFee, TheBunting, Eve3.10.5
9305 ENBonk! Goes the BallStevens, Philippa0.50.5
83075 ENBooBooDunrea, Olivier1.20.5
68536 ENBookLyon, George Ella2.10.5
6353 ENBoonsville Bombers, TheHerzig, Alison Cragin3.11.0
19918 ENBootmaker and the Elves, TheLowell, Susan5.10.5
7178 ENBootsie Barker BitesBottner, Barbara2.60.5
7659 ENBorreguita and the CoyoteAardema, Verna3.10.5
5003 ENBorrowers Afloat, TheNorton, Mary6.06.0
10 ENBorrowers, TheNorton, Mary5.35.0
12549 ENBottlenose Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.30.5
67706 ENBow Wow Meow Meow: It's Rhyming Cats and DogsFlorian, Douglas2.40.5
900052 ENBox of Bugs (MH Edition), AMaxwell, Clark1.20.5
900027 ENBox, TheKeremes, Constance Andrea0.70.5
5301 ENBoxcar Children, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
900275 ENBoy and the Water Buffalo (MH Edition), TheDoak, Robin3.60.5
7660 ENBoy in the Doghouse, ADuffey, Betsy3.31.0
5460 ENBoy of the Three-Year Nap, TheSnyder, Dianne3.70.5
10559 ENBoy on a Black Horse, TheSpringer, Nancy4.45.0
404 ENBoy Who Ate Dog Biscuits, TheSachs, Betsy2.61.0
54491 ENBoy Who Cried Bigfoot, TheGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
70572 ENBoy Who Saved Baseball, TheRitter, John H.4.47.0
19211 ENBoy Who Wouldn't Go to Bed, TheCooper, Helen2.50.5
58215 ENBoys Return, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.74.0
10248 ENBoys Start the War, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.64.0
32501 ENBozo the CloneGreenburg, Dan3.11.0
89530 ENBrachiosaurusLindeen, Carol K.1.90.5
84481 ENBrainRoss, Veronica4.00.5
10655 ENBrave Maddie EggStandiford, Natalie2.81.0
16865 ENBread and Jam for FrancesHoban, Russell3.40.5
900203 ENBremen Town Musicians (MH Edition), TheGrimm, Brothers3.50.5
5507 ENBremen-town Musicians, TheGross, Ruth B.2.20.5
44925 ENBride of Frankenstein Doesn't Bake Cookies, TheDadey/Jones4.21.0
11 ENBridge to TerabithiaPaterson, Katherine4.65.0
10560 ENBridle PathBryant, Bonnie5.24.0
12 ENBrighty of the Grand CanyonHenry, Marguerite5.67.0
10283 ENBringing Nettie BackWilson, Nancy4.84.0
9758 ENBringing the Rain to Kapiti PlainAardema, Verna4.60.5
42543 ENBronc and Bareback RidingMcLeese, Tex4.40.5
13 ENBronze Bow, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.010.0
39795 ENBrookfield DaysWilkes/Henson4.41.0
46245 ENBrooms Are for Flying!Rex, Michael1.20.5
10261 ENBrown AngelsMyers, Walter Dean4.20.5
77181 ENBrownie and the Princess & Other Stories, TheAlcott, Louisa May6.89.0
31764 ENBrushing Well (PebbleBooks)Frost, Helen1.20.5
9111 ENBrutus the BearSargent, Dave/Pat4.61.0
659 ENBrutus the Wonder PoodleGondosch, Linda2.51.0
55113 ENBubba and Beau, Best FriendsAppelt, Kathi2.40.5
21496 ENBubba and TrixieErnst, Lisa Campbell3.50.5
58098 ENBuckshot (Saddle Up)Sargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
29554 ENBud, Not BuddyCurtis, Christopher Paul5.08.0
9112 ENBuddy BadgerSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
31058 ENBuffalo before BreakfastOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
15858 ENBuffy's RevengeSargent, David M.2.30.5
900085 ENBug Bath (MH Edition), TheMiranda, Anne1.20.5
9306 ENBugs!McKissack, Patricia C.0.40.5
42544 ENBull Riding and BullfightingMcLeese, Tex4.20.5
100115 ENBulldozersGlover, David4.10.5
1009 ENBulldozers (Mighty Machines)Martin, M.T.1.50.5
254 ENBunniculaHowe, Deborah/James4.22.0
32448 ENBunnicula Strikes Again!Howe, James4.83.0
19212 ENBunny CakesWells, Rosemary2.60.5
7254 ENBunny Hop, TheSlater, Teddy1.00.5
900279 ENBuried Treasure (MH Edition)Burgan, Michael3.70.5
211 ENBurning Questions of Bingo Brown, TheByars, Betsy4.14.0
9982 ENBurton and the Giggle MachineHaas, Dorothy4.23.0
5318 ENBus Station MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.62.0
73888 ENBusterFleming, Denise2.90.5
88501 ENBuster and the Giant PumpkinBrown, Marc2.70.5
25213 ENBuster's Dino DilemmaBrown, Marc3.21.0
484 ENBusybody NoraHurwitz, Johanna4.11.0
9012 ENButter Battle Book, TheSeuss, Dr.3.90.5
43946 ENButterfly, ThePolacco, Patricia3.80.5
19841 ENButton Box, TheReid, Margarette S.2.40.5
40677 ENBuzz BuzzardSargent, Dave/David4.70.5
9307 ENBuzz is Part of a Bee, ALunn, Carolyn1.40.5
212 ENBy the Shores of Silver LakeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.39.0
158 ENCabin Faced West, TheFritz, Jean5.13.0
900218 ENCactus Hotel (MH Edition)Guiberson, Brenda Z.4.70.5
58099 ENCactus (Saddle Up)Sargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
14 ENCaddie WoodlawnBrink, Carol Ryrie6.08.0
5004 ENCalico BushField, Rachel6.29.0
16876 ENCalico CowsDubanevich, Arlene2.70.5
10561 ENCall For CourageSnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
15 ENCall It CourageSperry, Armstrong6.23.0
107 ENCall of the Wild, TheLondon, Jack8.07.0
15859 ENCallieSargent, Dave5.43.0
900147 ENCalvin's Plan (MH Edition)Vegas, Nadia2.40.5
900025 ENCam and Luck (MH Edition)Apple, Gary0.80.5
1048 ENCam Jansen and the Mystery of the Dinosaur BonesAdler, David A.3.01.0
83533 ENCam Jansen and the Snowy Day MysteryAdler, David A.3.41.0
17661 ENCam Jansen...Carnival PrizeAdler, David A.3.71.0
17659 ENCam Jansen...Chocolate Fudge MysteryAdler, David A.3.71.0
17663 ENCam Jansen...Haunted HouseAdler, David A.3.51.0
17664 ENCam Jansen...Monster MovieAdler, David A.3.91.0
17665 ENCam Jansen...Stolen Corn PopperAdler, David A.3.81.0
308 ENCam Jansen...Stolen DiamondsAdler, David A.3.21.0
25016 ENCameron and CamilleKassel, Amber3.60.5
57089 ENCammie CamelSargent, Dave4.00.5
405 ENCamp Ghost-AwayDelton, Judy3.11.0
5327 ENCamp-Out Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
900238 ENCan Animals Talk? (MH Edition)Dubowski, Mark2.90.5
2507 ENCan I Have a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Dad? Can I? Please!?Grambling, Lois G.2.40.5
900063 ENCan Jodie Find It? (MH Edition)Conrad, Ana1.70.5
5405 ENCan't You Make Them...George?Fritz, Jean5.61.0
9113 ENCan't You Sleep, Little Bear?Waddell, Martin3.30.5
7255 ENCan You Play?Ziefert, Harriet0.50.5
9258 ENCanoe Trip Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
5461 ENCaps For SaleSlobodkina, Esphyr3.10.5
34555 ENCaptain Contest, TheChristopher, Matt3.91.0
34624 ENCaptain Underpants and the Attack of the Talking ToiletsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
35816 ENCaptain Underpants and the Perilous Plot of Professor PoopypantsPilkey, Dav4.71.0
108880 ENCaptain Underpants and the Preposterous...Potty PeoplePilkey, Dav4.71.0
71681 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 1...Nostril NuggetsPilkey, Dav5.21.0
72761 ENCaptain Underpants...Booger Boy, Part 2...Robo-BoogersPilkey, Dav4.91.0
34629 ENCaptain Underpants...Invasion...Cafeteria Ladies from Outer SpacePilkey, Dav4.41.0
54477 ENCaptain Underpants...Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanPilkey, Dav4.41.0
30530 ENCaptains Courageous (Great Illustrated Classics)Kipling/Vogel5.33.0
27777 ENCardinalsGerholdt, James E.4.10.5
1603 ENCaring (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.40.5
45117 ENCarlotta's Kittens and the Club of MysteriesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.54.0
900257 ENCarmen's E-Mail (MH Edition)Segovia, Alejandro3.40.5
86191 ENCarnival at CandlelightOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
63667 ENCarnivorous Carnival, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
462 ENCarp in the Bathtub, TheCohen, Barbara3.90.5
1021 ENCarrie's Surprise: The Sound of Hard CMeier, Joanne1.30.5
56403 ENCarrot in My PocketFlynn, Kitson2.80.5
16 ENCarry On, Mr. BowditchLatham, Jean4.18.0
5406 ENCase for Jenny Archer, AConford, Ellen3.01.0
34924 ENCase of Hermie the Missing Hamster, ThePreller, James2.91.0
62260 ENCase of the Bear Scare, ThePreller, James3.01.0
53074 ENCase of the Bicycle Bandit, ThePreller, James2.91.0
73737 ENCase of the Big Scare Mountain Mystery, TheEllis, Carol3.11.0
11044 ENCase of the Black-Hooded Hangmans, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
62261 ENCase of the Buried Treasure, ThePreller, James3.21.0
946 ENCase of the Cat's Meow, TheBonsall, Crosby2.50.5
34921 ENCase of the Christmas Snowman, ThePreller, James3.01.0
53075 ENCase of the Class Clown, ThePreller, James2.81.0
925 ENCase of the Cool-Itch Kid, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.01.0
73740 ENCase of the Creepy Castle, TheKatschke, Judy3.01.0
43460 ENCase of the Deadly Ha-Ha Game, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
62262 ENCase of the Disappearing Dinosaur, ThePreller, James3.21.0
10656 ENCase of the Double Bumblebee Sting, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
7308 ENCase of the Double Cross, TheBonsall, Crosby2.60.5
159 ENCase of the Elevator Duck, TheBerends, Polly4.01.0
86249 ENCase of the Falling Sky, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
7722 ENCase of the Fiddle-Playing Fox, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
73743 ENCase of the Flying Phantom, TheMetz, Melinda3.21.0
53577 ENCase of the Gasping Garbage, TheTorrey, Michele3.71.0
73745 ENCase of the Giggling Ghost, TheMetz, Melinda3.21.0
59772 ENCase of the Graveyard Ghost, TheTorrey, Michele4.21.0
34920 ENCase of the Great Sled Race, ThePreller, James2.91.0
7705 ENCase of the Halloween Ghost, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
82386 ENCase of the Haunted Maze, TheKaye, Marilyn3.41.0
54817 ENCase of the Haunted Scarecrow, ThePreller, James3.01.0
20258 ENCase of the Haystack Kitties, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
7706 ENCase of the Hooking Bull, TheErickson, John R.5.33.0
949 ENCase of the Hungry Stranger, TheBonsall, Crosby3.11.0
73752 ENCase of the Logical I Ranch, ThePreiss, Pauline3.01.0
73753 ENCase of the Mall Mystery, TheLeonhardt, Alice3.21.0
28733 ENCase of the Measled Cowboy, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
10657 ENCase of the Midnight Rustler, TheErickson, John R.5.53.0
61470 ENCase of the Missing Bird Dog, TheErickson, John R.4.23.0
56488 ENCase of the Mossy Lake Monster, TheTorrey, Michele3.81.0
12767 ENCase of the Night-Stalking Bone Monster, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
20259 ENCase of the On-Line AlienSteele, Alexander4.95.0
7708 ENCase of the One-Eyed Killer Stud Horse, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
43144 ENCase of the Raging Rottweiler, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
34925 ENCase of the Runaway Dog, ThePreller, James3.11.0
43145 ENCase of the Saddle House Robbery, TheErickson, John R.4.43.0
34922 ENCase of the Secret Valentine, ThePreller, James2.91.0
73756 ENCase of the Slam Dunk Mystery, TheDubowski, Cathy East2.91.0
5908 ENCase of the Stolen Baseball Cards, ThePreller, James3.11.0
73757 ENCase of the Summer Camp Caper, TheKatschke, Judy2.91.0
73758 ENCase of the Sundae Surprise, TheMetz, Melinda3.11.0
10915 ENCase of the Swirling Killer Tornado, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
87482 ENCase of the Tricky Trap, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
78103 ENCase of the Twisted Kitty, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
87460 ENCase of the Unicorn Mystery, TheAlexander, Heather3.11.0
10658 ENCase of the Vampire Cat, TheErickson, John R.5.03.0
20260 ENCase of the Vampire Vacuum Sweeper, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
27709 ENCase of the Vanishing Fishhook, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
9983 ENCase of the Weeping Witch, TheHildick, E.W.4.44.0
73760 ENCase of the Weird Science Mystery, TheKatschke, Judy3.01.0
5005 ENCassie BinegarMacLachlan, Patricia4.33.0
5006 ENCassie Bowen Takes Witch LessonsHines, Anna Grossnickle3.84.0
160 ENCastle in the Attic, TheWinthrop, Elizabeth4.96.0
9259 ENCastle Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
40723 ENCat at BatSchade, Susan1.00.5
213 ENCat Ate My Gymsuit, TheDanziger, Paula3.94.0
49401 ENCat GamesZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
9013 ENCat in the Hat Comes Back, TheSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
911 ENCat in the Hat, TheSeuss, Dr.1.90.5
17708 ENCat Next Door, TheKoda-Callan, Elizabeth3.50.5
9014 ENCat's Quizzer, TheSeuss, Dr.2.70.5
9864 ENCat Who Saw Red, TheBraun, Lilian Jackson5.48.0
17 ENCat Who Went to Heaven, TheCoatsworth, E.5.92.0
7256 ENCatch Me, Catch Me!Awdry, Rev. W.0.70.5
25209 ENCatcher's Mask, TheChristopher, Matt4.21.0
11406 ENCatcher with a Glass ArmChristopher, Matt3.72.0
28031 ENCaterpillar (Bug Books)Hartley, Karen3.10.5
31802 ENCaterpillars (Pebble Books)Frost, Helen2.10.5
463 ENCatnapping Caper, TheAnderson, Mary4.12.0
78684 ENCatsSimon, Seymour4.50.5
1074 ENCatsWilliams, Deborah1.60.5
27755 ENCats (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin3.80.5
24674 ENCattle (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.20.5
7210 ENCave BoyDubowski, Cathy1.20.5
900056 ENCave (MH Edition), TheAndrews, Sol1.00.5
900169 ENCaves at Lascaux (MH Edition), TheHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane2.90.5
108 ENCay, TheTaylor, Theodore5.34.0
660 ENCelery Stalks at Midnight, TheHowe, James4.02.0
1023 ENCeline and Cedric Go to the CircusMinden, Cecilia1.90.5
28005 ENCendrillon: A Caribbean CinderellaSanSouci, Robert D.3.70.5
18 ENCenterburg TalesMcCloskey, Robert6.05.0
7148 ENCenterfield BallhawkChristopher, Matt3.71.0
908 ENChair For My Mother, AWilliams, Vera B.2.10.5
255 ENChalk Box Kid, TheBulla, Clyde Robert2.71.0
9963 ENChamp HobarthStrommen, Judith3.85.0
900294 ENChampions of the World (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.10.5
900197 ENChange for the Quarter (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.50.5
20698 ENChanges for JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.31.0
5407 ENChanges For KirstenShaw, Janet3.91.0
5408 ENChanges For MollyTripp, Valerie3.71.0
5409 ENChanges For SamanthaTripp, Valerie3.91.0
51192 ENChanging Earth (Exploring the Earth), TheOlien, Becky4.50.5
559 ENCharley SkedaddleBeatty, Patricia5.27.0
20 ENCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryDahl, Roald4.85.0
900112 ENCharlie Anderson (MH Edition)Abercrombie, Barbara2.50.5
88697 ENCharlie Bone and the Castle of MirrorsNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
107039 ENCharlie Bone and the Hidden KingNimmo, Jenny4.610.0
78185 ENCharlie Bone and the Invisible BoyNimmo, Jenny4.910.0
71302 ENCharlie Bone and the Time TwisterNimmo, Jenny4.79.0
19 ENCharlotte's WebWhite, E.B.4.45.0
78186 ENChasing VermeerBalliett, Blue5.46.0
214 ENCheaper By the DozenGilbreth, Frank6.010.0
7211 ENChesterHoff, Syd1.90.5
940 ENChester Cricket's New HomeSelden, George4.63.0
9114 ENChester's WayHenkes, Kevin3.40.5
6058 ENChester the Out-of-Work DogSinger, Marilyn3.40.5
57090 ENChet CheetahSargent, Dave3.80.5
6108 ENChicken SundayPolacco, Patricia3.70.5
9511 ENChickenhouse House, TheHoward, Ellen4.01.0
24675 ENChickens (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.20.5
900135 ENChief's Daughter and the Hunting Dog (MH Edition), TheWallace, Peter2.80.5
6660 ENChildren of the Dust BowlStanley, Jerry6.82.0
27782 ENChimpanzeesWoods, Mae4.40.5
5508 ENChinese Mirror, TheGinsburg, Mirra3.40.5
36794 ENChinese New Year (Holidays and Celebrations)Schaefer, Lola M.2.20.5
10220 ENChino, ElSay, Allen3.60.5
15860 ENChip ChipmunkSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
5462 ENChita's Christmas TreeHoward, Elizabeth2.50.5
15509 ENChocolate by Hershey: A Story About Milton S. HersheyBurford, Betty5.91.0
6308 ENChocolate-Covered AntsManes, Stephen3.13.0
31099 ENChocolate-Covered-Cookie Tantrum, TheBlumenthal, Deborah2.20.5
5215 ENChocolate FeverSmith, Robert Kimmel4.21.0
10562 ENChocolate HorseBryant, Bonnie5.04.0
256 ENChocolate Touch, TheCatling, Patrick4.72.0
1584 ENChocolate (What's for Lunch?)Llewellyn, Claire3.50.5
34583 ENChocolatinaKraft, Erik3.40.5
9115 ENChrissy CottontailSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
257 ENChristina's GhostWright, Betty Ren4.13.0
65732 ENChristmas CricketBunting, Eve2.30.5
32903 ENChristmas Crocodile, TheBecker, Bonny3.60.5
50968 ENChristmas (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.1.90.5
58025 ENChristmas in CamelotOsborne, Mary Pope3.72.0
11163 ENChristmas in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls3.80.5
65186 ENChristmas in the CityKrupinski, Loretta4.00.5
71256 ENChristmas in the CountryRylant, Cynthia3.80.5
42922 ENChristmas Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.00.5
43747 ENChristmas Rat, TheAvi3.73.0
63612 ENChristmas TapestryPolacco, Patricia4.20.5
65733 ENChristmas TrollsBrett, Jan3.20.5
9655 ENChristmas Witch, TheOppenheim, Joanne3.70.5
17668 ENChristopher Davis's Best Year YetWohl, Lauren L.3.71.0
79575 ENChristopher Mouse: The Tale of a Small TravelerWise, William5.33.0
36795 ENCinco de Mayo (Holidays and Celebrations)Schaefer, Lola M.2.30.5
27491 ENCinderella's RatMeddaugh, Susan2.50.5
40678 ENCindy SparrowSargent, Dave/David4.40.5
52588 ENCircle of FireColeman, Evelyn4.75.0
309 ENCircle of GoldBoyd, Candy Dawson4.03.0
900212 ENCity Green (MH Edition)DiSalvo-Ryan, DyAnne3.50.5
900163 ENCity Horse (MH Edition), ACicero, Anna3.30.5
44894 ENCivil War on SundayOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
7309 ENClara and the BookwagonLevinson, Nancy Smiler2.20.5
32251 ENClara Ann CookieZiefert, Harriet1.90.5
55514 ENClara Barton (Breaking Barriers)Wheeler, Jill C.5.61.0
900171 ENClass 2-Much Makes Money (MH Edition)Vegas, Nadia2.90.5
310 ENClass ClownHurwitz, Johanna4.62.0
406 ENClass PresidentHurwitz, Johanna4.32.0
87221 ENClass Trip to the Haunted HouseJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
48727 ENClaws, Coats, and Camouflage: The Ways Animals Fit...WorldGoodman, Susan E.5.11.0
19931 ENClay BoyGinsburg, Mirra2.80.5
108873 ENClementinePennypacker, Sara4.52.0
900251 ENClever Jackal (MH Edition), TheLasky, Christine3.00.5
45430 ENClick, Clack, Moo: Cows That TypeCronin, Doreen2.30.5
1003 ENClick, Clack, Splish, SplashCronin, Doreen1.30.5
10511 ENClifford and the Big StormBridwell, Norman2.10.5
14608 ENClifford and the Grouchy NeighborsBridwell, Norman2.00.5
1047 ENClifford and the Halloween ParadeBridwell, Norman0.90.5
14609 ENClifford at the CircusBridwell, Norman2.10.5
921 ENClifford Gets a jobBridwell, Norman2.00.5
981 ENClifford goes to HollywoodBirdwell, Norman1.00.5
86751 ENClifford Goes to WashingtonBridwell, Norman2.70.5
59500 ENClifford's Best Friend: A Story About Emily ElizabethBridwell, Norman1.90.5
14612 ENClifford's Birthday PartyBridwell, Norman2.50.5
7257 ENClifford's ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9565 ENClifford's FamilyBridwell, Norman2.00.5
17515 ENClifford's First AutumnBridwell, Norman1.80.5
9566 ENClifford's First ChristmasBridwell, Norman1.90.5
17516 ENClifford's First HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
10513 ENClifford's Good DeedsBridwell, Norman2.20.5
10460 ENClifford's HalloweenBridwell, Norman1.80.5
53062 ENClifford's Happy Mother's DayBridwell, Norman1.90.5
11164 ENClifford's KittenBridwell, Norman1.90.5
9567 ENClifford's MannersBridwell, Norman1.90.5
10515 ENClifford's PalsBridwell, Norman2.40.5
7258 ENClifford's Puppy DaysBridwell, Norman1.90.5
42143 ENClifford's RiddlesBridwell, Norman1.40.5
14613 ENClifford's Sports DayBridwell, Norman1.80.5
7259 ENClifford's Thanksgiving VisitBridwell, Norman2.10.5
17518 ENClifford's TricksBridwell, Norman1.80.5
59502 ENClifford's ValentinesBridwell, Norman0.80.5
41852 ENClifford's Word BookBridwell, Norman1.20.5
14610 ENClifford Takes a TripBridwell, Norman2.00.5
6059 ENClifford the Big Red DogBridwell, Norman1.20.5
10512 ENClifford the Firehouse DogBridwell, Norman2.00.5
14611 ENClifford the Small Red PuppyBridwell, Norman2.10.5
31629 ENClifford, We Love YouBridwell, Norman1.60.5
10563 ENClose CallSnelling, Lauraine4.46.0
11408 ENClose to HomeWeaver, Lydia3.71.0
108921 ENCloudsHerriges, Ann2.20.5
5463 ENCloudy With a Chance of MeatballsBarrett, Judi4.30.5
900207 ENCloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (MH Edition)Barrett, Judi4.30.5
79527 ENClown FishLindeen, Carol K.1.80.5
1056 ENClown, TheUrmston, Kathleen0.20.5
5603 ENClue in the Crumbling Wall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.15.0
5604 ENClue in the Diary, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5653 ENClue in the Embers, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5605 ENClue in the Jewel Box, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5608 ENClue of the Black Keys, TheKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
5654 ENClue of the Broken Blade, TheDixon, Franklin w.5.35.0
5609 ENClue of the Broken Locket, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5611 ENClue of the Leaning Chimney, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
5613 ENClue of the Velvet Mask, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5614 ENClue of the Whistling Bagpipes, TheKeene, Carolyn5.86.0
5655 ENClue...Screeching Owl, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
15188 ENClydesdale Horses (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.3.60.5
7866 ENCoaching Ms. ParkerHeymsfeld, Carla3.82.0
42429 ENCoal Miner's Bride: The Diary of Anetka Kaminska, ABartoletti, Susan Campbell5.56.0
15181 ENCocker Spaniels (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
15861 ENCody CoyoteSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
7665 ENCoffin on a CaseBunting, Eve3.72.0
407 ENCold and Hot Winter, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.43.0
40585 ENCold Little Duck, Duck, DuckPeters, Lisa Westberg2.60.5
9308 ENCollectingDobkin, Bonnie2.10.5
27761 ENColliesKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
1055 ENColors in the CityEvans, Karen0.20.5
63525 ENColumbia: The First Space ShuttleFeldman, Heather5.20.5
24484 ENColumbus Day (Holiday Histories)Ansary, Mir Tamim2.90.5
29512 ENCome Along DaisySimmons, Jane1.30.5
7310 ENCome Back, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
162 ENCome Sing, Jimmy JoPaterson, Katherine4.78.0
9054 ENCome to My PartyRichardson, Judith1.50.5
161 ENComeback Dog, TheThomas, Jane Resh4.91.0
12551 ENCommon Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.50.5
311 ENComputer Nut, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
1011 ENConcrete MixersMcClellan, Ray1.70.5
61649 ENConfederate Fiddle, TheWilliams, Jeanne5.88.0
1605 ENConsideration (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.90.5
34653 ENCook-a-doodle-doo!Stevens/Crummel2.70.5
408 ENCookies and CrutchesDelton, Judy3.01.0
4514 ENCooperation (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia3.10.5
15451 ENCopperheads (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.20.5
5464 ENCorduroyFreeman, Don3.50.5
9116 ENCorneliusLionni, Leo2.20.5
464 ENCory Coleman, Grade 2Brimner, Larry Dane2.91.0
915 ENCougar!Marlow, Herb3.50.5
9656 ENCould It Be?Oppenheim, Joanne2.40.5
23666 ENCount KarlsteinPullman, Philip6.28.0
30531 ENCount of Monte Cristo (Great Illustrated Classics), TheDumas/Yamamoto5.63.0
35047 ENCount on CliffordBridwell, Norman1.50.5
66200 ENCountry FairMayer, Mercer0.50.5
41420 ENCounty FairWilder/MacBride3.90.5
4515 ENCourage (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia3.10.5
21 ENCourage of Sarah Noble, TheDalgliesh, Alice3.91.0
17765 ENCousins in the CastleWallace, Barbara Brooks6.07.0
900010 ENCow That Went Oink (MH Edition), TheMost, Bernard2.00.5
9977 ENCow Who Wouldn't Come Down, TheJohnson, Paul3.60.5
84512 ENCowgirl Kate and CocoaSilverman, Erica2.30.5
73094 ENCoyote School NewsSandin, Joan4.51.0
997 ENCoyotesMacken, JoAnn1.40.5
900136 ENCoyotes Rule! (MH Edition)Cardigan, H.H.2.30.5
215 ENCracker JacksonByars, Betsy4.24.0
1006 ENCranesMartin, M.T.1.60.5
5465 ENCream of Creature from the School CafeteriaThaler, Mike2.70.5
101716 ENCreature in the Wide-Mouth Cave, TheBevan, Clare2.80.5
22 ENCricket in Times Square, TheSelden, George4.94.0
52523 ENCrickets (Insects)Meister, Cari3.80.5
5656 ENCrisscross Shadow, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
51250 ENCrocodile ListensSayre, April Pulley2.00.5
5615 ENCrooked Banister, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
4775 ENCrops on the Farm (Farm)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.30.5
9548 ENCrossing the Starlight BridgeMead, Alice4.33.0
32413 ENCub in the CupboardBaglio, Ben M.4.14.0
7666 ENCuckoo Child, TheKing-Smith, Dick5.73.0
10659 ENCupid Doesn't Flip HamburgersDadey/Jones3.61.0
5509 ENCurious GeorgeRey, H.A.2.60.5
36641 ENCurious George and the Dump TruckRey, Margret/H.A.2.90.5
7212 ENCurious George at the BeachRey, Margret2.20.5
409 ENCurious George Flies a KiteRey, Margret2.70.5
27520 ENCurious George Makes PancakesRey, Margret/H.A.3.30.5
7213 ENCurious George Visits the ZooRey, Margret2.60.5
9873 ENCurse of the Blue Figurine, TheBellairs, John5.18.0
9117 ENCurse of the Cobweb QueenHayes, Geoffrey3.00.5
7709 ENCurse of the Incredible Priceless Corncob, TheErickson, John R.4.93.0
73960 ENCurse of the Raven Mocker, TheYoumans, Marly6.39.0
410 ENCurse of the Squirrel, TheYep, Laurence3.01.0
411 ENCybil War, TheByars, Betsy4.23.0
12768 ENCyclops Doesn't Roller-SkateDadey/Jones3.71.0
16975 END.W. All WetBrown, Marc1.40.5
16976 END.W. FlipsBrown, Marc1.50.5
53532 END.W.'s Library CardBrown, Marc2.50.5
16977 END.W. the Picky EaterBrown, Marc2.90.5
16979 END.W. Thinks BigBrown, Marc2.40.5
27762 ENDachshundsKallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
36812 ENDairy Group (The Food Guide Pyramid), TheFrost, Helen2.10.5
19944 ENDaisy Is a MommyKopper, Lisa1.00.5
104348 ENDale Earnhardt, Jr.Horn, Geoffrey M.4.71.0
100144 ENDallas CowboysLeBoutillier, Nate2.70.5
15182 ENDalmatians (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
1032 ENDalton's Darn DogMeier, Joanne1.10.5
900188 ENDance the Flamenco (MH Edition)Epstein, Elaine3.10.5
9118 ENDancing With ManateesMcNulty, Faith3.90.5
12468 ENDandelionsBunting, Eve3.50.5
24158 ENDanger: Drugs and Your FriendsPicard, E. Rafaela4.10.5
24159 ENDanger: Drugs and Your ParentsPicard, E. Rafaela4.30.5
24160 ENDanger: Drugs in Your NeighborhoodPicard, E. Rafaela4.30.5
58762 ENDanger! EarthquakesSimon, Seymour4.00.5
5916 ENDanger in Quicksand SwampWallace, Bill4.35.0
41958 ENDanger in the PalaceDoyle/Macdonald6.55.0
5657 ENDanger on Vampire TrailDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
23 ENDaniel BooneDaugherty, James7.74.0
5510 ENDaniel's DogBogart, Jo Ellen2.60.5
64100 ENDaniel's PetAda, Alma Flor0.50.5
6060 ENDanny and the DinosaurHoff, Syd2.30.5
5007 ENDanny The Champion of the WorldDahl, Roald4.76.0
465 ENDaphne's BookHahn, Mary Downing4.26.0
54327 ENDappled ApplesCarr, Jan1.30.5
9055 ENDarcy and Gran Don't Like BabiesCutler, Jane2.40.5
412 ENDaring Rescue...Swimming Pig, TheSaunders, Susan4.51.0
86676 ENDark Hills Divide, TheCarman, Patrick6.110.0
109 ENDark is Rising, TheCooper, Susan6.213.0
7260 ENDavid and the GiantLittle, Emily1.50.5
30532 ENDavid Copperfield (Great Illustrated Classics)Dickens/Vogel5.03.0
8007 ENDavid's FatherMunsch, Robert N.3.20.5
67189 ENDavy Crockett (History Maker Bios)Alphin, Elaine Marie4.81.0
9119 ENDawn the DeerSargent, Dave/Pat4.81.0
32031 ENDay at Seagull Beach, AWallace, Karen1.90.5
5466 ENDay Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash, TheNoble, Trinka2.20.5
15862 ENDay My Life Went Crazy, TheFowler, Leah3.80.5
20015 ENDay of the Dragon KingOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
74624 ENDay the Babies Crawled Away, TheRathmann, Peggy2.50.5
104460 ENDays of the WeekDougherty, Terri1.40.5
6061 ENDays With Frog and ToadLobel, Arnold2.50.5
5410 ENDead Man in Indian Creek, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.94.0
20016 ENDeadly Dungeon, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
900181 ENDear Diary (MH Edition)Epstein, Elaine2.80.5
24 ENDear Mr. HenshawCleary, Beverly4.93.0
900062 ENDebbie's Good Night Pals (MH Edition)Argente, Jeanne2.10.5
6665 ENDeDe Takes Charge!Hurwitz, Johanna4.33.0
16361 ENDentists (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.80.5
100145 ENDenver BroncosLeBoutillier, Nate2.70.5
83778 ENDesert Food ChainsKalman, Bobbie5.41.0
5321 ENDeserted Library MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
947 ENDetective DinosaurAnonymous2.81.0
24670 ENDevon Rex CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
15452 ENDiamondback Rattlesnakes (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.10.5
116574 ENDiary of a FlyCronin, Doreen3.20.5
113950 ENDiary of a Wimpy KidKinney, Jeff5.23.0
72276 ENDiary of a WormCronin, Doreen2.80.5
110 ENDicey's SongVoigt, Cynthia5.011.0
9015 ENDid I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?Seuss, Dr.3.50.5
312 ENDid You Carry the Flag Today, Charley?Caudill, Rebecca3.92.0
163 ENDifferent DragonsLittle, Jean3.73.0
900054 ENDig for Clams (MH Edition)Oliver, Paula1.10.5
20261 ENDigging up the PastSathre, Vivian3.94.0
9120 ENDike the WolfSargent, Dave/Pat4.71.0
15863 ENDillon's RevengeMarlow, Herb4.80.5
57091 ENDing BatSargent, Dave4.90.5
35832 ENDingoes at DinnertimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
40679 ENDinky DuckSargent, Dave/David4.50.5
30747 ENDinorella: A Prehistoric Fairy TaleEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.50.5
7261 ENDinosaur BabiesPenner, Lucille2.10.5
7262 ENDinosaur GardenDonnelly, Liza0.70.5
10660 ENDinosaur Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
7263 ENDinosaur Who Lived in In My Backyard, TheHennessy, B.G.2.70.5
21346 ENDinosaurs Are Back and It's All Your Fault Edward!, TheHartmann/Daly2.00.5
6311 ENDinosaurs before DarkOsborne, Mary Pope2.61.0
7214 ENDinosaurs, DinosaursBarton, Byron2.90.5
900274 ENDinosaurs Lived Here (MH Edition)Putterman, Rona3.80.5
54449 ENDinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins, TheKerley, Barbara5.00.5
104876 ENDiplodocus (Capstone Press)Riehecky, Janet1.70.5
216 ENDirt Bike RacerChristopher, Matt4.04.0
79465 ENDirt BikesDoeden, Matt2.50.5
9309 ENDirty LarryHamsa, Bobbie0.80.5
73265 ENDisappearing DonutsHerman, Gail2.10.5
5658 ENDisappearing Floor, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
9261 ENDisappearing Friend Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.82.0
83171 ENDiscovery at Flint SpringsErickson, John R.5.45.0
900301 ENDo Animals Think? (MH Edition)Lambeth, Ellen4.30.5
9658 ENDo You Like Cats?Oppenheim, Joanne2.70.5
5511 ENDoctor De SotoSteig, William3.60.5
6062 ENDoctor De Soto Goes to AfricaSteig, William4.10.5
15156 ENDoctors (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.80.5
9056 ENDoes the Moon Change Shape?Goldish, Meish2.90.5
7711 ENDoes Third Grade Last Forever?Schanback, Mindy3.32.0
32679 ENDog DaysRodowsky, Colby4.93.0
15193 ENDog-Faced Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.10.5
7557 ENDog for a DayGackenbach, Dick3.00.5
40182 ENDog Like Jack, ADiSalvo-Ryan, DyAnne3.20.5
164 ENDog on Barkham Street, AStolz, Mary4.65.0
20262 ENDog Overboard!Sathre, Vivian4.25.0
57163 ENDog's Colorful DayDodd, Emma1.90.5
9121 ENDog That Pitched a No-Hitter, TheChristopher, Matt3.70.5
15864 ENDog, TheWard, Laura1.40.5
89033 ENDog Who Cried "Woof!", TheBarkly, Bob1.70.5
6261 ENDog Who Had Kittens, TheRobertus, Polly3.30.5
78687 ENDogsSimon, Seymour4.60.5
27754 ENDogs (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin3.90.5
11645 ENDogzillaPilkey, Dav4.20.5
5008 ENDoll in the Garden, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.84.0
41789 ENDoll People, TheMartin/Godwin4.05.0
258 ENDollhouse Murders, TheWright, Betty Ren4.35.0
998 ENDolphinsLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
17563 ENDolphins at DaybreakOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
900166 ENDolphins (MH Edition)Adams, Barbara3.90.5
900286 ENDon't Believe It! (MH Edition)Dubowski, Mark4.40.5
466 ENDon't Call Me Toad!Shura, Mary Francis4.93.0
54478 ENDon't Count on DraculaGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
900127 ENDon't Float in Blue Jam (MH Edition)Feury, Dan2.20.5
103466 ENDon't Go in the CellarStrong, Jeremy3.61.0
19910 ENDon't Hurt My PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
86170 ENDon't Sit on My Lunch!Klein, Abby3.21.0
25 ENDoor in the Wall, ThedeAngeli, Marguerite6.24.0
900149 ENDora and the Un-Club (MH Edition)Linde, Barbara2.50.5
83767 ENDora's Book of MannersRicci, Christine2.50.5
101304 ENDora's Costume Party!Ricci, Christine2.50.5
84915 ENDora's Pirate AdventureValdes, Leslie2.10.5
5411 ENDouble Dog DareGilson, Jamie4.03.0
61267 ENDouble FudgeBlume, Judy3.65.0
7264 ENDouble-HeaderHerman, Gail1.50.5
5616 ENDouble Jinx Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
900070 ENDown by the Bay (MH Edition)Udave, Consuelo2.90.5
14406 ENDown the RoadSchertle, Alice3.40.5
7215 ENDozen Dogs, AZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
32497 ENDr. Jekyll, OrthodontistGreenburg, Dan2.91.0
9016 ENDr. Seuss's ABCSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
9017 ENDr. Seuss's Sleep BookSeuss, Dr.4.00.5
31412 ENDr. WhiteGoodall, Jane3.50.5
8961 ENDracula and Other Vampire StoriesKudalis, Eric4.50.5
10689 ENDracula Doesn't Drink LemonadeDadey/Jones3.61.0
34928 ENDracula Doesn't Rock and RollDadey/Jones3.81.0
17669 ENDragon BonesHindman, Paul3.31.0
35311 ENDragon BreathO'Connor, Jane2.60.5
19846 ENDragon Gets ByPilkey, Dav2.60.5
44066 ENDragon of Lonely Island, TheRupp, Rebecca5.04.0
107297 ENDragon of Never-Was, TheDowner, Ann6.411.0
113579 ENDragon of the Red DawnOsborne, Mary Pope3.92.0
900234 ENDragon Parade (MH Edition)Pittaluga, Matthew3.00.5
82162 ENDragon RiderFunke, Cornelia4.916.0
110905 ENDragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, TheSteer, Dugald A.5.67.0
19845 ENDragon's Fat CatPilkey, Dav2.80.5
2463 ENDragon's Scales, TheAlbee, Sarah3.00.5
52525 ENDragonflies (Insects)Meister, Cari3.40.5
15865 ENDragonflyHays, Bradley Chance2.40.5
5412 ENDragonling, TheKoller, Jackie4.01.0
12769 ENDragons Don't Cook PizzaDadey/Jones3.61.0
111 ENDragonwingsYep, Laurence5.310.0
900213 ENDream Wolf (MH Edition)Goble, Paul3.20.5
18762 ENDreams in the Golden Country: The Diary of Zipporah Feldman... eLasky, Kathryn4.54.0
259 ENDrinking Gourd, TheMonjo, F.N.3.00.5
36806 ENDrinking Water (The Food Guide Pyramid)Frost, Helen1.70.5
20263 ENDrive-In of DoomStrickland/Fuller4.74.0
922 ENDriver's EdCooney, Caroline8.06.0
25258 ENDrop of Water, AWick, Walter5.80.5
63423 ENDroughts of the Past and the FutureDonnelly, Karen5.80.5
61959 ENDrums (Wonder Books)Klingel/Noyed0.90.5
77201 ENDuck for PresidentCronin, Doreen3.90.5
58826 ENDuck on a BikeShannon, David2.00.5
13807 ENDucks Don't Get WetGoldin, Augusta3.70.5
19936 ENDumb Bunnies Go to the Zoo, TheDenim, Sue2.70.5
1007 ENDump TrucksMcClellan, Ray1.30.5
9122 ENDumpling SoupRattigan, Jama Kim3.40.5
77950 ENDumpy to the Rescue!Edwards/Hamilton0.70.5
78918 ENDungeon of Doom, TheErickson, John R.4.83.0
6461 ENDynamite DinahMills, Claudia5.04.0
10564 ENEagle's WingsSnelling, Lauraine4.05.0
58264 ENEaglet's WorldMinshull, Evelyn2.60.5
55469 ENEarly Battles of the American RevolutionWade, Linda R.5.40.5
54162 ENEarly Sunday Morning: The Pearl Harbor Diary of Amber BillowsDenenberg, Barry5.63.0
77210 ENEarth Day BirthdaySchnetzler, Pattie2.10.5
1010 ENEarth MoversMartin, M.T.1.20.5
6412 ENEarth to MatthewDanziger, Paula4.14.0
4753 ENEarth (Universe), TheWelsbacher, Anne3.90.5
58938 ENEarthmovers (Pull Ahead Books)Hill, Lee Sullivan2.10.5
51896 ENEarthquake in the Early MorningOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
52873 ENEaster Bunny's Baby, TheWeigelt/James3.00.5
5413 ENEaster Cat, TheDeJong, Meindert5.03.0
61698 ENEaster (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.1.80.5
68253 ENEaster Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.30.5
45994 ENEastern Woodlands IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim4.60.5
87518 ENEat Your Peas, Ivy LouiseLandry, Leo1.90.5
9310 ENEat Your Peas, Louise!Snow, Pegeen0.70.5
313 ENEating Ice Cream With a WerewolfGreen, Phyllis3.42.0
36807 ENEating Right (The Food Guide Pyramid)Frost, Helen2.20.5
26 ENEddie and GardeniaHaywood, Carolyn3.83.0
27 ENEddie and the Fire EngineHaywood, Carolyn4.23.0
5414 ENEddie's Blue-Winged DragonAdler, C.S.4.44.0
28 ENEddie's Green ThumbHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
12073 ENEducating ArthurGraham, Amanda2.80.5
89761 ENEelsStone, Lynn M.3.70.5
42152 ENEeyore Finds FriendsMilne/Gaines2.30.5
85540 ENEggs for Everyone!Driscoll, Laura1.30.5
217 ENEgypt Game, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.47.0
260 ENEinstein Anderson, Science SleuthSimon, Seymour4.42.0
61079 ENElectricity (Our Physical World)Olien, Becky3.90.5
900267 ENElephant Story (MH Edition)Sinetos, Lorraine4.40.5
15866 ENEli the ElkSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
17769 ENElla EnchantedLevine, Gail Carson4.68.0
5009 ENEllen TebbitsCleary, Beverly4.93.0
57092 ENEllie ElephantSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
36430 ENElmer and the KangarooMcKee, David2.70.5
32985 ENElmer Takes OffMcKee, David2.50.5
31095 ENEloise (The Absolutely Essential Eloise)Thompson, Kay4.61.0
17670 ENEmily at SchoolWilliams, Suzanne2.40.5
44253 ENEmily's First 100 Days of SchoolWells, Rosemary3.30.5
6262 ENEmily's Runaway ImaginationCleary, Beverly6.16.0
7265 ENEmmaKesselman, Wendy2.90.5
29963 ENEmma and the Silk TrainLawson, Julie3.20.5
21381 ENEmma's LambLewis, Kim2.00.5
36328 ENEmperor's Egg, TheJenkins, Martin4.10.5
14666 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Disgusting SneakersSobol, Donald J.4.01.0
20264 ENEncy. Brown...Case of the Sleeping DogSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
5415 ENEncyclopedia Brown Boy DetectiveSobol, Donald J.4.11.0
10661 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case...Dead EaglesSobol, Donald J.4.31.0
10662 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Case...Secret PitchSobol, Donald J.4.42.0
7715 ENEncyclopedia Brown...Mysterious HandprintsSobol, Donald J.4.51.0
10664 ENEncyclopedia Brown's Book of Strange But True CrimesSobol, Donald/Rose5.33.0
10663 ENEncyclopedia Brown Takes the CaseSobol, Donald J.4.21.0
110253 ENEnd, TheSnicket, Lemony7.39.0
52589 ENEnemy in the FortBuckey, Sarah Masters4.65.0
19932 ENEngelbert Joins the CircusPaxton, Tom3.40.5
1018 ENErin and Her New Pet: The Sound of Short EMeier, Joanne1.60.5
6609 ENErin McEwan, Your Days Are NumberedRitchie, Alan4.96.0
51171 ENErosion (Exploring the Earth)Olien, Becky4.40.5
46103 ENErsatz Elevator, TheSnicket, Lemony6.67.0
44286 ENEsperanza RisingRyan, Pam Muñoz5.36.0
1017 ENEve's Green Garden: The Sound of Long EMinden, Cecilia1.60.5
55472 ENEvents Leading to the American RevolutionWade, Linda R.5.90.5
17310 ENEvery Buddy CountsMurphy, Stuart J.2.60.5
6264 ENEvery Dog Has His DayErickson, John R.4.93.0
900141 ENEverybody's Happy (MH Edition)Cicero, Anna2.70.5
9311 ENEverybody SaysDobkin, Bonnie1.20.5
78832 ENEveryday HeroFigueroa, Acton2.10.5
900264 ENEveryone Always Complains about the Weather (MH Edition)Vega, Truman3.60.5
48071 ENEverything on a WaffleHorvath, Polly5.85.0
24671 ENExotic Shorthair CatsKallen, Stuart A.4.00.5
10665 ENExtraordinary Adventures of an Ordinary Hat, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
10227 ENEyes of Gray WolfLondon, Jonathan3.10.5
900170 ENFace of the West (MH Edition), TheAronson, Billy2.90.5
5010 ENFacts and Fictions of Minna PrattMacLachlan, Patricia5.74.0
7721 ENFaded LoveErickson, John R.4.53.0
53562 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard4.74.0
944 ENFair WeatherPeck, Richard5.07.0
58908 ENFalcon and the Charles Street WitchGray, Luli6.15.0
900036 ENFall is Fun! (MH Edition)Archer, Ron1.60.5
900222 ENFamily Game (MH Edition), TheVega, Truman2.40.5
467 ENFamily Under the Bridge, TheCarlson, Natalie4.73.0
15867 ENFancy FannieSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
6212 ENFancy Feet (New Kids at the Polk Street School)Giff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
5011 ENFantastic Mr. FoxDahl, Roald4.11.0
25230 ENFaraway SummerHurwitz, Johanna4.63.0
4768 ENFarm (Field Trips), TheKallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
67822 ENFarm LifeSpurr, Elizabeth2.10.5
58940 ENFarm Tractors (Pull Ahead Books)Nelson, Kristin L.2.60.5
112 ENFarmer BoyWilder, Laura Ingalls5.29.0
41409 ENFarmer Boy Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
20017 ENFarmer Boy DaysWilder/Peterson3.61.0
900137 ENFarmer Brown's Birthday Surprise (MH Edition)Julius, Jennifer2.90.5
7560 ENFarmer DuckWaddell, Martin2.20.5
15157 ENFarmers (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.50.5
9123 ENFast FriendsHorstman, Lisa3.60.5
16856 ENFat Cat Sat on the Mat, TheKarlin, Nurit1.90.5
7311 ENFather Bear Comes HomeMinarik, Else2.10.5
1025 ENFatima and Fay find a BirdMeier, Joanne1.20.5
36808 ENFats Oils, and Sweets (The Food Guide Pyramid)Frost, Helen2.30.5
14410 ENFeathers and FoolsFox, Mem4.10.5
6414 ENFelicity Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.31.0
6416 ENFelicity's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.51.0
49839 ENFelix Feels BetterWells, Rosemary2.10.5
737 ENFellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.129.0
111143 ENFergus CraneStewart, Paul5.64.0
900111 ENFernando's Gift (MH Edition)Keister, Douglas3.50.5
261 ENFerret in the Bedroom, Lizards in the FridgeWallace, Bill4.44.0
937 ENField Guide, TheBlack, Holly3.01.0
71261 ENFierce Yellow Pumpkin, TheBrown, Margaret Wise3.70.5
6920 ENFifteenCleary, Beverly5.47.0
5659 ENFigure in Hiding, ADixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
55473 ENFinal Years of the American RevolutionWade, Linda R.6.91.0
46348 ENFind the SnakeFoley, Cate1.10.5
5361 ENFinding Buck McHenrySlote, Alfred3.56.0
958 ENFingers, Forks, & ChopsticksLauber, Patricia3.20.5
51252 ENFire Fighter PiggyWiggyFox, Christyan/Diane2.70.5
15158 ENFire Fighters (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.60.5
4767 ENFire Station (Field Trips), TheKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
100118 ENFire TrucksGlover, David4.00.5
81293 ENFirefighters' Thanksgiving, TheBoelts, Maribeth1.80.5
7368 ENFireflies!Brinckloe, Julie3.20.5
52526 ENFireflies (Insects)Meister, Cari3.90.5
63237 ENFirewingOppel, Kenneth5.012.0
107301 ENFireworks at the FBIRoy, Ron3.91.0
41001 ENFirst Day JittersDanneberg, Julie2.40.5
900130 ENFirst Food: A South American Folktale (MH Edition)Justin, Gale3.30.5
5012 ENFirst Four Years, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.84.0
34574 ENFirst NightZiefert, Harriet1.80.5
44707 ENFirst TestPierce, Tamora5.38.0
27756 ENFish (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.30.5
9495 ENFisherman and His WifeZemach, Margot4.70.5
15194 ENFisherman Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.10.5
9124 ENFive Funny FrightsStamper, Judith Bauer2.90.5
900004 ENFive Little Ducks (MH Edition)Raffi1.80.5
113 ENFive Little Peppers and How They GrewSidney, Margaret7.913.0
967 ENFive Little PumpkinsRynbach, Iris Van0.60.5
7216 ENFive Silly FishermenEdwards, Roberta1.50.5
50150 ENFive Smooth Stones: Hope's DiaryGregory, Kristiana4.42.0
41663 ENFlag We Love, TheRyan, Pam Muñzo5.90.5
44271 ENFlea's Sneeze, TheDowney, Lynn2.50.5
114 ENFledgling, TheLangton, Jane5.06.0
5660 ENFlickering Torch Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.05.0
6046 ENFlight #116 Is DownCooney, Caroline B.5.17.0
49484 ENFlora's BlanketGliori, Debi2.00.5
5013 ENFlossie and the FoxMcKissack, Patricia C.3.20.5
32576 ENFluffy Goes to SchoolMcMullan, Kate2.20.5
36451 ENFluffy Saves ChristmasMcMullan, Kate2.50.5
165 ENFlunking of Joshua T. Bates, TheShreve, Susan5.12.0
6063 ENFly Away HomeBunting, Eve2.70.5
15195 ENFlying Fox Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.20.5
468 ENFog MagicSauer, Julia L.6.14.0
7217 ENFollow the Monsters!Lerner, Sharon1.40.5
24216 ENFood and Recipes of the PilgrimsErdosh, George4.80.5
83779 ENFood Chains and YouKalman, Bobbie5.10.5
31763 ENFood for Healthy Teeth (Pebble Books)Frost, Helen1.30.5
4173 ENFood for ThoughtTrumbauer, Lisa3.00.5
17565 ENFoolish GretelArmstrong, Jennifer3.61.0
9018 ENFoot Book, TheSeuss, Dr.0.60.5
73266 ENFootball FrightHerman, Gail2.20.5
49350 ENFootball in ActionCrossingham, John5.81.0
54512 ENFootball NightmareHirschfeld, Robert4.73.0
5661 ENFootprints Under the WindowDixon, Franklin W.6.15.0
8762 ENFor AlwaysBunting, Eve3.91.0
17282 ENFor the Love of the Game: Michael Jordan and MeGreenfield, Eloise3.50.5
83780 ENForest Food ChainsKalman, Bobbie5.10.5
27724 ENForever Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.81.0
83168 ENForging of the Blade, TheLa Fevers, R.L.4.23.0
10565 ENForgotten Filly, TheDickerson, Karle4.86.0
900105 ENFossils Tell of Long Ago (MH Edition)Aliki3.60.5
7312 ENFour on the ShoreMarshall, Edward2.30.5
314 ENFourth Floor...Skyscraper Parade, TheAdler, David A.3.31.0
5416 ENFourth-Grade CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly5.63.0
6361 ENFourth Grade RatsSpinelli, Jerry2.62.0
78611 ENFourth of July Mice!Roberts, Bethany0.90.5
36425 ENFox and the Stork, TheMcDermott, Gerald1.80.5
10566 ENFox HuntBryant, Bonnie5.04.0
6214 ENFox in a TrapThomas, Jane Resh4.82.0
9019 ENFox in SocksSeuss, Dr.2.10.5
105472 ENFox Makes FriendsRelf, Adam2.30.5
9588 ENFox on StageMarshall, James2.10.5
7313 ENFox on the JobMarshall, James2.00.5
218 ENFox Steals Home, TheChristopher, Matt4.54.0
7266 ENFox Went Out on a Chilly Night, TheSpier, Peter2.70.5
8962 ENFrankenstein and Other Stories of Man-made MonstersKudalis, Eric4.10.5
10666 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Plant PetuniasDadey/Jones3.71.0
35401 ENFrankenstein Doesn't Slam Hockey PucksDadey/Jones4.01.0
30533 ENFrankenstein (Great Illustrated Classics)Shelley/Vogel6.13.0
24969 ENFranklin and the ThunderstormBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18612 ENFranklin and the Tooth FairyBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
986 ENFranklin D. Roosevelt - Childhood of the PresidentsSchlesinger, Jr. Arthur M.4.22.0
18613 ENFranklin FibsBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
18614 ENFranklin Goes to SchoolBourgeois, Paulette2.90.5
18615 ENFranklin Has a SleepoverBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
900287 ENFranklin in Paris (MH Edition)Hudson, Ellie Mae5.00.5
18616 ENFranklin in the DarkBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18617 ENFranklin Is BossyBourgeois, Paulette2.20.5
18618 ENFranklin Is LostBourgeois, Paulette2.60.5
30704 ENFranklin's Christmas GiftBourgeois, Paulette3.10.5
30709 ENFranklin's Class TripBourgeois, Paulette2.50.5
18623 ENFranklin's HalloweenBourgeois, Paulette2.70.5
83522 ENFranklin's PumpkinJennings, Sharon2.30.5
53353 ENFranklin's ThanksgivingBourgeois/Jennings3.20.5
69328 ENFranklin Stays UpJennings, Sharon1.90.5
84881 ENFreaked OutAlfonsi, Alice4.42.0
262 ENFreckle JuiceBlume, Judy3.10.5
7267 ENFreddie's SpaghettiDoyle, Charlotte1.10.5
6064 ENFrederickLionni, Leo3.10.5
900179 ENFreedom Cat (MH Edition)Cardigan, H.H.2.90.5
52592 ENFreedom's Wings: Corey's DiaryWyeth, Sharon Dennis3.01.0
12559 ENFreshwater Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.20.5
900018 ENFriend for Little Bear (MH Edition), AHorse, Harry2.20.5
69322 ENFriend for Sam, ALabatt, Mary1.90.5
5417 ENFriend Like That, ASlote, Alfred3.34.0
2025 ENFriendliness (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.40.5
315 ENFriendship, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
63323 ENFright Night FlightMelmed, Laura Krauss2.90.5
934 ENFrindleClements, Andrew4.83.0
5512 ENFrog and Toad All YearLobel, Arnold2.60.5
6116 ENFrog and Toad Are FriendsLobel, Arnold2.90.5
5467 ENFrog and Toad TogetherLobel, Arnold2.90.5
6065 ENFrog Prince Continued, TheScieszka, Jon3.20.5
5513 ENFrog Prince, TheTarcov, Edith2.80.5
17526 ENFroggy Gets DressedLondon, Jonathan1.80.5
43610 ENFroggy Goes to BedLondon, Jonathan2.00.5
15805 ENFroggy Goes to SchoolLondon, Jonathan2.40.5
32246 ENFroggy Plays SoccerLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
78935 ENFroggy's Day with DadLondon, Jonathan2.20.5
19844 ENFroggy's First KissLondon, Jonathan2.60.5
34586 ENFroggy's HalloweenLondon, Jonathan2.70.5
18870 ENFrom Caterpillar to ButterflyHeiligman, Deborah2.90.5
29 ENFrom the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E....Konigsburg, E.L.4.75.0
167 ENFrozen FireHouston, James4.95.0
36809 ENFruit Group (The Food Guide Pyramid), TheFrost, Helen1.80.5
414 ENFudgeGraeber, Charlotte3.73.0
5220 ENFudge-A-ManiaBlume, Judy3.33.0
20265 ENFull Court FeverBowen, Fred4.32.0
1571 ENFull of Energy (It's Science!)Hewitt, Sally4.10.5
900035 ENFun Run (MH Edition)Patrick, Rachel1.40.5
76424 ENFun with Dick and JaneEditors, Scott Foresman1.50.5
9364 ENFunny Baby, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
69049 ENFurther Adventures of Gobbolino and the Little Wooden Horse, TheWilliams, Ursula Moray6.16.0
7724 ENFurther Adventures of Hank the CowdogErickson, John R.4.43.0
900021 ENGab and Sam (MH Edition)Blackaby, Susan0.50.5
219 ENGaffer Samson's LuckWalsh, Jill Paton4.74.0
4754 ENGalaxies (Universe)Welsbacher, Anne4.90.5
220 ENGammage Cup, TheKendall, Carol5.98.0
28734 ENGarbage Monster from Outer Space, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
14668 ENGargoyles Don't Drive School BusesDadey/Jones3.61.0
1022 ENGary Gets a Gift: The Sound of Hard GMeier, Joanne1.30.5
221 ENGathering of Days, ABlos, Joan6.75.0
30 ENGay-Neck, The Story of a PigeonMukerji, Dhan Gopal6.56.0
1030 ENGena and the Magic BearMeier, Joanne1.30.5
10667 ENGenies Don't Ride BicyclesDadey/Jones3.61.0
222 ENGentle BenMorey, Walt4.88.0
5468 ENGeorge and MarthaMarshall, James2.70.5
9057 ENGeorge Washington Carver Plant DoctorBenitez, Mirna3.20.5
5418 ENGeorge Washington's BreakfastFritz, Jean4.10.5
7268 ENGeraldine's BlanketKeller, Holly1.70.5
57652 ENGerm Busters, TheWells, Rosemary2.70.5
15183 ENGerman Shepherds (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
8413 ENGerms Make Me SickBerger, Melvin3.70.5
9058 ENGet Set and GoFeldman, Eve1.60.5
263 ENGetting Something on Maggie MarmelsteinSharmat, Marjorie4.22.0
5662 ENGhost at Skeleton Rock, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
5014 ENGhost BrotherAdler, C.S.4.25.0
83695 ENGhost ClassJones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
1045 ENGhost Eats it All!Trasler, Janee0.50.5
83696 ENGhost GameJones, Marcia Thornton3.71.0
912 ENGhost HorseMarlow, Herb2.50.5
415 ENGhost in Tent 19, TheO'Connor, Jim & Jane3.31.0
6364 ENGhost in the House, AWright, Betty Ren4.45.0
5419 ENGhost in the Window, AWright, Betty Ren5.55.0
7314 ENGhost Named Fred, ABenchley, Nathaniel2.40.5
917 ENGhost Named Fred, ABenchley, Nathaniel2.00.5
23291 ENGhost Named Wanda, AGreenburg, Dan3.91.0
5617 ENGhost of Blackwood Hall, TheKeene, Carolyn5.96.0
20266 ENGhost of Camp Whispering Pines, TheKorman, Susan4.51.0
75917 ENGhost of Cutler Creek, TheDeFelice, Cynthia5.05.0
26732 ENGhost of Fossil Glen, TheDeFelice, Cynthia4.95.0
65662 ENGhost of P.S. 42, TheAsch, Frank4.02.0
10668 ENGhost of Popcorn Hill, TheWright, Betty Ren3.51.0
900129 ENGhost on the Train (MH Edition), TheNorth, Emily2.40.5
10567 ENGhost RiderBryant, Bonnie4.94.0
9264 ENGhost Ship Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.03.0
5814 ENGhost Stories of Old TexasFowler, Zinita6.83.0
5869 ENGhost Stories of Old Texas, Vol. IIFowler, Zinita6.22.0
17566 ENGhost Town at SundownOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
32158 ENGhost TrapJoosse, Barbara M.3.21.0
10298 ENGhost WitchWright, Betty Ren3.92.0
86633 ENGhosts Be Gone!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
10669 ENGhosts Don't Eat Potato ChipsDadey/Jones3.41.0
10250 ENGhosts Don't Get GoosebumpsWoodruff, Elvira4.74.0
58130 ENGhosts Don't Ride Wild HorsesDadey/Jones4.11.0
900190 ENGiant Foam Sea Creatures (MH Edition)Bains, Brad3.70.5
27769 ENGiant PandasKallen, Stuart A.4.50.5
45683 ENGiant Shark: Megalodon, Prehistoric Super PredatorArnold, Caroline6.80.5
9059 ENGiant Surprise, AFeldman, Eve2.70.5
36697 ENGib and the Gray GhostSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.49.0
25056 ENGib Rides HomeSnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.39.0
27781 ENGibbonsWoods, Mae4.00.5
10568 ENGift HorseBryant, Bonnie5.05.0
6612 ENGift of the Girl Who Couldn't Hear, TheShreve, Susan4.92.0
5015 ENGift of the Pirate Queen, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly5.04.0
17672 ENGinger Brown: Too Many HousesWyeth, Sharon Dennis2.51.0
31 ENGinger PyeEstes, Eleanor6.09.0
34613 ENGingerbread BabyBrett, Jan3.50.5
6066 ENGingerbread Man, TheSchmidt, Karen2.60.5
9060 ENGingerbread Man, TheKimmel, Eric2.40.5
57093 ENGinny GiraffeSargent, Dave/Pat3.70.5
942 ENGiraffe, The Pelly, and Me, TheDahl, Roald2.73.0
926 ENGiraffes Can't DanceAndreae, Giles2.50.5
223 ENGirl Called Al, AGreene, Constance3.83.0
32208 ENGirl Who Chased Away Sorrow: The Diary of Sarah Nita, TheTurner, Ann5.15.0
19913 ENGirl Who Hated Ponies, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
6266 ENGirl Who Loved Caterpillars, TheMerrill, Jean5.60.5
5221 ENGirl Who Loved Wild Horses, TheGoble, Paul4.10.5
44108 ENGirl Who Spun Gold, TheHamilton, Virginia3.30.5
20267 ENGirls' Revenge, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.95.0
19904 ENGive Me Back My PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
17313 ENGive Me Half!Murphy, Stuart J.2.20.5
168 ENGive Us a Great Big Smile, Rosy ColeGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
5469 ENGiving Tree, TheSilverstein, Shel2.60.5
40680 ENGlenda GooseSargent, Dave/David4.30.5
76425 ENGo Away, SpotEditors, Scott Foresman1.20.5
10569 ENGo For the GlorySnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
9365 ENGo to Sleep, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
71385 ENGo to Sleep, Groundhog!Cox, Judy2.10.5
9312 ENGo-With WordsDobkin, Bonnie1.10.5
32412 ENGoat in the GardenBaglio, Ben M.4.24.0
24677 ENGoats (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.10.5
53934 ENGoin' Someplace SpecialMcKissack, Patricia C.4.30.5
900199 ENGoing Batty for Bats (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.70.5
169 ENGoing HomeMohr, Nicholasa4.46.0
31762 ENGoing to the Dentist (Pebble Books)Frost, Helen2.10.5
170 ENGold Cadillac, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.11.0
662 ENGolden Bird, TheStolp, Hans4.01.0
6669 ENGolden Days, TheRadley, Gail4.44.0
52330 ENGolden Mare, the Firebird, and the Magic Ring, TheSanderson, Ruth5.40.5
27764 ENGolden RetrieversKallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
25866 ENGolden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story, TheHickox, Rebecca4.70.5
57720 ENGoldie Locks Has Chicken PoxDealey, Erin2.20.5
224 ENGone-Away LakeEnright, Elizabeth5.37.0
73865 ENGoober (Saddle Up)Sargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
8525 ENGood-bye, Billy RadishSkurzynski, Gloria5.85.0
6067 ENGood-Bye Book, TheViorst, Judith1.90.5
6466 ENGood-bye, Chicken LittleByars, Betsy4.43.0
19908 ENGood-bye PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.41.0
900041 ENGood Life (MH Edition), TheWilliams, April1.70.5
32 ENGood Master, TheSeredy, Kate4.45.0
7269 ENGood Morning, ChickGinsburg, Mirra2.20.5
61516 ENGood Morning, GorillasOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
7315 ENGood Morning, Miss GatorKraus, Robert2.70.5
931 ENGoodbye, Mrs. ClapsaddleCannon, David6.12.0
7218 ENGoodnight MoonBrown, Margaret Wise1.80.5
77863 ENGoose MoonArden, Carolyn3.40.5
9125 ENGorillasDemuth, Patricia3.20.5
27779 ENGorillasWoods, Mae4.40.5
17673 ENGrace the PirateLasky, Kathryn4.91.0
36810 ENGrain Group (The Food Guide Pyramid), TheFrost, Helen2.20.5
4796 ENGrand Canyon (Going Places)Meister, Cari4.10.5
7139 ENGrandaddy and JanettaGriffith, Helen3.30.5
956 ENGrandaddy's PlaceGriffith, Helen V.3.00.5
900211 ENGrandfather's Journey (MH Edition)Say, Allen3.60.5
19842 ENGrandma Mooner Lost Her Voice!Edwards, Frank B.2.80.5
66244 ENGrandma's GardenMayer, Mercer1.30.5
171 ENGrandmother for the Orphelines, ACarlson, Natalie4.72.0
58957 ENGrandpa's FaceGreenfield, Eloise3.50.5
10229 ENGrandpa's MountainReeder, Carolyn5.37.0
34576 ENGrannyman, TheSchachner, Judith Byron4.10.5
8526 ENGrasshopper SummerTurner, Ann3.64.0
74460 ENGraves Family, ThePolacco, Patricia5.31.0
12560 ENGray Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.20.5
5663 ENGreat Airport Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
469 ENGreat Brain at the Academy, TheFitzgerald, John D.5.86.0
115 ENGreat Brain, TheFitzgerald, John5.27.0
9313 ENGreat Bug Hunt, TheDobkin, Bonnie1.80.5
9020 ENGreat Day for Up!Seuss, Dr.0.80.5
85408 ENGreat Easter Egg Hunt, TheGarland, Michael3.00.5
30535 ENGreat Expectations (Great Illustrated Classics)Dickens/Yamamoto5.63.0
116 ENGreat Gilly Hopkins, ThePaterson, Katherine4.65.0
264 ENGreat Ideas of Lila Fenwick, TheMcMullan, Kate4.84.0
6216 ENGreat Kapok Tree, TheCherry, Lynne3.80.5
10000 ENGreat Mosquito, Bull & Coffin Caper, TheLamb, Nancy4.12.0
6118 ENGreat Pumpkin Switch, TheMcDonald, Megan2.90.5
31190 ENGreat Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West, TheGregory, Kristiana5.75.0
85544 ENGreat Snail Race, TheOstrow, Kim2.70.5
900069 ENGreat Snakes! (MH Edition)Robinson, Fay1.30.5
6366 ENGreat Summer Camp Catastrophe, TheVanLeeuwen, Jean3.75.0
53436 ENGreat Whale of Kansas, TheJennings, Richard W.6.55.0
6068 ENGreat White Man-Eating Shark, TheMahy, Margaret4.80.5
12562 ENGreat White Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.20.5
100146 ENGreen Bay PackersFrisch, Aaron2.70.5
470 ENGreen Book, TheWalsh, Jill Paton5.52.0
9021 ENGreen Eggs and HamSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
17867 ENGreen Tent Mystery, TheHutchens, Paul5.65.0
54805 ENGreenish Eggs and DinosaursGreenburg, Dan3.31.0
11466 ENGreenwitchCooper, Susan5.36.0
900090 ENGreg's Mask (MH Edition)McGovern, Ann1.40.5
71754 ENGregor the OverlanderCollins, Suzanne4.88.0
45435 ENGregory's ShadowFreeman, Don2.60.5
10670 ENGremlins Don't Chew Bubble GumDadey/Jones3.71.0
9126 ENGreta GroundhogSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
33 ENGrey King, TheCooper, Susan6.29.0
81705 ENGrim Grotto, TheSnicket, Lemony6.58.0
27768 ENGrizzly BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
6218 ENGrizzly Sisters, TheBellows, Cathy3.70.5
15852 ENGrizzly, TheSargent, Pat4.61.0
7316 ENGrizzwoldHoff, Syd2.00.5
5514 ENGrouchy Ladybug, TheCarle, Eric2.80.5
225 ENGroundhog's HorseRockwood, Joyce4.33.0
9569 ENGrowing Vegetable SoupEhlert, Lois2.00.5
73866 ENGrubby (Saddle Up)Sargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
42387 ENGruffalo, TheDonaldson, Julia2.30.5
7613 ENGrumpy PumpkinsDelton, Judy3.11.0
20235 ENGuess How Much I Love YouMcBratney, Sam2.80.5
76426 ENGuess WhoEditors, Scott Foresman1.60.5
30534 ENGulliver's Travels (Great Illustrated Classics)Swift/Vogel6.13.0
32431 ENGumdrop Ghost, TheKeene, Carolyn2.81.0
19848 ENGus and GrandpaMills, Claudia2.50.5
19850 ENGus and Grandpa and the Christmas CookiesMills, Claudia3.20.5
19849 ENGus and Grandpa Ride the TrainMills, Claudia2.70.5
85086 ENGymnastics (After-School Fun)Macken, JoAnn Early1.40.5
67987 ENGymnastics (Wonder Books)Klingel, Cynthia2.30.5
101593 ENHabitats: Where Wildlife LivesPipe, Jim3.70.5
40902 ENHairy Maclary and Zachary QuackDodd, Lynley3.70.5
471 ENHalf MagicEager, Edward5.05.0
73312 ENHall MonitorAuerbach, Annie3.40.5
13785 ENHallo-wiener, ThePilkey, Dav3.20.5
108882 ENHalloween Fraidy-CatKlein, Abby3.31.0
50979 ENHalloween (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.2.20.5
19933 ENHalloween House, TheSilverman, Erica2.80.5
83079 ENHalloween HowlBridwell/Herman2.10.5
45436 ENHalloween Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.60.5
12563 ENHammerhead Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.00.5
27758 ENHamsters and Gerbils (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.10.5
79648 ENHands Off, Doc Ock!Egan, Kate3.10.5
32510 ENHang a Left at VenusGreenburg, Dan3.21.0
6421 ENHank the Cowdog and Monkey BusinessErickson, John R.4.83.0
54083 ENHanna's ChristmasPeterson, Melissa3.60.5
5817 ENHanna, the ImmigrantHart, Jan Siegel4.33.0
6367 ENHannahWhelan, Gloria4.31.0
6069 ENHansel and GretelLesser, Rika4.30.5
36796 ENHanukkah (Holidays and Celebrations)Schaefer, Lola M.2.40.5
9061 ENHappy Birthday!Motomora, Mitchell2.50.5
7219 ENHappy Birthday, Cookie Monster!Haus, Felice1.10.5
9367 ENHappy Birthday, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9455 ENHappy Birthday, Dear DuckBunting, Eve2.80.5
20697 ENHappy Birthday, Josefina!Tripp, Valerie4.31.0
5016 ENHappy Birthday, Kirsten!Shaw, Janet4.01.0
5017 ENHappy Birthday, Molly!Tripp, Valerie3.51.0
5515 ENHappy Birthday MoonAsch, Frank2.60.5
5018 ENHappy Birthday, Samantha!Tripp, Valerie3.71.0
7220 ENHappy Birthday, ThomasAwdry, Rev. W.1.10.5
9022 ENHappy Birthday to YouSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
9368 ENHappy Easter, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
83698 ENHappy Haunting!Jones, Marcia Thornton4.01.0
7270 ENHappy Mother's Day!Hautzig, Deborah1.40.5
7317 ENHappy Mother's DayKroll, Steven2.70.5
316 ENHappy Orpheline, TheCarlson, Natalie4.82.0
30619 ENHard Times on the PrairieWilder/Peterson3.71.0
900154 ENHare and Tortoise (MH Edition)Berg, Wally2.70.5
7318 ENHarold and the Purple CrayonJohnson, Crockett3.00.5
7319 ENHarold's Runaway NoseSonnenschein, Harriet2.70.5
10671 ENHarriet's HareKing-Smith, Dick4.12.0
226 ENHarriet the SpyFitzhugh, Louise4.58.0
115195 ENHarry and the Dinosaurs Go to SchoolWhybrow, Ian2.60.5
7271 ENHarry Goes to Day CampZiefert, James1.50.5
416 ENHarry Kitten and Tucker MouseSelden, George4.01.0
32081 ENHarry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsRowling, J.K.6.714.0
116230 ENHarry Potter and the Deathly HallowsRowling, J.K.6.934.0
40670 ENHarry Potter and the Goblet of FireRowling, J.K.6.832.0
89154 ENHarry Potter and the Half-Blood PrinceRowling, J.K.7.229.0
69785 ENHarry Potter and the Order of the PhoenixRowling, J.K.7.244.0
32082 ENHarry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanRowling, J.K.6.718.0
26759 ENHarry Potter and the Sorcerer's StoneRowling, J.K.5.512.0
611 ENHarry's MadKing-Smith, Dick4.83.0
985 ENHarry S. Truman - Childhood of the PresidentsSchlesinger, Arthur M.4.22.0
31600 ENHarry Takes a BathZiefert, Harriet1.00.5
17528 ENHarry the Dirty DogZion, Gene3.10.5
900175 ENHarry the Troll...3 Billy Goats Gruff (MH Edition)Lechner, Judith2.60.5
55159 ENHarvestWaldherr, Kris2.40.5
63494 ENHarvest HomeYolen, Jane4.20.5
25097 ENHarvest MoonOdom, Mel5.05.0
172 ENHarvey's Horrible Snake DisasterClifford, Eth4.43.0
41393 ENHat TrickChristopher, Matt4.11.0
70123 ENHatching MagicDowner, Ann7.29.0
1053 ENHatsWilliams, Deborah0.20.5
5019 ENHattie and the Wild WavesCooney, Barbara4.60.5
7221 ENHattie RabbitGackenbach, Dick2.50.5
5320 ENHaunted Cabin MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
20268 ENHaunted Clubhouse, TheLeavitt, Caroline4.04.0
5664 ENHaunted Fort, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
31059 ENHaunted Hotel, TheRoy, Ron3.41.0
10363 ENHaunted House, TheHutchens, Paul5.64.0
5619 ENHaunted Showboat, TheKeene, Carolyn5.46.0
317 ENHaunting of Grade Three, TheMaccarone, Grace3.81.0
81577 ENHave You Met My Ghoulfriend?Stine, R.L.3.23.0
173 ENHave You Seen Hyacinth Macaw?Giff, Patricia Reilly3.63.0
10570 ENHay FeverBryant, Bonnie5.04.0
10571 ENHayrideBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
900265 ENHe Always Did His Best: Roberto Clemente (MH Edition)Barry, Lauren4.30.5
117 ENHeadless Cupid, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.38.0
9127 ENHeadless Horseman, TheStandiford, Natalie2.80.5
53153 ENHeads UpChristopher/Peters4.01.0
2145 ENHealthy Body (Safe and Sound), ARoyston, Angela3.50.5
80587 ENHealthy Eating (Healthy Kids)Goulding, Sylvia4.40.5
84828 ENHearing (Our Senses)Woodward, Kay3.60.5
84482 ENHeartRoss, Veronica4.20.5
20269 ENHearts, Cupids, and Red RosesBarth, Edna6.82.0
4997 ENHector's HiccupsWardlaw, Lee2.10.5
9666 ENHedgehog Bakes a CakeMacdonald, Maryann2.20.5
5420 ENHedgehogs in the ClosetCarris, Joan4.24.0
32415 ENHedgehogs in the HallBaglio, Ben M.4.13.0
44037 ENHedgie's SurpriseBrett, Jan3.50.5
30536 ENHeidi (Great Illustrated Classics)Spyri/Laiken5.12.0
1958 ENHello, Biscuit!Capucilli, Alyssa Satin1.00.5
5020 ENHello, Mrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.24.0
265 ENHello, My Name Is Scrambled EggsGilson, Jamie4.04.0
9369 ENHelp for Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
472 ENHelp! I'm a Prisoner in the LibraryClifford, Eth4.02.0
77155 ENHelp! There's a Ghost in My Room!Katschke, Judy2.81.0
66202 ENHelping MomMayer, Mercer1.30.5
266 ENHenry and BeezusCleary, Beverly4.64.0
24965 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Good MoveRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
35182 ENHenry and Mudge and Annie's Perfect PetRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
6070 ENHenry and Mudge and the Bedtime ThumpsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
17529 ENHenry and Mudge and the Best Day of AllRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
16390 ENHenry and Mudge and the Careful CousinRylant, Cynthia2.10.5
14999 ENHenry and Mudge and the Forever SeaRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
6119 ENHenry and Mudge and the Happy CatRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
13396 ENHenry and Mudge and the Long WeekendRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
17530 ENHenry and Mudge and the Sneaky CrackersRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
32441 ENHenry and Mudge and the Snowman PlanRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
19222 ENHenry and Mudge and the Starry NightRylant, Cynthia2.20.5
9477 ENHenry and Mudge and the Wild WindRylant, Cynthia2.30.5
17531 ENHenry and Mudge Get the Cold ShiversRylant, Cynthia2.70.5
7320 ENHenry and Mudge in Puddle TroubleRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
15000 ENHenry and Mudge in the Green TimeRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
900202 ENHenry and Mudge (MH Edition)Rylant, Cynthia1.80.5
12753 ENHenry and Mudge Take the Big TestRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
417 ENHenry and RibsyCleary, Beverly4.63.0
418 ENHenry and the ClubhouseCleary, Beverly5.14.0
663 ENHenry and the Paper RouteCleary, Beverly5.34.0
19943 ENHenry & Horace Clean UpMennel, Wolfgang3.30.5
34 ENHenry HugginsCleary, Beverly4.73.0
35 ENHenry Reed, Inc.Robertson, Keith5.58.0
36 ENHenry Reed's Baby-Sitting ServiceRobertson, Keith5.16.0
473 ENHenry Reed's THINK TANKRobertson, Keith5.67.0
318 ENHerbie JonesKline, Suzy3.52.0
319 ENHerbie Jones and the Class GiftKline, Suzy3.41.0
20022 ENHercules Doesn't Pull TeethDadey/Jones3.71.0
9062 ENHere Comes Kate!Carlson, Judy2.20.5
84101 ENHere Comes Santa ClausAutry, Gene2.00.5
474 ENHere Comes Zelda Claus...DisastersHall, Lynn4.63.0
227 ENHero and the Crown, TheMcKinley, Robin7.015.0
70435 ENHero Dogs: Courageous Canines in ActionJackson, Donna M.7.22.0
920 ENHester the JesterShecter, Ben2.50.5
5470 ENHey! Get Off Our TrainBurningham, John2.40.5
9314 ENHi, CloudsGreene, Carol0.50.5
5665 ENHidden Harbor Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5621 ENHidden Window Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.55.0
89009 ENHide-and-SpookJones, Marcia Thornton3.91.0
6671 ENHideout, TheBunting, Eve4.14.0
103485 ENHigh-FiveAlfonsi, Alice4.82.0
10572 ENHigh HorseBryant, Bonnie4.44.0
54522 ENHigh King's Daughter, TheDoyle/Macdonald5.95.0
37 ENHigh King, TheAlexander, Lloyd6.111.0
68287 ENHigh Tide in HawaiiOsborne, Mary Pope3.41.0
57094 ENHippy HippoSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
900150 ENHiroko Makes the Team (MH Edition)Ray, Crennan2.20.5
38 ENHitty, Her First Hundred YearsField, Rachel7.111.0
9528 ENHoang AnhGoldsmith, Diane5.81.0
511 ENHobbit, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.616.0
7730 ENHoboken Chicken Emergency, ThePinkwater, Daniel Manus4.92.0
83608 ENHoggeeMyers, Anna4.57.0
935 ENHolesSachar, Louis4.67.0
1027 ENHolly and Hank's Snow HolidayMeier, Loanne1.60.5
20270 ENHolly, Reindeer, and Colored LightsBarth, Edna6.62.0
900066 ENHome Sweet Anthill (MH Edition)Orr, Chloe1.70.5
39 ENHomer PriceMcCloskey, Robert6.64.0
118 ENHomesick-My Own StoryFritz, Jean5.16.0
103771 ENHomework Machine, TheGutman, Dan4.84.0
2026 ENHonesty (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.90.5
9063 ENHoney BeesKahkonen, Sharon2.80.5
5666 ENHooded Hawk Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.6.16.0
50084 ENHoodwinkedHoward, Arthur2.90.5
34695 ENHoofbeats of DangerHughes, Holly5.34.0
419 ENHooples' Horrible Holiday, TheManes, Stephen4.24.0
420 ENHooples on the HighwayManes, Stephen4.33.0
19490 ENHooray for Diffendoofer Day!Seuss/Prelutsky3.80.5
79227 ENHooray for Mother's Day!Cosby/Lukas2.70.5
5471 ENHooray for the Golly Sisters!Byars, Betsy2.40.5
31662 ENHooway for Wodney WatLester, Helen3.10.5
9023 ENHop on PopSeuss, Dr.1.50.5
487 ENHorrible Harry in Room 2BKline, Suzy3.20.5
10573 ENHorse Called Holiday, AWilbur, Frances4.26.0
9667 ENHorse Called Starfire, ABoegehold, Betty2.80.5
87349 ENHorse from the Sea: An Epic Horse Story, TheHolmes, Victoria6.813.0
7222 ENHorse in Harry's Room, TheHoff, Syd2.30.5
10574 ENHorse TaleBryant, Bonnie5.25.0
10575 ENHorse TradeBryant, Bonnie5.04.0
10576 ENHorse TroubleBryant, Bonnie5.24.0
49356 ENHorseback Riding in ActionCalder, Kate5.81.0
10577 ENHorses in the GaragePryor, Bonnie4.34.0
10578 ENHorses of Central Park, TheSlade, Michael4.43.0
5472 ENHorton Hatches the EggSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
9024 ENHorton Hears a Who!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
53273 ENHostile Hospital, TheSnicket, Lemony6.96.0
267 ENHot and Cold Summer, TheHurwitz, Johanna4.23.0
5906 ENHoudini Box, TheSelznick, Brian5.00.5
900271 ENHoudini: Master of Escape (MH Edition)Teitelbaum, Michael3.90.5
25835 ENHour of the OlympicsOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
18769 ENHouse at Pooh Corner, TheMilne, A.A.4.84.0
9370 ENHouse for Little Red, AHillert, Margaret0.80.5
228 ENHouse of Dies Drear, TheHamilton, Virginia4.89.0
40 ENHouse of the Sixty Fathers, TheDeJong, Meindert5.56.0
77132 ENHouse on Falling Star Hill, TheMolloy, Michael6.214.0
664 ENHouse on Hackman's Hill, TheNixon, Joan Lowery4.64.0
5667 ENHouse on the Cliff, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
900043 ENHow Birds Fly (MH Edition)Jaspersen, Elsa2.00.5
1065 ENHow do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends?Yolen, Jane0.50.5
1066 ENHow do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?Yolen, Jane0.50.5
9064 ENHow Do Plants Get Food?Goldish, Meish1.80.5
81564 ENHow Does It Grow? From Seed to SunflowerSmith, Ian3.20.5
900178 ENHow Frog Lost His Tail (MH Edition)Allen, Kris2.30.5
900131 ENHow Kittens Grow (MH Edition)Wells, Larry2.10.5
900037 ENHow Many Cubs? (MH Edition)Jones, Penelope1.50.5
17319 ENHow Much Is a Million?Schwartz, David M.3.40.5
5516 ENHow My Parents Learned to EatFreidman, Ina R.2.90.5
28002 ENHow Santa Got His JobKrensky, Stephen3.50.5
9065 ENHow Spider Tricked SnakeBenitez, Mirna2.30.5
9025 ENHow the Grinch Stole ChristmasSeuss, Dr.3.00.5
900236 ENHow the Narwhal Got Its Tusk (MH Edition)Segovia, Alejandro3.40.5
40646 ENHow to Catch an ElephantSchwartz, Amy2.10.5
84164 ENHow to Draw Christmas SymbolsWebster, Christine4.70.5
174 ENHow To Eat Fried WormsRockwell, Thomas3.52.0
9984 ENHow to Get Rid of Your Older BrotherSchwartz, Joel4.34.0
900235 ENHow to Raise a Happy Tadpole (MH Edition)Goldstone, Bruce2.90.5
23293 ENHow to Speak Dolphin in Three Easy LessonsGreenburg, Dan3.41.0
78100 ENHow to Train Your Dragon by Hiccup Horrendous Haddock IIICowell, Cressida6.65.0
268 ENHow Yossi Beat the Evil UrgeChaikin, Miriam3.71.0
64504 ENHowie Monroe and the Doghouse of DoomHowe, James4.91.0
5021 ENHowliday InnHowe, James4.04.0
73268 ENHowling on the PlaygroundHerman, Gail2.20.5
269 ENHugh PineVanDeWetering, Jan4.82.0
6424 ENHumbugBawden, Nina5.05.0
40682 ENHummer HummingbirdSargent, Dave/David4.70.5
12565 ENHumpback Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.3.90.5
59228 ENHumvees (Military Machines at Work)Budd, E.S.2.30.5
30568 ENHunchback of Notre Dame (Great Illustrated Classics), TheHugo/Vogel5.83.0
20271 ENHunchdog of Notre DameFriedman, Michael Jan4.43.0
9026 ENHunches in BunchesSeuss, Dr.2.90.5
41 ENHundred and One Dalmatians, TheSmith, Dodie5.47.0
42 ENHundred Dresses, TheEstes, Eleanor5.41.0
320 ENHundred Penny Box, TheMathis, Sharon Bell3.91.0
9315 ENHungry Billy Goat, TheMilios, Rita1.60.5
61137 ENHunter's Best Friend at SchoolElliott, Laura Malone3.20.5
5668 ENHunting For Hidden GoldDixon, Franklin W.6.36.0
110305 ENHurricane KatrinaHoffman, Mary Ann5.00.5
43 ENHurry Home, CandyDeJong, Meindert5.07.0
79650 ENHurry Up, Spider-Man!Egan, Kate3.00.5
62635 ENI Am Honest (Building Character)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth2.00.5
15220 ENI Am Not a CrybabySimon, Norma3.00.5
9668 ENI Am Not AfraidMann, Kenny2.50.5
9027 ENI Am Not Going to Get Up Today!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
62637 ENI Am Responsible (Building Character)Salzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.90.5
59513 ENI Am Spider-ManFigueroa, Acton2.00.5
32746 ENI, Amber BrownDanziger, Paula3.72.0
9028 ENI Can Lick 30 Tigers TodaySeuss, Dr.2.90.5
63603 ENI Can Play BaseballEckart, Edana1.00.5
63604 ENI Can Play SoccerEckart, Edana1.10.5
9029 ENI Can Read with My Eyes Shut!Seuss, Dr.2.20.5
34892 ENI Forgot My ShoesHarper, Jessica2.00.5
9030 ENI Had Trouble Getting To Solla SollewSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
7223 ENI Hate BootsZiefert, Harriet1.10.5
17674 ENI Hate My Best FriendRosner, Ruth3.81.0
5473 ENI Have a Sister My Sister Is DeafPeterson, Jeanne3.30.5
1069 ENI Have A Watch!Williams, Deborah1.50.5
5421 ENI, HoudiniBanks, Lynne Reid6.25.0
44 ENI, Juan de ParejadeTrevino, Elizabeth6.57.0
7272 ENI Just ForgotMayer, Mercer2.00.5
36618 ENI Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a PieJackson, Alison3.90.5
7273 ENI Like Ketchup SandwichesConway, Lisa1.70.5
900138 ENI Live at the Museum (MH Edition)Berg, Wally2.40.5
475 ENI'll Meet You at the CucumbersMoore, Lilian3.51.0
9316 ENI Love CatsMatthias, Catherine1.30.5
9317 ENI Love FishingDobkin, Bonnie0.70.5
1060 ENI Love Snow!Wilhelm, Hans1.20.5
9372 ENI Love You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
21256 ENI Love You the PurplestJoosse, Barbara M.3.40.5
21399 ENI Love You with All My HeartKern, Noris2.70.5
321 ENI'm Going to Be FamousBirdseye, Tom3.74.0
23294 ENI'm Out of My Body, Please Leave a MessageGreenburg, Dan2.71.0
9373 ENI Need You, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
61745 ENI Pledge AllegianceMartin/Sampson4.90.5
270 ENI Should Worry, I Should CareChaikin, Miriam3.73.0
665 ENI Speak English For My MomStanek, Muriel2.80.5
58876 ENI Stink!McMullan, Kate1.60.5
19901 ENI Want a PonyBetancourt, Jeanne4.22.0
9954 ENI Want Answers and a ParachutePetersen, P.J.2.42.0
5422 ENI Want To Go Home!Korman, Gordon4.36.0
900001 ENI Went Walking (MH Edition)Williams, Sue0.70.5
32904 ENI Wished for a UnicornHeidbreder, Robert2.60.5
6071 ENIce-Cold BirthdayLeffler, Maryann1.60.5
9066 ENIce CreamKeller, Stella3.10.5
7224 ENIce Cream SoupHerman, Gail1.10.5
9318 ENIce Is...Whee!Greene, Carol0.30.5
421 ENIce MagicChristopher, Matt4.82.0
7045 ENIce WarriorRiddell, Ruth4.65.0
987 ENIce WreckPenner, Lucille Recht3.01.0
666 ENIda Early Comes Over the MountainBurch, Robert4.84.0
9067 ENIf Anything...Wrong at the ZooHendrick, Mary2.50.5
9031 ENIf I Ran the CircusSeuss, Dr.3.90.5
9032 ENIf I Ran the ZooSeuss, Dr.4.10.5
9319 ENIf I Were An AntMoses, Amy2.00.5
7225 ENIf the Dinosaurs Came BackMost, Bernard2.90.5
175 ENIf You Didn't Have MeNilsson, Ulf4.23.0
6072 ENIf You Give a Moose a MuffinNumeroff, Laura2.40.5
9570 ENIf You Give a Mouse a CookieNumeroff, Laura Joffe2.70.5
100773 ENIf You Give a Pig a PartyNumeroff, Laura2.20.5
983 ENIf You See A KittenButler, John1.90.5
60905 ENIf You Take a Mouse to SchoolNumeroff, Laura2.40.5
42602 ENIf You Take a Mouse to the MoviesNumeroff, Laura2.10.5
9516 ENIf You Traveled West in a Covered WagonLevine, Ellen5.21.0
5022 ENIggie's HouseBlume, Judy3.53.0
77013 ENIgraine the BraveFunke, Cornelia5.67.0
104877 ENIguanodon (Capstone Press)Riehecky, Janet1.90.5
5517 ENImogene's AntlersSmall, David2.60.5
5423 ENImpy for AlwaysKoller, Jackie3.51.0
65768 ENIn-Line Skating (X-Treme Sports)Van Cleaf, Kristin5.00.5
89591 ENIn My CountryAdamson, Heather1.90.5
900304 ENIn My Family/En Mi Familia (MH Edition)Garza, Carmen Lomas4.00.5
42603 ENIn NovemberRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
977 ENIn the Haunted HouseBunting, Eve1.80.5
900032 ENIn the Lake (MH Edition)Apple, Gary1.20.5
10917 ENIn the Land of the Big Red AppleMacBride, Roger Lea5.28.0
14980 ENIn the Rain with Baby DuckHest, Amy1.80.5
7857 ENIn the Tall, Tall GrassFleming, Denise1.60.5
102060 ENIn the United StatesZocchi, Judy5.00.5
50142 ENIn the YardRau, Dana Meachen0.30.5
229 ENIn the Year of the Boar and Jackie RobinsonLord, Bette Bao4.64.0
119 ENIncident at Hawk's HillEckert, Allan7.29.0
36840 ENInclined Planes (Understanding Simple Machines)Welsbacher, Anne2.80.5
322 ENIncognito Mosquito Makes HistoryHass, E.A.5.22.0
230 ENIncredible Journey, TheBurnford, Sheila7.65.0
953 ENIndian Captive - The story of Mary JemisonLenski, Lois5.512.0
231 ENIndian in the Cupboard, TheBanks, Lynne Reid4.66.0
4788 ENInsects of the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.20.5
39810 ENInspector HopperCushman, Doug2.50.5
5424 ENInto the DreamSleator, William4.94.0
11470 ENInto the Land of the UnicornsCoville, Bruce6.05.0
60567 ENInvasion of the Mind Swappers from Asteroid 6!Howe, James4.51.0
89709 ENInvertebratesO'Hare, Ted4.60.5
476 ENInvisible LissaHoneycutt, Natalie4.45.0
30537 ENInvisible Man (Great Illustrated Classics), TheWells/Vogel5.53.0
5474 ENIra Sleeps OverWaber, Bernard2.20.5
5425 ENIrish RedKjelgaard, Jim5.87.0
77859 ENIronwood Tree, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.31.0
6121 ENIs Your Mama a Llama?Guarino, Deborah1.60.5
1037 ENIsabel's Favorite ThingsMeier, Joanne1.30.5
7321 ENIsabelle's New FrienddeBrunhoff, Laurent2.30.5
323 ENIsabelle Shows Her StuffGreene, Constance C.3.84.0
45 ENIsland of the Blue DolphinsO'Dell, Scott5.46.0
5475 ENIsland of the Skog, TheKellogg, Steven3.50.5
10579 ENIsland Stallion, TheFarley, Walter5.88.0
900075 ENIsland State (MH Edition), TheMelville, Dorothy2.10.5
1016 ENIssac on the Farm: The sound of Long IMinden, Cecilia1.60.5
60568 ENIt Came from Beneath the Bed!Howe, James4.11.0
86987 ENIt Is the WindWolff, Ferida2.60.5
6222 ENIt's a Dog's LifeErickson, John R.4.83.0
71271 ENIt's a Dog's LifeBalaban, Bob6.14.0
78949 ENIt's Bedtime, Wibbly Pig!Inkpen, Mick0.90.5
9374 ENIt's Circus Time, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.90.5
9375 ENIt's Halloween, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
76221 ENIt's Itchcraft!Greenburg, Dan3.62.0
46 ENIt's Like This, CatNeville, Emily4.75.0
324 ENIt's New! It's Improved! It's Terrible!Manes, Stephen3.22.0
15868 ENIt's Time to Come In!Roth, Anne Abernathy1.40.5
10277 ENJ.B. Wigglebottom and the Parade of PetsSathre, Vivian3.72.0
900299 ENJ.J.'s Big Day (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.60.5
478 ENJ. T.Wagner, Jane4.61.0
1005 ENJack and the BeanstalkOttolenghi, Carol3.50.5
16644 ENJack MooseSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
9525 ENJackie RobinsonSabin, Francene5.60.5
10211 ENJackson Jones and the Puddle of ThornsQuattlebaum, Mary3.22.0
120 ENJacob Have I LovedPaterson, Katherine5.78.0
271 ENJacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded FangRichler, Mordecai5.22.0
19921 ENJake and the CopycatsRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
900113 ENJamaica Tag-Along (MH Edition)Havill, Juanita2.40.5
1029 ENJamal's JobMinden, Cecilia1.30.5
232 ENJames and the Giant PeachDahl, Roald4.84.0
9068 ENJane Goodall...Wild ChimpanzeesBirnbaum, Bette3.00.5
900122 ENJanie in Old California (MH Edition)Timin, Henry2.40.5
233 ENJar of Dreams, AUchida, Yoshiko5.04.0
900269 ENJason and the Argonauts (MH Edition)Cardigan, H.H.3.60.5
900002 ENJasper's Beanstalk (MH Edition)Butterworth/Inkpen1.70.5
900045 ENJax and the Van (MH Edition)Shaffer, Jane0.50.5
272 ENJelly BellySmith, Robert Kimmel4.14.0
17675 ENJenius: The Amazing Guinea PigKing-Smith, Dick4.81.0
176 ENJennifer, Hecate,...and Me, ElizabethKonigsburg, E.L.4.53.0
5940 ENJennifer Murdley's ToadCoville, Bruce4.64.0
5918 ENJeremy Thatcher, Dragon HatcherCoville, Bruce4.94.0
11471 ENJerichoHickman, Janet4.94.0
900266 ENJill and the Corn Stalk (MH Edition)Mindnich, Jim3.40.5
19924 ENJim Meets the ThingCohen, Miriam2.50.5
19926 ENJim's Dog MuffinsCohen, Miriam2.30.5
6321 ENJim UglyFleischman, Sid4.33.0
21356 ENJimmy's Boa Bounces BackNoble, Trinka Hakes2.70.5
42422 ENJingle BellsKovalski, Maryann2.20.5
20272 ENJo Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth3.72.0
5023 ENJob For Jenny Archer, AConford, Ellen3.11.0
106787 ENJoe BoatRiggs, Sandy0.80.5
900039 ENJoe's Lost Home (MH Edition)Skimmer, Ted P.2.00.5
100458 ENJoey's First DayJones, Christianne C.0.60.5
900268 ENJohn Adams and Thomas Jefferson: Two Friends (MH Edition)Celsi, Teresa Noel4.80.5
900132 ENJohn Muir: Making the Mountains Glad (MH Edition)Pollard, Lauren Ray2.70.5
20273 ENJohn Muir: Young NaturalistDunham, Montrew6.04.0
6073 ENJohnny AppleseedKellogg, Steven4.40.5
900097 ENJohnny Appleseed (MH Edition)Osborne, Mary Pope2.40.5
7322 ENJohnny Lion's BookHurd, Edith2.30.5
477 ENJohnny Long LegsChristopher, Matt4.02.0
47 ENJohnny TremainForbes, Esther5.913.0
1038 ENJoining the RodeoMcLeese, Tex5.10.5
422 ENJoke War, TheNamovicz, Gene4.03.0
11370 ENJonathan and His MommySmalls, Irene3.00.5
17625 ENJosefina Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie4.52.0
17626 ENJosefina's SurpriseTripp, Valerie4.61.0
20696 ENJosefina Saves the DayTripp, Valerie4.21.0
6074 ENJoshua's Dream A Journey to the Land of IsraelSegal, Sheila4.20.5
10228 ENJosie's TroublesNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.93.0
32209 ENJournal of Ben Uchida, TheDenenberg, Barry5.24.0
58031 ENJournal of C. J. Jackson: A Dust Bowl Migrant, TheDurbin, William5.75.0
27944 ENJournal of James Edmond Pease, TheMurphy, Jim5.76.0
52608 ENJournal of Jesse Smoke: A Cherokee Boy, TheBruchac, Joseph6.26.0
31189 ENJournal of Joshua Loper: A Black Cowboy, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
34709 ENJournal of Scott Pendleton Collins, TheMyers, Walter Dean5.04.0
32210 ENJournal of Sean Sullivan, TheDurbin, William5.95.0
27945 ENJournal of William Thomas Emerson, TheDenenberg, Barry5.64.0
6672 ENJourneyMacLachlan, Patricia3.82.0
900223 ENJourney Across the Desert (MH Edition)Teitelbaum, Michael2.80.5
48 ENJourney From Peppermint StreetDeJong, Meindert5.08.0
234 ENJourney OutsideSteele, Mary5.75.0
900221 ENJourney to America (MH Edition)Keyes, Madeleine2.60.5
30538 ENJourney to the Center of the Earth (Great Illus. Classics), AVerne/Schwach5.13.0
17627 ENJourney to the New World: The Diary of Remember Patience..., ALasky, Kathryn6.04.0
39812 ENJourney to the Volcano PalaceAbbott, Tony3.11.0
325 ENJudge Benjamin: Superdog GiftMcInerney, Judith4.73.0
48375 ENJudy MoodyMcDonald, Megan3.51.0
56498 ENJudy Moody Gets Famous!McDonald, Megan3.51.0
62253 ENJudy Moody Saves the WorldMcDonald, Megan3.61.0
55530 ENJulia Roberts (Star Tracks)Wheeler, Jill C.5.41.0
667 ENJulian, Dream DoctorCameron, Ann2.91.0
273 ENJulian's Glorious SummerCameron, Ann3.11.0
423 ENJulian, Secret AgentCameron, Ann3.11.0
1046 ENJulian, Secret AgentCameron, Ann3.02.0
49 ENJulie of the WolvesGeorge, Jean Craighead5.86.0
7323 ENJuliusHoff, Syd2.10.5
5518 ENJulius, The Baby of the WorldHenkes, Kevin3.00.5
5519 ENJumanjiVanAllsburg, Chris3.90.5
76015 ENJump Ball! You Can Play BasketballFauchald, Nick3.30.5
15457 ENJumping Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
30567 ENJungle Book (Great Illustrated Classics), TheKipling/Vogel4.93.0
107304 ENJunie B., First Grader: Aloha-ha-ha!Park, Barbara2.81.0
57153 ENJunie B., First Grader (at last!)Park, Barbara2.61.0
80959 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boo...and I Mean It!Park, Barbara2.91.0
61519 ENJunie B., First Grader: Boss of LunchPark, Barbara2.81.0
68705 ENJunie B., First Grader: Cheater PantsPark, Barbara3.11.0
73514 ENJunie B., First Grader: One-Man BandPark, Barbara3.01.0
80075 ENJunie B., First Grader: ShipwreckedPark, Barbara3.11.0
64031 ENJunie B., First Grader: Toothless WonderPark, Barbara2.81.0
100621 ENJunie B...Jingle Bells, Batman Smells! (P.S. So Does May)Park, Barbara2.81.0
6323 ENJunie B. Jones and a Little Monkey BusinessPark, Barbara2.91.0
9266 ENJunie B. Jones and Her Big Fat MouthPark, Barbara3.01.0
14676 ENJunie B. Jones and Some Sneaky Peeky SpyingPark, Barbara2.91.0
14677 ENJunie B. Jones and That Meanie Jim's BirthdayPark, Barbara2.81.0
32900 ENJunie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy ValentimePark, Barbara2.91.0
6324 ENJunie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly BusPark, Barbara2.91.0
14678 ENJunie B. Jones and the Yucky Blucky FruitcakePark, Barbara2.71.0
17570 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Monster under Her BedPark, Barbara2.71.0
44907 ENJunie B. Jones Has a Peep in Her PocketPark, Barbara2.91.0
24936 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Beauty Shop GuyPark, Barbara2.81.0
49412 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Graduation GirlPark, Barbara3.01.0
17571 ENJunie B. Jones Is a Party AnimalPark, Barbara2.81.0
31061 ENJunie B. Jones Is Almost a Flower GirlPark, Barbara2.71.0
44908 ENJunie B. Jones Is Captain Field DayPark, Barbara2.81.0
17572 ENJunie B. Jones Is Not a CrookPark, Barbara3.01.0
12775 ENJunie B. Jones Loves Handsome WarrenPark, Barbara2.71.0
28323 ENJunie B. Jones Smells Something FishyPark, Barbara2.61.0
71892 ENJupiter (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Simon, Charnan5.80.5
7226 ENJust A DaydreamMayer, Mercer2.50.5
6075 ENJust a DreamVanAllsburg, Chris3.60.5
7274 ENJust A MessMayer, Mercer1.50.5
7227 ENJust For YouMayer, Mercer2.00.5
7228 ENJust Going to the DentistMayer, Mercer2.40.5
7275 ENJust Grandpa and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
50087 ENJust Like DadCosby/Watson2.70.5
41985 ENJust Like HomeMiller, Elizabeth I.1.50.5
84885 ENJust Like LizzieJones, Jasmine4.12.0
9320 ENJust Like MeNeasi, Barbara0.70.5
7229 ENJust Me and My BabysitterMayer, Mercer1.30.5
7276 ENJust Me and My DadMayer, Mercer1.40.5
7230 ENJust Me and My Little BrotherMayer, Mercer2.50.5
7231 ENJust Me and My Little SisterMayer, Mercer1.80.5
7277 ENJust Me and My PuppyMayer, Mercer1.60.5
7278 ENJust My Friend and MeMayer, Mercer1.90.5
40598 ENJust Say PleaseMayer, Gina/Mercer2.60.5
7279 ENJust Shopping With MomMayer, Mercer1.70.5
177 ENJustin...Best Biscuits in the WorldWalter, Mildred3.93.0
235 ENJustin Morgan Had a HorseHenry, Marguerite5.85.0
900165 ENKaren and the Red Shoes (MH Edition)Bloomfield, Samantha2.40.5
9401 ENKaren's Baby-SitterMartin, Ann M.3.01.0
9402 ENKaren's Big JokeMartin, Ann M.2.91.0
19269 ENKaren's Big SisterMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
9406 ENKaren's BrothersMartin, Ann M.2.81.0
9413 ENKaren's GhostMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
19290 ENKaren's Haunted HouseMartin, Ann M.3.42.0
9433 ENKaren's Pumpkin PatchMartin, Ann M.3.11.0
12473 ENKate Shelley: Bound for LegendSouci, Robert D. San5.70.5
66948 ENKatie and the Mona LisaMayhew, James3.40.5
9321 ENKatie CanMcDaniel, Becky2.00.5
9322 ENKatie Couldn'tMcDaniel, Becky1.00.5
9323 ENKatie Did ItMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
50 ENKatie JohnCalhoun, Mary4.24.0
34610 ENKatie Meets the ImpressionistsMayhew, James3.20.5
19575 ENKaty and the Big SnowBurton, Virginia Lee2.90.5
57095 ENKaty KoalaSargent, Dave/Pat3.70.5
668 ENKeep the Lights Burning, AbbieRoop, Peter & Connie2.20.5
101712 ENKeeping HealthyHewitt, Sally2.80.5
80178 ENKella's Kitten: The Sound of KMeier, Joanne0.90.5
57096 ENKenny KangarooSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
900030 ENKent and Glen (MH Edition)Miranda, Anne1.20.5
900282 ENKente Tradition (MH Edition), ThePittaluga, Matthew4.20.5
10580 ENKentucky DreamerSnelling, Lauraine4.26.0
274 ENKevin Corbett Eats FliesHermes, Patricia3.65.0
20274 ENKey to the Golden DogCapeci, Anne4.64.0
178 ENKid in the Red Jacket, ThePark, Barbara3.93.0
30539 ENKidnapped (Great Illustrated Classics)Stevenson/Kestel4.82.0
5024 ENKidnapping of...& What's-Her-NameCool, Joyce5.06.0
900125 ENKids' Clubs That Helped the World (MH Edition)Vesely, Jennifer3.10.5
12568 ENKiller Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.10.5
900047 ENKim is Sick (MH Edition)Thompson, Emily0.80.5
30540 ENKing Arthur and the Knights of the RoundPyle/Hanft6.23.0
45246 ENKing Bidgood's in the BathtubWood, Audrey1.70.5
15453 ENKing Cobras (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
51 ENKing of the WindHenry, Marguerite5.45.0
900256 ENKing's Oranges (MH Edition), TheBrooks, Caitlin3.70.5
9033 ENKing's Stilts, TheSeuss, Dr.4.10.5
21383 ENKipper's Snowy DayInkpen, Mick3.10.5
479 ENKirsten Learns a LessonShaw, Janet4.01.0
669 ENKirsten's SurpriseShaw, Janet3.91.0
5227 ENKirsten Saves the DayShaw, Janet3.71.0
5520 ENKiss for Little Bear, AMinarik, Else H.1.40.5
30793 ENKissing Hand, ThePenn, Audrey2.70.5
900065 ENKite's Island Trip (MH Edition)Meadows, Lily1.40.5
35289 ENKitten in the ColdBaglio, Ben M.4.03.0
77204 ENKitten's First Full MoonHenkes, Kevin2.30.5
7280 ENKittens Are Like ThatPfloog, Jan2.60.5
32410 ENKittens in the KitchenBaglio, Ben M.3.84.0
15869 ENKitty CougarSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
5426 ENKitty from the StartDelton, Judy5.33.0
275 ENKitty in the MiddleDelton, Judy4.63.0
900096 ENKnee-High Man (MH Edition), TheDreyer, Ellen1.90.5
236 ENKneeknock RiseBabbitt, Natalie4.42.0
6327 ENKnight at Dawn, TheOsborne, Mary Pope2.91.0
670 ENKnots on a Counting RopeMartin, Bill2.80.5
16396 ENKnow-Nothings, TheSpirn, Michele Sobel1.80.5
900303 ENKoala Catchers (MH Edition), TheTime-for-Kids-Editors2.40.5
9069 ENKomodo!Sis, Peter1.80.5
17676 ENKwanzaa Contest, TheMoore/Taylor,3.31.0
15184 ENLabrador Retrievers (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
52534 ENLadybugs (Insects)Meister, Cari3.50.5
5025 ENLand I Lost, TheNhuong, Huynh Quang6.14.0
900060 ENLand (MH Edition), ThePearl, Wendy2.10.5
31641 ENLandry News, TheClements, Andrew6.04.0
13546 ENLanguage of Doves, TheWells, Rosemary4.30.5
9324 ENLarry and the CookieMcDaniel, Becky1.20.5
121 ENLassie Come HomeKnight, Eric5.49.0
19226 ENLast Chocolate Cookie, TheRix, Jamie3.00.5
76167 ENLast Day, Hooray!Poydar, Nancy1.90.5
31113 ENLast Dinosaur Egg, TheHegeman, Andrew3.60.5
11371 ENLast Dragon, TheNunes, Susan Miho3.90.5
82274 ENLast Holiday Concert, TheClements, Andrew5.44.0
10224 ENLatchkey Dog, TheAuch, Mary Jane3.72.0
16851 ENLater, RoverZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
6278 ENLaura CharlotteGalbraith, Kathryn2.80.5
9070 ENLazy Jack and the Silent PrincessMotomora, Mitchell2.50.5
157 ENLazy Lions, Lucky LambsGiff, Patricia Reilly2.71.0
938 ENLeaders of the American RevolutionWade, Linda R.5.52.0
900162 ENLearn about Your World (MH Edition)Nystrom, Lilian4.00.5
115417 ENLeaves in FallRustad, Martha E. H.0.90.5
900061 ENLee in the Lake (MH Edition)Hobart, Chris2.60.5
928 ENLegend of Motley Mansion, TheCannon, David4.83.0
30542 ENLegend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, TheIrving/Kelly4.83.0
5476 ENLegend of the Bluebonnet, TheDePaola, Tomie4.20.5
5521 ENLegend of the Indian Paintbrush, TheDePaola, Tomie4.40.5
933 ENLegend of the Lost LegendStine, R. L.3.10.5
16727 ENLegend of the Poinsettia, TheDePaola, Tomie3.60.5
276 ENLemming Condition, TheArkin, Alan4.31.0
900115 ENLemonade for Sale (MH Edition)Murphy, Stuart J.2.80.5
57097 ENLennie LeopardSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
57098 ENLeo LionSargent, Dave/Pat4.70.5
5522 ENLeo the Late BloomerKraus, Robert1.20.5
76202 ENLeprechaun's Gold, TheEdwards, Pamela Duncan3.90.5
10672 ENLeprechauns Don't Play BasketballDadey/Jones3.81.0
900093 ENLet's Camp Out (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors1.30.5
68482 ENLet's Do That Again!Oram, Hiawyn3.00.5
9376 ENLet's Go, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
16388 ENLet's Go, Froggy!London, Jonathan1.90.5
9377 ENLet's Have a PlayHillert, Margaret0.90.5
1052 ENLet's Look at FallSchuette, Sarah L.1.50.5
1051 ENLet's Look at SummerSchuette, Sarah L.1.50.5
1050 ENLet's Look at WinterSchuette, Sarah L.1.50.5
9071 ENLet's Take the BusEconomos, Chris1.80.5
15026 ENLet's Talk About Drug AbuseKreiner, Anna4.10.5
237 ENLet the Circle Be UnbrokenTaylor, Mildred5.715.0
900114 ENLetter to Amy (MH Edition), AKeats, Ezra Jack2.40.5
900143 ENLetters from a New Home (MH Edition)Castagliola, Anne M.2.10.5
7619 ENLetting Swift River GoYolen, Jane4.40.5
36841 ENLevers (Understanding Simple Machines)Welsbacher, Anne2.50.5
67197 ENLewis and Clark (History Maker Bios)Ransom, Candice F.4.80.5
55247 ENLexi's TaleHurwitz, Johanna5.12.0
19922 ENLiar, Liar, Pants on Fire!Cohen, Miriam2.70.5
5026 ENLibby on WednesdaySnyder, Zilpha Keatley6.38.0
82123 ENLiberty's JourneyDiPucchio, Kelly4.20.5
16366 ENLibrarians (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.50.5
18636 ENLibrary LilWilliams, Suzanne4.00.5
55481 ENLife After the American RevolutionWade, Linda R.5.40.5
55001 ENLife Cycle of a Butterfly, TheKalman, Bobbie5.20.5
78671 ENLife Cycle of a Flower, TheAloian/Kalman5.20.5
55002 ENLife Cycle of a Frog, TheKalman/Smithyman5.00.5
78675 ENLife Cycle of an Earthworm, TheKalman, Bobbie5.61.0
55482 ENLife in Colonial AmericaWade, Linda R.5.01.0
83609 ENLife, Love, and the Pursuit of Free ThrowsRallison, Janette5.07.0
900276 ENLife on the Great Barrier Reef (MH Edition)Brooks, Caitlin3.20.5
9072 ENLife with MaxCarlson, Judy1.80.5
122 ENLight in the Forest, TheRichter, Conrad5.55.0
32207 ENLight in the Storm: The Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin, AHesse, Karen5.34.0
900185 ENLight of One Candle (MH Edition), TheCardigan, H.H.4.20.5
61082 ENLight (Our Physical World)Olien, Becky3.20.5
5308 ENLighthouse Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.22.0
108923 ENLightningHerriges, Ann2.20.5
326 ENLike Jake and MeJukes, Mavis2.90.5
671 ENLila on the LandingAlexander, Sue3.11.0
31143 ENLila's Little DinosaurHanel, Wolfram3.30.5
17575 ENLili the BraveArmstrong, Jennifer3.41.0
20275 ENLilies, Rabbits, and Painted EggsBarth, Edna6.31.0
1024 ENLilly's Lost LunchMeier, Joanne0.80.5
14979 ENLilly's Purple Plastic PurseHenkes, Kevin3.10.5
424 ENLily and the Runaway BabyShreve, Susan4.41.0
238 ENLincoln, A PhotobiographyFreedman, Russell7.75.0
25891 ENLine in the Sand: The Alamo Diary of Lucinda Lawrence, AGarland, Sherry5.66.0
52 ENLion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, TheLewis, C.S.5.76.0
672 ENLion to Guard Us, ABulla, Clyde Robert2.92.0
7324 ENLionel in the FallKrensky, Stephen2.20.5
18727 ENLions at LunchtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
900252 ENListen for the Rattle! (MH Edition)Piparo/Jensen3.20.5
9325 ENListen to MeNeasi, Barbara1.60.5
6279 ENLittle BearMinarik, Else Holmelund2.40.5
21426 ENLittle Bear Brushes His TeethLangreuter, Jutta2.90.5
21425 ENLittle Bear Goes to KindergartenLangreuter, Jutta2.90.5
7325 ENLittle Bear's FriendMinarik, Else2.20.5
7326 ENLittle Bear's VisitMinarik, Else2.30.5
60680 ENLittle Bo in France: The Further Adventures of Bonnie BoadiceaEdwards, Julie Andrews4.62.0
44040 ENLittle Bunny on the MoveMcCarty, Peter1.30.5
86361 ENLittle Camp of HorrorsStine, R.L.3.33.0
7327 ENLittle ChiefHoff, Syd2.10.5
25227 ENLittle Clearing in the WoodsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
9378 ENLittle Cookie, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
9379 ENLittle Cowboy and the Big Cowboy, TheHillert, Margaret1.10.5
5477 ENLittle Engine That Could, ThePiper, Watty3.50.5
900232 ENLittle Fox & Big Coyote (MH Edition)Brooks, Caitlin2.80.5
7232 ENLittle GorillaBornstein, Ruth2.60.5
41410 ENLittle House Birthday, AWilder/MacBride3.60.5
29331 ENLittle House by Boston BayWiley, Melissa5.45.0
30623 ENLittle House Farm DaysWilder/Peterson4.31.0
179 ENLittle House in the Big WoodsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.35.0
29332 ENLittle House in the HighlandsWiley, Melissa5.57.0
9595 ENLittle House on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea4.28.0
53 ENLittle House on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls4.98.0
5230 ENLittle House, TheBurton, Virginia4.20.5
7377 ENLittle Island, TheMacDonald, Golden3.60.5
9128 ENLittle Mermaid, TheHautzig, Deborah3.40.5
85739 ENLittle Mermaid, TheAndersen, H.C.6.01.0
6495 ENLittle Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything, TheWilliams, Linda3.50.5
900220 ENLittle Painter of Sabana Grande (MH Edition), TheMarkun, Patricia Maloney3.70.5
10673 ENLittle Polar Bear and the Brave Little HaredeBeer, Hans2.20.5
9672 ENLittle Poss and Horrible HoundHooks, William3.10.5
123 ENLittle Prince, TheSaint-Exupery, Antoine de5.02.0
124 ENLittle Princess, ABurnett, Frances6.011.0
9380 ENLittle PuffHillert, Margaret0.80.5
7281 ENLittle Rabbit, TheDunn, Judy3.70.5
903 ENLittle Red Hen, TheMcKissack, Patricia & Frederick1.00.5
7328 ENLittle Red Lighthouse...Bridge, TheSwift, Hildegarde2.90.5
21532 ENLittle Reindeer, TheForeman, Michael4.30.5
180 ENLittle Riders, TheShemin, Margaretha5.42.0
7329 ENLittle Runner of the LonghouseBaker, Betty2.70.5
18729 ENLittle Town at the CrossroadsWilkes, Maria D.5.38.0
18730 ENLittle Town in the OzarksMacBride, Roger Lea5.39.0
327 ENLittle Town on the PrairieWilder, Laura Ingalls5.49.0
900042 ENLittle Tree Grows Up (MH Edition)Levy, Julia1.60.5
71623 ENLittle Whistle's ChristmasRylant, Cynthia3.10.5
73787 ENLittle White Horse, TheGoudge, Elizabeth6.813.0
30543 ENLittle WomenAlcott/Monfried4.72.0
54247 ENLittlebat's Halloween StoryMayr, Diane2.60.5
5907 ENLittlejimHouston, Gloria5.05.0
905 ENLittlest Witch, TheMassey, Jeanne3.21.0
109501 ENLiving in a DesertWhitehouse, Patty2.00.5
109502 ENLiving in a ForestWhitehouse, Patty2.30.5
109503 ENLiving in a GrasslandWhitehouse, Patty2.00.5
109504 ENLiving in a RainforestWhitehouse, Patty2.10.5
109505 ENLiving in an OceanWhitehouse, Patty2.00.5
109506 ENLiving in the ArcticWhitehouse, Patty2.30.5
277 ENLizard MusicPinkwater, Manus4.95.0
84887 ENLizzie for PresidentAlfonsi, Alice4.42.0
84888 ENLizzie McGuire: Lizzie Goes WildLarsen, Kirsten4.32.0
87616 ENLlama, Llama Red PajamaDewdney, Anna2.00.5
25212 ENLocked in the Library!Brown, Marc3.11.0
5523 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood StoryYoung, Ed3.50.5
900208 ENLon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story (MH Edition)Young, Ed3.50.5
42128 ENLonely Scarecrow, ThePreston, Tim3.60.5
6618 ENLong Secret, TheFitzhugh, Louise4.37.0
370 ENLong Winter, TheWilder, Laura Ingalls5.310.0
12221 ENLooking at...AnkylosaurusBrown, Mike5.20.5
12223 ENLooking at...BaryonyxGreen, Tamara5.60.5
12236 ENLooking at...OuranosaurusFreedman, Frances5.70.5
9129 ENLooking For AtlantisThompson, Colin3.90.5
9034 ENLorax, TheSeuss, Dr.3.10.5
10674 ENLoretta and the Little FairyScheidl, Gerda Marie3.00.5
900227 ENLost at Sea (MH Edition)Dow, Dale2.50.5
36373 ENLost CityCiencin, Scott4.64.0
6471 ENLost in the Blinded BlizzardErickson, John R.4.93.0
7740 ENLost in the Dark Unchanted ForestErickson, John R.4.63.0
19928 ENLost in the MuseumCohen, Miriam2.30.5
50143 ENLots of BalloonsRau, Dana Meachen0.80.5
28001 ENLoud EmilyO'Neill, Alexis3.30.5
5427 ENLove, From the...CelebrityGiff, Patricia Reilly4.73.0
8019 ENLove You ForeverMunsch, Robert N.3.40.5
73555 ENLucinda's SecretDiTerlizzi/Black3.91.0
115629 ENLuckyGerver, Jane E.2.80.5
7282 ENLucky BearPhillips, Joan0.50.5
673 ENLucky Dog DaysDelton, Judy2.91.0
83539 ENLucky LeafO'Malley, Kevin0.80.5
17677 ENLucky StarsAdler, David A.2.91.0
181 ENLucky Stone, TheClifton, Lucille4.41.0
900167 ENLucky to Be Lost (MH Edition)Lauren, Kymberlee2.50.5
40734 ENLucy on the LooseCooper, Ilene2.81.0
900103 ENLuka's Quilt (MH Edition)Guback, Georgia2.60.5
328 ENLuke Was ThereClymer, Eleanor3.52.0
19581 ENLunch BunniesLasky, Kathryn2.90.5
6024 ENLyddiePaterson, Katherine5.69.0
125 ENM. C. Higgins, the GreatHamilton, Virginia4.410.0
51256 ENMabela the CleverMacDonald, Margaret Read2.80.5
9130 ENMad JackSargent, Dave/Pat4.80.5
5478 ENMadelineBemelmans, Ludwig3.10.5
7283 ENMadeline's ChristmasBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
21259 ENMadeline's RescueBemelmans, Ludwig3.20.5
5428 ENMaggie, TooNixon, Joan Lowery4.74.0
9383 ENMagic Beans, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
9674 ENMagic Box, TheBrenner, Barbara2.80.5
57736 ENMagic Hat, TheFox, Mem2.80.5
17678 ENMagic MoneyAdler, David A.2.91.0
480 ENMagic of the Glits, TheAdler, C.S.5.53.0
61041 ENMagic PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
10479 ENMagic PumpkinMartin/Archambault3.00.5
5479 ENMagic School Bus at the WaterworksCole, Joanna3.70.5
5480 ENMagic School Bus Inside the EarthCole, Joanna3.60.5
5481 ENMagic School Bus Inside the Human BodyCole, Joanna4.60.5
5482 ENMagic School Bus Lost in the Solar SystemCole, Joanna3.70.5
6076 ENMagic School Bus On the Ocean Floor, TheCole, Joanna4.00.5
41470 ENMagic StepsPierce, Tamora5.79.0
900247 ENMagical Illusions: Simple Tricks You Can Do! (MH Edition)Teitelbaum, Michael3.20.5
941 ENMagician's Nephew, TheLewis, C. S.4.98.0
61083 ENMagnets (Our Physical World)Olien, Becky3.80.5
16367 ENMail Carriers (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.50.5
15176 ENMaine Coon Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.90.5
959 ENMairsey Doats and Dozy DoatsJordan, E3.31.0
900156 ENMake a Difference (MH Edition)Bates, J.C.4.10.5
5524 ENMake Way for DucklingsMcCloskey, Robert4.10.5
79390 ENMaking the SaveChristopher, Matt3.61.0
481 ENMaking the TeamHughes, Dean3.62.0
482 ENMaldonado Miracle, TheTaylor, Theodore4.55.0
20276 ENMaltese Dog, TheCapeci, Anne4.44.0
6077 ENMama, Do You Love Me?Joosse, Barbara2.30.5
17679 ENMama's Birthday SurpriseSpurr, Elizabeth3.91.0
89710 ENMammalsO'Hare, Ted3.60.5
900262 ENMan Who Discovered Pluto (MH Edition), TheDubowski, Mark4.20.5
57099 ENManny MonkeySargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
15177 ENManx Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.60.5
900205 ENMany Lives of Benjamin Franklin (MH Edition), TheAliki3.60.5
5483 ENMany MoonsThurber, James4.50.5
1067 ENMarching Band, TheUrmston, Kathleen0.20.5
1028 ENMarcus and the MailMeier, Joanne1.10.5
54165 ENMaria's Story: 1773Nixon, Joan Lowery6.04.0
5669 ENMark on the Door, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.35.0
70586 ENMark Twain at Work!Goldsmith, Howard2.40.5
51668 ENMarket Day: A Story Told with Folk ArtEhlert, Lois1.60.5
17680 ENMarmee's Surprise: A Little Women StoryKulling, Monica2.90.5
71893 ENMars (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Stille, Darlene R.5.20.5
29514 ENMartha Walks the DogMeddaugh, Susan2.60.5
10785 ENMartin's MiceKing-Smith, Dick4.53.0
15870 ENMarty MuleSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
1042 ENMarvelous Land of OZ, TheBaum, Frank5.55.0
9035 ENMarvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now!Seuss, Dr.1.10.5
923 ENMarvin Redpost: A Flying Birthday Cake?Sachar, Louis2.00.5
9269 ENMarvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's HouseSachar, Louis2.91.0
1031 ENMarvin Redpost Class PresidentSachar, Louis2.50.5
989 ENMarvin Redpost: Is He a Girl?Sachar, Louis1.91.0
6331 ENMarvin Redpost: Kidnapped at Birth?Sachar, Louis2.81.0
6332 ENMarvin Redpost: Why Pick on Me?Sachar, Louis2.71.0
6542 ENMary Anne Saves the DayMartin, Ann M.3.74.0
54 ENMary PoppinsTravers, P.L.6.16.0
53067 ENMaster of DisasterChristopher/Peters3.91.0
55 ENMaster Puppeteer, ThePaterson, Katherine5.47.0
56 ENMatchlock Gun, TheEdmonds, Walter5.11.0
12474 ENMath CurseScieszka, Jon3.70.5
5429 ENMatildaDahl, Roald5.06.0
916 ENMatt's Best Christmas EverMarlow, Herb3.81.0
15761 ENMatter (Science all Around Me)Ansary, Mir Tamim3.10.5
6126 ENMatthew's DreamLionni, Leo3.10.5
57100 ENMattie Musk OxSargent, Dave/Pat3.60.5
80298 ENMaudie in the MiddleNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.65.0
58137 ENMax and Jax in Second GradeNolen, Jerdine2.50.5
9073 ENMax and Ruby's First Greek MythWells, Rosemary2.60.5
15871 ENMax Gets a HorseKandies, Margaret2.80.5
900293 ENMax Malone (MH Edition)Herman, Charlotte3.30.5
21380 ENMax's Wacky Taxi DayGrover, Max2.80.5
900079 ENMax, the Cat (MH Edition)Morris, Ann0.50.5
913 ENMax the Rodeo MouseMarlow, Herb2.80.5
914 ENMax the Schoolhouse MouseMarlow, Herb2.80.5
6429 ENMaxie, Rosie and Earl - Partners in GrimePark, Barbara3.82.0
109466 ENMay Bird Among the StarsAnderson, Jodi Lynn5.49.0
5525 ENMay I Bring a Friend?DeRegniers, Beatrice2.70.5
900260 ENMay's Whale (MH Edition)Edwards, Karen3.20.5
8537 ENMaybe Yes, Maybe No, Maybe MaybePatron, Susan4.01.0
19230 ENMcDuff and the BabyWells, Rosemary2.40.5
57047 ENMcDuff Comes HomeWells, Rosemary2.70.5
57049 ENMcDuff's New FriendWells, Rosemary2.40.5
9036 ENMcElligot's PoolSeuss, Dr.3.60.5
1070 ENMeTonon, Terry1.10.5
15872 ENMe and BuckSargent, Dave5.05.0
7188 ENMe FirstLester, Helen3.00.5
674 ENMe, Mop, and the Moondance KidMyers, Walter Dean3.95.0
7284 ENMe Too!Mayer, Mercer1.50.5
68259 ENMeanest Hound Around, TheWallace, Carol/Bill3.43.0
19888 ENMeanest Thing to Say, TheCosby, Bill2.20.5
87155 ENMeasle and the DragodonOgilvy, Ian6.110.0
21395 ENMedieval Feast, AAliki4.60.5
7330 ENMeet Babar and his FamilydeBrunhoff, Laurent2.80.5
6430 ENMeet FelicityTripp, Valerie4.21.0
17632 ENMeet JosefinaTripp, Valerie4.12.0
425 ENMeet KirstenShaw, Janet3.81.0
426 ENMeet MollyTripp, Valerie4.21.0
427 ENMeet SamanthaAdler, Susan S.3.81.0
10675 ENMeet the MolesonsBos, Burny2.40.5
20277 ENMeg Makes a FriendPfeffer, Susan Beth4.22.0
104878 ENMegalodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
900174 ENMei Ping and the Silver Shoes (MH Edition)Wade, Margaret3.70.5
5670 ENMelted Coins, TheDixon, Franklin W.4.95.0
71894 ENMercury (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Stille, Darlene R.5.40.5
30544 ENMerry Adventures of Robin Hood (Great Illustrated Classics), ThePyle/Kestel5.73.0
5526 ENMerry Christmas, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.10.5
9385 ENMerry Christmas, Dear DragonHillert, Margaret0.80.5
5430 ENMerry Christmas From BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.92.0
900153 ENMessengers from the Sky (MH Edition)Karp, Albert4.10.5
9326 ENMessy BesseyMcKissack, Patricia C.2.00.5
9327 ENMessy Bessey's ClosetMcKissack, Patricia C.1.70.5
9328 ENMessy Bessey's GardenMcKissack, Patricia C.0.80.5
100147 ENMiami DolphinsLeBoutillier, Nate2.60.5
15873 ENMicah's WinterAbbott, Laurel3.30.5
57947 ENMice and BeansRyan, Pam Muñoz3.60.5
4999 ENMice Are NiceGhigna, Charles1.20.5
11480 ENMick Harte Was HerePark, Barbara4.52.0
57 ENMiddle Moffat, TheEstes, Eleanor4.66.0
68471 ENMidnight for Charlie BoneNimmo, Jenny4.810.0
483 ENMidnight Fox, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
17578 ENMidnight on the MoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
114210 ENMidnight Unicorn, TheReed, Neil4.40.5
15874 ENMikael's Magical WaveRoth, Anne Abernathy2.60.5
969 ENMike and Tony: Best FriendsZiefert, Harriet1.20.5
5484 ENMike Mulligan and His Steam ShovelBurton, Virginia4.40.5
6334 ENMillion Fish...More or Less, AMcKissack, Patricia4.00.5
51184 ENMinerals (Exploring the Earth)Richardson, Adele D.4.30.5
16145 ENMinerva Louise at SchoolStoeke, Janet Morgan1.70.5
428 ENMinstrel in the Tower, TheSkurzynski, Gloria4.21.0
59 ENMiracles on Maple HillSorensen, Virginia4.97.0
102971 ENMiraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.42.0
5027 ENMirandy and Brother WindMcKissack, Patricia C.3.60.5
6335 ENMirette on the High WireMcCully, Emily3.60.5
41284 ENMiserable Mill, TheSnicket, Lemony6.25.0
278 ENMishmashCone, Molly4.22.0
45439 ENMiss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.20.5
45441 ENMiss Bindergarten Stays Home from KindergartenSlate, Joseph2.40.5
126 ENMiss HickoryBailey, Carolyn5.94.0
59434 ENMiss Malarkey Doesn't Live in Room 10Finchler, Judy2.40.5
83264 ENMiss Malarkey's Field TripFinchler/O'Malley2.70.5
59745 ENMiss Malarkey Won't Be in TodayFinchler, Judy2.10.5
21393 ENMiss Nelson Has a Field DayAllard, Harry3.00.5
6130 ENMiss Nelson Is BackAllard, Harry2.70.5
5234 ENMiss Nelson Is Missing!Allard, Harry2.70.5
5028 ENMiss RumphiusCooney, Barbara3.80.5
32521 ENMiss Spider's New CarKirk, David2.90.5
45876 ENMiss Spider's Tea PartyKirk, David3.90.5
5671 ENMissing Chums, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
17681 ENMissing Fossil Mystery, TheHerman, Emily3.71.0
6673 ENMissing MayRylant, Cynthia5.33.0
900244 ENMissing Violin (MH Edition), TheGoldhaber, Sue Lantz3.30.5
5431 ENMississippi BridgeTaylor, Mildred D.4.21.0
15875 ENMissouri Connection, Theal.), Amy Gould ... (et3.51.0
60 ENMisty of ChincoteagueHenry, Marguerite5.34.0
6336 ENMitch and AmyCleary, Beverly6.26.0
7331 ENMitchell Is MovingSharmat, Marjorie2.80.5
1061 ENMittensSchaefer, Lacy M.1.20.5
279 ENMitzi's Honeymoon With Nana PottsWilliams, Barbara4.03.0
30545 ENMoby Dick (Great Illustrated Classics)Melville/Bogart5.32.0
20278 ENMoby DogSteele, Alexander5.15.0
61 ENMoffats, TheEstes, Eleanor5.26.0
17682 ENMole and Shrew All Year ThroughKoller, Jackie French3.51.0
7285 ENMollyRadlauer, Ruth0.80.5
7286 ENMolly Goes HikingRadlauer, Ruth0.90.5
485 ENMolly Learns a LessonTripp, Valerie3.71.0
9131 ENMolly's JourneySargent, Dave/Pat5.20.5
5029 ENMolly's PilgrimCohen, Barbara3.00.5
675 ENMolly's SurpriseTripp, Valerie3.61.0
5235 ENMolly Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.71.0
69616 ENMommy's Best KissesAnastas, Margaret2.30.5
9074 ENMomotaroMotomora, Mitchell2.30.5
116912 ENMonday with a Mad GeniusOsborne, Mary Pope3.82.0
5909 ENMonkey IslandFox, Paula5.05.0
9613 ENMonster BloodStine, R.L.4.13.0
9675 ENMonster from the Sea, TheHooks, William2.90.5
28018 ENMonster in the House, AKleven, Elisa2.20.5
963 ENMonster in the Third Dresser Drawer, TheSmith, Janice Lee2.50.5
85529 ENMonster TrucksTieck, Sarah3.40.5
58942 ENMonster Trucks (Pull Ahead Books)Nelson, Kristin L.2.20.5
9481 ENMonstersHoban, Russell3.50.5
10676 ENMonsters Don't Scuba DiveDadey/Jones3.61.0
5432 ENMonsters of Marble Avenue, TheGondosch, Linda2.91.0
66980 ENMoon GlowingPartridge, Elizabeth1.40.5
9961 ENMoon in Your Lunch Box, ASpooner, Michael4.70.5
17539 ENMoonbear's PetAsch, Frank2.50.5
10677 ENMoonlight MadnessErickson, John R.4.53.0
36031 ENMoonlight Man, TheWright, Betty Ren4.75.0
71684 ENMoonlight: The Halloween CatRylant, Cynthia1.40.5
4764 ENMoons (Universe)Welsbacher, Anne3.80.5
55249 ENMoonsilverDuey, Kathleen3.61.0
5624 ENMoonstone Castle Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
16911 ENMopwater Files, TheErickson, John R.4.33.0
990 ENMore Stories Huey Tells: Doctor HueyCameron, Ann2.31.0
900124 ENMore the Merrier (MH Edition), TheTrevaley, Sonya2.20.5
954 ENMorris and Borris at the CircusWiseman, B.1.00.5
7332 ENMorris Goes to SchoolWiseman, B.2.00.5
900215 ENMoses Goes to a Concert (MH Edition)Millman, Isaac3.40.5
5485 ENMoses the KittenHerriot, James4.80.5
52538 ENMosquitoes (Insects)Meister, Cari4.40.5
676 ENMost Beautiful Place in the World, TheCameron, Ann4.21.0
19935 ENMother Hubbard's ChristmasO'Brien, John2.10.5
105793 ENMother Knows BestWillson, Sarah3.81.0
5486 ENMother, Mother I Want AnotherPolushkin, Maria1.70.5
77510 ENMother's DayRockwell, Anne2.90.5
43618 ENMothers Are Like ThatCarrick, Carol1.40.5
929 ENMotley Mansion, Part IICannon, David6.42.0
104606 ENMotocrossMezzanotte, Jim3.10.5
79405 ENMotocross FreestyleDoeden, Matt2.40.5
16372 ENMotorcycles (Transportation)Ready, Dee2.20.5
182 ENMouse and the Motorcycle, TheCleary, Beverly5.13.0
44651 ENMouse in LoveKraus, Robert0.90.5
35159 ENMouse MessRiley, Linnea1.60.5
9461 ENMouse PaintWalsh, Ellen Stoll2.20.5
30846 ENMouse PracticeMcCully, Emily Arnold1.90.5
85405 ENMouse's First SpringThompson, Lauren1.70.5
7333 ENMouse SoupLobel, Arnold2.40.5
7334 ENMouse TalesLobel, Arnold3.00.5
7233 ENMoving DaySzekeres, Cyndy2.10.5
20279 ENMr. ApeKing-Smith, Dick5.53.0
9678 ENMr. BaseballHooks, William2.50.5
47242 ENMr. BeansHyde, Dayton O.6.66.0
9037 ENMr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
58 ENMr. Popper's PenguinsAtwater, Richard5.63.0
11481 ENMr. TucketPaulsen, Gary5.04.0
7335 ENMrs. Brice's MiceHoff, Syd2.30.5
62 ENMrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMHO'Brien, Robert5.18.0
45513 ENMrs. Jeepers' Monster Class TripDadey/Jones4.41.0
63 ENMrs. Piggle-WiggleMacDonald, Betty5.23.0
677 ENMuch Ado About AldoHurwitz, Johanna4.81.0
5527 ENMud Pony, TheCohen, Caron L.3.70.5
8026 ENMud PuddleMunsch, Robert N.3.10.5
19843 ENMuddle CuddleGugler, Laurel Dee2.90.5
5030 ENMufaro's Beautiful DaughtersSteptoe, John4.30.5
429 ENMuggie MaggieCleary, Beverly4.51.0
73270 ENMummies at the MallHerman, Gail2.50.5
14683 ENMummies Don't Coach SoftballDadey/Jones3.81.0
10644 ENMummies in the MorningOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
44179 ENMummy Walks, TheStine, R.L.3.63.0
7743 ENMurder in the Middle PastureErickson, John R.4.63.0
8027 ENMurmel, Murmel, MurmelMunsch, Robert N.2.50.5
84465 ENMusclesRoss, Veronica4.30.5
17783 ENMusic of Dolphins, TheHesse, Karen3.43.0
61005 ENMustang MoonFarley, Terri5.17.0
10581 ENMustang, Wild Spirit of the WestHenry, Marguerite5.37.0
280 ENMustardGraeber, Charlotte3.11.0
20280 ENMutt in the Iron Muzzle, TheFriedman, Michael Jan4.54.0
20281 ENMuttketeer!Crider, Bill4.64.0
15185 ENMutts (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
900012 ENMy Best Friend (MH Edition)Hutchins, Pat2.00.5
36445 ENMy Big LieCosby, Bill2.50.5
16398 ENMy Brother, AntByars, Betsy1.70.5
40138 ENMy Brother's Keeper: Virginia's DiaryOsborne, Mary Pope4.32.0
127 ENMy Brother Sam is DeadCollier, James/Christopher4.97.0
329 ENMy Brother StevieClymer, Eleanor4.13.0
89599 ENMy ContinentAdamson, Heather1.80.5
574 ENMy DanielConrad, Pam4.75.0
56669 ENMy Deer Is a DearSalzmann, Mary Elizabeth1.30.5
900003 ENMy Dog's the Best! (MH Edition)Calmenson, Stephanie0.60.5
486 ENMy Father's DragonGannett, Ruth Stiles5.61.0
900024 ENMy Fish (MH Edition)Farrell, Ben0.40.5
516 ENMy Friend FlickaO'Hara, Mary6.015.0
281 ENMy Friend the VampireBodenburg, Angela4.24.0
65847 ENMy Grandmother's ClockMcCaughrean, Geraldine3.60.5
6133 ENMy Great-Aunt ArizonaHouston, Gloria4.00.5
31191 ENMy Heart Is on the Ground: The Diary of Nannie Little RoseRinaldi, Ann4.35.0
9782 ENMy Little IslandLessac, Frane3.60.5
909 ENMy Mama SaysViorst, Judith Kay1.00.5
29516 ENMy Name Is GeorgiaWinter, Jeanette3.40.5
900187 ENMy Name is Nura (MH Edition)Castagliola, Anne M.3.70.5
7234 ENMy New BoyPhillips, Joan1.00.5
40736 ENMy New Pet Is the GreatestAlbee, Sarah1.30.5
900151 ENMy Own Team: The Bill Reidy Story (MH Edition)Smith, Geof2.60.5
82084 ENMy Penguin OsbertKimmel, Elizabeth Cody3.70.5
75802 ENMy PonyJeffers, Susan2.50.5
183 ENMy Robot BuddySlote, Alfred3.61.0
11383 ENMy Rotten Redheaded Older BrotherPolacco, Patricia3.30.5
64 ENMy Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead5.26.0
9958 ENMy Sister AnnieDodds, Bill3.52.0
7153 ENMy Sister, My Science ReportBechard, Margaret3.22.0
21252 ENMy StepsDerby, Sally3.30.5
83484 ENMy Teacher for PresidentWinters, Kay1.80.5
5433 ENMy Teacher Is an AlienCoville, Bruce5.33.0
184 ENMy Trip to Alpha 1Slote, Alfred4.31.0
66203 ENMy Trip to the FarmMayer, Mercer2.10.5
66204 ENMy Trip to the ZooMayer, Mercer0.40.5
42935 ENMy Very Own RoomPérez, Amada Irma3.90.5
5528 ENMy Visit to the DinosaursAliki,3.20.5
5031 ENMy War With Goggle-EyesFine, Anne5.06.0
16859 ENMy Worst Days DiaryAltman, Suzanne3.20.5
103554 ENMystery at Blackbeard's CovePenn, Audrey5.011.0
58235 ENMystery at Chilkoot PassSteiner, Barbara4.65.0
5672 ENMystery at Devil's PawDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
9275 ENMystery at the Dog Show, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.02.0
5627 ENMystery at the Ski JumpKeene, Carolyn5.05.0
5674 ENMystery...Aztec Warrior, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.86.0
7786 ENMystery Cave, TheHutchens, Paul5.44.0
5675 ENMystery...Chinese Junk, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
5329 ENMystery Cruise, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.92.0
9276 ENMystery Horse, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.23.0
9277 ENMystery in the Snow, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
900158 ENMystery Mess (MH Edition), TheAronson, Billy2.60.5
5673 ENMystery of Cabin Island, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5633 ENMystery of the 99 Steps, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
6282 ENMystery of the Blue Ring, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
5628 ENMystery of the Brass-Bound TrunkKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
8541 ENMystery of the Cupboard, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.97.0
35820 ENMystery of the Dark TowerColeman, Evelyn4.14.0
5676 ENMystery of the Desert GiantDixon, Franklin W.5.36.0
5677 ENMystery of the Flying ExpressDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
9279 ENMystery of the Hidden Beach, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
5630 ENMystery of the Ivory Charm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
9280 ENMystery of the Lost Village, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.12.0
5631 ENMystery of the Moss-Covered MansionKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
25214 ENMystery of the Stolen Bike, TheBrown, Marc3.11.0
10678 ENMystery of the Stolen Music, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.72.0
5632 ENMystery of the Tolling BellKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
17684 ENMystery of the Tooth GremlinGraves, Bonnie3.51.0
5679 ENMystery of the Whale TattooDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
50155 ENMystery on Skull IslandJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.66.0
10679 ENMystery on Stage, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.22.0
5304 ENMystery RanchWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.32.0
5678 ENMystery...Spiral Bridge, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
7788 ENMystery Thief, TheHutchens, Paul5.35.0
9075 ENNan and the Sea MonsterDale, Nora2.40.5
9076 ENNana's Birthday PartyHest, Amy3.30.5
5529 ENNana Upstairs & Nana DownstairsDePaola, Tomie3.40.5
5530 ENNapping House, TheWood, Audrey2.80.5
330 ENNate the GreatSharmat, Marjorie2.00.5
64479 ENNate the Great and the Big SniffSharmat, Marjorie/Mitchell2.40.5
430 ENNate the Great and the Boring Beach BagSharmat, Marjorie2.70.5
7628 ENNate the Great and the Halloween HuntSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
32169 ENNate the Great and the Monster MessSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.90.5
678 ENNate the Great and the Musical NoteSharmat, Marjorie2.90.5
7632 ENNate the Great and the Sticky CaseSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.70.5
13881 ENNate the Great Goes Down In the DumpsSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.60.5
7633 ENNate the Great Goes UndercoverSharmat, Marjorie Weinman2.40.5
73313 ENNaughty Nautical NeighborsAuerbach, Annie3.30.5
116247 ENNeedle and ThreadMartin, Ann M.4.96.0
71895 ENNeptune (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Stille, Darlene R.5.00.5
918 ENNever Hit a PorcupineWilliams, Barbara1.00.5
13781 ENNever Ride Your Elephant to SchoolJohnson, Doug3.20.5
10906 ENNever Say QuitWallace, Bill4.15.0
6078 ENNever Spit on Your ShoesCazet, Denys2.00.5
18734 ENNew Dawn on Rocky RidgeMacBride, Roger Lea5.39.0
100148 ENNew England PatriotsLeBoutillier, Nate2.80.5
66248 ENNew Fire Truck, TheMayer, Mercer1.50.5
900068 ENNew Flag (MH Edition), AHarris, Robert2.20.5
968 ENNew House for Mole and Mouse, AZiefert, Harriet1.30.5
9077 ENNew Kid, TheEconomos, Chris1.80.5
900015 ENNew Shoes for Silvia (MH Edition)Hurwitz, Johanna2.80.5
72910 ENNew Student StarfishMiglis, Jenny3.81.0
61706 ENNew Year's Day (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.2.10.5
100149 ENNew York GiantsLeBoutillier, Nate2.70.5
431 ENNext Spring an OrioleWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
76019 ENNice Hit! You Can Play BaseballFauchald, Nick3.30.5
1026 ENNick and NedMinden, Cecilia1.00.5
975 ENNicky Upstairs and DownZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
900040 ENNight and Day (MH Edition)Zane, Robyn Martell2.00.5
900182 ENNight Animal, Day Animal (MH Edition)Lechner, Judith3.20.5
900100 ENNight Animals (MH Edition), TheTime-for-Kids-Editors1.30.5
34692 ENNight Flyers, TheJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.05.0
900229 ENNight Jazz Came Alive (MH Edition), TheMorgan, Daphne2.80.5
5032 ENNight Journey, TheLasky, Kathryn5.35.0
9955 ENNight of the Full MoonWhelan, Gloria4.21.0
960 ENNight of the MoonjelliesShasha, Mark3.50.5
105864 ENNight of the New MagiciansOsborne, Mary Pope4.02.0
10680 ENNight of the NinjasOsborne, Mary Pope2.71.0
628 ENNight of the TwistersRuckman, Ivy4.74.0
900064 ENNight Sounds (MH Edition)Oliver, Tracy2.10.5
6079 ENNight TreeBunting, Eve3.30.5
282 ENNighty-NightmareHowe, James4.22.0
900118 ENNine-in-One Grr! Grr! (MH Edition)Xiong, Blia3.10.5
34930 ENNinjas Don't Bake Pumpkin PiesDadey/Jones4.11.0
2849 ENNo Dinner!Souhami, Jessica2.90.5
32447 ENNo Fear (Scrappers)Hughes, Dean4.33.0
5487 ENNo Fighting, No Biting!Minarik, Else2.60.5
7235 ENNo Good in ArtCohen, Miriam2.80.5
16196 ENNo Jumping on the Bed!Arnold, Tedd4.50.5
7287 ENNo Mail for MitchellSiracusa, Catherine2.00.5
15876 ENNo More Peas, Please!Roth, Anne Abernathy2.00.5
7236 ENNo More TV, Sleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.90.5
66245 ENNo One Can PlayMayer, Mercer1.10.5
7288 ENNoah's ArkHayward, Linda1.60.5
239 ENNoonday Friends, TheStolz, Mary4.86.0
46012 ENNorthwest Coast IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim4.10.5
36700 ENNory Ryan's SongGiff, Patricia Reilly4.35.0
20282 ENNot Exactly NashvilleKuhn, Betsy3.94.0
9386 ENNot I, Not IHillert, Margaret0.70.5
67496 ENNot Just a WitchIbbotson, Eva5.66.0
240 ENNot-Just-Anybody Family, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
18736 ENNot-So-Perfect RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.51.0
73837 ENNothin' but NetChristopher/Mantell4.94.0
9078 EN"Nothing is Impossible," said Nellie BlyCarlson, Judy3.10.5
185 ENNothing's Fair in Fifth GradeDeClements, Barthe3.74.0
900128 ENNow You See It, Now You Don't (MH Edition)Smith, Geof2.40.5
379 ENNumber the StarsLowry, Lois4.54.0
12571 ENNurse Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.40.5
15168 ENNurses (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee3.00.5
51317 ENNutik & Amaroq Play BallGeorge, Jean Craighead2.80.5
42618 ENNutquacker, TheAuch, Mary Jane3.10.5
979 ENNuts to You!Ehlert, Lois3.00.5
331 ENNutty Can't MissHughes, Dean4.74.0
283 ENNutty For PresidentHughes, Dean4.84.0
432 ENO'DiddyStevenson, Jocelyn3.71.0
100150 ENOakland RaidersFrisch, Aaron2.80.5
89956 ENOcean FloorsMacken, JoAnn Early1.60.5
42484 ENOcean TidesRichter, Al3.20.5
84766 ENOctopusesLindeen, Carol K.1.50.5
15877 ENOdi OtterSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
14100 ENOfficer Buckle and GloriaRathmann, Peggy3.40.5
900106 ENOfficer Buckle and Gloria (MH Edition)Rathmann, Peggy3.40.5
34572 ENOgres! Ogres! Ogres!Heller, Nicholas3.30.5
332 ENOh, BrotherWilson, Johnniece3.94.0
433 ENOh Honestly, Angela!Robinson, Nancy K.3.72.0
35678 ENOh My Baby, Little OneAppelt, Kathi2.80.5
9329 ENOh No, Otis!Frankel, Julie0.40.5
9038 ENOh Say Can You Say?Seuss, Dr.4.00.5
9039 ENOh, the Places You'll Go!Seuss, Dr.3.30.5
9040 ENOh, the Thinks You Can Think!Seuss, Dr.1.80.5
6080 ENOld Black FlyAylesworth, Jim1.40.5
27763 ENOld English SheepdogsKallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
10681 ENOld Man and the Bear, TheHanel, Wolfram4.00.5
924 ENOld Man and the Sea, TheHemingway, Ernest9.04.0
9132 ENOld Mill, TheBrown, Margaret Wise3.30.5
65 ENOld Mother West WindBurgess, Thornton5.23.0
82156 ENOld Willis Place: A Ghost Story, TheHahn, Mary Downing4.27.0
6081 ENOld Woman and Her Pig, TheKimmel, Eric2.40.5
66 ENOld YellerGipson, Fred5.05.0
15878 ENOle BlueSargent, Dave3.40.5
71432 ENOlive's OceanHenkes, Kevin4.74.0
7336 ENOliverHoff, Syd2.10.5
333 ENOliver Dibbs and the Dinosaur CauseSteiner, Barbara4.35.0
284 ENOliver Dibbs to the Rescue!Steiner, Barbara4.04.0
60392 ENOliver Finds His WayRoot, Phyllis1.30.5
1036 ENOliver's BoxMeier, Joanne1.30.5
30547 ENOliver Twist (Great Illustrated Classics)Dickens/Leighton4.62.0
44266 ENOliviaFalconer, Ian2.00.5
1034 ENOlivia by the OceanMinden, Cecilia1.10.5
106128 ENOlivia Forms a BandFalconer, Ian2.40.5
52402 ENOlivia Saves the CircusFalconer, Ian1.90.5
72911 ENOllieDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
72912 ENOllie the StomperDunrea, Olivier0.90.5
9041 ENOn Beyond ZebraSeuss, Dr.4.20.5
6082 ENOn Mother's LapScott, Ann2.00.5
128 ENOn My HonorBauer, Marion Dane4.72.0
74241 ENOn Noah's ArkBrett, Jan1.80.5
67 ENOn the Banks of Plum CreekWilder, Laura Ingalls4.68.0
630 ENOn the Far Side of the MountainGeorge, Jean Craighead4.56.0
900101 ENOn the Go! (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.20.5
10918 ENOn the Other Side of the HillMacBride, Roger Lea5.29.0
5033 ENOn the Way HomeWilder, Laura Ingalls5.33.0
80739 ENOn Thin IceChristopher/Peters4.21.0
58478 ENOnce Upon a FarmBradby, Marie2.60.5
63723 ENOne CandleBunting, Eve2.90.5
41434 ENOne Dark and Scary NightCosby, Bill3.00.5
64152 ENOne Dark NightWheeler, Lisa2.50.5
241 ENOne-Eyed CatFox, Paula5.47.0
5488 ENOne Fine DayHogrogian, Nonny3.50.5
9042 ENOne Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue FishSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
10231 ENOne Ghost Too ManyStevenson, Drew4.22.0
900084 ENOne Good Pup (MH Edition)Asch, Frank0.70.5
679 ENOne in the Middle...Kangaroo, TheBlume, Judy2.50.5
55275 ENOne MondayHuntington, Amy3.10.5
9133 ENOne Monster After AnotherMayer, Mercer4.20.5
85424 ENOne Night in Doom HouseStine, R.L.3.33.0
6083 ENOne of ThreeJohnson, Angela2.40.5
78025 ENOne Smooth MoveChristopher, Matt3.61.0
68 ENOnion JohnKrumgold, Joseph4.58.0
14690 ENOnion SundaesAdler, David A.3.31.0
34554 ENOperation Baby-SitterChristopher, Matt3.81.0
11586 ENOperation: Dump the ChumpPark, Barbara3.93.0
900206 ENOpt: An Illusionary Tale (MH Edition)Baum, Arline/Joseph2.60.5
27780 ENOrangutansWoods, Mae4.00.5
24672 ENOriental Shorthair CatsKallen, Stuart A.4.30.5
5222 ENOriginal Adventures of Hank the Cowdog, TheErickson, John R.4.53.0
7337 ENOscar OtterBenchley, Nathaniel2.60.5
6025 ENOther Bells for Us to RingCormier, Robert5.94.0
488 ENOtherwise Known as Sheila the GreatBlume, Judy3.54.0
61141 ENOtters Under WaterArnosky, Jim2.20.5
900116 ENOur Soccer League (MH Edition)Solomon, Chuck2.00.5
66206 ENOur Tree HouseMayer, Mercer1.40.5
18783 ENOut of the DustHesse, Karen5.33.0
10582 ENOut of the MistSnelling, Lauraine4.25.0
28230 ENOutside and Inside BatsMarkle, Sandra5.61.0
45103 ENOutside and Inside DinosaursMarkle, Sandra5.70.5
28229 ENOutside and Inside SpidersMarkle, Sandra4.90.5
9079 ENOutside Dog, ThePomerantz, Charlotte2.50.5
129 ENOver Sea, Under StoneCooper, Susan5.412.0
900099 ENOwl and the Moon (MH Edition)Lobel, Arnold2.20.5
5531 ENOwl and the Pussycat, TheLear, Edward2.50.5
932 ENOwl BabiesWadell, Martin2.00.5
5532 ENOwl MoonYolen, Jane3.20.5
9080 ENOwl Who Became the Moon, TheLondon, Jonathan3.40.5
16374 ENOwls (Animals)Holmes, Kevin J.3.10.5
680 ENOwls in the FamilyMowat, Farley5.03.0
6084 ENOx-Cart ManHall, Donald4.50.5
7338 ENP.J. the Spoiled BunnySadler, Marilyn2.80.5
334 ENPackage for Miss Marshwater, ADonnelly, Elfie3.41.0
20347 ENPaddington at LargeBond, Michael6.04.0
45795 ENPagePierce, Tamora5.49.0
5533 ENPain and The Great One, TheBlume, Judy3.10.5
15189 ENPalomino Horses (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.3.70.5
40687 ENPammie PigeonSargent, Dave/David5.00.5
9330 ENPancakes, Crackers, and PizzaEberts, Marjorie2.50.5
15879 ENPansy PackratSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
6085 ENPapa Lucky's ShadowDaly, Niki3.50.5
83385 ENPapa's LatkesEdwards, Michelle3.20.5
8032 ENPaper Bag Princess, TheMunsch, Robert N.3.80.5
9786 ENPaper Crane, TheBang, Molly3.60.5
31055 ENPaper Dragon, TheDavol, Marguerite W.4.80.5
18642 ENPaperboy, ThePilkey, Dav2.90.5
106790 ENParade DaySchmauss, Judy Kentor0.90.5
67825 ENParade Day: Marching Through the Calendar YearBarner, Bob2.20.5
89972 ENParade for Sam, ALabatt, Mary1.70.5
919 ENParadise Called Texas, AShefelman, Janice Jordan5.04.0
5827 ENParadise Called Texas, AShefelman, Janice Jordan4.54.0
2455 ENParakeet Girl, TheSadler, Marilyn2.60.5
61707 ENPassover (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.2.10.5
71116 ENPassport to DangerDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5635 ENPassword to Larkspur LaneKeene, Carolyn4.85.0
900204 ENPatchwork Quilt (MH Edition), TheFlournoy, Valerie3.70.5
681 ENPatchwork Quilt, TheFlournoy, Valerie3.70.5
900082 ENPath on the Map (MH Edition), TheMarzollo, Jean0.60.5
4516 ENPatience (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.90.5
17586 ENPatrick Doyle Is Full of BlarneyArmstrong, Jennifer3.71.0
900076 ENPatrick Makes a Shot (MH Edition)Hogan, Samantha2.10.5
5489 ENPatrick's DinosaursCarrick, Carol3.30.5
4517 ENPatriotism (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia3.30.5
57101 ENPatty PandaSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
34893 ENPatty's Pumpkin PatchSloat, Teri3.50.5
9134 ENPaul BunyanKellogg, Steven5.70.5
9331 ENPaul the PitcherSharp, Paul1.80.5
20283 ENPawloined Paper, TheLitowinsky, Olga4.23.0
2028 ENPeacefulness (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.70.5
9685 ENPeach BoyHooks, William2.70.5
114836 ENPeakSmith, Roland5.09.0
17685 ENPeanut Butter Gang, TheSiracusa, Catherine2.60.5
7637 ENPeanut-Butter PilgrimsDelton, Judy3.21.0
9332 ENPear by Itself, ABaker, Bonnie1.50.5
11433 ENPearl Harbor is Burning!Kudlinski, Kathleen V.3.51.0
900297 ENPecos Bill: A Tall Tale (MH Edition)Medearis, Angela Shelf3.20.5
10682 ENPeddler's Dream, AShefelman, Janice4.20.5
10683 ENPee Wees on FirstDelton, Judy3.51.0
7588 ENPeeping BeautyAuch, Mary Jane3.10.5
9135 ENPeggy PorcupineSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
88005 ENPenderwicks: A Summer Tale of Four Sisters...Interesting Boy, TheBirdsall, Jeanne4.78.0
28739 ENPenguin (Life Cycles), TheCrewe, Sabrina3.60.5
10533 ENPenguin PetePfister, Marcus3.50.5
17542 ENPenguin Pete and Little TimPfister, Marcus3.40.5
11564 ENPenguin Pete and PatPfister, Marcus3.70.5
10534 ENPenguin Pete's New FriendsPfister, Marcus2.60.5
16626 ENPenguins (In the Wild)Robinson, Claire3.00.5
7388 ENPenrod AgainChristian, Mary Blount2.00.5
101791 ENPenultimate Peril, TheSnicket, Lemony7.47.0
115418 ENPeople in FallRustad, Martha E. H.1.10.5
73213 ENPeppermints in the ParlorWallace, Barbara Brooks6.07.0
900144 ENPerfect Pets (MH Edition)Domino, Rob2.20.5
7390 ENPerfect the PigJeschke, Susan3.30.5
53946 ENPerfectly Horrible Halloween, ThePoydar, Nancy2.70.5
73217 ENPerils of Peppermints, TheWallace, Barbara Brooks6.38.0
900228 ENPerry Mantis, Private Eye (MH Edition)Segovia, Alejandro2.70.5
15178 ENPersian Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.70.5
900074 ENPet Day (MH Edition)Sarraute, Danielle2.10.5
900033 ENPet for Max (MH Edition), ABenjamin, Cynthia1.00.5
9333 ENPet for Pat, ASnow, Pegeen0.40.5
5434 ENPet-Sitting Peril, TheRoberts, Willo Davis5.87.0
81219 ENPetals in the AshesHooper, Mary6.38.0
9081 ENPete Pig Cleans UpHulbert, Jay1.70.5
900020 ENPete's Chicken (MH Edition)Ziefert, Harriet1.80.5
900285 ENPeter and the Wolf (MH Edition)Prokofiev, Sergei4.00.5
489 ENPeter and VeronicaSachs, Marilyn4.65.0
900028 ENPets (MH Edition)Clerk, Jessica1.20.5
900291 ENPets to the Rescue (MH Edition)Erickson, Christopher4.70.5
5680 ENPhantom Freighter, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
10684 ENPhantom in the Mirror, TheErickson, John R.5.13.0
130 ENPhantom Tollbooth, TheJuster, Norton6.77.0
31075 ENPhantoms Don't Drive Sports CarsDadey/Jones4.01.0
131 ENPhilip Hall Likes Me. I Reckon Maybe.Greene, Bette5.04.0
900217 ENPhoebe and the Spelling Bee (MH Edition)Saltzberg, Barney3.10.5
444 ENPickle PussGiff, Patricia Reilly2.11.0
9957 ENPickle Song, TheDeClements, Barthe3.94.0
900006 ENPicnic Farm (MH Edition)Morton, Christine1.60.5
9082 ENPicnic, TheBrown, Ruth2.60.5
19959 ENPicture Book of Abraham Lincoln, AAdler, David A.3.80.5
29430 ENPicture Book of Anne Frank, AAdler, David A.4.70.5
29433 ENPicture Book of Benjamin Franklin, AAdler, David A.4.30.5
19960 ENPicture Book of Christopher Columbus, AAdler, David A.3.90.5
29428 ENPicture Book of Davy Crockett, AAdler, David A.4.50.5
43239 ENPicture Book of Eleanor Roosevelt, AAdler, David A.4.10.5
43253 ENPicture Book of George Washington, AAdler, David A.4.10.5
29434 ENPicture Book of Helen Keller, AAdler, David A.3.50.5
67736 ENPicture Book of Lewis and Clark, AAdler, David A.5.10.5
20905 ENPicture Book of Louis Braille, AAdler, David A.4.80.5
19958 ENPicture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr., AAdler, David A.3.80.5
29427 ENPicture Book of Paul Revere, AAdler, David A.5.30.5
11038 ENPicture Book of Rosa Parks, AAdler, David A.5.10.5
29432 ENPicture Book of Thomas Jefferson, AAdler, David A.4.50.5
7339 ENPicture for Harold's Room, AJohnson, Crockett2.30.5
30569 ENPicture of Dorian Gray (Great Illustrated Classics), TheWilde/Siegel4.83.0
15880 ENPie for Thanksgiving, AEvans, Paul4.30.5
20284 ENPie MagicForward, Toby3.32.0
900023 ENPig Digs! (MH Edition)Cohen, Della0.40.5
24678 ENPigs (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.00.5
17290 ENPigs in the Mud in the Middle of the RudPlourde, Lynn1.30.5
9639 ENPigs Might FlyKing-Smith, Dick6.04.0
9290 ENPiles of PetsDelton, Judy3.51.0
242 ENPinballs, TheByars, Betsy3.83.0
8685 ENPink and SayPolacco, Patricia3.81.0
17686 ENPinky and Rex and the BullyHowe, James3.20.5
17687 ENPinky and Rex and the Double-Dad WeekendHowe, James3.60.5
28477 ENPinky and Rex and the New BabyHowe, James3.20.5
6696 ENPinky and Rex and the Spelling BeeHowe, James3.20.5
30515 ENPinky and Rex Get MarriedHowe, James2.90.5
30514 ENPinky and Rex Go to CampHowe, James3.50.5
15190 ENPinto Horses (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.3.80.5
335 ENPioneer CatHooks, William H.3.31.0
17688 ENPioneer SistersWilder, Laura Ingalls3.41.0
69 ENPippi LongstockingLindgren, Astrid5.24.0
56740 ENPirate Diary: The Journal of Jake CarpenterPlatt, Richard6.42.0
10685 ENPirates Don't Wear Pink SunglassesDadey/Jones3.91.0
9291 ENPirates Past NoonOsborne, Mary Pope2.81.0
6086 ENPish, Posh, said Hieronymus BoschWillard, Nancy4.00.5
100151 ENPittsburgh SteelersLeBoutillier, Nate2.90.5
9083 ENPizza!Martino, Teresa2.80.5
69332 ENPizza for SamLabatt, Mary1.70.5
9292 ENPizza Mystery, TheWarner, Gertrude Chandler4.13.0
16701 ENPlace to Belong, ACrofford, Emily5.34.0
46013 ENPlains IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim4.70.5
132 ENPlanet of Junior Brown, TheHamilton, Virginia5.17.0
5435 ENPlant That Ate Dirty Socks, TheMcArthur, Nancy4.14.0
51031 ENPlanting a RainbowEhlert, Lois2.60.5
4785 ENPlants of the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.70.5
46014 ENPlateau IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim4.40.5
6087 ENPlay Ball, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.30.5
101264 ENPlayground ScienceSheehan, Thomas F.3.70.5
900160 ENPlaying Your Best (MH Edition)Adams, Barbara3.20.5
9334 ENPlease, Wind?Greene, Carol0.40.5
71896 ENPluto (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Stille, Darlene R.5.40.5
5534 ENPocket For Corduroy, AFreeman, Don3.70.5
34948 ENPocketsArmstrong, Jennifer6.00.5
7893 ENPoison Ivy and Eyebrow WigsPryor, Bonnie4.04.0
9136 ENPokey OpossumSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
7237 ENPoky Little Puppy, TheLowrey, Janette4.00.5
1063 ENPolar AnimalsCooper, Wade1.90.5
6088 ENPolar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?Martin, Bill2.10.5
27770 ENPolar BearsKallen, Stuart A.4.20.5
18742 ENPolar Bears Past BedtimeOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
15170 ENPolice Officers (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.90.5
5436 ENPolly PanicShura, Mary Francis4.74.0
57102 ENPolly PlatypusSargent, Dave/Pat4.20.5
30550 ENPollyanna (Great Illustrated Classics)Porter/Leighton3.82.0
900250 ENPompeii: A Doomed City (MH Edition)Putterman, Rona3.20.5
35288 ENPonies at the PointBaglio, Ben M.4.84.0
900196 ENPony Express (MH Edition), TheRyder, Dale4.00.5
19902 ENPony for Keeps, ABetancourt, Jeanne4.12.0
1002 ENPony Guide, TheAdelman, Beth4.21.0
19903 ENPony in Trouble, ABetancourt, Jeanne3.92.0
32409 ENPony on the PorchBaglio, Ben M.3.63.0
15186 ENPoodles (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
41870 ENPooh's Hero PartyMilne/Gaines2.00.5
41874 ENPooh's Scavenger HuntMilne/Gaines2.30.5
85115 ENPooh's ValentineGaines, Isabel1.50.5
900292 ENPop Pop's First Fourth (MH Edition)Barry, Lauren4.60.5
7289 ENPopcornAsch, Frank2.30.5
36512 ENPopcorn Tree, TheMamchur, Carolyn2.80.5
25092 ENPoppleton and FriendsRylant, Cynthia2.60.5
25095 ENPoppleton EverydayRylant, Cynthia2.00.5
25093 ENPoppleton ForeverRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
35815 ENPoppleton in FallRylant, Cynthia2.40.5
39820 ENPoppleton in SpringRylant, Cynthia2.50.5
25011 ENPortia's PrankSargent, David M.1.90.5
26943 ENPossum and the PeeperHunter, Anne2.70.5
900273 ENPotlatch for Kwiskwis (MH Edition)Cardigan, H.H.3.50.5
70 ENPrairie SchoolLenski, Lois4.07.0
490 ENPrairie SongsConrad, Pam5.35.0
15881 ENPrater the Prairie DogSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
5034 ENPressure PlayHughes, Dean3.61.0
11435 ENPressure PlayChristopher, Matt4.34.0
25218 ENPrime-Time PitcherChristopher, Matt4.63.0
20285 ENPrince and the Pooch, TheLeavitt, Caroline4.04.0
7290 ENPrince's Tooth Is Loose, TheZiefert, Harriet1.50.5
6436 ENPrincess and the Goblin, TheMacDonald, George6.18.0
16399 ENPrincess Lulu Goes to CampCristaldi, Kathryn2.60.5
900107 ENPrincess Pooh (MH Edition)Muldoon, Kathleen M.3.40.5
5535 ENPromise is a Promise, AMunsch, Robert4.00.5
4787 ENProtecting the Rain ForestWoods, Mae4.90.5
104879 ENPteranodonRiehecky, Janet1.60.5
42619 ENPumpkin Book, TheGibbons, Gail4.20.5
55910 ENPumpkin Circle: The Story of a GardenLevenson, George3.00.5
63965 ENPumpkin Day!Wallace, Nancy Elizabeth2.70.5
115420 ENPumpkin HarvestHarris, Calvin1.60.5
971 ENPumpkin Heads!Minor, Wendell1.00.5
961 ENPumpkin LightRay, David3.80.5
7238 ENPumpkin PumpkinTitherington, Jeanne2.40.5
44376 ENPumpkin SoupCooper, Helen3.10.5
950 ENPumpkinsFarmer, Jacqueline2.20.5
88029 ENPunk FarmKrosoczka, Jarrett2.00.5
82859 ENPup and HoundHood, Susan0.90.5
995 ENPup and Hound Stay Up LateHood, Susan1.30.5
900049 ENPup and the Cat (MH Edition), TheKing, Elizabeth0.70.5
7291 ENPuppies Are Like ThatPfloog, Jan2.30.5
32411 ENPuppies in the PantryBaglio, Ben M.3.83.0
73316 ENPuppy DaysSchulz/Mack0.80.5
21484 ENPuppy LoveKing-Smith, Dick4.00.5
83514 ENPuppy Mudge Finds a FriendRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
69964 ENPuppy Mudge Has a SnackRylant, Cynthia0.80.5
79934 ENPuppy Mudge Loves His BlanketRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
70788 ENPuppy Mudge Takes a BathRylant, Cynthia0.70.5
88312 ENPuppy Mudge Wants to PlayRylant, Cynthia0.60.5
86642 ENPuppy TalesBalaban, Bob5.13.0
7340 ENPuppy Who Wanted a Boy, TheThayer, Jane3.00.5
900300 ENPure Power! (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors3.20.5
10583 ENPurebredBryant, Bonnie4.64.0
930 ENPurloined EpistlesCannon, David5.82.0
698 ENPurple Climbing DaysGiff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
9335 ENPurple is Part of a RainbowKowalczyk, Carolyn1.10.5
9388 ENPurple Pussycat, TheHillert, Margaret0.80.5
15454 ENPythons (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.00.5
900080 ENQuack (MH Edition)Barrett, Judi0.70.5
900258 ENQuack, Quack! (MH Edition)Pittaluga, Matthew2.90.5
10584 ENQuarter Horse, TheStewart, Gail5.10.5
84664 ENQueen of HeartsEngelbreit, Mary3.30.5
133 ENQueenie PeavyBurch, Robert5.65.0
682 ENQuentin CornStolz, Mary4.84.0
5437 ENQuest for Queenie, TheBall, Brian4.11.0
71 ENRabbit HillLawson, Robert6.43.0
9686 ENRabbit's Birthday KiteMacdonald, Maryann2.00.5
434 ENRabbit SpringMichels, Tilde3.81.0
5035 ENRabble StarkeyLowry, Lois5.37.0
73277 ENRace Car Monster, TheHerman, Gail2.20.5
10585 ENRace, TheSnelling, Lauraine4.05.0
10586 ENRacehorseBryant, Bonnie5.24.0
5036 ENRacing the SunPitts, Paul4.45.0
683 ENRacso and the Rats of NIMHConly, Jane Leslie5.08.0
5037 ENRadio Fifth GradeKorman, Gordon4.75.0
6089 ENRag Coat, TheMills, Lauren3.90.5
44654 ENRainStojic, Manya1.70.5
108924 ENRainHerriges, Ann1.70.5
80741 ENRain DanceFarley, Terri5.45.0
9336 ENRain! Rain!Greene, Carol0.40.5
14998 ENRainbow Fish, ThePfister, Marcus3.30.5
16646 ENRainbow Fish to the Rescue!Pfister/James3.70.5
27977 ENRainy Day Grump, TheEaton, Deborah1.70.5
336 ENRalph S. MouseCleary, Beverly5.13.0
72 ENRamona and Her FatherCleary, Beverly5.23.0
491 ENRamona and Her MotherCleary, Beverly4.84.0
186 ENRamona ForeverCleary, Beverly4.84.0
134 ENRamona Quimby, Age 8Cleary, Beverly5.63.0
32142 ENRamona's WorldCleary, Beverly4.84.0
285 ENRamona the BraveCleary, Beverly4.93.0
492 ENRamona the PestCleary, Beverly5.14.0
10587 ENRanch HandsBryant, Bonnie5.24.0
29284 ENRapunzelZelinsky, Paul O.4.60.5
73 ENRascalNorth, Sterling7.17.0
10686 ENRats on the RangeMarshall, James4.01.0
15882 ENRaw CourageSargent, Dave4.84.0
89767 ENRaysStone, Lynn M.3.90.5
7239 ENReady, Get Set Go!Berenstain, Stan/Jan1.20.5
900152 ENReady Set Go! (MH Edition)Feury, Dan2.70.5
20286 ENReal Kids Real Adventures: A Rock-Climbing Accident!Morris, Deborah4.03.0
286 ENReal Thief, TheSteig, William6.11.0
30553 ENRebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (Great Illustrated Classics)Wiggin/Warren5.53.0
900255 ENRecording the Past (MH Edition)Burgan, Michael3.00.5
30554 ENRed Badge of Courage (Great Illustrated Classics), TheCrane/Vogel5.43.0
5536 ENRed Fox and His CanoeBenchley, Nathaniel2.20.5
684 ENRed-Hot HightopsChristopher, Matt4.23.0
6137 ENRed Leaf, Yellow LeafEhlert, Lois2.60.5
435 ENRed Ribbon RosieMarzollo, Jean3.81.0
5038 ENRed Sails to CapriWeil, Ann3.44.0
27772 ENRedheaded WoodpeckersGerholdt, James E.3.80.5
9137 ENRedi FoxSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
57103 ENReini ReindeerSargent, Dave/Pat4.30.5
5537 ENRelatives Came, TheRylant, Cynthia4.10.5
287 ENReluctant Dragon, TheGrahame, Kenneth6.51.0
4786 ENRemarkable Rain Forest, TheWoods, Mae4.80.5
493 ENRemember Me to Harold SquareDanziger, Paula4.34.0
288 ENRemembering Box, TheClifford, Eth4.11.0
77860 ENReport Card, TheClements, Andrew4.95.0
41286 ENReptile Room, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
79430 ENReptilesRichardson, Adele3.00.5
74 ENRescuers, TheSharp, Margery6.34.0
1604 ENRespect (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia3.00.5
2027 ENResponsibility (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia2.90.5
10687 ENReturn of Rinaldo, the Sly Fox, TheScheffler, Ursel3.40.5
11437 ENReturn of the Home Run KidChristopher, Matt4.74.0
383 ENReturn of the Indian, TheReid-Banks, Lynne4.65.0
5286 ENReturn of the King, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.222.0
20092 ENReturn of the Plant That Ate Dirty Socks, TheMcArthur, Nancy4.24.0
900261 ENReturn of the Wolf (MH Edition)Piparo/Jensen4.70.5
6484 ENReturn to Howliday InnHowe, James5.83.0
43682 ENRevolutionary War on WednesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.51.0
66533 ENRexDuey, Kathleen3.20.5
66534 ENRex 2Duey, Kathleen3.30.5
187 ENRich MitchSharmat, Marjorie3.52.0
59518 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) RobotPilkey, Dav2.90.5
59520 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant (Mighty) Robot vs. the Voodoo...from VenusPilkey, Dav3.80.5
59519 ENRicky Ricotta's Giant Robot vs...Mosquitoes from MercuryPilkey, Dav3.50.5
65004 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot...Jurassic Jackrabbits from JupiterPilkey, Dav3.60.5
71506 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs...Stupid Stinkbugs from SaturnPilkey, Dav4.10.5
59521 ENRicky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Mecha-Monkeys from MarsPilkey, Dav3.60.5
101198 ENRicky Ricotta's...Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from UranusPilkey, Dav4.10.5
5039 ENRiddle of Penncroft Farm, TheJensen, Dorothea5.47.0
52604 ENRiddle of the Prairie BrideReiss, Kathryn5.55.0
20287 ENRiddle of the Wayward BooksStrickland/Fuller4.65.0
82778 ENRider in the Dark: An Epic Horse StoryHolmes, Victoria6.711.0
27747 ENRiding FreedomRyan, Pam Munoz4.53.0
10588 ENRiding LessonBryant, Bonnie4.94.0
75 ENRifles for WatieKeith, Harold6.114.0
900176 ENRin Tin Tin: Top Dog in the Movies (MH Edition)Smith, Geof3.80.5
10688 ENRinaldo, the Sly FoxScheffler, Ursel4.10.5
900145 ENRing (MH Edition), TheAnders, Paul2.30.5
135 ENRing of Endless Light, AL'Engle, Madeleine5.211.0
900098 ENRing! Ring! Ring! (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors1.50.5
5638 ENRingmaster's Secret, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
6090 ENRiptideWeller, Frances4.00.5
10768 ENRiver QuestVornholt, John5.15.0
15883 ENRoach Motel, TheCook, Molly M.3.30.5
243 ENRoad From Home, TheKherdian, David5.79.0
900168 ENRob's First Pet Care Book (MH Edition)Domino, Rob2.30.5
15884 ENRobbie RazorbackSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
20288 ENRobinhound CrusoeLeavitt, Caroline4.04.0
53070 ENRobots Don't Catch Chicken PoxDadey/Jones4.21.0
900233 ENRobots on the Loose! (MH Edition)Dooham, Nellie2.60.5
74290 ENRock-and-Roll BobOstrow, Kim1.70.5
45911 ENRockets and SpaceshipsWallace, Karen3.10.5
29506 ENRocking Horse ChristmasOsborne, Mary Pope2.90.5
15885 ENRocky Goes HuntingRikard, Walter Lee2.70.5
1041 ENRodeo Barrel RacingMcleese, Tex5.10.5
1040 ENRodeo RopingMcLeese, Tex4.00.5
1039 ENRodeo Steer WrestlingMcLeese, Tex4.20.5
136 ENRoll of Thunder, Hear My CryTaylor, Mildred5.710.0
79348 ENRoller Hockey RumbleChristopher, Matt3.91.0
76 ENRoller SkatesSawyer, Ruth6.38.0
494 ENRomeo and Juliet LastAvi,5.43.0
5538 ENRonald Morgan Goes to BatGiff, Patricia Reilly1.90.5
5040 ENRookie StarHughes, Dean3.92.0
61672 ENRoom on the BroomDonaldson, Julia3.70.5
5080 ENRoot Cellar, TheLunn, Janet5.210.0
102969 ENRosaGiovanni, Nikki4.90.5
900254 ENRosa's New Home (MH Edition)delBosque, Soledad3.70.5
20038 ENRosie's Big City BalletGiff, Patricia Reilly3.61.0
18745 ENRosie's Nutcracker DreamsGiff, Patricia Reilly3.21.0
6239 ENRosie Swanson: Fourth-Grade Geek for PresidentPark, Barbara5.13.0
7643 ENRosy Noses, Freezing ToesDelton, Judy3.51.0
685 ENRosy's RomanceGreenwald, Sheila3.81.0
6140 ENRough-Face Girl, TheMartin, Rafe4.00.5
900192 ENRoundup at Rio Ranch (MH Edition), TheMadearis, Angela Shelf3.00.5
5539 ENRoxaboxenMcLerran, Alice4.00.5
992 ENRoxie and the HooligansNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds2.82.0
9138 ENRoy RaccoonSargent, Dave/Pat3.80.5
77401 ENRuby in Her Own TimeEmmett, Jonathan2.10.5
6091 ENRuby Mae Has Something to SaySmall, David5.00.5
27776 ENRuby-Throated HummingbirdsGerholdt, James E.3.90.5
6141 ENRumpelstiltskinZelinsky, Paul4.00.5
17294 ENRumpelstiltskin's DaughterStanley, Diane4.30.5
7292 ENRunaway Bunny, TheBrown, Margaret Wise2.70.5
19907 ENRunaway PonyBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
5041 ENRunaway RalphCleary, Beverly5.34.0
7240 ENRunaway Teddy Bear, TheHofmann, Ginnie2.50.5
24673 ENRussian Blue CatsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
900245 ENRuthie Rides the Trolley (MH Edition)Keyes, Madeleine3.00.5
337 ENS.O.R. LosersAvi,3.62.0
77900 ENSacagaweaErdrich, Lise5.00.5
65668 ENSacagawea and the Bravest DeedKrensky, Stephen3.00.5
436 ENSadako and the Thousand Paper CranesCoerr, Eleanor4.11.0
32922 ENSaddest Pony, TheBetancourt, Jeanne3.51.0
5540 ENSaint George and the DragonHodges, Margaret5.60.5
48204 ENSalmon StreamReed-Jones, Carol5.60.5
900272 ENSaltaire Voice (MH Edition), TheCardigan, H.H.3.20.5
20289 ENSalty DogStrickland, Brad4.94.0
900022 ENSam and Jack (MH Edition)Taylor, Donna1.40.5
13550 ENSam and the TigersLester, Julius3.10.5
686 ENSam, Bangs and MoonshineNess, Evaline3.60.5
77365 ENSam Gets LostLabatt, Mary1.70.5
77366 ENSam Goes to SchoolLabatt, Mary1.70.5
69334 ENSam's First HalloweenLabatt, Mary2.00.5
900091 ENSam's Song (MH Edition)Capucilli, Alysa Satin1.40.5
9140 ENSam's WorriesMacdonald, Maryann2.90.5
495 ENSamantha Learns a LessonAdler, Susan S.4.31.0
687 ENSamantha's SurpriseSchur, Maxine Rose3.91.0
5241 ENSamantha Saves the DayTripp, Valerie3.81.0
9084 ENSame but Different, TheGoldish, Meish2.90.5
1059 ENSammyUrmston, Kathleen0.20.5
9139 ENSammy SkunkSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
7341 ENSammy the SealHoff, Syd2.00.5
15886 ENSamone the SiameseSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
104817 ENSan Antonio Spurs, TheStewart, Mark5.71.0
12579 ENSand Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.20.5
9337 ENSandbox BettyPetrie, Catherine0.80.5
73317 ENSandy's RocketBanks, Steven3.21.0
40691 ENSandy Sea GullSargent, Dave/David4.90.5
17591 ENSanta Claus Doesn't Mop FloorsDadey/Jones3.61.0
34846 ENSanta CowsEdens, Cooper4.10.5
32780 ENSanta PawsEdwards, Nicholas4.35.0
338 ENSantiago's Silver MineClymer, Eleanor3.91.0
900 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.20.5
137 ENSarah, Plain and TallMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
9650 ENSarah's LionGreaves, Margaret4.20.5
15887 ENSatan the BullSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
35036 ENSatchel PaigeCline-Ransome, Lesa5.20.5
71897 ENSaturn (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Simon, Charnan5.40.5
77 ENSaucepan JourneyUnnerstad, Edith5.68.0
900180 ENSave Our Park Trees (MH Edition)Adams, Barbara3.00.5
900249 ENSave the Sea Turtles! (MH Edition)Dooham, Nellie3.40.5
17789 ENSaving ShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.96.0
657 ENSay "Cheese"Giff, Patricia Reilly2.41.0
974 ENSay Goodnight!Ziefert, Harriet0.90.5
15888 ENSay You Love MeSargent, Dave3.80.5
75915 ENScamper and the Horse ShowHaas, Jessie2.30.5
6680 ENScared StiffRoberts, Willo Davis5.07.0
17690 ENScaredy DogThomas, Jane Resh3.70.5
6681 ENScariest Night, TheWright, Betty Ren4.45.0
5639 ENScarlet Slipper Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.65.0
900281 ENScary Night (MH Edition), TheMahoney, Josie O'Dell4.90.5
73104 ENScat, Cats!Holub, Joan0.50.5
16376 ENSchool Bus Drivers (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.20.5
17691 ENSchool DaysWilder/Peterson3.51.0
2490 ENSchool of WizardryDoyle/Macdonald5.95.0
69219 ENSchool Skeleton, TheRoy, Ron3.71.0
73223 ENScooby-Doo! and the Caveman CaperGelsey, James4.01.0
74291 ENScooby-Doo! and the Deep-Sea DiverGelsey, James4.21.0
73226 ENScooby-Doo! and the Frankenstein MonsterGelsey, James3.61.0
73227 ENScooby-Doo! and the Ghostly GorillaGelsey, James4.41.0
73228 ENScooby-Doo! and the Groovy GhostGelsey, James3.61.0
84398 ENScooby-Doo! and the Gruesome GoblinGelsey, James4.01.0
73231 ENScooby-Doo! and the Karate CaperGelsey, James4.21.0
79551 ENScooby-Doo! and the Legend of the VampireMcCann, Jesse Leon4.70.5
73234 ENScooby-Doo! and the Rowdy RodeoGelsey, James4.21.0
73236 ENScooby-Doo! and the Seashore SlimerGelsey, James4.11.0
73241 ENScooby-Doo! and the Vicious VikingGelsey, James4.51.0
83087 ENScooby-Doo and the WerewolfMcCann, Jesse Leon2.70.5
10226 ENScoop SnoopsHiser, Constance4.11.0
9966 ENScooterWilliams, Vera4.63.0
76020 ENScore! You Can Play SoccerFauchald, Nick3.60.5
52552 ENScottish TerriersTemple, Bob4.40.5
9043 ENScrambled Eggs SuperSeuss, Dr.4.40.5
31560 ENScrambled States of America, TheKeller, Laurie4.40.5
437 ENScruffyStoneley, Jack5.36.0
7342 ENScruffyParish, Peggy1.90.5
84768 ENSea HorsesLindeen, Carol K.1.40.5
41398 ENSea Monsters Don't Ride MotorcyclesDadey/Jones4.01.0
66058 ENSea Serpents Don't Juggle Water BalloonsDadey/Jones3.91.0
112218 ENSea SnakesRake, Jody Sullivan1.80.5
89771 ENSea TurtlesStone, Lynn M.3.70.5
1049 ENSea TurtlesLindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
688 ENSeal Oil Lamp, TheDeArmond, Dale4.61.0
84769 ENSealsLindeen, Carol K.1.40.5
29425 ENSeaman: The Dog Who Explored the West with Lewis and ClarkKarwoski, Gail Langer6.09.0
5042 ENSearch For Delicious, TheBabbitt, Natalie5.44.0
188 ENSearch for Grissi, TheShura, Mary Francis5.04.0
74673 ENSearching for Anne Frank: Letters from Amsterdam to IowaRubin, Susan Goldman6.85.0
87641 ENSeashore Food ChainsCrossingham, John5.20.5
1043 ENSeason of the SandstormsOsborne, Mary Pope2.82.0
81636 ENSeasons of the Year, TheFreeman, Marcia S.3.00.5
10589 ENSecond WindSnelling, Lauraine4.46.0
17692 ENSecondhand StarMacdonald, Maryanne2.81.0
991 ENSecret Box Mystery, TheNixon, Joan Lowery1.50.5
5681 ENSecret...Flight 101, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
30564 ENSecret Garden (Great Illustrated Classics), TheBurnett/Vogel4.93.0
78 ENSecret Garden, TheBurnett, Frances6.313.0
5640 ENSecret in the Old Attic, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
59069 ENSecret Laundry Monster Files, TheErickson, John R.3.93.0
339 ENSecret Life of Dilly McBean, TheHaas, Dorothy4.46.0
438 ENSecret Life of the Underwear Champ, TheMiles, Betty3.72.0
900243 ENSecret Lives of Cats and Dogs (MH Edition), TheDzefko, Jenna3.30.5
5043 ENSecret of Gumbo Grove, TheTate, Eleanora E.4.67.0
5641 ENSecret of Mirror Bay, TheKeene, Carolyn5.25.0
5682 ENSecret of Pirates' Hill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.45.0
5642 ENSecret of Red Gate Farm, TheKeene, Carolyn5.75.0
5643 ENSecret of Shadow Ranch, TheKeene, Carolyn5.35.0
5683 ENSecret of Skull Mountain, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
79 ENSecret of the AndesClark, Ann Nolan4.75.0
936 ENSecret of The Caves (Original Edition), TheDixon, Franklin5.05.0
5684 ENSecret of the Caves, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
5044 ENSecret of the Indian, TheBanks, Lynne Reid5.25.0
5685 ENSecret of the Lost Tunnel, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
74991 ENSecret of the Mansion, TheCampbell, Julie5.18.0
5645 ENSecret of the Old Clock, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
5686 ENSecret of the Old Mill, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.55.0
900246 ENSecret of the Super Sinker (MH Edition), ThePiparo, Dan3.00.5
54520 ENSecret of the TowerDoyle/Macdonald5.75.0
5646 ENSecret of the Wooden Lady, TheKeene, Carolyn4.95.0
5687 ENSecret of Wildcat SwampDixon, Franklin W.5.76.0
5688 ENSecret Panel, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
927 ENSecret Prize in Every Box, ACannon, David4.41.0
103478 ENSecret Room, TheTownson, Hazel5.21.0
5689 ENSecret Warning, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
41399 ENSecret WeaponChristopher, Matt4.11.0
5438 ENSecret Window, TheWright, Betty Ren4.44.0
15889 ENSecret Wish, TheMiller, Leslie2.90.5
34697 ENSecrets on 26th StreetJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.45.0
19929 ENSee You in Second Grade!Cohen, Miriam3.10.5
19923 ENSee You Tomorrow, CharlesCohen, Miriam2.30.5
108643 ENSeed Is Sleepy, AAston, Dianna Hutts3.80.5
900139 ENSeeing Eye (MH Edition), TheNorth, Emily3.40.5
70129 ENSeeing Stone, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.01.0
4519 ENSelf-Discipline (Character Education)Raatma, Lucia3.20.5
31133 ENSend in the Clowns!Delton, Judy3.71.0
900177 ENSending a Message with Dots and Dashes (MH Edition)North, Emily3.80.5
900161 ENSequoyah (MH Edition)Epstein, Elaine3.30.5
7592 ENSeven Blind MiceYoung, Ed1.90.5
289 ENSeven Kisses in a RowMacLachlan, Patricia3.41.0
900013 ENSeven Sillies (MH Edition)Dunbar, Joyce2.20.5
6028 ENShades of GrayReeder, Carolyn5.36.0
80 ENShadow of a BullWojciechowska, Maia5.25.0
10590 ENShadow Over San MateoSnelling, Lauraine4.15.0
11738 ENShadowmakerNixon, Joan Lowery5.07.0
290 ENShadowmaker, TheHansen, Ron5.11.0
81 ENShadrachDeJong, Meindert4.95.0
10636 ENShape-ChangerBrittain, Bill4.03.0
9044 ENShape of Me and Other StuffSeuss, Dr.1.70.5
43943 ENShark Attack!Dubowski, Cathy East5.20.5
5294 ENShark Beneath the ReefGeorge, Jean Craighead5.37.0
110492 ENShark Tooth TaleKlein, Abby3.31.0
79535 ENSharksLindeen, Carol K.1.60.5
900194 ENSharks (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.60.5
9085 ENSharks Sharks SharksAnton, Tina3.00.5
24679 ENSheep (Farm Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.40.5
10540 ENSheep Out to EatShaw, Nancy1.20.5
900146 ENSheep Station (MH Edition)Frederick, Shirley2.60.5
32414 ENSheepdog in the SnowBaglio, Ben M.4.04.0
31193 ENShelter Dogs: Amazing Stories of Adopted StraysKehret, Peg6.53.0
15890 ENSherman the SheepSargent, Dave/Pat4.60.5
15191 ENShetland Ponies (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.3.90.5
5439 ENShh! We're Writing the ConstitutionFritz, Jean7.11.0
5440 ENShilohNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.44.0
13758 ENShiloh SeasonNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.85.0
9338 ENShine, Sun!Greene, Carol0.40.5
900083 ENShips (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors0.60.5
105660 ENShiver Me Letters: A Pirate ABCSobel, June2.40.5
340 ENShoeshine GirlBulla, Clyde Robert2.71.0
52792 ENShooting StarBates, Cynthia5.84.0
20290 ENShooting Stars: The Women of Pro BasketballGutman, Bill7.24.0
900094 ENShopping List (MH Edition), TheApple, Gary2.00.5
5690 ENShore Road Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
5691 ENShort-Wave Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
6143 ENShortcutCrews, Donald1.40.5
66246 ENShow and TellMayer, Mercer0.30.5
34960 ENShow and Tell BunniesLasky, Kathryn3.20.5
27516 ENShow and Tell DayRockwell, Anne2.20.5
9690 ENShow-and-Tell Frog, TheOppenheim, Joanne1.60.5
900058 ENShow and Tell Rose (MH Edition)Lee, Josie1.60.5
10591 ENShow HorseBryant, Bonnie5.05.0
76156 ENShow Me the Bunny!Banks, Steven2.50.5
900017 ENShrinking Mouse (MH Edition)Hutchins, Pat1.70.5
45331 ENShy Mama's HalloweenBroyles, Anne4.30.5
15179 ENSiamese Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
291 ENSidewalk StoryMathis, Sharon Bell3.31.0
84829 ENSight (Our Senses)Woodward, Kay4.10.5
138 ENSign of the Beaver, TheSpeare, Elizabeth4.95.0
5692 ENSign of the Crooked Arrow, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
29401 ENSilly Tilly's ValentineHoban, Lillian2.50.5
439 ENSilverWhelan, Gloria4.51.0
59797 ENSilver Bracelet, TheDuey, Kathleen3.81.0
5541 ENSilver Cow, TheCooper, Susan4.10.5
6682 ENSilver on the TreeCooper, Susan6.014.0
55263 ENSilver Thread, TheDuey, Kathleen3.91.0
21734 ENSilverwingOppel, Kenneth4.79.0
900225 ENSimon Says, "Go for It!" (MH Edition)Piparo, Carrie Ann2.40.5
244 ENSing Down the MoonO'Dell, Scott4.94.0
49768 ENSingle Shard, APark, Linda Sue6.66.0
5693 ENSinister Signpost, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.15.0
7241 ENSir Small and the DragonflyO'Connor, Jane1.70.5
341 ENSisterGreenfield, Eloise3.82.0
900007 ENSitting in My Box (MH Edition)Lillegard, Dee0.80.5
58482 ENSixteen CowsWheeler, Lisa2.60.5
245 ENSixth Grade Can Really Kill YouDeClements, Barthe4.34.0
1068 ENSkateboardingLowe, Diane0.20.5
65772 ENSkateboarding (X-Treme Sports)Vieregger, K.E.4.80.5
189 ENSkates of Uncle Richard, TheFenner, Carol4.31.0
65702 ENSkeleton HiccupsCuyler, Margery1.30.5
74872 ENSkeleton in the Smithsonian, TheRoy, Ron4.11.0
10690 ENSkeletons Don't Play TubasDadey/Jones3.81.0
342 ENSkinnybonesPark, Barbara4.13.0
10691 ENSky BabiesDelton, Judy3.41.0
63527 ENSkylab: The First American Space StationFeldman, Heather5.50.5
10209 ENSkylarkMacLachlan, Patricia3.21.0
10692 ENSlam Dunk SaturdayMarzollo, Jean3.21.0
82 ENSlave Dancer, TheFox, Paula6.06.0
34894 ENSleep, Little One, SleepBauer, Marion Dane1.40.5
32258 ENSleepy BearsFox, Mem3.40.5
7242 ENSleepy DogZiefert, Harriet0.80.5
19240 ENSleepy Owl, ThePfister, Marcus2.90.5
69016 ENSliding into HomeButler, Dori Hillestad3.77.0
36495 ENSlim's Good-byeErickson, John R.4.53.0
72848 ENSlippery Slope, TheSnicket, Lemony7.19.0
15891 ENSlow JoeKassel, April2.70.5
59600 ENSlowly, Slowly, Slowly, Said the SlothCarle, Eric2.80.5
7343 ENSmall PigLobel, Arnold2.30.5
17594 ENSmasherKing-Smith, Dick4.71.0
84830 ENSmell (Our Senses)Woodward, Kay3.50.5
10202 ENSmoky NightBunting, Eve2.40.5
83 ENSmoky, the Cow HorseJames, Will6.513.0
76045 ENSnack Time Around the WorldZurakowski, Michele3.60.5
448 ENSnaggle DoodlesGiff, Patricia Reilly2.61.0
15892 ENSnake TroubleWhisenant, William Taylor2.90.5
900092 ENSnakes (MH Edition)Minters, Frances1.70.5
9339 ENSneaky PeteMilios, Rita0.90.5
9045 ENSneetches and Other Stories, TheSeuss, Dr.3.40.5
440 ENSnot StewWallace, Bill3.22.0
28079 ENSnowSchulevitz, Uri1.60.5
1058 ENSnowHoenecke, Karen0.20.5
9389 ENSnow Baby, TheHillert, Margaret1.00.5
42926 ENSnow FamilyKirk, Daniel2.70.5
9340 ENSnow JoeGreene, Carol0.30.5
7344 ENSnow LionMcPhail, David2.70.5
27778 ENSnow MonkeysWoods, Mae3.90.5
10592 ENSnow Pony, TheCrompton, Anne3.33.0
10593 ENSnow RideBryant, Bonnie4.74.0
85 ENSnow TreasureMcSwigan, Marie5.35.0
43687 ENSnow ValentinesRuelle, Karen Gray2.30.5
14750 ENSnowballsEhlert, Lois1.30.5
139 ENSnowbird, TheCalvert, Patricia5.27.0
984 ENSnowbound MysteryWarner, Gertrude Chandler3.00.5
441 ENSnowbound With BetsyHaywood, Carolyn3.73.0
82614 ENSnowed Under: The Bobblesberg Winter GamesWax, Wendy3.20.5
27678 ENSnowflake BentleyMartin, Jacqueline Briggs4.40.5
43132 ENSnowman's Path, ThePittman, Helena Clare3.20.5
65071 ENSnowmen at NightBuehner, Caralyn3.00.5
6092 ENSnowy Day, TheKeats, Ezra Jack2.50.5
17641 ENSo Far from Home: The Diary of Mary Driscoll, an Irish Mill GirlDenenberg, Barry4.43.0
32265 ENSo Far from the SeaBunting, Eve3.40.5
7243 ENSo Sick!Ziefert, Harriet1.10.5
19925 ENSo What?Cohen, Miriam2.50.5
39885 ENSo You Want to Be President?St.George, Judith4.80.5
7894 ENSoccer CircusGilson, Jamie4.04.0
36287 ENSoccer in ActionWalker/Dann5.30.5
190 ENSocksCleary, Beverly5.22.0
4756 ENSolar System (Universe), TheWelsbacher, Anne4.40.5
17693 ENSolo GirlPinkney, Andrea Davis3.61.0
17694 ENSomeone Is Following Pip RamseyRoy, Ron3.41.0
105366 ENSometimes I Share (I'm Going to Read!)Ziefert, Harriet0.80.5
9341 ENSometimes Things ChangeEastman, Patricia1.50.5
10594 ENSon of the Black StallionFarley, Walter6.111.0
5490 ENSong and Dance ManAckerman, Karen4.00.5
69921 ENSong of Night: It's Time to Go to BedNakamura, Katherine Riley1.60.5
191 ENSong of the TreesTaylor, Mildred D.3.81.0
77367 ENSong That Never Ends, TheBanks, Steven2.40.5
52923 ENSosa's HomersWalsh, Caroline E.3.82.0
61087 ENSound (Our Physical World)Olien, Becky3.20.5
84 ENSounderArmstrong, William5.33.0
192 ENSoupPeck, Robert Newton4.42.0
292 ENSoup and MePeck, Robert Newton4.33.0
5045 ENSoup For PresidentPeck, Robert Newton4.03.0
62194 ENSoup on FirePeck, Robert Newton5.23.0
343 ENSoup on IcePeck, Robert Newton4.73.0
496 ENSoup's HoopPeck, Robert Newton4.43.0
46018 ENSoutheast IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim3.80.5
46019 ENSouthwest IndiansAnsary, Mir Tamim4.30.5
7691 ENSpace BratCoville, Bruce3.71.0
61088 ENSpace Missions (Explore Space!)Shearer, Deborah A.4.30.5
61089 ENSpace Walks (Explore Space!)Deady, Kathleen W.3.50.5
1057 ENSpaceshipHoenecke, Karen0.20.5
15196 ENSpear-Nosed Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.00.5
900148 ENSpecial Day for James (MH Edition), ASims, Stephanie3.00.5
900224 ENSpecial Delivery (MH Edition)Fisher, Dennis2.50.5
12587 ENSperm Whales (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.50.5
31063 ENSpider Kane and the Mystery at Jumbo Nightcrawler'sOsborne, Mary Pope4.42.0
31072 ENSpider Kane and the Mystery under the May-AppleOsborne, Mary Pope4.12.0
54816 ENSpider-Man's Amazing PowersBuckley Jr., James6.21.0
59522 ENSpider-Man Saves the DayFigueroa, Acton2.30.5
78837 ENSpider-Man Versus Doc OckFigueroa, Acton2.30.5
5648 ENSpider Sapphire Mystery, TheKeene, Carolyn5.45.0
9342 ENSpiders and WebsLunn, Carolyn1.80.5
900295 ENSpiders at Work (MH Edition)Goldsmith, Diane-Hoyt4.40.5
15893 ENSpikeSargent, Dave5.56.0
12588 ENSpinner Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.00.5
900086 ENSplash! (MH Edition)Clerk, Jessica1.30.5
46978 ENSplosh!Inkpen, Mick0.80.5
17695 ENSpoiled RottenDeClements, Barthe2.91.0
72913 ENSpongeBob Airpants: The Lost EpisodeRichards, Kitty3.61.0
103163 ENSpongeBob Goes to the DoctorBanks, Steven2.40.5
85543 ENSpongeBob's Easter ParadeBanks, Steven2.60.5
73320 ENSpongeBob SuperstarAuerbach, Annie3.91.0
900034 ENSpot's Trick (MH Edition)Nayer, Judy1.30.5
12589 ENSpotted Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.10.5
27773 ENSpotted OwlsGerholdt, James E.4.40.5
900283 ENSpring Stream, Winter Pond (MH Edition)Goldstone, Bruce3.90.5
42796 ENSpy Among the Girls, ANaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.94.0
17696 ENSpy in the SkyKarr, Kathleen3.11.0
9086 ENSquanto and the First ThanksgivingCelsi, Teresa2.50.5
49790 ENSquirePierce, Tamora5.615.0
61708 ENSt. Patrick's Day (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.1.90.5
10595 ENStable MannersBryant, Bonnie4.84.0
10596 ENStage CoachBryant, Bonnie5.34.0
442 ENStage FrightMartin, Ann M.3.53.0
58030 ENStage Fright on a Summer NightOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
900089 ENStan's Stunt (MH Edition)Plourde, Lynn1.70.5
25224 ENStanding in the Light: The Captive Diary of Catharine Carey...Osborne, Mary Pope5.14.0
5542 ENStar Maiden, TheEsbensen, Barbara3.00.5
67421 ENStar-Spangled Banner (Patriotic Songs), TheKey/Owen/Ouren3.90.5
7896 ENStardustFerguson, Alane3.94.0
19927 ENStarring First GradeCohen, Miriam2.90.5
18747 ENStarring RosieGiff, Patricia Reilly3.41.0
84921 ENStarry SafariAshman, Linda1.60.5
50388 ENStarting SchoolHurwitz, Johanna4.12.0
63096 ENStarting with AliceNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds4.65.0
72499 ENStatues and MonumentsForan, Jill5.80.5
344 ENStay Away From Simon!Carrick, Carol3.81.0
9625 ENStay Out of the BasementStine, R.L.3.93.0
76592 ENStealing HomeChristopher, Matt4.13.0
7193 SPStelalunaCannon, Janell3.50.5
9087 ENStella & RoyWolff, Ashley2.60.5
7193 ENStellalunaCannon, Janell3.50.5
689 ENStepbrother SabotageWittman, Sally4.11.0
7165 ENStinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales, TheScieszka, Jon3.40.5
54961 ENStolen by the SeaMyers, Anna4.24.0
32926 ENStolen PoniesBetancourt, Jeanne3.61.0
20291 ENStolen Trophy, TheFriedman, Michael Jan4.23.0
293 ENStone FoxGardiner, John4.01.0
5491 ENStone SoupBrown, Marcia3.30.5
60638 ENStop, Drop, and RollCuyler, Margery3.20.5
9343 ENStop-Go, Fast-SlowMcLenighan, Valjean1.90.5
70163 ENStop the TrainMcCaughrean, Geraldine6.411.0
8986 ENStories of Mummies and the Living DeadKudalis, Eric4.30.5
40693 ENStorky StorkSargent, Dave/David4.40.5
5543 ENStorm in the NightStolz, Mary3.20.5
57963 ENStorm Is Coming!Tekavec, Heather2.20.5
5441 ENStormyKjelgaard, Jim6.96.0
900240 ENStormy Weather (MH Edition)Smith, Dona3.30.5
5492 ENStory About Ping, TheFlack, Marjorie4.30.5
900121 ENStory Cloth (MH Edition), AHoyt-Goldsmith, Diane2.30.5
57752 ENStory for Bear, AHaseley, Dennis4.20.5
900014 ENStory of a Blue Bird (MH Edition), TheBogacki, Tomek2.30.5
5493 ENStory of Ferdinand, TheLeaf, Munro3.70.5
5046 ENStory of Jumping Mouse, TheSteptoe, John3.80.5
9088 ENStory of Shoes, TheStraus, Lucy3.20.5
54823 ENStory of Spider-Man, TheTeitelbaum, Michael5.81.0
84983 ENStory of the Easter Bunny, TheTegen, Katherine Brown3.60.5
16392 ENStory Snail, TheRockwell, Anne2.80.5
30555 ENStrange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Great Illustrated.., TheStevenson/Yamamoto5.43.0
43624 ENStranger in the Woods: A Photographic FantasySams/Stoick2.90.5
58530 ENStranger Next Door, TheKehret, Peg4.75.0
86 ENStrawberry GirlLenski, Lois4.86.0
48081 ENStreet MagicPierce, Tamora5.811.0
6093 ENStrega NonaDePaola, Tomie3.90.5
5442 ENStriderCleary, Beverly4.83.0
140 ENString in the Harp, ABond, Nancy5.217.0
193 ENStriped Ice CreamLexau, Joan M.3.52.0
1013 ENStuart at the Fun HouseHill, Susan2.10.5
1014 ENStuart Hides OutHill, Susan2.10.5
194 ENStuart LittleWhite, E.B.6.03.0
7696 ENSub, ThePetersen, P.J.3.01.0
5924 ENSuch Nice KidsBunting, Eve3.83.0
41441 ENSugar SnowWilder/MacBride3.70.5
901 ENSummer of the MonkeysRawls, Wilson6.218.0
76983 ENSummer of the Sea SerpentOsborne, Mary Pope3.81.0
87 ENSummer of the Swans, TheByars, Betsy4.94.0
14439 ENSummer WheelsBunting, Eve2.90.5
41443 ENSummertime in the Big WoodsWilder/MacBride3.20.5
4763 ENSun and Stars (Universe)Welsbacher, Anne3.70.5
27771 ENSun BearsKallen, Stuart A.3.80.5
71904 ENSun (Our Galaxy and Beyond), TheStille, Danielle R.5.50.5
900219 ENSun, the Wind and the Rain (MH Edition), ThePeters, Lisa Westberg3.60.5
1073 ENSunburnProkopchak, Ann1.20.5
5544 ENSunken TreasureGibbons, Gail4.20.5
345 ENSunny-Side UpGiff, Patricia Reilly2.31.0
14885 ENSunset of the SabertoothOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
108927 ENSunshineHerriges, Ann2.10.5
34239 ENSunwingOppel, Kenneth5.311.0
9089 ENSuper ParrotBenitez, Mirna2.00.5
112102 ENSuper-Secret ValentineKlein, Abby3.41.0
58782 ENSuper StormsSimon, Seymour3.80.5
104608 ENSuperbikeMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
104609 ENSupercrossMezzanotte, Jim3.20.5
443 ENSuperfudgeBlume, Judy3.44.0
8794 ENSurvival CampBunting, Eve3.81.0
9536 ENSurvival! In The MountainsMcMurty, Ken6.64.0
15894 ENSuzie SquirrelSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
12471 ENSwamp AngelIsaacs, Anne5.00.5
55331 ENSwamp Monsters Don't Chase Wild TurkeysDadey/Jones3.91.0
7794 ENSwamp Robber, TheHutchens, Paul5.25.0
15895 ENSweepSargent, Dave/Pat4.10.5
9344 ENSweet DreamsNeasi, Barbara1.40.5
141 ENSweet Whispers, Brother RushHamilton, Virginia3.88.0
641 ENSweetgrassHudson, Jan4.25.0
900109 ENSwimmy (MH Edition)Lionni, Leo2.90.5
31092 ENSwine LakeMarshall, James4.90.5
642 ENSwitcharoundLowry, Lois4.63.0
5494 ENSylvester and the Magic PebbleSteig, William4.00.5
15180 ENTabby Cats (Checkerboard)Kallen, Stuart A.3.30.5
44378 ENTacky and the EmperorLester, Helen3.90.5
29507 ENTacky in TroubleLester, Helen3.70.5
44379 ENTacky the PenguinLester, Helen3.30.5
7293 ENTake My Picture!Ziefert, Harriet0.70.5
80591 ENTaking Care of Your Body (Healthy Kids)Goulding, Sylvia4.10.5
70401 ENTale of Despereaux, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.75.0
20293 ENTale of the Missing MascotSteele, Alexander5.04.0
30557 ENTale of Two Cities (Great Illustrated Classics), ADickens/Leighton5.83.0
20292 ENTale of Two Sitters, ABarkan, Joanne4.65.0
89012 ENTalent Show Scaredy-PantsKlein, Abby3.31.0
294 ENTales of a Fourth Grade NothingBlume, Judy3.33.0
30551 ENTales of Mystery and Terror (Great Illustrated Classics)Poe/Katz5.43.0
445 ENTalk About a FamilyGreenfield, Eloise3.61.0
74702 ENTalking T. Rex, TheRoy, Ron3.81.0
57965 ENTanya and the Red ShoesGauch, Patricia Lee3.00.5
18794 ENTarantula in My Purse and 172 Other Wild Pets, TheGeorge, Jean Craighead5.43.0
77552 ENTarantula Scientist, TheMontgomery, Sy5.82.0
15458 ENTarantula Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
295 ENTaste of Blackberries, ASmith, Doris4.02.0
84831 ENTaste (Our Senses)Woodward, Kay4.10.5
7647 ENTeach Us, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy1.90.5
346 ENTeacher's PetHurwitz, Johanna4.73.0
20699 ENTeam That Couldn't Lose, TheChristopher, Matt4.12.0
900184 ENTeammates for Life (MH Edition)Bird, Sarah3.90.5
16863 ENTeddy Bear for SaleHerman, Gail0.90.5
347 ENTeddy Bear's ScrapbookHowe, Deborah/James4.11.0
21490 ENTeddy Bear TearsAylesworth, Jim3.50.5
7244 ENTeeny Tiny Woman, TheO'Connor, Jane2.20.5
9090 ENTeethMaloy, Jacqueline3.20.5
30796 ENTell Me Something Happy Before I Go to SleepDunbar, Joyce2.20.5
9521 ENTen Mile Day and the Building of the Transcontinental RailroadFraser, Mary Ann6.10.5
41525 ENTen Red ApplesHutchins, Pat1.70.5
690 ENTen-Speed Babysitter, TheHerzig, Alison3.34.0
900210 ENTerrible EEK (MH Edition), TheCompton, Patricia3.90.5
46575 ENTerrible TyrannosaursZoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner5.30.5
59570 ENTesting Miss MalarkeyFinchler, Judy3.60.5
89821 ENTexasBrown, Jonatha A.4.71.0
100942 ENTexasObregón, José María2.80.5
71918 ENTexas Longhorn (Animals in U.S. History)Stone, Lynn M.4.10.5
62120 ENTexas (This Land Is Your Land)Heinrichs, Ann4.30.5
110310 ENTexas Wildfires, TheShea, Therese5.40.5
9141 ENThank You, Amelia BedeliaParish, Peggy2.60.5
27677 ENThank You, Mr. FalkerPolacco, Patricia4.10.5
50995 ENThanksgiving (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.2.70.5
55962 ENThanksgiving Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.30.5
980 ENThanksgiving on Plymouth PlantationStanley, Diane4.01.0
64034 ENThanksgiving on ThursdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
53927 ENThanksgiving Turkey, AScheer, Julian4.40.5
348 ENThatcher Payne-in-the-NeckBates, Betty4.63.0
900044 ENTheir Names Will Live On (MH Edition)King, Carey2.10.5
7345 ENThere Is a Carrot in My Ear and Other Noodle TalesSchwartz, Alvin2.50.5
349 ENThere's a Boy in the Girls' BathroomSachar, Louis3.45.0
5545 ENThere's a Nightmare in My ClosetMayer, Mercer2.30.5
9047 ENThere's a Wocket in My Pocket!Seuss, Dr.2.10.5
5546 ENThere's No Such Thing as a DragonKent, Jack3.30.5
497 ENThese Happy Golden YearsWilder, Laura Ingalls5.610.0
9048 ENThidwick the Big-Hearted MooseSeuss, Dr.3.40.5
88 ENThimble SummerEnright, Elizabeth5.75.0
691 ENThird Grade is TerribleBaker, Barbara2.71.0
692 ENThirteen Ways to Sink a SubGilson, Jamie5.24.0
64123 ENThis Book Is HauntedRocklin, Joanne2.20.5
53726 ENThis First Thanksgiving DayMelmed, Laura Krauss3.40.5
7294 ENThis Is My FriendMayer, Mercer1.30.5
105027 ENThis Is the DreamShore, Diane Z.4.60.5
45258 ENThis Is the TurkeyLevine, Abby3.40.5
900133 ENThis Is Your Land (MH Edition)Lawrence, Anne2.70.5
7295 ENThomas and the School TripAwdry, Rev. W.1.10.5
88053 ENThomas Goes FishingCourtney, Richard1.00.5
10597 ENThoroughbred Horse, TheStewart, Gail4.70.5
15192 ENThoroughbred Horses (Checkerboard)Gammie, Janet L.4.00.5
900270 ENThousand-Year-Old Game (MH Edition), ThePiparo, Dan3.70.5
9503 ENThree and Many Wishes of Jason Reid, TheHutchins, Hazel4.22.0
9091 ENThree Billy Goats GruffRounds, Glen3.80.5
6094 ENThree Brave WomenMartin, C.L.G.3.40.5
7346 ENThree by the SeaMarshall, Edward1.80.5
12453 ENThree Cheers for TackyLester, Helen2.80.5
5495 ENThree Ducks Went WanderingRoy, Ron2.80.5
102961 ENThree Good DeedsVande Velde, Vivian5.33.0
9393 ENThree Little Pigs, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
40625 ENThree More Stories You Can Read to Your DogMiller, Sara Swan2.40.5
5547 ENThree NamesMacLachlan, Patricia4.10.5
67230 ENThree Pebbles and a SongSpinelli, Eileen2.30.5
48718 ENThree Pigs, TheWiesner, David2.30.5
58903 ENThree Questions: Based on a Story by Leo Tolstoy, TheMuth, Jon J.3.40.5
9142 ENThree Smart PalsRocklin, Joanne2.30.5
31138 ENThree Stories You Can Read to Your CatMiller, Sara Swan2.10.5
7347 ENThree up a TreeMarshall, James2.10.5
6246 ENThree Young PilgrimsHarness, Cheryl4.40.5
7296 ENThrough Moon and Stars and Night SkiesTurner, Ann2.10.5
6014 ENThunder CakePolacco, Patricia3.50.5
46639 ENThunder Doesn't Scare Me!Bowdish, Lynea1.00.5
7297 ENTiger is a Scaredy CatPhillips, Joan0.90.5
45130 ENTiger Rising, TheDiCamillo, Kate4.03.0
66249 ENTiger's BirthdayMayer, Mercer1.60.5
12590 ENTiger Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.10.5
31073 ENTigers at TwilightOsborne, Mary Pope3.01.0
41887 ENTiggers Hate to LoseMilne/Gaines2.20.5
57105 ENTiggy TigerSargent, Dave/Pat3.90.5
498 ENTight EndChristopher, Matt4.34.0
6095 ENTikki Tikki TemboMosel, Arlene4.20.5
7348 ENTillie and MertLuttrell, Ida2.70.5
7298 ENTim and Jim Take OffZiefert, Harriet1.60.5
25045 ENTimber Wolf, TheSargent, Pat L.4.12.0
30559 ENTime Machine (Great Illustrated Classics), TheWells/Bogart5.43.0
19249 ENTime to SleepFleming, Denise2.10.5
6147 ENTime TrainFleischman, Paul2.30.5
16961 ENTimekeeper, TheRiphahn, Anna3.40.5
40697 ENTin WrenSargent, Dave/David4.70.5
900172 ENTina Finds a Way (MH Edition)Smith, Geof2.70.5
60939 ENTiny Goes to the LibraryMeister, Cari0.50.5
32428 ENTiny's BathMeister, Cari0.60.5
976 ENTiny Seed, TheCarle, Eric1.50.5
63726 ENTippy-Toe Chick, Go!Shannon, George2.10.5
993 ENTitanic Sinks!, TheConklin, Thomas3.53.0
84094 ENTo the Beach!Ashman, Linda1.50.5
16391 ENToady and Dr. Miracle, TheChristian, Mary Blount2.50.5
7593 ENTomDePaola, Tomie3.30.5
9092 ENTom and Pippo on the BeachOxenbury, Helen1.70.5
9093 ENTom Edison's Bright IdeasKeller, Jack3.40.5
89 ENTom's Midnight GardenPearce, A. Philippa6.19.0
9394 ENTom ThumbHillert, Margaret0.80.5
40698 ENTom TurkeySargent, Dave/David4.60.5
900110 ENTomás and the Library Lady (MH Edition)Mora, Pat2.70.5
246 ENTombs of Atuan, TheLeGuin, Ursula5.97.0
31065 ENTonight on the TitanicOsborne, Mary Pope3.11.0
9143 ENToo Many BabasCroll, Carolyn4.00.5
9345 ENToo Many BalloonsMatthias, Catherine1.20.5
86386 ENToo Many Frogs!Asher, Sandy2.20.5
17343 ENToo Many Kangaroo Things to Do!Murphy, Stuart J.2.00.5
978 ENToo Many PumpkinsWhite, Linda4.01.0
27524 ENToot and PuddleHobbie, Holly2.20.5
10693 ENTooter PepperdaySpinelli, Jerry2.91.0
83158 ENTooth TroubleKlein, Abby3.31.0
195 ENToothpaste Millionaire, TheMerrill, Jean5.03.0
196 ENTop SecretGardiner, John4.02.0
14598 ENTornadoByars, Betsy3.21.0
9144 ENTosca's SurpriseSturgis, Matthew2.90.5
11540 ENTotally Disgusting!Wallace, Bill3.72.0
84838 ENTouch (Our Senses)Woodward, Kay4.00.5
76024 ENTouchdown! You Can Play FootballFauchald, Nick3.90.5
694 ENTough-Luck KarenHurwitz, Johanna4.84.0
693 ENTough to TackleChristopher, Matt4.22.0
5443 ENTough Winter, TheLawson, Robert6.24.0
80414 ENToughest Cowboy: Or How the Wild West Was Tamed, TheFrank, John4.60.5
5694 ENTower Treasure, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.46.0
647 ENTrackerPaulsen, Gary5.32.0
18251 ENTracks in the SnowBledsoe, Lucy Jane4.23.0
5393 ENTrading Game, TheSlote, Alfred3.35.0
85537 ENTrainsTieck, Sarah3.20.5
15459 ENTrapdoor Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
30560 ENTreasure Island (Great Illustrated Classics)Stevenson/Laiken5.52.0
20294 ENTreasure of Bessledorf Hill, TheNaylor, Phyllis Reynolds5.44.0
20295 ENTreasure of Skeleton Reef, TheStrickland/Fuller4.55.0
16866 ENTree Is Nice, AUdry, Janice May2.20.5
6445 ENTree of CranesSay, Allen2.60.5
5092 ENTree of FreedomCaudill, Rebecca6.110.0
11494 ENTrespassers, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.57.0
84771 ENTriceratopsFrost, Helen2.00.5
50077 ENTrip to the Hospital, ACosby/Watson2.70.5
900071 ENTrish Poodle's Bad Hair Day (MH Edition)Coleman, Jennifer2.00.5
36472 ENTrolls Don't Ride Roller CoastersDadey/Jones3.81.0
197 ENTrouble for LucyStevens, Carla3.81.0
198 ENTrouble With Tuck, TheTaylor, Theodore5.54.0
1072 ENTrucksStenger, Lisa1.50.5
9506 ENTrue Story of the 3 Little PigsScieszka, Jon3.00.5
29278 ENTrue Tale of Johnny Appleseed, TheHodges, Margaret4.30.5
90 ENTrumpet of the Swan, TheWhite, E.B.4.96.0
142 ENTrumpeter of Krakow, TheKelly, Eric7.110.0
9507 ENTsar's Promise, TheSanSouci, Robert D.5.00.5
247 ENTuck EverlastingBabbitt, Natalie5.04.0
248 ENTucker's CountrysideSelden, George4.95.0
79940 ENTummy TroubleBridwell/Page2.10.5
900288 ENTuning in to the Weather (MH Edition)Morgan, Daphne4.80.5
9145 ENTunnel KingSargent, Dave/Pat4.40.5
6096 ENTurkey for Thanksgiving, ABunting, Eve2.50.5
15239 ENTurkey PoxAnderson, Laurie Halse3.10.5
20296 ENTurkeys, Pilgrims, and Indian CornBarth, Edna6.42.0
53922 ENTurtle Splash! Countdown at the PondFalwell, Cathryn1.30.5
27759 ENTurtles (Popular Pet Care)Hansen, Ann Larkin4.70.5
199 ENTV Kid, TheByars, Betsy4.33.0
74245 ENTwelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book, TheRose, Deborah Lee2.10.5
17697 ENTwelve Labors of Hercules, TheCerasini, Marc3.40.5
200 ENTwenty and TenBishop, Claire4.02.0
91 ENTwenty-One Balloons, TheDuBois, William Pene6.86.0
54599 ENTwilight Comes TwiceFletcher, Ralph3.50.5
948 ENTwinkle, Twinkle, Little BugRoss, Katherine1.90.5
21498 ENTwinniesBunting, Eve2.40.5
5695 ENTwisted Claw, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.05.0
29518 ENTwisterBeard, Darleen Bailey2.50.5
47830 ENTwister on TuesdayOsborne, Mary Pope3.21.0
15896 ENTwisters, Bronc Riders, & Cherry PieMarlow, Herb5.64.0
5548 ENTwo Bad AntsVanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
900209 ENTwo Bad Ants (MH Edition)VanAllsburg, Chris4.70.5
6247 ENTwo Dog BiscuitsCleary, Beverly3.20.5
32693 ENTwo for StewNumeroff/Saltzberg2.10.5
900053 ENTwo Tests (MH Edition)Gold, Becky1.20.5
5295 ENTwo Towers, TheTolkien, J.R.R.6.323.0
296 ENTwo Under ParHenkes, Kevin4.73.0
10694 ENTy Cobb: Bad Boy of BaseballKramer, S.A.3.81.0
84772 ENTyrannosaurus RexFrost, Helen2.20.5
55503 ENTyrannosaurus Rex (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.20.5
35269 ENUgly Duckling, TheAndersen/Pinkney4.50.5
15897 ENUlas, Oscar and the BuzzardSargent, Dave4.21.0
1035 ENUmberto's Summer DayMinden, Cecilia1.30.5
1033 ENUmeko and the Music ShowMinden, Cecilia1.20.5
12470 ENUncle Daney's WayHaas, Jessie4.64.0
16394 ENUncle Foster's Hat TreeCushman, Doug2.00.5
36234 ENUncle Sam and Old Glory: Symbols of AmericaWest, Delno/Jean7.31.0
24676 ENUncommon Farm Animals (Farms Animals)Hansen, Anne Larkin4.40.5
907 ENUnder the SunKandoian, Ellen1.00.5
900157 ENUnderground City (MH Edition), ThePollard, Lauren Ray3.20.5
92 ENUnderstood BetsyFisher, Dorothy5.98.0
18749 ENUnicorns Don't Give Sleigh RidesDadey/Jones3.61.0
249 ENUp a Road SlowlyHunt, Irene6.68.0
5047 ENUp From Jericho TelKonigsburg, E.L.5.77.0
6097 ENUp North at the CabinChall, Marsha3.80.5
9395 ENUp, Up, and AwayHillert, Margaret1.00.5
20297 ENUpchuck and the Rotten WillyWallace, Bill3.73.0
20298 ENUpchuck and the Rotten Willy: The Great EscapeWallace, Bill3.43.0
15898 ENUphill Climb, AnSargent, Dave5.510.0
143 ENUpstairs Room, TheReiss, Johanna2.96.0
71905 ENUranus (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Stille, Darlene R.4.90.5
900289 ENUsing Science to Play Baseball (MH Edition)North, Emily4.60.5
20050 ENVacation under the VolcanoOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
44125 ENValentine Mice!Roberts, Bethany1.20.5
46105 ENValentine's DayRockwell, Anne2.40.5
973 ENValentine's DayKessel, Joyce K.3.50.5
50997 ENValentine's Day (Holidays and Celebrations)Schuh, Mari C.2.30.5
5246 ENValentine Star, TheGiff, Patricia Reilly2.51.0
15197 ENVampire Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.50.5
80082 ENVampire's Vacation, TheRoy, Ron3.51.0
64126 ENVampire State BuildingLevy, Elizabeth3.82.0
5444 ENVampires Don't Wear Polka DotsDadey, Debbie3.81.0
900046 ENVan and the Cab (MH Edition), TheCohen, Della1.30.5
89533 ENVelociraptorLindeen, Carol K.1.70.5
55504 ENVelociraptor (Dinosaurs)Gaines, Richard M.3.10.5
695 ENVelveteen Rabbit, TheWilliams, Margery4.91.0
71906 ENVenus (Our Galaxy and Beyond)Simon, Charnan5.50.5
14443 ENVerdiCannon, Janell3.40.5
297 ENVeronica GanzSachs, Marilyn4.94.0
89712 ENVertebratesO'Hare, Ted4.70.5
900298 ENVery Cool Place to Visit (MH Edition), ATime-for-Kids-Editors2.70.5
9147 ENVery First Americans, TheAshrose, Cara4.00.5
5496 ENVery Hungry Caterpillar, TheCarle, Eric2.90.5
33147 ENVery Noisy Night, TheHendry, Diana2.60.5
34890 ENVery ScaryJohnston, Tony1.90.5
900088 ENVet (MH Edition), ATime-for-Kids-Editors0.90.5
15174 ENVeterinarians (Community Helpers)Ready, Dee2.20.5
9146 ENVideo Kids, TheBuller, Jon2.80.5
24935 ENViking Ships at SunriseOsborne, Mary Pope3.31.0
5696 ENViking Symbol Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.75.0
53089 ENVikings Don't Wear Wrestling BeltsDadey/Jones4.11.0
48687 ENVile Village, TheSnicket, Lemony6.77.0
6098 ENVillage of Round and Square Houses, TheGrifalconi, Ann4.40.5
17599 ENVirtual CodyDuffey, Betsy3.11.0
18000 ENVirtual FredCourtney, Vincent3.42.0
900173 ENVisitors' Club (MH Edition), TheLechner, Judith3.00.5
900140 ENVoice for Her People (MH Edition), AFoss, Flora3.10.5
900183 ENVoice of the Sea (MH Edition), TheAnders, Paul2.40.5
34696 ENVoices at Whisper BendAyres, Katherine3.95.0
20299 ENVolcano Disaster, TheKehret, Peg5.13.0
106803 ENVolcanoes!Kids, Editors of Time for4.40.5
81574 ENVolcanoes and EarthquakesNuttall, Gina3.50.5
25892 ENVoyage on the Great Titanic: The Diary of Margaret Ann BradyWhite, Ellen Emerson6.55.0
93 ENVoyages of Doctor Dolittle, TheLofting, Hugh5.711.0
10695 ENWacky JacksAdler, David A.4.31.0
5697 ENWailing Siren Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.25.0
10213 ENWainscott WeaselSeidler, Tor4.65.0
9346 ENWait, Skates!Johnson, Mildred0.80.5
902 ENWait Till Helen ComesHahn, Mary Downing6.06.0
10696 ENWaiting for the WhalesMcFarlane, Sheryl4.70.5
76173 ENWake Up, It's Spring!Ernst, Lisa Campbell1.70.5
7246 ENWake Up, SunHarrison, David1.20.5
900123 ENWalking the Dogs (MH Edition)Vegas, Nadia2.00.5
900008 ENWalking Through the Jungle (MH Edition)Harter, Debbie1.50.5
32248 ENWall, TheBunting, Eve2.40.5
57106 ENWally WolverineSargent, Dave/Pat4.00.5
952 ENWanderer, TheCreech, Sharon5.57.0
21516 ENWanted: Best FriendMonson, A.M.2.40.5
5095 ENWanted: Mud BlossomByars, Betsy4.24.0
298 ENWar with Grandpa, TheSmith, Robert Kimmel3.93.0
1963 ENWarthogs in the KitchenEdwards, Pamela Duncan1.40.5
100154 ENWashington RedskinsLeBoutillier, Nate2.60.5
7349 ENWatch Out, Ronald MorganGiff, Patricia Reilly2.40.5
10550 ENWatch the Stars Come OutLevinson, Riki2.60.5
50169 ENWatcher in the Piney WoodsJones, Elizabeth McDavid5.24.0
84589 ENWater Cycle, TheOlien, Rebecca2.90.5
21366 ENWater DanceLocker, Thomas1.90.5
58599 ENWater Hole, TheBase, Graeme1.40.5
6017 ENWaterman's Boy (Trouble at Marsh Harbor)Sharpe, Susan4.64.0
9094 ENWe Are FriendsFeldman, Eve2.40.5
76775 ENWe Like KitesBerenstain, Stan1.20.5
21424 ENWe Love ThemWaddell, Martin1.60.5
1071 ENWe Need TreesHoenecke, Karen1.50.5
76433 ENWe PlayEditors, Scott Foresman0.70.5
11194 ENWe're Going on a Bear HuntRosen, Michael1.30.5
57180 ENWe're Going on a Picnic!Hutchins, Pat2.60.5
76434 ENWe SeeEditors, Scott Foresman1.40.5
76435 ENWe WorkEditors, Scott Foresman1.40.5
900296 ENWeb Wonders (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors3.30.5
900102 ENWednesday Surprise (MH Edition), TheBunting, Eve2.80.5
5248 ENWednesday Surprise, TheBunting, Eve2.80.5
7748 ENWeird WolfCuyler, Margery3.41.0
900193 ENWelcome to a New Museum (MH Edition)Time-for-Kids-Editors2.60.5
114633 ENWelcome to Camden FallsMartin, Ann M.5.26.0
10185 ENWelcome to the Green HouseYolen, Jane3.60.5
21508 ENWelcome to the Ice HouseYolen, Jane4.00.5
10937 ENWell: David's Story, TheTaylor, Mildred D.4.33.0
900126 ENWell-Used Coat (MH Edition), TheSzlachta, Eleanor2.80.5
43634 ENWemberly WorriedHenkes, Kevin2.70.5
70599 ENWendy Helps OutInches, Alison1.10.5
8996 ENWerewolves and Stories about ThemKudalis, Eric4.00.5
10697 ENWerewolves Don't Go To Summer CampDadey/Jones3.81.0
18799 ENWest to a Land of Plenty: The Diary of Teresa Angelino ViscardiMurphy, Jim5.26.0
144 ENWesting Game, TheRaskin, Ellen5.38.0
900284 ENWhale Rescue! (MH Edition)Edwards, Karen4.60.5
12591 ENWhale Sharks (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.3.80.5
999 ENWhalesLindeen, Carol K.1.30.5
696 ENWhat a Catch!Hughes, Dean3.82.0
32445 ENWhat a Scare, Jesse BearCarlstrom, Nancy White2.60.5
900087 ENWhat Bug Is It? (MH Edition)Cummings, Pat1.20.5
900055 ENWhat Can Meg Do? (MH Edition)Hood, Susan0.80.5
9095 ENWhat Cat Is That?Searl, Duncan2.10.5
900081 ENWhat Does Pig Do? (MH Edition)Medearis, Angela Shelf0.90.5
5698 ENWhat Happened at MidnightDixon, Franklin W.5.85.0
9148 ENWhat Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs?Carrick, Carol2.70.5
1064 ENWhat has wheels?Hoenecke, Karen0.20.5
29899 ENWhat Is a Bat?Kalman/Levigne4.40.5
9096 ENWhat is a Fossil!Goldish, Meish3.30.5
9396 ENWhat Is It?Hillert, Margaret0.70.5
900120 ENWhat's Gotten Into You, Julio? (MH Edition)Domino, Rob2.40.5
9347 ENWhat's in a Box?Boivin, Kelly1.90.5
900073 ENWhat's in the Bag? (MH Edition)McGuinne, Pat2.00.5
81575 ENWhat's in the Sky?Smith, Ian3.40.5
900031 ENWhat's New at the Zoo? (MH Edition)Nayer, Judy1.40.5
5445 ENWhat's the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?Fritz, Jean5.51.0
299 ENWhat's the Matter with Herbie Jones?Kline, Suzy3.32.0
94 ENWheel on the School, TheDeJong, Meindert4.710.0
36845 ENWheels and Axles (Understanding Simple Machines)Welsbacher, Anne2.90.5
6099 ENWhen Africa Was HomeWilliams, Karen3.20.5
5497 ENWhen Bluebell SangErnst, Lisa3.50.5
5048 ENWhen Grandfather's Parrot...CourtAllen, Linda4.41.0
906 ENWhen Grandma CameWilliams, Sophy Walsh, Jill and1.00.5
5549 ENWhen I Am Old With YouJohnson, Angel2.70.5
31874 ENWhen I First Came to This LandZiefert, Harriet1.40.5
7247 ENWhen I Get BiggerMayer, Mercer2.20.5
5498 ENWhen I Was Young in the MountainsRylant, Cynthia3.60.5
67422 ENWhen Johnny Comes Marching Home (Patriotic Songs)Gilmore/Owen/Ouren3.40.5
69649 ENWhen the Moon Is HighSchertle, Alice2.80.5
27928 ENWhen the Soldiers Were GonePropp, Vera W.3.52.0
7248 ENWhen Will I Read?Cohen, Miriam2.30.5
17648 ENWhen Will This Cruel War Be Over? The Civil War Diary of...Denenberg, Barry6.63.0
9097 ENWhen Winter ComesNeuman, Pearl2.80.5
44668 ENWhen Winter ComesLaan, Nancy Van2.80.5
943 ENWhen Zachary Beaver Came to TownHolt, Kimberly Willis4.56.0
19919 ENWhere Are the Bears?Winters, Kay2.20.5
5446 ENWhere do you think...Columbus?Fritz, Jean5.82.0
34569 ENWhere Does Joe Go?Pearson, Tracey Campbell2.10.5
59358 ENWhere Have All the Flowers Gone? Diary...McKenzie FlahertyWhite, Ellen Emerson5.86.0
9348 ENWhere is Mittens?Boivin, Kelly0.70.5
25255 ENWhere Lincoln WalkedBial, Raymond6.71.0
1062 ENWhere, Oh Where, Is Santa Claus?Wheeler, Lisa2.30.5
10698 ENWhere's Molly?Waas, Uli2.90.5
900000 ENWhere's the Cat? (MH Edition)Blackstone/Harter0.70.5
145 ENWhere the Lilies BloomCleaver, Vera5.26.0
95 ENWhere the Red Fern GrowsRawls, Wilson4.911.0
5499 ENWhere the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice3.40.5
5447 ENWhere was Patrick Henry...May?Fritz, Jean5.91.0
56424 ENWhere, Where Is Swamp Bear?Appelt, Kathi3.20.5
5699 ENWhile the Clock TickedDixon, Franklin W.5.75.0
10598 ENWhinny of the Wild HorsesLaundrie, Amy5.43.0
146 ENWhipping Boy, TheFleischman, Sid3.92.0
9349 ENWhisper is Quiet, ALunn, Carolyn0.50.5
58247 ENWhistler in the DarkErnst, Kathleen4.75.0
147 ENWhite FangLondon, Jack8.419.0
30565 ENWhite Fang (Great Illustrated Classics)London/Vogel6.13.0
86793 ENWhite Is for BlueberryShannon, George2.30.5
12593 ENWhite-Sided Dolphins (Checkerboard)Prevost, John F.4.20.5
30649 ENWhite Snow Bright SnowTresselt, Alvin4.20.5
96 ENWhite Stag, TheSeredy, Kate6.62.0
9149 ENWhite ThunderSargent, Dave/Pat5.40.5
21288 ENWhitefish Will Rides Again!Yorinks, Arthur2.60.5
9397 ENWho Goes to School?Hillert, Margaret0.90.5
9350 ENWho Is Coming?McKissack, Patricia C.0.60.5
81587 ENWho Let the Ghosts Out?Stine, R.L.3.13.0
7350 ENWho Put the Pepper in the PotCole, Joanna2.90.5
900237 ENWho's Afraid of the Wolf? (MH Edition)Mills, Jefferson2.80.5
32918 ENWho's in Love with Arthur?Brown/Krensky3.01.0
900119 ENWho's New in Our School? (MH Edition)Lawrence, Anne1.90.5
10275 ENWho's Orp's Girlfriend?Kline, Suzy3.62.0
9098 ENWho's ThereGold, Porter2.70.5
446 ENWho Stole the Wizard of Oz?Avi,3.62.0
900011 ENWho Took the Farmer's Hat? (MH Edition)Nodset, Joan L.1.70.5
7299 ENWho Wants an Old Teddy Bear?Hofmann, Ginnie2.50.5
12105 ENWho Wants Arthur?Graham, Amanda3.50.5
910 ENWho Wants One?Serfozo, Mary1.00.5
7249 ENWho Will Be My Friends?Hoff, Syd1.40.5
53222 ENWhooo's Haunting the Teeny Tiny Ghost?Winters, Kay3.00.5
900005 ENWhose Footprints? (MH Edition)Yabuuchi, Masayuki0.80.5
7250 ENWhy Can't I Fly?Gelman, Rita1.60.5
15899 ENWhy Cats MeowMiller, Abbie2.60.5
26876 ENWhy Did the Dinosaurs Become Extinct?Jacobs, Marian B.4.80.5
13840 ENWhy Do Leaves Change Color?Maestro, Betsy3.70.5
5448 ENWhy don't you get a...Adams?Fritz, Jean5.70.5
10699 ENWhy Ducks Sleep on One LegGarland, Sherry4.10.5
21423 ENWhy Is the Sky Blue?Grindley, Sally3.20.5
900159 ENWhy Lizard Stretches His Neck (MH Edition)Cassidy, Janet3.10.5
5550 ENWhy Mosquitoes Buzz...EarsAardema, Verna4.00.5
9398 ENWhy We Have ThanksgivingHillert, Margaret1.00.5
41287 ENWide Window, TheSnicket, Lemony6.35.0
9099 ENWilbur and Orville and the Flying MachineMarquardt, Max2.60.5
900302 ENWilbur's Boast (MH Edition)White, E.B.3.70.5
82035 ENWild About BooksSierra, Judy4.10.5
6100 ENWild Christmas Reindeer, TheBrett, Jan4.10.5
26411 ENWild Horses, TheBunting, Eve3.70.5
61019 ENWild One, TheFarley, Terri4.97.0
84358 ENWildfire!Hill, Elizabeth Starr3.91.0
1044 ENWiley and the Hairy ManBang, Molly Garrett2.00.5
50171 ENWill's Story: 1771Nixon, Joan Lowery5.85.0
5449 ENWill You Sign...John Hancock?Fritz, Jean5.81.0
5500 ENWilliam's DollZolotow, Charlotte3.60.5
97 ENWillow Whistle, TheMeigs, Cornelia6.85.0
57107 ENWilly WildebeestSargent, Dave/Pat4.50.5
108929 ENWindHerriges, Ann2.10.5
30563 ENWind in the Willows (Great Illustrated Classics), TheGrahame/Vogel5.33.0
6349 ENWing Shop, TheWoodruff, Elvira3.70.5
9508 ENWinged Cat: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, TheLattimore, Deborah4.30.5
300 ENWinged Colt of Casa Mia, TheByars, Betsy4.64.0
10599 ENWinner's Circle, TheSnelling, Lauraine4.57.0
81703 ENWinners Never Quit!Hamm, Mia1.90.5
148 ENWinnie-The-PoohMilne, A.A.4.63.0
5049 ENWinning of Miss Lynn Ryan, TheCooper, Ilene4.63.0
697 ENWinning StreakHughes, Dean3.61.0
10225 ENWinter CampHill, Kirkpatrick5.04.0
900226 ENWinter in the Arctic (MH Edition)Dow, Dale2.70.5
110494 ENWinter Is the Warmest SeasonStringer, Lauren3.10.5
17650 ENWinter of Red Snow: The Revolutionary War Diary..., TheGregory, Kristiana5.54.0
398 ENWinter Room, ThePaulsen, Gary5.03.0
499 ENWish Giver, TheBrittain, Bill4.44.0
43530 ENWishes, Kisses, and PigsHearne, Betsy4.63.0
98 ENWitch of Blackbird Pond, TheSpeare, Elizabeth5.79.0
500 ENWitch of Fourth Street, TheLevoy, Myron4.83.0
73326 ENWitch's WishesVande Velde, Vivian4.92.0
58694 ENWitch TwinsGriffin, Adele4.73.0
70888 ENWitch Twins and Melody MaladyGriffin, Adele4.52.0
79916 ENWitch Twins and the Ghost of Glenn BlyGriffin, Adele4.52.0
59776 ENWitch Twins at Camp BlissGriffin, Adele4.53.0
9399 ENWitch Who Went for a Walk, TheHillert, Margaret0.90.5
149 ENWitches of Worm, TheSnyder, Zilpha Keatley5.76.0
20300 ENWitches, Pumpkins, and Grinning GhostsBarth, Edna6.82.0
68477 ENWizard at WorkVande Velde, Vivian5.93.0
30562 ENWizard of Oz (Great Illustrated Classics), TheBaum/Laiken5.12.0
54526 ENWizard's Castle, TheDoyle/Macdonald6.15.0
41975 ENWizard's Statue, TheDoyle/Macdonald5.85.0
59539 ENWizards Don't Wear Graduation GownsDadey/Jones3.81.0
2847 ENWolf ChristmasPinkwater, Daniel3.30.5
15460 ENWolf Spiders (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, James E.4.30.5
99 ENWolves of Willoughby Chase, TheAiken, Joan6.57.0
82296 ENWoman for President: The Story of Victoria Woodhull, AKrull, Kathleen5.80.5
900248 ENWonder Ball (MH Edition), TheDzefko, Jenna3.10.5
69905 ENWonder Goal!Foreman, Michael3.50.5
40891 ENWonder of Owls, TheBauman/Niemuth3.90.5
966 ENWOO! The-Not-So-Scary- GhostLarranaga, Anna Martin1.90.5
81637 ENWork Book, TheFreeman, Marcia S.2.40.5
51693 ENWorking CottonWilliams, Sherley Anne2.80.5
9100 ENWorking DogsMarquardt, Max1.20.5
900155 ENWorld of Cats (MH Edition), TheWells, Larry2.70.5
900201 ENWorld's Plants Are in Danger (MH Edition), TheTime-for-Kids-Editors3.20.5
900242 ENWorlds Within Our World (MH Edition)Sintetos, Lorraine3.10.5
7750 ENWounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve, TheErickson, John R.4.63.0
81843 ENWrath of Mulgarath, TheDiTerlizzi/Black4.42.0
900189 ENWright Brothers Learn to Fly (MH Edition), TheJulius, Jennifer3.50.5
15198 ENWrinkle-Faced Bats (Checkerboard)Gerholdt, Pamela J.4.20.5
150 ENWrinkle in Time, AL'Engle, Madeleine4.77.0
350 ENWrongway ApplebaumLewis, Marjorie5.21.0
67423 ENYankee Doodle (Patriotic Songs)Owen/Ouren3.40.5
900095 ENYasmin's Ducks (MH Edition)Bottner, Barbara2.00.5
44671 ENYear Down Yonder, APeck, Richard4.54.0
447 ENYear Mom Won the Pennant, TheChristopher, Matt4.02.0
43754 ENYear of Miss Agnes, TheHill, Kirkpatrick4.53.0
699 ENYear of the Perfect Christmas Tree, TheHouston, Gloria4.20.5
5450 ENYellow Bird and MeHansen, Joyce4.05.0
9400 ENYellow Boat, TheHillert, Margaret0.60.5
5700 ENYellow Feather Mystery, TheDixon, Franklin W.5.65.0
4800 ENYellowstone National Park (Going Places)Meister, Cari4.00.5
9049 ENYertle the Turtle and Other StoriesSeuss, Dr.3.30.5
104047 ENYikes! Bikes!Klein, Abby3.31.0
27765 ENYorkshire TerriersKallen, Stuart A.3.40.5
81641 ENYou Are a ScientistFreeman, Marcia S.2.90.5
51275 ENYou Are My I Love YouCusimano, Maryann K.1.80.5
939 ENYou Are SpecialLucado, Max3.30.5
72960 ENYou Can Do It, SamHest, Amy2.40.5
900072 ENYou Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover (MH Edition)Lau, Chuck1.80.5
900016 ENYou Can't Smell a Flower with Your Ear! (MH Edition)Cole, Joanna2.90.5
9150 ENYou Can't Smell...With Your EarCole, Joanna2.90.5
67424 ENYou're a Grand Old Flag (Patriotic Songs)Cohan/Owen/Ouren3.20.5
9050 ENYou're Only Old Once!Seuss, Dr.5.20.5
7300 ENYou're the Scaredy-CatMayer, Mercer1.60.5
79894 ENYou Read to Me, I'll Read to You...Stories to Read TogetherHoberman, Mary Ann1.90.5
800 ENYou've Been Away All SummerHayes, Sheila4.25.0
900019 ENYoung Amelia Earhart: A Dream to Fly (MH Edition)Alcott, Sarah2.70.5
996 ENYoung Big JakeSargent, Dave0.50.5
10600 ENYoung Black Stallion, TheFarley, Walter/Steven6.76.0
16397 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Lost ToothAdler, David A.2.40.5
14650 ENYoung Cam Jansen...Missing CookieAdler, David A.2.50.5
100 ENYoung Fu of the Upper YangtzeLewis, Elizabeth6.410.0
9509 ENYoung GuinevereSanSouci, Robert D.5.60.5
994 ENYoung RoySargent, Dave and Pat0.70.5
17700 ENYoung Wolf and Spirit HorseShefelman, Janice Jordan2.80.5
56299 ENYour LungsYlvisaker, Anne3.30.5
56301 ENYour StomachYlvisaker, Anne3.50.5
449 ENYours Turly, ShirleyMartin, Ann M.3.84.0
1000 ENZachary Quack MinimonsterDodd, Lynley1.50.5
15900 ENZangy the WatchdogRexroat, Kelsey3.70.5
450 ENZebra Wall, TheHenkes, Kevin4.83.0
250 ENZeelyHamilton, Virginia4.64.0
900104 ENZipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats (MH Edition)Earle, Anne3.90.5
14700 ENZombies Don't Play SoccerDadey/Jones3.51.0
4770 ENZoo (Field Trips), TheKallen, Stuart A.3.50.5
700 ENZucchiniDana, Barbara3.94.0
5050 ENZucchini Warriors, TheKorman, Gordon5.07.0