Celeste Celebrates Earth Day

Celeste Elementary teamed up with the Junior High School to celebrate Earth Day. Students celebrated Earth Day on April 22 with an Earth Day Walk-a-thon. Students raised a total of $724.00 to support the walk-a-thon and to raise awareness for our Mother Earth. They collected donations for endangered animals. For every dollar the students raised, their class walked one minute. Each class walked together with their teacher that afternoon. In addition to walking, each class that raised at least $30.00 got to adopt an endangered animal of their choice through the National Wildlife Federation. Each class will receive a stuffed replica of the animal and an information packet. You can visit the National Wildlife Federation website https://online.nwf.org to learn more about adopting an imperiled animal.  Click on each picture below to view larger image.
CES 2nd Graders CES 3rd Graders CJHS Students