Mrs. Riskey's 4th Grade Learns about
Soil Conservation and Preservation


An area farmer by the name of Randall Brockman (first grade teacher Mrs. Kathy Hall's brother) visited Mrs. Riskey's fourth grade class Friday February 20, 2009. Mrs. Riskey's class wrapped up a unit on soil conservation and preservation with this presentation. Mr. Brockman farms around 2000 acres in the area, and brought samples of fertilizers and the corn crop he grows. He discussed with the class how to grow a healthy crop, how to treat the soil before, during, and after the crop is sown, and also how to test the crop for purity. The class was excited to learn that farming in the twenty first century is a mixture of hard work, technology, math, science, and social studies. Students got to witness the testing procedures, and also learn about using satellites that help navigate the tractor during the spread of fertilizer.
Students observed samples of fertilizers, and they explored samples of soil.