Mrs. Hacklerís senior English class of Celeste High School recently finished a project over medieval castles of Great Britain. The students had the option of writing a research paper, drawing or painting various views of the castle, or building a three-dimensional model. The students used their diverse talents to bring their castles to life. Bo Dunham created a model of Bodiam Castle located in East Sussex, England from metal pipe and square tubing in the Agriculture shop. He recreated a battle scene in the castleís courtyard. Heather Lipsey recreated Warkworth Castle out of Styrofoam then applied pebbles to mimic the castleís stone exterior. Josh Fisher made intricate sketches in pencil to portray Kenilworth Castle located in Warwickshire. These are just a few examples of the outstanding efforts by the students.  The students gained an insight into medieval life in Great Britain which brought the world the literature of John Donne, William Shakespeare, and the King James Bible.  The studentsí work is on display in the Celeste High School library and the snack bar.
Renee Winters, CHS Senior