CJHS Red Ribbon Week 2008

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Celeste Jr. High Celebrates Red Ribbon Week
By: Frances Wilgus, CJHS Student Council Officer

Celeste Jr. High School celebrated Red Ribbon Week on Oct. 26-31.  Red Ribbon week is a time for students to have an opportunity to make a stand against drugs and show school spirit in the process.  The school’s student council began by passing out Twizzlers, ribbons, and pencils (provided by the P.T.O.) and saying to the students, “Don’t let drugs twist your mind.”  They had several dress up days throughout the week, such as “Put a cap on drugs!” (wear hats) and “Knock the Socks off of Drugs!”  (wear crazy socks) etc.

The school was decorated in honor of the occasion with red streamers tied to every tree and power line within the area.  The school also hosted several contests:  one where a teacher hid a red ribbon within the school building, and the student who found it received a prize.  Students also performed a drug awareness skit during the pep rally.

The most exciting part of the week, however, was the Knock Out dodge ball tournament on Friday.  The students were divided into teams by classes.  Several games were played before an eighth grade team was declared the overall class winner.  The eighth grade team then got to play against the teachers, and they succeeded in knocking out all the teachers except three!  Once the tournament was over, the students went and cooled down in the auditorium where they watched three educational drug awareness films.

Red Ribbon Week Photos