Dr. Ken Wilgus
Parenting Advice

Dr. Ken Wilgus, a licensed psychologist who specializes in the treatment of adolescents and their families, spoke to a group of Celeste PTO parents and teachers on January 15, 2009.  The title of Dr. Wilgusí presentation was Parenting Through the Life Cycle.  He discussed the different stages of parenting with an emphasis on the middle school years.  His words of parenting wisdom included the importance of perspective and observance of children in relation to the calendar year.  He described the lull that kids might be experiencing as they come back to school following the holidays.  Dr. Wilgus mentioned that children experience so much excitement prior to the holidays, and as they return to school to begin the second semester, they may feel stressed or overwhelmed, and they may struggle to find something to look forward to.  Dr. Wilgus suggested that parents give lots of assurance and support to these students.  He stressed that as parents we may not have immediate solutions to childrenís anxieties and fears, but we can offer our love and guidance to help them endure the rough times.  Following the presentation, Dr. Wilgus opened the floor for questions and discussion.  The Celeste PTO would like to thank Dr. Wilgus for sharing his knowledge and insight and giving parents, teachers and community members suggestions on how to deal with challenges that our children face.  For more information, you can access Dr. Wilgusí website at www.drwilgus.com.