Texas Highway Patrol
Department of Public Safety
and Celeste FCCLA Present
FACTS:"Highway or Die-way"

Celeste FCCLA Addresses Dangerous Teen Drivers

The FACTS committee of Celeste FCCLA presented an assembly on Friday about Dangerous Teen Drivers. FACTS is an acronym for Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety is a national peer education program within FCCLA. Members of the committee are Madison Cantu, Trey Trentham and Trevor Trentham. The assembly was presented by Officer Rebecca Uresti and Officer Juanita Garcia to the entire CHS student body. The officers presented a PowerPoint that outlined the poor choices that many teens make while driving. Statistics, facts, figures and pictures of many car crashes and roadside memorials were featured.

According to Officer Uresti, “There is no such thing as an automobile accident. Once we start investigating, there are always poor decisions that led to the accident. Teen drivers are twice as likely to be involved in a fatal accident due to three factors: driver inexperience, driver inattention and alcohol or drug use.”

This assembly was the latest event sponsored by the FACTS committee for their project entitled, “Highway or Die-way” The trio have also addressed seat belt usage and the “Tie-One-On” for safety campaign with MADD. They will be presenting their project to judges next month in Waco at the Region III FCCLA Conference.