Regional Awards

All teams listed will be competing at the state level in Fort Worth this April. 

1st Place
Jr. Chapter Showcase

Joey Brock, Courtney Daniel, Haley Gray

1st Place
Jr. Applied Technology

Leeza Arp, Heather Cloud, Renee Winters

2nd Place
Jr. Entrepreneurship

Chase Keiffer, Macie Mayrell

1st Place
Sr. Applied Technology

Madison Cantu, Trevor Trentham,
Trey Trentham

1st Place
Occupational Specific Parliamentary Procedure

Jonathon Fredrickson, Rebecca Alderson, Shannon Tadlock, Candice Tjaden, Shayne Daniel, Brittany McCully,
Ethan Childress, Celeste Gibson

Chapter Attendance Award
1A School

Celeste FCCLA

Best Overall Project
“Ready, Set, Read”

Candice Tjaden, Rebecca Alderson

Power of “1” Award

Heather Lipsey, Rebecca Alderson, Candice Tjaden, Brittany McCully, Jonathon Fredrickson, Ethan Childress

Voted Region Office
Vice-President of Projects

Heather Lipsey