Celeste FFA
2009 Houston Livestock Projects

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Junior Commercial Steer
Feeding and Management Contest
Agricultural Mechanics Contest

Celeste FFA Students Compete in Houston
Agricultural Mechanics Contest

The Agricultural Mechanics Project Show highlights the many talents of Texas FFA members. These individuals build gates, hay haulers, trailers and more, all on display in Reliant Center - an awe-inspiring display of amazing workable works of art.  Celeste FFA students, John Callanan, David Gregory and Austin Bateman, designed, built and entered a 3 point hay spear and trailer mover in the Houston Ag Mech contest.  They received a blue ribbon.  Tyler LaFavers entered the Houston Ag Mech contest with a hydraulic hay loader which placed 4th overall in the hay handling equipment.  Tyler received numerous prizes including an auto-darkening welding helmet.  

Celeste FFA Students Compete in the Junior Commercial Steer
Feeding and Management Contest

Courtney Daniel, Justin Bennett and Colton Blackstock, Celeste FFA students, recently exhibited and sold market steers in the commercial steer show at the Houston Livestock Show. The Junior Commercial Steer Feeding and Management Contest is to encourage FFA members to participate in a practical beef production program. Emphasis on feeding economy is not only recommended, but is a prerequisite for entry in this show.

Along with raising a pen of steers, exhibitors are required to complete a quiz, oral interview, and submit a completed record book of all feedings and weights from the previous months. Additional scoring is based on the each steer’s quality and yield grade, the cost per pound gained, the average daily gain, and the feed conversion production. Exhibitors must complete all phases of the contest and score a minimum number of points in order to
receive premium moneys.