Celeste FFA Students Work with RADAR Rescue Organization to offer Low Cost Micro-chip, Dog Wash, and Vaccination Clinic

On Saturday, October 11, 2008, Celeste FFA students spent the day volunteering with the RADAR Rescue team to offer low cost micro-chip, dog wash, and vaccinations.  Janice and Ron Weldon and Rhonda Bender formed the RADAR organization after they participated in animal rescue operations following Hurricane Katrina.  Radar is one of the dogs that they rescued and adopted after Hurricane Katrina.  The group decided to form RADAR after they saw the shortage of professionally trained and skilled animal rescuers.  Monies received from fundraisers such as this goes toward enabling the team to be available to continue receiving training and respond to animals in need during natural disasters.  Radar attended the micro-chip clinic.  The clinic was held at PetSense in Greenville.  For more information or to arrange a micro-chip clinic in your area, contact Animal Search and Rescue RADAR email jweldon13@hotmail.com.