Celeste Physics Class Assemble Roller Coaster

Mr. Kevin Hathorne's Physics class at Celeste High School, made up of Seniors, proudly displays it's roller coaster project. Mr. Hathorne is a new and valued addition to the high school staff this year and his creativity is appreciated in his teaching style. This was a student-designed Roller coaster, using physics principles to determine the overall design.
The end of the semester project reviewed previously learned principles such as acceleration, energy conservation, friction, energy conversion, and gravitational acceleration. This project had perfect timing, as the graduating class of 2006 will leave for Six Flags later next month, to experience some real roller coasters and their energy.

Seated on floor: L to R Shayne Daniel, Taylor Reed, Joshua Wright, Jennifer Walker.
Standing behind: L to R: Mr. Hathorne, Lyndsey Lynn, Celeste Gibson, Cooper Haralson, Chris Rodriguez, Allen Manzo,
Bobby Thompson, Nikki White, Jessica McKee.