CHS Senior Spotlights Class of 2007

By Nancy Longino


Celeste High School will graduate 32 senior class members this year, each with a personality of their own, along with great potential to succeed in life.   The teachers and staff at CISD have enjoyed the journey with these seniors; we hope you enjoy reading our Senior Spotlights and getting a small glimpse into their lives.   As Washington Irving once said “Great minds have purposes; others simply have wishes.”

Katy Baker, daughter of Lois Sasser and Lee Baber, has attended Celeste schools for eleven years.  She has been active in FCCLA.  Her favorite thing about CHS is Dr. Sorrells’ class because it’s never boring.  She advises underclassmen to take art as soon as possible and not wait until their senior year.  Katy loves babysitting and hanging out with her friends.  She wishes she could do something about children being abandoned.  Her pet peeve is people who say, “Nevertheless.”  Katy would love to go to Greece someday, but for now she plans to go to college.


Casey Barbee has attended Celeste schools for twelve years.  He loves the “laid-back, small-school attitude: at CHS.  Casey has been active in football, basketball, baseball, and golf, having been a regional qualifier every year.  He is also member of FFA, FCCLA, and Beta Club.  Casey, son of April and Wayne Barbee, loves playing golf with his friends; his dream game would be to play a threesome with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, and his most memorable moments are the regional golf trips.  His parting words to underclassmen: “You may want to graduate from school but that means you have now have to pay for everything!”  If he could, he would lower the “ridiculously high” gas prices, and he wishes people wouldn’t tap him to get his attention.  Casey plans to attend college, hopes for a golf scholarship, and intends to major in kinesiology.

Melissa Bickham, (known as Bick around CHS) is the daughter of Mark and Kendra Bickham.  She has been a member of the dance team and Beta Club, regional qualifier in track and cross-country, basketball filmer, and stats person for softball and baseball.  She loves taking photographs and being with her friends, who are like family.  Her most memorable moment was when Anna Wilgus ate the “brownie surprise,” a chocolate brownie concoction her fellow classmates made up containing several surprise food ingredients from the cafeteria. Melissa dislikes people who have no regard for others’ feelings and wishes she could eliminate animal cruelty (cruelty to animals) and protect wildlife.  As she leaves to attend Austin Community College to become a nurse, Melissa advises undergraduates “Don’t worry so much.”

Samantha Blake is new to CHS this year.  The daughter of Greg and Paula Blake, she is impressed by the learning environment here at CHS and advises the underclassmen to follow their goals and never underestimate their capabilities.  Samantha has been active in band, color guard, golf, choir, NHS, Beta Club, FCA, and is listed in Who’s Who Among High School Students.  Her most memorable accomplishment was winning district golf for two years.  She loves playing golf, talking on the phone, and taking landscape photographs.  If she ruled the world, she “would change the way people are treated.”  Samantha aspires to be a landscape architect and famous golfer.  For now she plans to attend Texas A&M Commerce majoring in architectural design.

Ethan Childress has attended CHS for three years where he has been active in football, baseball, Beta Club and FCCLA.  The son of Paul and Elaine Childress, Ethan’s most memorable moment was competing at the FCCLA national convention in Nashville, Tennessee.  He has loved playing baseball and football and received All-District Honorable Mention in both.  Ethan advises underclassmen to “stay out of Mr. Beadles’ office.”  In his free time, he enjoys playing paintball and X-box games with friends.  His fantasy future would be following in the footsteps of Ricky Bobby and becoming a professional race car driver.  Ethan’s pet peeve is lazy people who don’t try.  If Ethan could change anything, it would be the Texas heat.  After graduation he plans to attend Paris Junior College, then on to Texas A&M Commerce where he plans to prepare for a career in either coaching or law enforcement.

Alesha Evans, daughter of Ray and Rhonda Evans, has attended Celeste schools for thirteen years.  She especially loves the emphasis on athletics and academics at CHS.  Alesha has been a member of the basketball, softball, track, cross-country, and golf teams.  She has also been a member of the dance team, the student council, annual staff, FCCLA, FCA, and Beta Club as well as being a cheerleader and cheer captain.  Her most memorable moment at CHS was playing on the softball team which won the first-ever district championship.  Her advice to underclassmen: “Be all that you can be.  You can never be involved in too many activities.”  In her spare time, Alesha enjoys playing sports, swimming, shopping, talking on the phone, and visiting friends and family.  She also makes jewelry, scrapbooks, and takes photographs.  Alesha “can’t stand lazy people” and would change the racism and stereotyping that exist throughout the world.  She would love to tour the United States with her friends after graduation.  Alesha hopes to attend Texas Tech and major in interior design. 

David Bryant, son of Jim and Shawna Davenport, loves the first day of school of a new school year, when everyone gets to catch up with the people they haven’t seen during the summer.  He appreciates CHS for the good relationships between students and faculty and advises younger students to study hard and try to get on the teachers’ good sides.  Although David has attended Celeste schools for eleven years, he feels his greatest accomplishment came this year when he played football.  He wishes that all the fun he has had with his schoolmates would never end, especially playing video games and paintball.  His pet peeve is people who interrupt a conversation to begin a less interesting one.  After graduation David plans to join the Air Force and make it his career.

Karen Dalton is the daughter of Dan and Denise Dalton. She has attended Celeste schools for thirteen years and loves the close relationships she has formed.  In high school Karen has been active in basketball, dance team, FCCLA, 4-H, and FFA, serving as an officer for two years.  She enjoys shopping and talking on the phone and would love to “be a super hero and save the world.”  Karen has lots of advice for younger students: go to college, always be truthful, honor your parents, and be proud of your accomplishments.  She would like to see lower prices for clothes and gas and would eliminate racism.  She also dislikes two-faced people.  Karen plans to go to college and become a neonatal nurse.

Billy Dunavin, son of Billy and Nancy Dunavin, has attended Celeste schools for twelve years.  Billy feels his biggest accomplishment is surviving the tough level of education Celeste ISD provides.  He enjoys spending time hanging out with friends, playing pool and just being a teenager in general.  Billy advises the underclassmen to not make the same mistakes he did and to take your education seriously and do your work so you don’t have to take the class twice.  He would like to thank Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Longino for never giving up on him and always “nagging” him to finish what he starts. If he could live out a dream, it would be to buy a yacht and cruise around the world just seeking out adventures.  Billy would change the world by uniting all of the countries as one to resolve a lot of the conflicts today that exist between them.  He plans on attending a technical school or attempting to obtain his pilots license in the future.

Vanessa Floyd has attended Celeste schools for five years.  She has been a member of the dance and track teams as well as cheerleader for two years.  The daughter of Lourdes and Clint Mott, Vanessa loves the small school atmosphere.  Her most memorable moments have been making the cheerleading squad and passing Dr. Sorrells’ English class.  She loves being with her friends, listening to music, and practicing cheers and dances.  Vanessa’s pet peeve is morning.  She wishes she were three inches taller and would like to become a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader.  As she leaves CHS to become a dental hygienist, she advises the younger students to do well in school and “never give up on yourself.”

Angela Michelle Gibson, known at CHS as just Angie, has attended Celeste schools for thirteen years; she loves the recognition people get for their accomplishments.  The daughter of Cal Gibson and Candy Gibson, Angi enjoys sports, reading, and hanging out with friends.  An active participant in extra curricular activities, she has been a cheerleader, dance team and drum corps member, served on the annual staff, and competed in UIL science.  She has run track and cross-country and played tennis, basketball, and softball.  She advises younger students to try their best and give 100% in everything.  Angi’s most memorable moment came when the softball team reached the regional quarter-final championship and she was named first team All-District.  She dislikes people who set goals and don’t follow through.  If she were able, she would have peace worldwide “so our loved ones would not have to go overseas to war.”  Angi plans to attend Texas A&M University - Commerce, where she would like to play softball, and then transfer to University of Texas – Austin and major in business and accounting. 

Danielle Haralson has spent her entire academic career in Celeste ISD.  In high school she has been a class favorite three years, a first team all-district basketball player three years, and a regional golf qualifier.  Last year she was named to the all-region basketball team.  Her most memorable moment came when the girls’ basketball team was state-ranked.  Dani loves the small town atmosphere and the friendships students have with one another at CHS.  She enjoys swimming, playing basketball, shopping, going to the movies, and checking her “my space” sight.  She would love to travel all over the world after graduation.  If she could, she would do away with racism and end taxation.  Dani’s pet peeve is drivers who hog the road and liars.  She advises younger students not to get on Mr. Beadles’ bad side and to enjoy every minute of high school.  Dani will either attend cosmetology school or Blinn Junior College and hopes to then continue her work at a university.

Ashley Hocutt has attended Celeste schools for thirteen years and has been a member of the dance team and Beta Club.  She loves walking down the hall and feeling that she knows everyone.  Ashley advises the younger students, “Your grades are NOT the teacher’s fault.  If you have a bad grade, do not blame the teacher; just work harder, and I guarantee the grade will go up.”  The daughter of Bill and Darlene Hocutt, Ashley reads and does crafts in her spare time.  She would not change the world “because the world is what we make it; how do we learn from our mistakes if we don’t fix them ourselves?”  Ashley’s pet peeve is “people standing on my deaf side.”  Her dream is to have her grandfather’s land cleaned and fixed up.  Ashley plans to become an RN, but she might continue her medical studies to be a doctor.
Josh Ishmael has attended Celeste schools for ten years.  His parents are Jimmy and Diann Ishmael.  His favorite things about CHS are Mrs. Longino and racing Eathon Childress to the number 1 computer in the Nova Net Lab. His most memorable moment involves Mr. Tindel teasing Choice Orr and Choice’s ability to come back with some good comments of his own.  He advises undergraduates to live their lives so that they have no regrets.  Josh enjoys playing video games with his friends and just hanging out in general.  His pet peeve is “stupid people that think since their grades are better that they are more intelligent.” Josh would love to be able to donate a million dollars to CISD if he had the ability, and he would decrease the rate of aging in mankind if he could do the impossible.  He plans on attending college next year and figuring out his life’s plan along the way.

Chelsea Kieffer has attended Celeste schools for nine years and has participated in basketball, softball, and cross-country for which she has received the MVP award.

Chelsea, daughter of Tammy and Shorty Cummings, loves CHS sports because everyone who wants to participate gets on the team.  Her most memorable school moments are being basketball district champs (2006) and advancing to regionals in track and cross-country.  Her advice to underclassmen is not to be intimidated by seniors, and to stay in school because “you’ll miss it.”

Chelsea enjoys bowling, watching movies, playing video games, and going out to eat.  She would love to start high school all over again and have twice the fun!  People who don’t push themselves to be better at sports annoy her, and she would change the war in Iraq because she was separated from her dad for two or three years.  Chelsea plans to attend either Iowa State or a university in Hawaii and become a storm chaser.

Kimberly Cayla Kuykendall, daughter of Rhonda Connor and Craig Kuykendall has attended Celeste schools for seven years and has worked very hard to graduate early from High School.  Cayla enjoys her free time taking Ballroom dance lessons and hanging out with her boyfriend and little brother, as well as talking on the phone with friends and getting pedicures.  Her favorite thing at CHS is Mrs. Longino, “who always helps me with my work and gives me great advice”.  If she could change the world in any way, it would be to prevent violence and abuse, thus making the world a more peaceful place to live. Cayla’s pet peeve is when people are always correcting you and think they know something about every subject or those who repeat themselves over and over.  She will be enrolling in college in the fall.

Megan Lafavers, daughter of David and Sondra Lafavers, has attended Celeste schools for twelve years.  In high school she has been active in basketball, dance team, and Beta Club and currently serves as dance team lieutenant.  She has received many awards in FCCLA; including a national gold medal her freshman year.  Megan has also been very active in FFA, serving as president for two years, winning the calf scramble award at both Ft. Worth and Houston her freshman year.  She also won Reserved District Champion (Angus Heifer) at the State Fair and Houston and placed third and first respectively at Ft. Worth and San Antonio in the same division.  Winning at Houston was her proudest moment because of the effort, dedication, and hard work it required.  Megan loves the small classes and one-on-one attention CHS offers its students.  She advises younger students not to worry about other people’s opinions but to follow their own paths to achievement.  Megan loves cooking, going out with friends, sewing, riding her horse, and “messing with” all her animals.  Megan would love to visit Paris and its Eiffel Tower after graduation.  She will attend TAMU-C this fall and study agriculture to become either an Ag teacher or a business person.

Amber LaRock, daughter of Shelly and Timmey LaRock, has spent her academic career in Celeste Independent School District and loves the closeness of the students.  “You know everyone, and everyone knows you.”  She has participated in cheerleading and dance team, basketball, track, and softball.  Her most memorable moment came when the softball team went past district, farther than they had ever gone before.  Amber enjoys watching movies, swimming, playing softball, driving around listening to music, and spending time with her friends and boyfriend.  Amber’s pet peeve is when people act like something they are not.  She wishes she had spent more time with her late grandfather “papa” and would change history in order to prevent the war in Iraq and the disruptions in soldiers’ lives.  Amber advises underclassmen to have fun in school and not worry about small things since it will be “over before you know it.”  She plans to attend Paris Junior College this fall.

Shauna Mahurin, daughter of Beckie and Kent Sweat, has attended Celeste schools for eight years.  She has been a member of the dance team, a cheerleader, a regional track qualifier, and a member of the basketball team.  Shauna loves Celeste’s reputation in athletics, and her most memorable moment came when she represented Celeste at regionals in shot-put and discus.  In addition to athletics and cheerleading, Shauna loves to talk on her cell phone and “hang” with friends.  She advises the underclassmen to have fun in school “because it is over in a flash.”  Her pet peeve is asking people to do something, but they don’t – even when asked nicely.  She would love to go to state in track this year, her final year of school.  Shauna plans to attend Paris Jr. College next fall until she decides on her major.

Brittany McCully has attended Celeste High School for one and one-half years and has been a member of the golf and dance teams as well as FCCLA and Beta Club.  The daughter of Brian Bennett and the granddaughter of Ben and Aline Bennett, Brittany is dance team captain and says that this is her favorite thing about CHS.  However, her most memorable moment came when she was a member of the FCCLA parliamentary procedure team under Mrs. Douglas, which competed this summer at the national convention in Nashville, Tennessee.  In her free time, Brittany loves “just being a girly girl and doing what girls do best like laying by the pool with my friends or painting my nails while talking on the phone.”  If she had the power, Brittany would make drug addiction nonexistent because of the pain it causes to so many families.  She would love to give an underprivileged child the opportunities and happiness she has been blessed with.  Brittany advises underclassmen to be involved in CHS activities.  “Celeste has so many great values to offer.”  Her pet peeve is people who make promises and don’t keep them.  After graduation Brittany hopes to attend TAMU-College Station and major in pre-med, eventually becoming a pediatrician.

Ben Ogle, son or Mark Ogle and Yang Ogle has attended Celeste High School for three years, playing varsity football, basketball, and tennis, not to mention entertaining his classmates and fellow students with his witty and often cantankerous personality.   His favorite memory is of scoring a touch-down in his first varsity football game and his daily verbal sparring challenges with Mrs. Longino.  He advises underclassmen, “Trust yourself.”  Ben enjoys sleeping and playing basketball, but his pet peeve is people who act like they know about something when they really don’t.  He would change conceited people’s attitudes and would love to be “president of America.”  He plans to major in journalism and to eventually have his own sports column in a major newspaper.  His ability to verbally communicate well and his love of vocabulary will most definitely come in handy in that profession.

Quinton Orr has attended Celeste High School for three years and considers himself fortunate to have made it to the last year of school.  The son of Jerry Don Orr and Dana Denice Orr, Quinton appreciates the individualized instruction at CHS.  He advises younger students not to lose sight of what is important to them.  Quinton has always wanted to learn to fly an airplane, and he wishes we had a flawless government.  He enjoys listening to music and watching movies.  His pet peeve is people touching him with their feet.  Quinton plans to attend a technical school to become an electrician or to perhaps seek a major in architecture in college.


Sammie Townes, grandson of Carolyn Flores, has attended Celeste schools for nine years.  While in CHS he has participated in FFA, track, football, and baseball; he has also received academic awards in Agriculture, Spanish, English, and Speech as well as earning a National English Merit Award.  His most memorable moment was qualifying for regionals in the 4x200 meter relay his sophomore year.  He loves all of the great friends and teachers in Celeste and especially enjoys spending time with his friends and working out.  Sammie advises underclassmen, “Try your absolute hardest; don’t graduate knowing you did not try your hardest every year.”  He would change the world by finding enough fossil fuels to lower gasoline and natural gas prices.  Although he wishes he could go back in time and change his life a bit, Sammie looks forward to attending technical school and getting a degree in software engineering.

Amanda Wallace has attended Celeste High School for three years.  She was in the band at VanAlstyne High School previously and is a current member of FCCLA.  Amanda, daughter of Windell and Marsha Wallace, enjoys listening to country music; her favorite singer is Joe Nichols.  She likes the small – school feeling but wishes she could change the cafeteria food menu.  Amanda’s advice to younger students: “Stay on the good side of all the teachers.”  Her pet peeve is people who smack when they eat.  Amanda will go to college, find a good job, and indulge her dream of traveling all around the world.


Christian Webb’s most memorable moments in his nine years in CISD were serving as manager for the football teams who played two consecutive years in the state finals.  The son of Steve Webb and Sherry Marti, Christian has been active in FFA, FCCLA, FCA, and UIL.  He has played varsity football, basketball, and golf and has received academic awards in IPC, Ag, and English.  He loves the “family” attitude of CHS students and advises underclassmen, “Don’t wish for high school to be over; it is too much fun to wish it gone.”  He enjoys being with his friends and playing golf at Webb Hill.  Christian wants to help our team get past district competition, and he feels frustrated with those who don’t give all their energy to succeed at what they do.  His plans include attending TAMU-Commerce and graduating with a teaching certification, then coming back to teach American History to CHS students.

Jamie Welch, daughter of Angie Welch and Jim Welch, has attended Celeste school for thirteen years.  She loves the small-school, positive environment where she played basketball and ran track, participated in dance team, and served as varsity cheerleader.  She advises younger students to stay in school and work hard for the things they want.  Jamie’s most memorable moments came in Dr. Sorrels’ class and when she made varsity cheerleader.  She loves to sleep, watch TV, talk on the phone, hang out with friends, and

most-of-all-dance.  She dreams of being a professional dance teacher and plans to go to college to become either a dance instructor or a nurse.

Amanda White has attended Celeste High School for four years; this year she is working at two jobs while attending high school and maintaining her grades.  She loves coming to school and seeing her friends every day, and her most memorable moment was seeing Scotty Sipe dressed up as a girl on Opposite Day during Homecoming week.  Amanda, daughter of Gary White, loves to be with her friends and listen to the radio, but she wishes now that she could start high school over to make better grades and to listen more to her peers.  If she could, she would try to prevent the violence in the world today.  Her pet peeve is noisy eaters and gum chewers.  After graduation Amanda wants to become a veterinarian.  Her advice to underclassmen: do your best and enjoy your last few years of high school since you can’t go back and do it over again.

Anna Wilgus, daughter of Ken and Sally Wilgus, has attended Celeste schools for twelve years.  She serves as Beta Club president, yearbook editor, dance team co-captain, and senior class president.  She loves CHS’s small size because the students all know each other and her most memorable moment came her sophomore year when she served as dance team captain.  In her free time, she enjoys going to Mr. Moore’s class and hanging out.  Anna advises underclassmen, “Don’t forget to get a dictionary before Doc’s class, and always do your homework.  It makes life a whole lot easier.”  Possibly related to that is her pet peeve – incorrectly used apostrophes!  One dream of hers would be to live in Chicago and dance for the Jeffrey Ballet; another would be to change the hostility shown by Middle Eastern countries to Christianity.  Anna’s post-graduation plans are to attend Wheaton College (near Chicago) and major in elementary education.

David Wilson has always attended Celeste schools and has been active in football, basketball, and baseball all four years of high school.  He was chosen All-District catcher his sophomore and junior years and was also Defensive Player of the Year in basketball and baseball.  The son of Angie and James Wilson, David has also been a member of FCA, FCCLA, and Beta Club.  He particularly remembers the baseball team’s being ranked number one, then losing in the first round of the playoffs.  David enjoys playing his guitar as well as paintball with his friends.  He advises younger students to make themselves a part of everything at CHS; his pet peeve is people who don’t try.  David plans to attend TAMU-College Station and become a mechanical engineer or helicopter pilot.