CJHS UIL Event Winners
Congratulations to all CJHS Students for all your hard work and dedication!!

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6th Grade Academic UIL Event Winners:

Morgan Lewis  1st
Grace Nix        3rd
1st place team of Morgan Lewis, Grace Nix and Jessica Walker

Music Memory:
2nd place team of 5th graders and Sam Chambliss

Grace Nix                    1st
Sam Chambliss             4th
1st place team of Sam Chambliss, Frances Wilgus, and Grace Nix

Ready Writing:
Grace Nix                    4th
Frances Wilgus 5th 

Oral Reading:
Frances Wilgus             3rd

Miranda Phillips            4th
Jessica Walker             6th
place team of Miranda Phillips, Jessica Walker, and Blake Garcia

Justin Bennett               6th

Number Sense:
Robert Vankirk            1st
Cody Mitchell               3rd
2nd place team Robert Vankirk, Cody Mitchell, Bryce Kieffer

7th Grade Academic UIL event winners:

Number Sense:
Kelli White                   4th
Jordan Benton              6th
1st place team Kelli White, Jordan Benton, Cody Genson

Brady Russell               3rd
Kelli White                   4th
1st place team of Kelli White, Brady Russell, Jennifer Moore, Cody Genson

Kelli White                   1st
Alisha Williford 4th
1st team of Kelli White, Alisha Williford, Alexandria Brooks

Alisha Williford 5th
Jennifer Moore             6th
3rd team of Jennifer Moore, Alisha Williford, Alexandria Brooks

Maps, Graphs, & Charts:
Jennifer Moore 6th

Alisha Williford 3rd

Oral Reading:
Jordan Benton              2nd

Cody Genson               4th

Social Studies:
Alisha Williford 6th

3rd place team Kelli White, Alisha Williford, Jordan Benton

8th Grade Academic UIL event winners:

Ready Writing:
Christian Lyday            5th

Editorial Writing:
Kristie Patterson           6th

Number Sense:
Sheyenne Sherman       3rd
Mitch Bates                  4th
1st place team Sheyenne Sherman, Hayden Lipsey, Mitch Bates

Kaylie Mahurin 1st
Jo Ventura                    4th
Christian Lyday            6th
2nd place team Christian Lyday, Jo Ventura, Kaylie Mahurin

Maps, Graphs, & Charts:
Lauren Little                 3rd
Amanda Gilliam            4th
3rd place team Amanda Gilliam, Hayley Shelton, Lauren Little

Lauren Little                 3rd
2nd place team Lauren Little, Jo Ventura, Tyler LaFavers

Dictionary Skills:
Lauren Little                 2nd
Kaylie Mahurin 5th
2nd place team Lauren Little, Kaylie Mahurin, Christian Lyday

Devon Walden 6th

Oral Reading:
Devon Walden 3rd
Kristie Patterson           4th

Social Studies:
Lauren Little                 3rd
Christian Lyday            3rd
3rd place team Lauren Little, Christian Lyday, Dalton Childress