January 14, 2008


Dear Parent/Guardian:


Celeste ISD is implementing a new system for emergency communications using electronic media (computers and cell phones) as the communication tools.  This system allows the district to communicate school emergencies, like weather closures, to the Celeste ISD community DIRECTLY through personal email and cell phone by text message.


Parents and guardians will receive the emergency information at the same time that the news media is notified.  A closure message will come directly to your email, cell phone, or both devices within five minutes of being sent out.  Subscribers may register up to five email or text message addresses. It also allows for announcement of non-closure emergency or information such as electricity outages.


Celeste ISD’s primary concern is the safety of our students. Providing emergency information to parents and guardians as quickly as possible is an essential element in that process.


Celeste ISD would like to encourage all parents and guardians to subscribe to this emergency notification program.  A cell phone or computer is required to participate and a computer is required to register.  Your computer and cell phone are protected and will not be available to any online or text messaging marketers. Celeste ISD will gladly offer computer access and assistance for individuals that do not have computers upon request.


If you are interested in participating in this emergency contact system, please follow the enclosed “Flash Alert” registration directions and enroll by January 25, 2008.  The district will send out a “TEST” alert during the week of January 28, 2008.  The season for inclement weather conditions is upon us.


The District is excited to offer this emergency notification program to the Celeste ISD community. Once again, I would like to stress the importance of participation in this emergency notification program.  This emergency response system will be an effective communication tool and a convenient source of school notifications. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Collin Clark



Enc.  Emergency Notification System Application